Posting Up with Tim Bontemps
Posting Up with Tim Bontemps
The Washington Post
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Great guests, poor audio
Love the subject matter and guests but the audio quality is too bad to even listen anymore. Specifically in car, have to constantly tune volume up and down throughout entire show. Too bad.
Great pod
Tim is extremely knowledgeable
Great content, but terrible audio
I love the content of this podcast, but the audio quality is consistently terrible.
Too much warriors meatriding there are 29 other teams in the league
TIm knows his stuff
Good work
Wonderful Hoops Pod
I enjoy Tim and his guests, however there is one giant negative on this Pod. That F'ing guitar riff. I listen with my earbuds in while working. That ugly friggin guitar riff destroys my ears. I'm often gloved up in saftey gear so sometimes fast forwarding through that ridiculous riff is not possible. Tim...get rid of that stupid guitar riff. Why is it even there? What's the point? Could you at least turn the volume down on that ugly sound? No music needed Tim. Listen to the Dunc'd on pod for inspiration. Thx for this great podcast.
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The Best
Among the best league insider info and with an enjoyable personality, Tim Bontemps podcasts and writings well worth your time if you’re an NBA junkie.
Jeremy Evans
Read Tim Bontemps in the Washington Post and enjoy listening to his podcast. Always informative and very well done.
Tim Bontemps has great NBA knowledge!!
I look forward to every new episode of this podcast! Great guests and insight and breakdown of the NBA teams and the league. Especially love Tim's coverage of the Warriors!!
Ochoa Family
Bontemps is awesome
I've been aware of Bontemps since his days covering the Nets. I'm so glad he's a national NBA guy now. His pods are interesting, well conceived, and fair. I don't miss any of his podcasts.
JT Sanders
Steadfast as the Lemming
The predictability, in terms of beating the same horses (live and dead), is wearying. It's boring as heck to hear the same redundant, condemning narratives about the same franchises. It smacks of lockstep, herd journalism. Kind of The Animal Farm approach: Team A always good. Team B always bad. It's lemming-style "analysis" -- marching in lockstep with the tired, subjective stereotypes, and leaning on them without fresh, nimble, enterprise reporting.
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Great NBA pod
Tim does a great job covering the nba
Solid, level-headed analysis
Great informed commentary about the entire league. Clickity-clack!
M Isles
Awesome NBA podcast
Really enjoyed the podcast with Sherwood Strauss (Warriors beat writer for ESPN) and learned that Tim Bontemps is following the Warriors this year for the Washington Post (great call by Tim to pitch that idea). As a Warriors fan, this should be a great podcast to follow
Pretty solid
I listen to way too many NBA pods so I wasn't expecting to hear anything new but the discussion with Ethan had a lot I hadn't heard about the Warriors. Definitely adding to the rotation.
Jerry Traphouse
Great NBA podcast
This is high on my priority list of sports podcasts. Tim is a no-nonsense guy who really knows his hoops and he and his guests provide tremendous NBA insight.
Good, timely podcast
Tim usually has guests with some insight/background on a current story in the NBA. Definitely a good listen if you want to keep up with timely stories.
Karlos Elguea
Best of the best
Excellent podcast. Great NBA analyst!
Slam Dunk
Man this podcast is a turnover.. Fast break.. Slam Dunk! Thanks for great NBA Guests Tim & the Great National Perspective! 🏀
Don Don Baseball
Top-tier NBA podcast
A genuinely intelligent NBA podcast, particularly for people who are interested not just in the league, but how it’s covered by the media. You get information about the teams and players, but also a look into the process of the people who cover it.
NBA Hack
Excellent NBA perspective
Tim does a great job dissecting the pulse of the NBA with terrific guests.
Amazing content!
Best NBA Podcast out there! Love the national perspective combined with fantastic insight from team beat writers. Also, I love the sheer amount of content in such a short time. Keep up the great work.
Top notch NBA pod
Please make a logo that doesn't look like it came from Windows 97
Great NBA pod
Awesome new podcast with insights on the NBA nationwide.
Charles Fiegl
Top notch stuff!
Tim is a really smart guy who asks fantastic questions! Great guests so far as well. Definite subscribe for big NBA fans.
Liam Go Celtics