Post Mortem with Mick Garris
Post Mortem with Mick Garris
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Love this podcast Mick has been such an inspiration to horror fans the world over and it’s always comfort food to listen to new episodes.
Like movies? Then, LISTEN TO THIS!!
Do you dig movies? Do you dig horror? Analysis of craft? Filmmaking talk? So many legends giving candid talks with Mick. He’s a great host and keeps his interviewees very relaxed. Get this podcast in your ears!!
If you’re a cinephile and a horror fan, this is the podcast for you.
Simply the best!!
A must for any horror fan or fan of film. If your curious about how movies are made or how your favorite stories came to be, look no further, this is the podcast for you.
Long time fan of Mick’s work and I love his and his guests insights into the entertainment industry - thanks Mick
Myron Schmidt
Great Podcast. A highlight of my week!
I’ve been a fan of Mick Garris for 34 years since he wrote the story for *batteries not included. I love this podcast. Every week, it’s a highlight of my drive to work. If you like cinema - especially horror - you’ll love this!
Amazing Mick should be the name of this podcast!
Love it!!! There’s nothing else to say! Horror fan? Movie fan? Just stop reading this and listen!
Erick May
Missed Opportunity with Landis
Given this was a joint discussion with John Landis and Joe Dante, why wasn’t the topic of The Twilight Zone Movie (1982) raised? They both collaborated on it, and Landis not only ruined the movie with his subpar entries, but his negligence and recklessness caused the deaths of Vic Morrow and two illegally-hired children. I’m sure Joe would have something to say about his collaboration with Landis. And Landis could have apologized to Joe and the families of the dead—something he hasn’t done in almost 40 years. Goodness knows Landis droned on long enough about the Blues Brothers and his other mediocre movies—all of the topic of American Werewolf, ostensibly the topic of the day. The omission of Twilight Zone talk was glaring. Come on, Mick.
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Simply the best
I’m ashamed to say I had no idea Mick Garris had moved into the podcast world until very recently… always been a fan of the Post Mortem video interviews and all the interview work done by Garris since the 80’s (70’s??), he gets the best guests and asks them the best questions, invaluable gold mines for filmmakers to listen to the truth come from the top quality makers of the genre.
Nick Verdi
Great interviews
Heard about this podcast on KingCast and I’m so glad I came over to check it out! Mick has excellent guests with fantastic insights into film and TV
5 stars
Brian Scott. Horror movie fanboy on Twitter saying wow. Amazing podcast. We love you mick.
A Horror Fan Gold Mine
I’ve been a horror fan all my life, which is a long time as I’m 61, but I’m learning so much great behind-the-scenes stuff from listening to this podcast. Mick knows EVERYBODY and they all seem to be comfortable just shooting the breeze with him. From the world-class directors of films I’ve loved for years, to the B-movie directors who have such love for the genre, to Oren Peli, who admitted that he just wanted to make a lot of money, he did and now he doesn’t even really care if he makes another movie. What a hoot! I started listening only about six weeks ago from the very first episode so I still have a lot to hear, but I am loving every minute of it. It’s like the world’s best class in horror filmmaking! Thank you so much Mick- this is a real gift to genre fans!
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Post Mortem
Mick Garris is the elder statesman of genre horror. His years spent as a journalist shine through in each episode. He gets us, the horror fans. Keep it up Mick!
The Cryptwriters Podcast
One of my favorite go to podcasts! Great guests!
I’m not big on podcasts at all but this was excellent. Someone I follow on Instagram recommended it & I'm so glad I listened to the Clive Barker interview. I am a huge Clive Barker fan & Mick is an excellent interviewer. Will be listening to many more, excellent job!
The Clive Barker interview was stellar! So much great info covered like always.
The inside stories
Mick is so great to listen to. He has so many connections and stories from his long career. Whether you work in the film or TV industry or are just a fan of the genre, you will feel at home here.
I don’t know who this review is for...
... because if you know Mick Garris then you’re probably already listening to his show, but maybe someone out there is new to him. Garris is an absolutely vital part of our horror history. The podcast could simply be him telling his own story and it would still get a 5 Star rating from me. The thing is, it’s so much more than that. Mr Nice Guy is really the only insider I can think of that truly let’s his audience in. His guests are rarely on the show to just plug something, and the back and forth is always genuine. If you’re looking for a place to start, download the Clive Barker episode. There are moments that will almost make you cry. Mick Garris is just about the only legend out there who’s really warned his reputation.
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Ben Richards 2024
Love It!!!
This podcast is entertaining and informative about horror films. Thank you
Mick is the best
Love this podcast. Mick is a legend and a great interviewer!
Just found out about this podcast
While going down a Gary Sherman internet search rabbit hole I found out about this podcast. Great interview. I’ve gone back and downloaded the majority of the episodes.
Great stories and interviews by Superman Mick Garris
Mick Garris is a super fan of film and a great multifaceted creator as well. He shares great stories and conducts insightful interviews as well. Highly recommended for film and genre fans
Mick Garris: the Peter Bogdanovich of Horror.
Is there anyone cooler than Mick Garris? I don’t think so. This has quickly become one of my most listened to podcasts. Mick Garris is the most kind and intelligent host ever with a vast knowledge of everything movies. I’ve learned a ton and look forward to every new episode. Highly recommend this to anyone interested in film, especially horror.
Great horror podcast
Love Mick’s dedication to the horror genre and the insight that he brings to the podcast is truly a treat to listen to.
Deanna Chapman
Invaluable and insightful every week
Every week whether it’s an AMA episode or an interview I pick up some cool tidbit of knowledge or just sheer enjoyment listening to Mick. I look forward to each and every Wednesday knowing I will have something great to start my work day with.
Instant favorite
Ive learned and loved something about every episode of this podcast.
A Treat For Movie, Book, & Horror Fans Alike!
The pandemic has put me working from home for 8 months now & I have been tearing through multiple podcasts, but if you’re looking for an easy listening show that’s informative, fun, & absolutely mesmerizing, look no further than Post Mortem! Mick has a soothing voice to go with a plethora of knowledge & stories about his works and experiences over the years but it’s also an absolute treat to hear him banter back n forth with so many names in the industry every week & hear stories about some of my favorite movies & shows. Everyone can find something to like about this show & I’m grateful to have found it during a time where I could use it most!
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Love Mick and every episode I've listened to
Love Mick and every episode I've listened to. New Joe Hill episode was fantastic! Now listening to latest one. Thanks Mick you are a great writer, interviewer and good person.
Great Horror Podcast
Happy to have this podcast back.
Best Horror podcast
Best horror podcast speaking with all different types of creators
The Walking Paralyzed Man
A solid interview series
Mick Garris is a good interviewer and often comes up with ways to get people to talk about fun and unique parts of their career. His voice is also very kind. Even though I really don’t like him as a director/ writer (the shining remake from the 90s is right there with The Last Airbender as one of the all time bad adaptations) his podcast is very good. But please stop asking about their early life and just get into the difficult stuff.
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Any horror fan would love this podcast. Mick is the best.
Vito the Canuck
Always interesting and entertaining!
It’s difficult to interview people well, let alone with genuine interest and warmth. Mick is a skilled writer and it comes through in his introductions. I’d recommend Post Morten to anyone interested in film, composition and the creative process. Not limited to horror fans only!
Lucky13 SF
Horro mr fans will love!
Mick has such amazing horror credits himself, and his guests are equally as impressive. Great listen.
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast deeply. It is a masterclass by some of the greatest filmmakers on the planet. Also this podcast inspires. Thank you Mick and team for putting this show on!
Downloaded and listen
I have been listening to mick garris podcasts for three years now. Watched his YouTube interviews with a few filmmakers. He is amazing, great voice to listen to. He asks more knowledgeable questions in his interviews. Everyone should subscribe and download his podcasts. Perfect for all genre fans
Critters 2 RULES!
This podcast is awesome! Especially hearing from creature effects artists! Mick, you have always been a champion for practical effects! We love you for it! Keep kickin ass!
Well worth the time!
Great podcast! A must for horror and genre fans. In addition to being an awesome writer and filmmaker, Mick is also one of the great interviewers of our time. Keep it up, please and thank you! Love the guests and chats.
Bill Muhlstein
What a gift for listeners!
Mick Garris is one of the most perceptive and empathetic interviewers I have ever listened to, and the generosity with which he engages his subjects makes for an immersive and fascinating listen. So far, I have listened to Mick interview Stephen King, Guillermo Del Toro, John Landis, Joe Dante, and Mike Flanagan and I am making time each day to catch up.
Mike in New York
A lot to learn from some of the best in the industry!
Post Mortem is an absolute delight! Mick is a fantastic host and he has some of the best in the industry on his show! I find that Mick asks the questions that I’ve always wanted answered, and he goes into depth about how his guests got started in genre films. The cool thing is that Mick really loves doing this and you can tell. He really does care about giving the audience the best show possible, and he treats his guests with the utmost respect. Not only is Mick a master of horror but he’s a fan boy like you and me. He legitimately loves doing this, and it shows in every episode. There is a lot to learn from Mick and from his guests and Post Mortem is a great listen for both aspiring filmmakers and seasoned professionals alike! Guaranteed to make you inspired! But that’s just my opinion.
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Fangoria supports Cinestate
Hope Mick doesn’t have a contract so he can leave and start his own podcast. This way he won’t be tied to a serial sexual abuser. Google Cinestate.
Just another reason why Del Toro is one hell of a human being. Loved the conversation and just hearing how he dealt with reality in building his imagination.
Great insights into the creative process!
I’m a huge horror fan and have learned so much about how movies are created through Mick and his guests. Plus, Mick treats his interview subjects like old friends, even the ones that aren’t actually his old friends. Thank you for the edu-tainment!
Hi Mick
Hi Mick I love the podcast hope your doing well
I love ya Mick, and for the record, I would DEVOUR your autobiography if you were to write one. So please do.
Good stuff
Good stuff
Mick Garris is really good at this
Barely any fat on this podcast. There’s a brief intro section where Mick Garris espouses things I typically agree with and/or am happy to hear, but then gets right into it with the filmmakers. His questions are thoughtful, it never feels like he’s waiting his turn to speak or just being overbearing in general, and his voice is kinda just a pleasure. 5/5. Excellent filmmaking podcast, horror or otherwise.
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Butthole Whispers
Richard Stanley Interview
Loved the most recent podcast interview with Richard Stanley. Keep up the great work, Mick!
The Best Horror Podcast online!
Excellent Podcast, I've been listening since the very first episode. Always interesting, always full of great information, film history, and background on the guest. Mick often brings out surprising sides to directors and performers that reveal sides of their careers that I haven't heard before. It's the one podcast that I look forward to the next episode and can't wait for it to be released.
Great stuff
Garris’ calm soothing tones guide you through the lives, adversity and inspiration faced by various creatives in the horror industry. Mick does the research to make each interview deep and surprising. Try it, you’ll like it
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