Producer's Confidential
Producer's Confidential
Leslie Farrell and Dorothy Toran
This is a super exclusive podcast that takes you into the world of entertainment. Journey behind the scenes to the reality behind the reality. Where you’ll hear stories from the stars, producers, directors and their crew. With your hosts Leslie Farrell and Dorothy Toran.
Celebrity Make-up Artist and Stylist, Ashunta Sheriff & Wouri Vice - Ep  13
In this episode of Producer's Confidential, Leslie & Dorothy find out! ASHUNTA SHERIFF is the make-up artist to Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson, Sharon Stone and many other A-listers. She spills the beans on breaking into the beauty biz and what it takes to deal with major celebrities. She's joined by celebrity stylist WOURI VICE whose work has graced the covers of Essence, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Cosmo, People, and the list goes on.
Nov 30
50 min
From the Director's Chair: Mike Ellis & Jason Perez - Ep 12
On this episode of Producer's Confidential, Leslie & Dorothy talk to two seasoned film industry professionals about what it takes to become a Hollywood director, how they got their starts, and what happens on set when the camera is not rolling. Meet First Assistant Director Mike Ellis and film and documentary director Jason Perez!
Nov 23
48 min
The Man Who Created Comedy Central: Art Bell - Ep 11
How does an economist decide that what the country needs most is laughter? Well that is the story of ART BELL, the man who created COMEDY CENTRAL and helped to catapult the career of a young JON STEWART. He talks to Leslie & Dorothy about the day he had the revelation that entertainment was his calling, how he talked HBO executives into taking a chance on an all comedy channel, and how writing it all down in his new memoir, CONSTANT COMEDY, set the record straight.
Nov 2
46 min
Cheyenne Rae Hernandez from "The Tax Collector" movie - Ep 10
Join Leslie & Dorothy for an incredible conversation with one of Hollywood's newest stars! From THE TAX COLLECTOR, CHEYENNE RAE HERNANDEZ sits down for a wild ride of a chat. She may be new on the scene, but she already works along side SHIA LeBEOUF and GEORGE LOPEZ. She talks about how she kicks butt and takes numbers when she does her own stunts in the movie. And her secret obsession with landing a Quentin Tarintino movie is hilarious!
Oct 26
35 min
Paul Sorvino & Dee Dee Sorvino - Ep 9
Join Leslie & Dorothy as they talk to Hollywood icon and star of the movie GOODFELLAS, PAUL SORVINO! Be surprised along with them as they learn that he is so much more than the quintessential movie star gangster. He's a genuine renaissance man. From opera to sculpting, he is a true artist. He also let's them in on his secrets to creating memorable characters. He's joined by an amazing woman in her own right, his wife, DEE DEE SORVINO! She's an author, comedienne, and actress.
Oct 19
56 min
Have you ever wondered about reincarnation? Well if you have, the family friendly Paramount film MIGHTY OAK is just what you're looking for. The film tells the story of a kid who plays guitar so well that the film's star Gina (played by JANEL PARRISH) has to wonder if he's the reincarnation of her brother! TOMMY RAGEN plays Oak Scoggins whose guitar playing is insanely good. He also wrote several of the songs used in the movie! He is supported by GIANNA HARRIS, who plays his best friend Emma.
Oct 12
37 min
America's mom, Mrs. Huxtable, is in the house! PHYLICIA RASHAD is the amazing actress behind this iconic role. And she's oh, so much more as well. Join Leslie & Dorothy as they find out who she based her legendary character on, why she takes on darker roles, and where she got her start. Joining her is the one and only Broadway publicist IRENE GANDY. Irene is a character in the best sense of the word. Her distinctive style and success is renown in the theatre biz.
Oct 5
42 min
KEVIN LADSON, Property Master - Ep 6
Have you ever wondered how they make movie and TV sets looks so real? From pictures on the walls to old time radios to what the actors eat while on camera. Well, wonder no more! Leslie & Dorothy spend time with Property Master, KEVIN LADSON. They pull back the curtain on famous scenes like the tinfoil hats in the M. Night Shyamalan film SIGNS. Amazing stories from the set of Spike Lee's MALCOLM X. And why Kevin almost didn't take a job on the UNTITLED TINA FEY show that turned out to be 30 ROCK.
Sep 21
55 min
On this episode of PRODUCER'S CONFIDENTIAL Dorothy gets to talk with one of her idols, VANESSA WILLIAMS! Vanessa has sold over 25million records world wide. She's a star of TV, film and Broadway. She even won a round of RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race! Vanessa is joined by one of the stars of the TENNIS CHANNEL and former CEO of the USTA, KATRINA ADAMS! Vanessa talks about what it was really like to play Wilhelmina on UGLY BETTY. She even shares beauty tips she's learned from drag queens!
Sep 7
59 min
On this episode of PRODUCER'S CONFIDENTIAL KATE CHASTAIN from Bravo's BELOW DECK is on board for a hilarious conversation. Like what it's like to be on a luxury yacht in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, get sick, and there's no medic in sight. She is joined by Andy Cohen's personal makeup artist CAROLINE BLANCHARD who is also responsible for the look of all the Housewives and other stars that grace the WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE stage.
Aug 24
49 min
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