Position Impossible Podcast
Position Impossible Podcast
Dave Camarillo; Matt Darcy: Life through martial arts
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Worth your time
A great podcast from one of my favorite complete martial artists .
Pretty good
Not bad at all .
Great tandem
I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts so far from the very 1st to the very recent. It has many great pearls for those wanting to understand the concepts of Jiu Jitsu and/or for those searching for a teaching aide. Keep it up!
Awesome Podcast
Great podcast for the combat sports minded person. I enjoy the rational approach Dave & Matt take towards their subjects. The episode with sensei Alejandro Perez was great. I hope they have him back soon, and speak about bjj this time.
Fighting Philosophy
What a great podcast! Dave and Matt will open up your mind with all the knowledge and wisdom they carry into dialogue. From Jiujitsu, MMA, Judo, Hunting, and all the way to the life stories they share. As a fan of stoicism you'll hear a lot of that philosophy through Dave. This is the podcast to listen if you want to enhance your fighting spirit!!!
Thanks for taking the time to do this podcast, it great
Great podcast
Great podcast from one of the leading Brazilian jiu jitsu teachers out there. But don't make the mistake of skipping this podcast if youve never heard of BJJ - it covers a wide variety of subjects and touches many bases that are directly connected to a wide variety of real life situations.
Great for learning, great for reflection
Dave and Matt always shed some light not only on Bjj and MMA, but life in general. Great podcast in regards to mindset,character, and mental toughness. I enjoy the guests especially philoso grappler. Great podcast and hope to hear more discussions in the future.
Kyle 1 world
Not enough...
Not enough positivity, not enough bjj, not enough mma, not enough about mindset or current events to continue to listen.
High quality discussions
Overall a well produced podcast with someone who has been in the martial arts world for a long long time, which is a rare find in the jiujitsu world these days
Sure to be success!
Awesome podcast. It very informative and has a matter of fact approach relating all things martial arts. I'm hooked.
Reuben Torres
Red belt level
By 10 minutes into 1st episode I knew this was a great podcast. From a fellow martial artist/GJJ practitioner and podcast lover, I really am shocked by the lack of quality of podcasts from this community. You guys are the exception. Please stick to it and know your shows are making a difference in people lives.
Great for grapplers...
...especially if you like zombie centric conversation.
Profound & Philosophical
The topics being discussed on this podcast are relevant to current martial artists, jiu-jitsu athletes and judokas alike. The insights of Dave’s experiences and knowledge promote philosophical discussion that keep me, as a listener, engaged and furthermore provoke internal reflection of my lifestyle as jiujitsu athlete. Overall, this podcast has great humor, conversation and golden insights. A must listen to podcast.
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A rare find - a great teacher and thinker
I am loving this podcast. I've listened to a bunch of BJJ podcasts, and there is a wide range of levels of quality out there. It's rare to find one that is hosted by an absolute beast of a Martial Artist, and an even better teacher. I love the approach to life Dave preaches to always be learning and take on new challenges.
Excellent episodes. Mr. Camarillo provides great content that is insightful and relaxing in its fluidity. I have long been a fan of his approach to martial arts and was excited to hear of his latest endeavor! The thoughtful conversations contain many lessons for martial artist and teachers.
Sanchez, D
Great Insight
Awesome podcast!
Insightful and Entertaining
I wasn't sure what expect when listening to this podcast, but I was immediately hooked. It's interesting to hear how martial arts has impacted both Dave and Matt, and how they apply it to their everyday life. I share a similar mindset with both professors, so it's fun to hear their take on ANY topic, serious or random. The podcast gets better with each episode! A must subscribe for sure, and............................I would definitely pick both of them on my team in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
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Great podcast!
My new favorite podcast! I love hearing Dave's perspective and insight on everything. Can't wait for more episodes.
Excellent podcast
Though provoking perspectives from a true martial artist. It could definitely use more "Dave jokes" though - he must have a black belt in the *comedic* arts!
I'm so excited this podcast has launched! Having personally trained with Dave, I can confidently say he is a brilliant grappler and Martial Artist. Dave is hands down the best martial arts instructor I have ever worked with and I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in BJJ/Judo/MMA or any other form of combat. Cheers, gentlemen!
Michael L Langdon
I love everything about this podcast.
Listen to this.
Because I recommend it, and my recommendation is a guarantee of quality.
Great insight
Great insight into the mind of Dave Camarillo
Humble outlook
Awesome podcast! Dave's "wear your heart on your sleeve" approach makes for a great postcast. Darcy is the quiet Jedi in the background that makes for a great duo with Dave.
Awesome stuff!
Dave and Matt bring some great insight on Jiujitsu training and the role it plays in life with a bit of humor here and there. Whether you're just starting your martial arts journey or you're a seasoned instructor you'll find these podcasts fun and engaging
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