Post Mortem with Mick Garris
Post Mortem with Mick Garris
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Filmmaker / Author Mick Garris, best known for his Stephen King adaptations and creating the "Masters Of Horror" television series, dives deep into the devious minds of the greatest filmmakers and creators of your worst nightmares to bring their distinctive visions to life in fascinating one-on-one conversations. POST MORTEM WITH MICK GARRIS releases a new interview every other week, presented by the FANGORIA Podcast Network.
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Horro mr fans will love!
Mick has such amazing horror credits himself, and his guests are equally as impressive. Great listen.
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast deeply. It is a masterclass by some of the greatest filmmakers on the planet. Also this podcast inspires. Thank you Mick and team for putting this show on!
Downloaded and listen
I have been listening to mick garris podcasts for three years now. Watched his YouTube interviews with a few filmmakers. He is amazing, great voice to listen to. He asks more knowledgeable questions in his interviews. Everyone should subscribe and download his podcasts. Perfect for all genre fans
Critters 2 RULES!
This podcast is awesome! Especially hearing from creature effects artists! Mick, you have always been a champion for practical effects! We love you for it! Keep kickin ass!
Well worth the time!
Great podcast! A must for horror and genre fans. In addition to being an awesome writer and filmmaker, Mick is also one of the great interviewers of our time. Keep it up, please and thank you! Love the guests and chats.
Bill Muhlstein
What a gift for listeners!
Mick Garris is one of the most perceptive and empathetic interviewers I have ever listened to, and the generosity with which he engages his subjects makes for an immersive and fascinating listen. So far, I have listened to Mick interview Stephen King, Guillermo Del Toro, John Landis, Joe Dante, and Mike Flanagan and I am making time each day to catch up.
Mike in New York
A lot to learn from some of the best in the industry!
Post Mortem is an absolute delight! Mick is a fantastic host and he has some of the best in the industry on his show! I find that Mick asks the questions that I’ve always wanted answered, and he goes into depth about how his guests got started in genre films. The cool thing is that Mick really loves doing this and you can tell. He really does care about giving the audience the best show possible, and he treats his guests with the utmost respect. Not only is Mick a master of horror but he’s a fan boy like you and me. He legitimately loves doing this, and it shows in every episode. There is a lot to learn from Mick and from his guests and Post Mortem is a great listen for both aspiring filmmakers and seasoned professionals alike! Guaranteed to make you inspired! But that’s just my opinion.
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Fangoria supports Cinestate
Hope Mick doesn’t have a contract so he can leave and start his own podcast. This way he won’t be tied to a serial sexual abuser. Google Cinestate.
Just another reason why Del Toro is one hell of a human being. Loved the conversation and just hearing how he dealt with reality in building his imagination.
Great insights into the creative process!
I’m a huge horror fan and have learned so much about how movies are created through Mick and his guests. Plus, Mick treats his interview subjects like old friends, even the ones that aren’t actually his old friends. Thank you for the edu-tainment!
Hi Mick
Hi Mick I love the podcast hope your doing well
I love ya Mick, and for the record, I would DEVOUR your autobiography if you were to write one. So please do.
Love Mick and every episode I've listened to
Love Mick and every episode I've listened to. David J. Schow episode was great!
Good stuff
Good stuff
Mick Garris is really good at this
Barely any fat on this podcast. There’s a brief intro section where Mick Garris espouses things I typically agree with and/or am happy to hear, but then gets right into it with the filmmakers. His questions are thoughtful, it never feels like he’s waiting his turn to speak or just being overbearing in general, and his voice is kinda just a pleasure. 5/5. Excellent filmmaking podcast, horror or otherwise.
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Butthole Whispers
Richard Stanley Interview
Loved the most recent podcast interview with Richard Stanley. Keep up the great work, Mick!
The Best Horror Podcast online!
Excellent Podcast, I've been listening since the very first episode. Always interesting, always full of great information, film history, and background on the guest. Mick often brings out surprising sides to directors and performers that reveal sides of their careers that I haven't heard before. It's the one podcast that I look forward to the next episode and can't wait for it to be released.
Great stuff
Garris’ calm soothing tones guide you through the lives, adversity and inspiration faced by various creatives in the horror industry. Mick does the research to make each interview deep and surprising. Try it, you’ll like it
The best podcast about the horror genre but, also, a very entertaining and informative discussion about Hollywood and the mechanics of movie/TV production. Mick Garris is such a national treasure that Nick Cage may try to steal him.
Jim Ohio1
Thank you
I enjoy this podcast
I Have been a supporter of Mick my whole life and have followed post Morton since it was an interview series predating the podcast format. Mick always gets the best guests/friends to talk on the show and share stories and life experiences within the industry and provides insight only someone like himself could. I’m thankful Mick remains active and In Touch with the genre because it needs him. Thank you, Mick...for everything!
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A go-to horror podcast
Mick is an excellent host and interviews some of the best in the biz. I love this show and highly recommend.
Best Horror Filmmaker Podcast Available
No other podcast about horror filmmakers has one of the most accomplished horror filmmakers as its host. When he’s talking to his guests he knows what they’re going through—from first time filmmakers to long time vets. And he never apologizes for embracing horror as a way of life through art. Thanks, Mick, for everything you do.
Marc Roman Bravo
Love it!
I’m new to the podcast but I’ve been a fan of Mr. Garris for years. His adaptations for Stephen King’s work made me a life long fan of the man. Love his genuine approach and appreciation of the guest he’s interviewing. Keep it up Mick!
Jason Boley
Very interesting and entertaining
Mick is a great host and gets his guest to feel relaxed and tell wonderful stories about their career. I am so glad I stumbled upon his podcast. Keep up the great work on the show. It helps me pass the time at work or on my daily commute. It’s great to know the creative minds behind some of my favorite films.
Can’t miss podcast!
Mick is a national treasure! Very in-depth view into the world of horror. It’s definitely one of my can’t miss podcasts of the week.
embalmer BUG
Great genre Pod
The interviews are my favorite even with some folks I’m not familiar with. Insightful questions. The Q&A sessions are growing on me. I was hesitant at first but have begun enjoying them the last couple of weeks. Keep it up!
A great and insightful horror podcast
I look forward to every episode of Post Mortem. Mick Garris is not only one of the brightest minds in the genre but also seems to be one of the most gracious as well. Do yourself a favor and check out his interviews on YouTube as well.
Pastor Matt R
Truly informative and fun!!!
Post Mortem is one of the most informative and entertaining shows about horror films out there! Mick Garris’s passion for the subject really shines through.
Simply the best!!!
Mick Garris is amazing! As a fellow podcaster, I’m always looking for those who can make me better, and Mick does that. His knowledge and professionalism is off the chain! Each episode is amazing!! Keep it up Mick!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!
Mick is Genre Royalty!
No one does interviews better than Mick. Not only has he been in the game for decades, but he has a true gift when it comes to conversation. This podcast is my favorite of the many I listen to. Each episode, whether it’s hosting a guest or an AMA, treats us listeners with invaluable insights, entertaining BTS moments and tons of exciting news for upcoming genre gems! This podcast has led me to revisit some favorite cinematic adventures or to explore new-to-me films that have shaped so many we know & love in the industry. The rapport between host and guest is something so rare in these times we live in. It brings with it a nostalgia that I can’t get enough of. To top it all off, I’ve grown up with Mick creations on my list of favorites. Hocus Pocus, anyone?! Fuzzbucket?! Riding the Bullet?!?! THE (one true) SHINING?! The list goes on! He is a Master of Horror in his own right and there is no one better to traverse this gorgeous, multi-layered landscape with. Thank you Fangoria for hosting this podcast & thank you Mick for sharing your creative genius with us for the last 30+ years! Recommend with all my heart to anyone who loves the horror genre, Mick Garris, cinema in general and/or the art of conversation. This has it all and then some!
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Thank You
Mick is a bastion of genre film making and we need him in our lives. The most soothing voice in podcast, he is a friend that can articulately and properly contextualize the macabre and the weird. My commute to work is a little less irritating when I have Post Mortem coming through the air buds. Thank you, Mick, for all the years you’ve given to us.
Great podcast with insightful questions and discussions
This is such an enjoyable podcast to listen to. The host is a legendary director that has great people skills to ask really insightful questions for the people he interviews about the horror genre and the movie industry. Every episode I have enjoyed even when I don’t know the person that is featured with it. I learned a lot from this podcast.
Great Podcast
Very entertaining and highly informative. One of the best podcasts out there and the horror genre. I look forward to every episode.
Phantas Photo
Horror Heroes
Words can’t express how much joy Mick Garris has brought to my life with Post Mortem. Growing up a horror fan you never got a chance to hear from directors and writers that haunted your dreams . I love that now I can listen to King, Hooper, Craven, Zombie and many more express what horror movies mean to them . Thank you Mick for giving us horror fans a voice ! We love ya ❤️
Miss Wolfenstein
Mick = Great Interviewer
He'd honestly be great interviewing anyone, from any field. Awesome guy.
Informative podcast by and about insiders.
And as a movie nerd who also works in "The Industry", I appreciate the anecdotes and comaraderie, as well as the insights, from Mick and his guests.
J. Hay
5 stars
Mick is one of the best, most insightful interviewers around.
Required Listening for Horror Fans
Been on board with this show since day one and always get excited when a new episode drops. Mick is an excellent interviewer and his guests are always interesting and forthcoming with information (not to mention some of the names you’re sure to recognize). Highest recommendation for any fan of the horror genre.
Mick is the Best
Mick is the most natural interviewer around. Equal parts filmmaker and journalist. This podcast is an all-time fave for me.
Horror-geek goodness!
Mick Garris loves horror and knows the questions to ask. Whether he’s talking to actors, directors or writers, he dives deep and uncovers the behind-the-scenes stories you will love to hear.
In depth interviews
Fantastic podcast that really dives into topics with a knowledgeable host.
Great Insight
One of the best horror movie podcasts! Not only the insights of the guests that Mick brings in, but also his incredible experiences in the business.
Mad City Man
Warmed my lil’ black heart listening to the first two episodes.
Buddha is
This podcast is great, Garris brings top tier guests. Excited to follow and see who else he brings on.
Andrew Ryan Snyder
Wolfman’s got nards!
Love every single episode. Great work.
William from Arkansas
Great Podcast!
Came for King and staying for a great podcast. Thank you.
Episode 54: Stephen King
Mick Garris is a pro, not only as a writer, novelist and filmmaker, but interviewer of the best in the horror genre. This episode was an absolute delight from start to finish. I want to thank Mick and Stephen King so much for this fantastic trip into nostalgia and memory; the tidbits about Matt Frewer's audition, Gary Sinise being perfect, Kathy Bates' uncredited role, all of the topics that were touched on. It's like listening to two good friends even though you've never met them. If I had my own home with a crackling fireplace, or even a dimly-lit den, that would have been my preferred mode of listening to these two masters of their art discuss The Stand and other projects. Steve's expertise and thoughts on writing, how he approaches it, is striking and inspiring. I hope you two get together again and soon.
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So great!
This is a fantastic podcast on all things horror!
One of the Best Podcasts Out There
If you come across this podcast then you’re either interested in Mick Garris and/or horror so there’s no reason why shouldn’t be listening to this! Mick is horror royalty and just great people in general. With a prolific career that has seen him involved with the greatest people and franchises in horror allows for a wealth of stories and insight that you can’t find anywhere else. His body of work alone has produced some of the best horror has to offer so you know you’re in good hands.
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Marc Armas
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