Power Playthrough
Power Playthrough
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Highly recommend
Really enjoy listening to this podcast. Growing up with PR, it’s nice to visit all those nostalgic memories with their own humor and commentary. Definitely recommend to anyone who enjoyed these shows growing up or just looking for an entertaining listen.
Jimmie struthers
I love these boys!
I enjoy the love of Sentai that makes these boys put out a great podcast. I also enjoy the love between them.
Great show by great guys!
Power Playthrough is fun podcast by two guys trying to make sense of Power Rangers / Super Sentai. They’re also beasts who keep up with a crazy release schedule!
Amazing reviews of PR
I met Dann at Morphicon last year. Really cool guy. I like that they cover Senti as well as Power rangers. Maybe this will finally give me the kick I need to start watching the Senti Counterparts. Keep up the great work guys. Once a ranger always a ranger
I love listening to them!
I listen to them at work and they make the day fun for me! I’m also watching the show as they go and it’s really fun seeing the goofs they talk about.
Best of the best
These guys are amazing. Super awesome guys, always entertaining to listen to, and you can tell just by the sound of their voices that they're hung like horses. These fellas know what they're talking about and might be the greatest Power Ranger fans in the world. Without a doubt, check em out.
These boys have Fun
You can really tell that these boys enjoy making this show together, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.