Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast
Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast
Lori Kranczer
The Positive Impact Philanthropy podcast interviews women entrepreneurs that have a philanthropic component to their businesses and personal life to create great impact within their business, life, and communities. Enjoy informational and light-hearted interviews with legacy giving expert and entrepreneur, Lori Kranczer!
Episode 69: An Interview with Ashley Dietz, President and CEO of Florida Philanthropic Network
Join Lori and her guest, Ashley Dietz, as they talk about trust-based philanthropy and more. Ashley is the president and CEO of Florida Philanthropic Network. She discusses her philanthropic work, the concept of trust-based philanthropy, and what she hopes to be her professional and personal legacy. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: Philanthropic culture differences between the US and Australia How FPN support their nonprofit organizations What is trust-based philanthropy? Best practices a funder can implement And much more!   About Ashley Dietz:   Ashley has served as president and CEO of FPN since September 2020 and overall has 14 years of experience in Philanthropy. She previously served as Senior Director, Community Partnerships and Operations for United Way Suncoast, where she led the integration of the community investment process, partnership strategies, and regional contract management process across the organization’s five-county footprint, ensuring sound stewardship of financial and non-financial resources. She is also a recent graduate of Leadership Tampa, part of the LT Class 2022.   Ashley currently serves on the Board of Directors for the state-wide non-profit Florida Civic Advance and on the Public Policy Committee with the Tampa Bay Chamber. Ashley has also served as the chair of the Florida Chapter for PEAK Grantmaking, a member-led community of grants management professionals who foster collaboration to enable philanthropy to achieve its full potential for good. She previously worked at the City of Sydney Council in Sydney, Australia, for five years, managing complex funding streams and processes at the local government level. Ashley has a Master’s in Policy Studies with a focus in International Relations from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She has a B.A. in Media Communications with a Minor in Political Science from Webster University in St. Louis.   Connect with Ashley! Trust-Based Philanthropy Project: https://www.trustbasedphilanthropy.org/ Florida Philanthropic Network: https://www.fpnetwork.org/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleyheathdietz/   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com   
Jan 18
20 min
Episode 68: An Interview with Christina Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder of Women’s Foundation of Boston
Join Lori and her guest, Christina Gordon, as they discuss the importance of economic empowerment to women and girls. Christina is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Women's Foundation of Boston. She shares how she got into this philanthropic niche, their impact in Greater Boston, and how she used her professional experience to help raise the bar on philanthropic giving to women and girls. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: Why focus on women's and girls' economic empowerment Women’s Foundation of Boston’s grant selection process What does a volunteer-led and run organization look like? The importance of having a solid endowment And much more!   About Christina Gordon:   Christina Gordon is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Women's Foundation of Boston. She holds a dual master’s degree in International Finance and Applied Economics from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston University and also studied for a joint master’s degree in Women’s Studies and Sociology at Brandeis with a focus on women in the workplace. Christina is a former assistant fund manager and technology industry equity analyst at Wellington Management. She also worked as a stock analyst at Fidelity Investments. She is a trustee of a private foundation, a member of Women Moving Millions, and currently sits on the board of Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women in Boston.   Connect with Christina! Christina’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christina-gordon-07767932/ Website: www.wfboston.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/womens-foundation-of-boston/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wfboston/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wfboston Science Club for Girls: https://www.scienceclubforgirls.org/   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com   
Jan 4
35 min
Episode 67: An Interview with Melissa Stevens, Executive Vice President of Philanthropy at Milken Institute
Join Lori and her guest, Melissa Stevens, as they talk about her philanthropic work in the area of medical research. Melissa is the Executive Vice President of Philanthropy at Milken Institute. She shares how she got started in philanthropy and how she developed a deeper appreciation for it after witnessing its benefits firsthand. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: What are the new trends in philanthropy? How Melissa got started in philanthropy, especially in medical research Melissa’s philanthropic work focused on understanding bipolar disorder What is Melissa’s inspiration to be philanthropic? And much more!   About Melisa Stevens:   As the Executive Director of the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy, I work with individual philanthropists, families, and foundations seeking to “be the change” as they leverage their time, talents, and capital to make a transformative, sustainable impact on the world.   As one of the Center’s co-founders, I’ve led the creation and execution of groundbreaking philanthropic strategies in medical, environmental, education, and public health philanthropy. In my tenure at the Milken Institute, I have overseen the development of programs and organizations, including some of the largest nonprofit funders of cancer research in the US.   Driven by a desire to champion bold ideas and uncover opportunities that lead to meaningful and measurable change, CSP has more than tripled in size under my leadership, and our work has influenced more than $1 billion in philanthropic capital.    Connect with Melissa! Milken Institute: https://milkeninstitute.org/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissa-stevens-2988482/   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com   
Dec 21, 2022
22 min
Episode 66: An Interview with Arlene Schiff, Senior Advisor of LIFE AND LEGACY Program at the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Join Lori and her guest, Arlene Schiff, as they talk about the Life and Legacy program and how to build a very progressive structural program in your community. Arlene is the Senior Advisor of the Life and Legacy Initiative at the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. She discusses her journey from looking for a job that positively impacts the community to eventually becoming Life and Legacy's Senior Advisor. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: Arlene’s journey to becoming Life and Legacy’s Senior Advisor What is the Life and Legacy Program? The importance of training nonprofits in life and legacy Arlene’s advice for people who feel like they have a lot of different causes to support. And much more!   About Arlene Schiff:   Arlene Schiff is the Senior Advisor of the Life and Legacy Initiative at the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.    Connect with Arlene! LIFE AND LEGACY Program at Harold Grinspoon Foundation: www.jewishlifelegacy.org Jewish Federation of the Berkshires: https://www.jewishberkshires.org/ Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Berkshires: https://www.jewishberkshires.org/jewish-womens-foundation Email: arlene@hgf.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arlene-d-schiff-2121b010/   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com   
Dec 7, 2022
20 min
Episode 65: An Interview with Cecilia Razak, Co-Founder of Slides with Friends
Join Lori and her guest, Cecilia Razak, as they talk about how a company or product can provide value to customers and have a positive social impact. Cecilia co-founded Slides with Friends, an interactive presentation builder designed for human group connection. She shares her desire to create tangible value for others and how that purpose relates to her business and daily life. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: How a business pivot resulted in the creation of Slides with Friends The social impact aspect of corporate philanthropy Building a tool that creates value for its users And much more!   About Slides with Friends: We were elbow-deep in growing a startup when the 2020 pandemic hit. We went from a big team in multiple cities and growing, to doing one tenth of our revenue. We dropped our growth plans and moved everything we could remote. All hands meetings were the hardest. Personally, we were lucky to be able to quarantine in our home. Feeling close with friends and family was the hardest. We started building Slides as a side project that was part wishful thinking, part wish fulfillment. We wanted to make being far from all of our people easier. We wanted to make meetings smoother and more fun. We wanted to have video calls with our friends without talking over each other or getting zoom fatigue. We wanted my mom's birthday to still be special. And we wanted to help everyone going through this to have those things, as well. So this is a presentation tool that's got a bigger goal; keeping people connected while apart. We hope it can help you do that too.   Connect with Cecilia! Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ceciliarazak/ Slides with Friends: www.slideswith.com   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com     
Nov 23, 2022
18 min
Episode 64: An Interview with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow
Join Lori and her guest, Vanessa Barboni Hallik, as they discuss how entrepreneurs can incorporate philanthropy with sustainability in their businesses. Vanessa is the founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, a B Corp Certified end-to-end sustainable design company. She talks about how her quest for her life's purpose led her to the world of fashion, where she uses sustainable and holistic practices as the foundation of her business. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: How Vanessa found her way into the fashion industry Another Tomorrow's sustainable and holistic approach to fashion Different ways of informing consumers about your philanthropic causes And much more!   Another Another Tomorrow: I started Another Tomorrow in January 2018, while on a sabbatical from my former career in emerging markets finance. The original purpose of this break was to take a pause and reorient my career toward sustainable finance. However, as I began to dig deeper into the root problems of many of our global challenges, I was surprised and devastated by what I found in the apparel industry and its enormous impact on people, the environment, and animals. Clear information was difficult to come by, and the more I educated myself, finding clothing I felt good about became even harder. Realizing I couldn’t just ‘unknow’ what I now knew, I felt a responsibility and a purpose I couldn’t ignore. My mission is to create a truly sustainable and compassionate company with a three-pronged approach of providing a foundational wardrobe of ethically and responsibly made clothing, education, and a platform for activism to amplify our collective voices. Another Tomorrow is the result of an incredible collaborative effort across our team and suppliers around the world. I’m so grateful for each of them and look forward to introducing you to everyone who has helped bring this vision to life.   Connect with Vanessa! Another Tomorrow: https://anothertomorrow.co/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessabarbonihallik/   Another Tomorrow’s Partner Organizations Tasmanian Land Conservancy: https://tasland.org.au/ Care International’s Made by Women program: https://www.care.org/our-work/education-and-work/dignified-work/made-by-women/ Compassion in World Farming: https://www.ciwf.com/ Custom Collaborative: https://www.customcollaborative.org/   Vanessa’s Personal Philanthropy Trust for Public Land: https://www.tpl.org/ Accountability Counsel: https://www.accountabilitycounsel.org/ Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard: https://carrcenter.hks.harvard.edu/   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com     
Nov 9, 2022
23 min
Episode 63: An Interview with Celina de Sola, Co-Founder and President of Glasswing International
Join Lori and her guest, Celina de Sola, in today’s episode of the Positive Impact Philanthropy podcast. Celina is the co-founder and president of Glasswing International. What does it look like to manage philanthropic work across many countries? Stay tuned!   Here’s what to expect: Providing kids with opportunities to develop socio-emotional skills. How working with people across the globe inspired Celina to be involved. The importance of having a “complementary piece” or even a diversity of skillsets to the work that you do. And much more!   About Celina: Celina de Sola is co-founder and president at Glasswing. Her work focuses on designing and implementing innovative, community-based initiatives that bring together institutions and people for joint action. Celina has over 20 years of experience in international development and social change. She’s worked as a consultant for organizations like the Population Council, URC, and family foundations. Celina was also a crisis interventionist for Latino immigrants in the US, and subsequently spent over five years as Director of Emergency Response for AmeriCares, leading responses to complex humanitarian crises including Liberia, the Darfur crisis in Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, as well as the tsunami in Indonesia. She is a Fellow of the Obama Foundation, Ashoka, LEGO ReImagine Learning, Penn Social Impact House. She is also an Audacious Project and Skoll Foundation Awardee, and a Tallberg Global Leader. She serves on several non-profit Boards, and is a member of the InterAmerican Foundation’s Advisory Council. Celina gave a TED Talk at the 2022 conference in Vancouver and has also been featured on the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Time, CNN en Español, HuffPost Live, Forbes Centroamérica, Yes!, PopSugar, Univision and has spoken about the region’s relevant issues at conferences worldwide. Celina holds a master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard University and one in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice.   Connect with Celina! Glasswing International: https://glasswing.org/  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celina-de-sola-25b76234/  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glasswingi/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/glasswingint    Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com     
Oct 26, 2022
22 min
Episode 62: An Interview with Dianne Bailey, National Philanthropic Executive at Bank of America
Join Lori and her guest, Dianne Bailey, as they discuss how philanthropy can be for anyone. Dianne is the national philanthropic strategy executive at Bank of America. She talks about the joy of working with a company that aligns with your values and also gets into how she got so deeply involved with philanthropy. Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: What do philanthropic strategists do? How Dianne’s mom became an inspiration for doing social work and philanthropy Having the privilege of working with a focus on the power of women. Interesting trends with philanthropy.  And much more!   About Dianne: For more than twenty years, my professional passion has been empowering donors and nonprofit leaders to create meaningful and enduring change. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about best practices and trends in philanthropy. My insights have been featured in Axios, Barron’s, Business Insider, Fortune, The Washington Post and New York Times, among other publications. My professional commitment to civic engagement also is deeply personal. I have served on and led many nonprofit boards. A passionate advocate for women’s leadership, I currently serve as chair of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute national council. In my TEDx Talk, I make The Case for Fierce Optimism.   Connect with Dianne! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diannechippsbailey/  Women’s Impact Fund in Charlotte: https://womensimpactfund.org/  Bank of America Philanthropic Strategy: https://about.bankofamerica.com/en/making-an-impact/charitable-foundation-funding  Twitter: https://twitter.com/dianne_c_bailey    Bank of America Study of Philanthropy Article: https://www.privatebank.bankofamerica.com/articles/2021-bank-of-america-study-how-affluent-households-gave-back-in-2020.html    Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com 
Oct 12, 2022
16 min
Episode 61: An Interview with Alison Mahoney, Founder of Estorie Agency
Join Lori and her guest, Alison Mahoney, as they discuss how storytelling can carry the voice of any advocacy. Alison works with organizations and individuals who are making a positive social impact. In this episode, she shares how helps her clients with their narratives. Stay tuned! Here are the things to expect in this episode: Her journey from practicing law to creating a PR and communications agency. The impact of storytelling on social justice and civil rights issues. What’s the first step to take to get more involved in giving back? And much more!   About Alison: Allison Mahoney founded Estorie Agency in 2021. Allison is an American lawyer and has spent the past decade advocating on behalf of survivors of social injustices, crimes, and civil rights violations. She is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor.   Connect with Alison! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/estorieagency Email: hello@estorieagency.com Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/estorie-agency/ Estorie Agency: https://estorieagency.com/ Organizations mentioned Lawyers for Children: https://www.lawyersforchildren.org/ A Better Childhood: https://www.abetterchildhood.org/ Response: https://responsehelps.org/   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorikranczer/
Oct 5, 2022
22 min
Episode 60: Interview with Julia Campbell Founder and Principal of J Campbell Social Marketing
Join Lori and her guest, Julia Campbell, as they talk about the evolution of marketing for nonprofits. With her passion for philanthropy, Julia eventually started her own business where she helps nonprofits navigate the digital landscape for marketing. Is it ideal for organizations to fully shift to digital? Stay tuned!   Here are the things to expect in this episode: A lot of people in philanthropy are accidental fundraisers. What does this mean? Reaching out to different generations through traditional and digital marketing. Nonprofits need to be more proactive, not reactive! The value of the narrative and message of your cause. And much more!   About Julia Campbell: Julia Campbell has run her digital marketing consulting business for almost a decade, focused exclusively on mission-driven organizations. A mom of 2 and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, she is the author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, a call-to-action for nonprofits to use stories to accomplish their missions. Based in Boston, Julia is a global authority on digital storytelling, with happy clients spanning the globe from Moscow to San Francisco. She has provided workshops and training to Meals on Wheels America, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Facebook. Julia is a frequent contributor to Nonprofit Tech for Good, Social Media Today, Maximize Social Business, Elevation Web, Network for Good, Wild Apricot, and others. Her passion is to get nonprofits of all sizes to stop spinning their wheels on social media and to start getting real results using digital tools. You can check out her thoughts and ideas on all things nonprofit digital storytelling and social media at www.jcsocialmarketing.com/blog.   Connect with Julia! Nonprofit Nation (Podcast): https://jcsocialmarketing.com/podcast/  Website: https://jcsocialmarketing.com/  Instagram: ​​https://www.instagram.com/juliacampbell77 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliacampbell Facebook: https://www.fb.com/jcsocialmarketing   Connect with Lori Kranczer! Website: https://linkphilanthropic.com Email: info@linkphilanthropic.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorikranczer/  
Sep 21, 2022
25 min
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