Pretty Good Girls
Pretty Good Girls
Eboni and Cassandra
Two Girls. One City. Zero Qualifications!! Eboni and Cassandra are a couple of friends living in Tampa, FL. The ladies about life, work, love, dating, parenting and ways to have a lot of fun along the way!
Lost Files: 20 Questions, WWYD, PPG Farewell?
This episode was recorded in February 2020..pre-pandemic... when you could hug people... blow on cakes... go outdoors without a mask. For some reason, we never posted this episode, so you get to enjoy this throw back of the ladies on location at #HydeHouse Co working space in Tampa. In addition to the catch up and adulting moment, the Pretty Good Girls play a game of 20-40 questions and address some SPICY questions from the Six Brown Chicks and reflect on their podcasting journey. Spoiler Alert: The pandemic made the ladies reassess their commitment to the PGG and the good news is we are coming back for season TWO! In the meantime, enjoy what we THOUGHT was going to be our finale episode... 
Feb 9, 2021
1 hr 20 min
Lookin' for Luv, Child
It's almost Gasparilla Race Day and Eboni is NOT looking forward to it. The Pretty Good Girls attend a "Galatine's Day" event and how excellent Cassie is at being wing woman.  They talk "aging" and saying No in their #Adulting moment .  The conversation topic of the day is around interracial female  friendships and a What Would You Do - Penis or Pooch. Follow: @PrettyGoodGirlsPod (Instagram and Facebook)  Email:  Listen: #AnchorFM #Spotify #ApplePodcasts #GooglePodcasts
Mar 4, 2020
56 min
On Legacy, Curls and Snooping
Pretty Good Girls honor the 9 victims who lost their lives in the helicopter crash in LA and discuss funeral programs and burial options. (It's not as morbid as it sounds, we promise!) They also share a new segment that focuses on curly hair and their individual hair care routines for 4A and 3C hair. A LOT of product talk. They close out the show with a What Would You Do? about snooping in your partner's phone. Follow: @PrettyGoodGirlsPod (Instagram and Facebook) Email: Listen: #AnchorFM #Spotify #ApplePodcasts #GooglePodcasts
Feb 19, 2020
1 hr 17 min
Boundaries and A Black Billionaire
Note from the Pretty Good Girls: Welcome back and so sorry for the delay!! Life happens but we are so happy to be back with you this week! The Pretty Good Girls catch up after a couple of weeks away and talk about run-ins with old co-workers, personality tests and how much Eboni LOVES Atlanta. They get personal in their #Adulting moment and get vulnerable. As promised, the ladies discuss the highs and looooowwwws of Tyler Perry. The close the show with a #WhatWouldYou and our VERY FIRST LISTENER LETTER! Follow: @PrettyGoodGirlsPod (Instagram and Facebook) Email: Listen: #AnchorFM #Spotify #ApplePodcasts #GooglePodcasts
Feb 4, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Girl Talk
The Pretty Good Girls have kicked off 2020 with some fun and a lot of GIRL TALK! They are joined by Special Guest #PrettyGoodGirlFriend Meco @glitter1913 as they catch up on the last few weeks and share Adulting moments that show #Growth! Eboni shares her interest in becoming a Death Doula and Cassandra tries to justify not knowing who Lil Boosie is. They tackle Boosie, Perps, White Tears, Megxit and more. The ladies close the show with "Black Card Revoked: Girls Night Out". Connect with us on IG @PrettyGoodGirlsPod #whoputusonair #girlschat #winedownweekend #adultingmoment 
Jan 13, 2020
1 hr 34 min
Reflect & Resolve
Pretty Good Girls Eboni and Cassandra bring us up to date on their trip on the North Pole Express and introduce their first #PrettyGoodGuest, @jay_noetic. Jay helps them discuss America's Inability to forgive Black Men, Tom Joyner signing off and Reflections on 2019 / Resolutions for 2020. Thank you for listening, for your feedback and supporting this new project! Happy Holidays. Connect with PGG:  IG @PrettyGoodGirlsPod, Email:, Facebook: Pretty Good Girls Podcast
Dec 27, 2019
1 hr 25 min
Gender Identity & Big Ol' Booties
Cassandra's Christmas tree is up, but it has one major flaw. Eboni has a major Adulting FAIL this week. The Pretty Good Girls chat about Gender Identity in High School Sports, Lizzo's booty, Christmas Movies, Holiday Gifting and game of "Would You Rather..." Holiday Edition
Dec 16, 2019
1 hr 14 min
The Myth of the Difficult Black Woman
Cassandra and Eboni discuss holiday shopping, braids and gambling in the intro. The adulting moment touches on Black Thanksgiving and the truth about Freelancing. Pretty Good Conversation about the Myth of the difficult Black Woman and WTF is Gender Fluid. Thanks for listening and follow the Pretty Good Girls on Facebook "Pretty Good Girls Podcast" and IG @prettygoodgirlspod
Dec 11, 2019
1 hr 10 min
Grateful, Thankful, Blessed (In The Bed)
Cassandra and Eboni catch up on what they've been up to since the last show, from date nights and pirate ships! Both ladies share proud Adulting Moments this week involving birthday gifts and dental appointments.  For the topic of the week, the ladies discuss Freedom of Speech, Black and White Homecoming Queens,  and the Humans of New York Story on Ms. Tanqueray. The ladies wrap up the show with a round of "Grateful, Thankful and Blessed... In The Bed."  Special shout out to #PrettyGoodFriend Joye for her new start as well as #PrettyGoodFriend Erin Hughes for her byline in Creative Loafing #MyFriendsAreDope  Follow Pretty Good Girls Cassandra and Eboni on Instagram @PrettyGoodGirlsPod 
Nov 26, 2019
1 hr 9 min
New Name, New Energies
Eboni and Cassandra check in with each other about their time away from Tampa and visiting with family. They also discuss their adulting moment of the week, male and female energies (with a twist!) and share advice they’d give to their 20 year old selves. The ladies are also now on IG @PrettyGoodGirlsPod!
Nov 20, 2019
1 hr 7 min
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