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He went from bizarre to plain weird
Now that he doesn’t have QAnon....he is now peddling his prayers. It’s just plain weird. Even though I’m not a Q believer, I would enjoy listening to him. But leading up to the election he just got more erratic and post election he just lost it. Now PrayingMedic just promotes a military coup against our government. He needs to step back and really look at what he is peddling and get a handle on reality. His podcast goes against everything this country stands for.
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False patriots
You may not like the fact that people who act like you, share your beliefs, and define themselves as “patriots” would participate in an insurrection and commit sedition, but the truth is they did. You know that is the truth because these so called “patriots” can’t stop telling anyone who will listen what they did. You need to come to terms with that and stop blaming others for your insurrection.
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X22 & Praying Medic
Love it.
Q Anon Quackery
Listen to this if you want bad information about the future that never comes true. A real fountain of disinformation!
You’ve been conned
What happened to the Storm? Where’s the Kraken? Why hasn’t there been a Great Awakening? Simple: there’s no Q. There’s no Deep State. ACB wasn’t your savior. Democrats aren’t satanic pedophiles; we’re 81 million patriots who voted for decency and dignity over compulsive lies and rage-tweeting. The world isn’t going to end. America won’t become a communist hellscape. Obama didn’t take your guns, and Biden won’t either. Relax. Breathe. Get a hobby. Disconnect from the cult. It’s going to be ok.
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“Praying Medic” is a Charlatan
David Hayes aka “Praying Medic” is a false prophet and/or professional liar. Do not give him your time or money. Most especially, do not buy into his rhetoric, lest you want your life to be ruined by a false fantasy that will never come true. He seems to believe Donald Trump is some sort of genius, if not a messiah, who will be the US President beyond January 2021, through any measure of absurd theories. Hayes, predicted (wrongly) that Trump would win by a land slide in November, (wrongly) that Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani’s frivolous lawsuits would overturn the election, and quoted an extremely poor interpretation of the US Constitution claiming that Mike Pence somehow had the ability to overturn the election results on January 6th. Simply put, Hayes is wrong about everything. Smug, arrogant and self-righteous, yes, but still wrong. He’s either a bad-faith scam artist or delusional. This man should be de-platformed, and his podcast should be removed from Apple Podcasts. And, Dave, buddy... if you’re worried about your First Amendment rights, you’ll still have them. You can do what all lunatics and grifters did for centuries before podcasts and social media: stand on a street corner and shout your bull crap to whoever will listen. Maybe if you put out a basket, you’ll get some spare quarters and dimes out of pity. Heck, I’ll even throw a dollar your way.
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Cubical Ruins
Total nut job
This guy actually believes what trump says and then does mental gymnastics to spin it into Q. wow
Buy my Snake Oil
Qanon grifter sowing seeds of discontent, misinformation and garbage spirituality. Would be televangelist helping to cement echo chambers EVERYWHERE.
Such a gem!
This podcast is a gem it’s the real news that my husband and I follow. Thank you for the information and truth you share here!
Mrs. Howland
At some point you have to face the facts
I am a Christian. I am a conservative. I am a Republican. I am a patriot. You seem like a nice guy. At some point, you have to face the facts that you have been duped. Nothing “Q” has predicted is happening, if you even believe his Rorschach Test “drops” are even decipherable. Anyone can see anything they want to in them. I suppose that’s the beauty of this person or persons operation. I have held a Q-level clearance. There is nothing about any of this that sounds remotely compelling. You can’t just keep reinterpreting everything as nothing happens. Q isn’t real.
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Berean Willy
Sinking ship ...
This guy bounced.
I Would Follow Praying Medic Into Battle Any Day
What an amazing guy with an amazing wife! I am so glad that I found Praying Medic! I was told about Q from a female friend last year and when I couldnt understand his codes I found Praying Medic! What a GOLDMINE! He offers such a wealth of information, understanding, historical knowledge of the facts, and always explains everything with such clarity and has always relied and discussed only the facts he can prove instead of getting caught up in opinion and hear-say like everyone else! He is my go-to guy for anything Q related! AMAZING!!!! AMAZING!!!! AMAZING!!!! And what a great Christian!!! Thank you for all that you do in the name of righteousness! The good outweigh the bad, and we always will! But, the battle is real!!!
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Ethan Arquette
You’re brain is broken
This guy is proof that the human brain can’t handle the internet
Real news in minutes
If you want to avoid the media and their fake news then tune in here. You will get truth and the real news of what’s going on in just minutes. If you are a Q follower this is a great source of information. Thank you Dave and thank you Dave’s wife for all you do! God bless.
Air Force Homeschooling Mom
Thank you @prayingmedic for waking me up spiritually!
I just wanted to thank you for your testimony that I heard somewhere. It really made me wake up. I had kind of put God on the back burner. Since hearing your testimony, I quit living with my boyfriend, I started daily devotions and lots and lots of prayers. Please pray for my BF Chris, who is not saved. I realize that if he doesn’t accept Jesus, I will have to move on. I’m being 100% obedient and trusting Jesus! Thank you 🙏
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Thank you!!!
Thank you Praying Medic I am so grateful for you!!! God bless you abundantly!!!!! Yes thank you for doing the research work since some of us can't! I give you 7 out 5 stars!!! This is my favorite podcast these days!! Judah Town
Praying Medic is a great place to get information
I have been a fan of Praying Medic long before the Q movement and trust that he is following the path that God has for him! I pray for him and his wife and the rest of Qannons daily! God Bless!
THE q source
After scouring and sifting through the surface Q info out there, I have found Dave. No nonsense, no unrelated conjecture. Just solid decoding and reporting. Sub this podcast and check out his books and website.
To The ‘Haters’
Chill. This podcast expresses the theories of contemporary situations while combining this man’s Christian beliefs. If you don’t like religion then don’t listen. I enjoy hearing the breakdown of Q posts from him. I have not heard him say anything anti Semitic, fascist, or any hateful bigotry. If he did then I would be out. The world is in a state of chaos, so a podcast like this gives me hope. It’s okay to not trust your government, and it doesn’t make you a danger to society. If the history of mankind did not include the people speaking up and questioning the status quo, then who knows what kind of freedoms we’d be missing. God bless.
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Where are you?
I miss your podcasts! If you’re on vacation then that’s ok. It would be well deserved.
Great Content
The haters obviously haven’t listened to the program...keep up the great work!!!!!!! WWG1WGA
This podcast is stupid
And offensive too
Q is dangerous
Don’t believe what these conspiracy theorist say. It’s a bunch of lies to divide America.
80's 4 life
I want more!
I am relatively new to Q and have been listening to your interpretations of the Q posts but this last podcast on dreams was amazing. I am now praying that God will give me dreams. Thanks for all your insight!
Jeanne O
You rock!
Thank you for sharing your dreams and how to interpret things. I had similar consistent dreams about a toxic workplace and how you interpreted yours rings true with mine. Thanks so much. God bless you and Denise. ❤️
Sheila P- shawn's girl
Thank you
Its so hard trying to understand the Q drops. Thank you for explaining what the Q drops mean. My wife and i love your podcast.
Need Prayers Dave
Dave your shows are so straight forward You’re # 1 in my books,And I often recommend them....👌 I know you are busy but if you read this I could use some prayers (not for me even though I’m falling apart) but for fellow 🐸Q follower “Stroppy Me” on utube He in Australia “ CHEERS “. 💚🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌🏻🐸WWG1WGA
Tony Salomone
I remember when Praying Medic prayed for healing and wrote books on getting closer to the Lord. Apparently there’s more money in spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories. This podcast is full of hate speech and lies. Sorry I used to think he was a Christian.
Mick Depp
Good Patriot
If you don’t have time to read Q posts come here. Not for decodes, he doesn’t do a deep dig on crumbs. Misses the point at times, but has a nice voice and reads well.
Good option
With all the disinformation out there it is good to get a plausible view that suggests that the swamp is being drained
I’m glad I can follow you here
With YouTube deleting channels I’m glad you are still able to post podcasts .
Litter box cat
Is Q reliable
With all the information swirling around, each of us has to decide who to listen to, and believe. If the exoneration of General Flynn happens then this will be an “Oh Wow”moment for me.
Keep up with Q!!!
He does all the homework for me so I can go to work. Thank you for your service to this great country. WWG1WGA!
I thought this was a podcast about praying but it was just about a crazy fairytale that some people actually think is real. This is what happens when people don’t have a real job or real purpose in life. Rather than do something productive with their time they sit around making up crazy stories about what’s happening around them. It’s sad, and America is doomed.
I am The IPhone kid
The podcast is encouraging and very helpful. Thank you.
PM breaks down Q in a neophyte and veteran Q friendly way!
Praying medic is an anti Semite. Has claimed HRC has been arrested multiple times. Like most Q followers he hides behind his faith and lies with no regard for anyone. This guy is full of garbage and is basically human scum.
Erin W's Apple ID
So helpful!
Decodes are great and insightful. Don’t fall for the [D] con bot reviews.
Snooze fest
So boring put it on if you need sleep
Valuable insights
This presentation consistently provides valuable insights to help you establish a starting point for your own investigation into what’s happening behinds the scenes. The news is full of lies, so what is the truth? It’s not easy to find. Use clues and facts wherever they’re available. I find a lot of useful information from the praying medic.
This is Idiotic
This podcast is a “great” twofer in thought experiments Thought experiment one - “Is Q a valid source?” - answer: irrelevant! Q reduced a believer and fellow brother in Christ from sharing the gospel and helping people towards God’s kingdom to Selling hopium for clicks, shares, popularity and PAYtriotism Thought experiment two - “is praying medic a valid source?” - answer: see thought experiment one. Did I mention this is idiotic?
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I had no idea you podcast simultaneously! This is waaay better than streaming YouTube nonsense! (Saves my battery PLUS I can do my chores simultaneously now that it’s strictly audio) I’m sure I will rewind just as much as I do during the YT uploads😆 I don’t want to miss a single detail 😳 intriguing!!
Q got my attention, Enjoying more
The Q reports got my attention - I always look for them as a 'real' source - having now found the website, it looks like there is much more to enjoy.
My Husband and I look forward to your rational/realistic interpretation of everything ‘Q’. We need your calming voice bringing us the news in this volatile environment. We’re proud QAnons. Thank you for being there for us.
Praying Medic is a staple and a go-to for all things Q! He is one of only a couple of decoders who doesn’t try to stretch a Q decide to make it more than it is. He is honest, balanced and delivers news with integrity and a view towards THE KINGDOM.
What Happened?
I used to really enjoy this podcast - there were interesting guests, along with the Praying Medic sharing from his own journey with God. I felt like I was learning a lot about healing and growing in faith through every season of life. Now it’s all QAnon conspiracy diatribes. Sigh. 👋🏾
The Q will set you free?
I am new to the Q story. Host is well spoken and audio quality is great. But the Q reports are too are silly. And when he says that John McCain sold the chemical weapons to Syria, it's hard to take him seriously. But if you want all the Q he reads the posts to the believers.
The other Ted
Love the Q content
Appreciate praying medic
Thank you praying medic for the way you research truth and make it available.
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