Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz
Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz
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You need to listen to this podcast!!
I loooove this podcast!!!! I think I have listened to every episode. I love the small talk between the two of them and all of their stories. Also love new new cover!! It has been so much fun to see how they matured and changed through the years. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
You should do a podcast with all of Asian girl squad + Alisha! It would be so fun and crazy!! 🤣 - kyra 🤍
This podcast is literally my comfort podcast, I also love the topics they talk about I feel like there very relatable and very informative. There also really down to earth and stuff and it’s not like stupid jokes and annoying fake laughing. Def a must to listen to if you enjoy podcasts as much as I do!!
Low key have and obsession but not mad at it
Hands down my fav podcast (second unsolicited advice lol love you) anyway I love how adult but funny it is I am such a basic b**ch I have downloaded all the episodes and subscribed I love you so much. I recommend this for anyone looking for an addicting podcast to listen to. Love the new episode also you should have niki and Gabi or laurdiy but also I would love for you to have oli together and talk about the beach story hope you see this!
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Alisha and Remi song
Content baby Content, get those follows, hit that Vlogmas. Pretty Basic gettin deep, fill me up, spill the tea. Gotta edit, then unbox. Try on close and film a haul. Wanna know what’s in my purse, or how to decorate a wall!?? Fire🔥, right!?
The best
I literally listen to this all day long. Going to workouts, coming home, getting ready, going to school, going to work, sitting in my room. I’m obsessed
I LOVE THIS Podcast🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️🎉🎉❤️
I love this podcast is hilarious I love watching Remi and Alicia or YouTube when I get in the car always put it on it’s really a great podcast.
priestly clark
I love it!!
They are good people but when it comes to swear words...
Love you guys
I love you guys so much especially Alisha I am such a super fan I have watched every one of your videos I even watched you in the pink room I am subscribed to both Alisha and remi channels You guys are in my eyes the best friendship literally you guys are the IT friendship plzz mention me in a podcast my real name is Lainey pronounced lay knee
Love Love Love this Podcast
Absolutely love these two together!! They are an awesome duo and the topics they talk about in this are great. I love listening to this on the go, when I am at work super early, and when I am relaxing. It is nice to have a pod where I can feel the most comfortable and like I am in the same room as them. Thanks for all you two do!!
Love love love
I love this podcast. I’m obsessed and could listen to it forever! I am always so excited to hear the next episode and I am constantly wishing they came out with more episodes a week! They make me feel like I’m talking to my friends and have taught me so much! I absolutely love these girls!
Love love love!
I love listening to episodes while I workout or literally anything! Definitely my favorite podcast by far!! Omg!! By the way! Chloe and Daisy are so so cute!!!
they make me feel comfy
I love listening to this while I workout because they make me feel very comfortable and they motivate me to get through my workout. I listen to this all the time from doing school work to chillin in the shower I love listening to them and they are also very entertaining, realistic, relatable. 11/10
Pretty Basic will heal your spirit
Everyone has emotional bruises, and I am genuinely convinced that this podcast has magical abilities that will just heal your bruises pain in an instant. Whenever I am too anxious to sleep I put on an episode of the podcast that I’ve already heard multiple times and even though I’m anxious Remi and Alisha’s genuine and caring Conversations he will make me feel OK again. I’m currently in online high school and with Covid here in Los Angeles getting out of control I haven’t seen any of my Friends in a long time. Even when the world is falling to pieces around meThis podcast remains a constant ray of light. I can’t recommend PrettyBasic enough!!
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Best Podcast Ever!!!!
I love this I listen to it while drawing and I just love what they talk about
Point being
dont use, save yourself
This is amazing you need to watch this!!! They always make me laugh!!!
check into
I am new to this pod so I don’t have much to say but I can say It’s not that bad 😃
better lover❤️🍏
This podcast got me through quarantine!! Go listen and you won’t regret it!! 😄
This is amazing
I have really bad anxiety and I have trouble falling asleep but when I listen to this it makes me feel like I’m with friends and there talking and it helps my anixity calm way down also it just over all boots my spirt
thank u so much ily
love love LOVE it !!! 🤍
great podcast loved ever since ive started listening to it !! <3 😁
ignorance and echo chamber of LA w no grasp on what is happening in real world
New episode was kinda bland...expected more? Not needing resolutions?? I- well thats on confidence but Love that 😀but the only thing that stuck out was alisha getting into dating 🧎‍♀️
Change it up please
While this podcast had some interesting and relatable topics when it started, it has progressed to lack some serious depth. I understand that it is hard to go into a deep conversation about your life for the public to listen to, but repeating the same stuff over again is not engaging. You are developing a vicious cycle of saying the same things like, “your feels are valid”. While that is true, there is so much more to it. If you ladies don’t really want to talk about your lives, maybe diversity your content with other topics that are unrelated to your personal lives and careers that you are interested in. This is coming from a 28 year old who has listened to every episode, and just knows you guys have much more in you to do better.
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Alisha hides from her past
I just wish Alisha would open up more (she has been influenced by Remi in a BAD way) and Remi needs to act more mature, they r kinda annoying at times
Omg, it’s like my two worlds colliding I really like VIEWS and PRETTY BASIC and having nat on was amazing!!! I also really liked the podcast you did with Emma chamberlain it was so good!!! On your next season you should do DEEPER WITH THE DOLAN TWINS I think that would be a great podcast as well!!!!
ali tarango
Thank you !!!!
Thank you for being so open because you have created a such loving and empathetic platform! I’ve learned so much about myself over listening to just a few of these episodes! This platform has made me feel like I’m not alone with these similar problems !
The podcast is pretty casual but when it comes to having guests, there lacks professionalism. Alisha and Remi need to prepare A LOT more when it comes to questions for guests. For future episodes with guests, please try to ask concise single questions, rather than rambling and fumbling with a bunch of questions.
Episode with Natalie
Hey girls I love your podcast and I listen every week! I just felt like this episode with Natalie didn’t really sit well with me. The questions you were asking were a bit asked her “you’re so confident with your body” which is kind of a back handed compliment. And then you asked “how’s it feel being around beautiful girls/models?” Which is not what any girl wants to hear because you’re implying she’s not least that’s how I took it. I hope Natalie didn’t take it that way because she IS beautiful!!! Just wanted to make you girls aware of how some of the questions came off :(
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Best podcast ever!!
i forking love this podcast! Its so good! I turn it on when I do homework, edit videos, and do other stuff! I love how they are so good at just talking and cover all the tea and are also so interesting. They have a story for every topic!!!! Love you Alisha Marie and miss Remi Ashton!!! ❤️😎🌵🐶👑💅🏽
Idk why but y’all are a bit annoying 😅
The best 🌺
I love this!!
This episode is awesome and so much needed!! Thank you girls for speaking up on something that’s TRULY important💕
This podcast is amazing! Watch it
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Best podcast everrr
Interesting, stimulating conversation that makes me feel like I am talking with my friends but also getting insight on the lives of my fave celebrities.
Love it!
Listened to the episodes for the last 3 weeks during work and just got done listening to ALL!! Love you two!
I wish I could listen more!!
I get really busy but I do listen regularly and I’m a fan of Remi’s but obviously I fell in love with Losh too! I’m a younger listener so I find a lot of the topics as advice and hopefully I won’t make as many mistakes in my 20s. I look forward to the podcast and I am such a huge fan of both!!!! Can’t wait for the merch to come out, y’all are such an inspiration to me!!!
Obsessed! Definitely Worth the listen!
Recently I’ve been obsessed with this podcast. It’s definitely worth the listen. I like that Remi and Alisha keep it real, give insight into their life, and are able to discuss a range of topics. If your interested in girl talk and are trying to navigate a new chapter in your life (especially in your 20s) this podcast is perfect for you! 💗
Good but could be better!
It started out good... but now they just talk about the same things.. and it’s not really interesting as it used to be.. but occasionally they have good topics. But there’s also WAYY to much cussing like unnecessary cussing. They should also talk about the tea on YouTube more! Vs just talking random topics.
podecast listener
I am obsessed
What does podcast because it Hass to go through the stuff I am going through in 2020 and there’s a lot of things went downhill and these guys help me through The pandemic they are my favorite Youtubers and I love the Broadcast I love you so much and one day I will meet them love you guys I am told I am obsessed with your broadcast
alyson cute
Love you guys!
Literally it made it tear up listening to the 100th episode. Remi and Alisha I love you guys so much. Every week I’m looking forward to watching your YouTube videos and most importantly listening PB. It’s so hard to keep going as a smart creator these days so thank you for that and can’t wait for the merch!
Repetitive :/ this podcast used to be good
I feel like it needs to have more substance to the conversations. Kinda tired of hearing the same thoughts and comments on the topics of dating , self-love, etc. I can almost guess what they’re going to say next cause I’ve heard it so much😂
I used to listen to this podcast a lot . But, it’s starting to get super boring. And same topic over and over again.
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Nice stems, you ślágś. Sûćk me sideways. Trash bags.
Smooth d tickle
Love love love
I enjoy listening to this podcast so much, I could listen to the hosts talk for hours
Favorite Podcast!
Remi and Alisha are my favorite YouTubers and I’m OBSESSED with Pretty Basic! They’re so honest and real and they discuss so many things other creators would never talk about! 20/10 would recommend
Best show ever
I have been following Alisha Marie for who knows how long if she decide to do a podcast I was like hell yeah I love the show are going to find anybody.
there is 0 depth and 0 substance in this podcast. the girls constantly claim in their youtube videos they put little to no effort into this podcast and it really shows. yikes.
My loves ❤️❤️
My babes I’ve been listening from day one (and have been watching and growing with you guys forever)! Listening to the most recent episode it reminded me that you were the first podcast I ever listen to and I kid you not I listen to over 15 podcast today love you guys. Also I remember feeling so edgy be like “yeah I listen to a podcast and it’s really good”. Thank you for caressing my ears.
cindy fonseca
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