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S3E7: The Haunting of Hill House & Bly Manor
For this highly anticipated episode, we decide to mix things up a bit. We decide to skip NEWS this week in favor of a length discussion with a special guest. Before the main discussion, we have fun round of trivia per usual. Then we dive in with all the hosts of Porcelain Peak past, present, and future to discuss The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. There are spoilers for both shows as we discuss what works, what doesn’t, and what broke our haunted hearts. For our FINAL CUT, we cap off our discussion on Tim W. Burton as we explore the peaks and valleys of the second half of his wavering career. Join us next week for a True Crime episode revolving around the Werewolf of Wysteria—Albert Fish. Thanks for listening
Nov 16
3 hr 4 min
S3E6: Uncaught Gem 3: A Scanner Darkly
With an unexpected change of plans, we bring you the newest addition to our Uncaught Gems Segment by viewing and discussing A Scanner Darkly. We give some shoutouts regarding our upcoming 100th episode. How soon is too soon for COVID-19 related horror? Find out our thoughts on this week’s NEWS segment (8:58). See how our Substance D brains hold up during TRIVIA (19:05). Our MAIN DISCUSSION (35:37) consists of a surprise Phillip K. Dick related game and a dive into this rotoscoped masterpiece about much more than what’s on the surface. The FINAL CUT () continues with the classic era of Tim Burton. Join us next week to discuss The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor with a special guest.
Nov 9
1 hr 43 min
S3E5: Horror Redemption 4
Welcome to Season 3 Episode 5. With Halloween and the Terror Tales over, we jump back into one of our favorite reoccurring segments—a redemption. During NEWS (5:38) we share information about our big plans for our 100th episode. TRIVIA (11:41) returns to normal with John selecting the game this week. For the MAIN DISCUSSION (28:49) we dive into 3 of our horror misses to redeem ourselves. This round we watched and discuss The Bride of Frankenstein, Carrie, and Hush. On our FINAL CUT (1:17:04) we begin part 1 of a series looking at the career of director Tim Burton. Part 1 consists of his early life up to the pod favorite Beetlejuice. Join us next week to discuss The Haunting of Hill House and the Haunting of Bly Manor with a special guest. And the rise of the career of Time Burton. Thanks for listening.
Nov 2
1 hr 33 min
S3E4: Halloween Terror Tales and Watchlist
The time has come! Halloween is here and we’re ready to get our spook on with you. Grab your stakes, silver bullets, water, and salt as our journey through the supernatural 31 Terror Tales 2020 comes to a close. Before it all ends, we have a ravenous beast of an episode. We share NEWS (7:34) about the good and bad of streaming. Our brain jack-o-lanterns get lit with the creepiest and strangest round of TRIVIA (19:53) we might have ever had. With our MAIN DISCUSSION (38:04) we throw our costumes on as we go door-to-door of not 7, but 10 Halloween themed movies ranging from listener suggestions to Porcelain Peak favorites. For the FINAL CUT (1:40:22), we present an extended watchlist of all that we’ve been watching outside of the Terror Tales. Join us next week for our first redemption of the season—Horror Redemption 4, which will consist of Carrie, Hush, and The Bride of Frankenstein. Happy Halloween!
Oct 26
2 hr 4 min
S3E3: Witches Terror Tales and 2 Sentence Horror Stories
It is time to ditch moonlight and grab your caldrons as we mix together 7 more listener selected episodes for the next installments of 31 Terror Tales. We have a few shoutouts and share some news about world of multiverses. During trivia we have a close game all around. For the the main discussion, we hop on our brooms and fly through 7 witch films. We briefly discuss 4 that might make it into our spell books, and we cackle on about 3 that stuck out to us. For our Final Cut we share 3 original 2 sentence horror stories we wrote just for you. Carve out time next week for 31 Terror Tales Week 4—Halloween Night.
Oct 19
1 hr 23 min
S3E2: Werewolf Terror Tales and Tunes
Welcome to Season 3 Episode 2. The next installments of 31 Terror Tales sheds its vampire flesh under the full moon and emerges as a week filled with werewolves. The evening starts with news regarding theaters closing…again. We have a definite winner for trivia during this cycle. We howl about 7 listener selected werewolf movies during our main discussion. For the Watchlist we dug through spooky tunes to bring you a playlist to get you in the prowling mood. Tune in next week for 31 Terror Tales Week 3—Witches and this year’s 2 sentence horror stories!
Oct 12
1 hr 32 min
S3E1: Vampire Terror Tales and Hosts
Welcome to Season 3 Episode 1. To kick off our new season, we have monster of an episode for you. We kick things off with shoutouts and news regarding Season 3. We have Porcelain Peak first during trivia. For our main discussion we begin this year’s 31 Terror Tales, which focuses on listener selected vampire flicks. We swap out Watchlist this week to bring you a discussion/review of the newly released film HOSTS (links below). In addition, we want to kick off everyone’s spooky season by revealing 31 Terror Tunes Vol.2 (links below). Tune in next week for 31 Terror Tales Week 2—Werewolves!
Oct 5
1 hr 43 min
Bonus: Interview with Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, Writers/Directors of HOSTS
Join us on the exclusive bonus episode. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, the team behind the film HOSTS—available on VOD/Digital on October 2, 2020. Listen for a chance to win a free copy of the film. Enjoy.
Oct 1
52 min
New Mutants (Finally!)
We close off Season 2 and the end of Sci-fi September with a long awaited dive into the much anticipated film New Mutants. We start off with shout outs and trivia. For News, we discuss what’s going on with movie theaters. During the main discussion, we talk about what works, what doesn’t, and what was outright disappointing from cursed film New Mutants. We finish off the episode with watchlist consisting of a YouTube show, a space drama on Netflix, and some devilish dance academy recommendations. Thanks everyone for joining us for Season 2 of Porcelain Peak. Stay tuned for Season 3 coming October 5th.
Sep 28
1 hr 4 min
Roulette: The Outer Limits
With the end of Season 2 and Sci-Fi September in sight (only 1 more episode after this), we bring one of our classic Roulette episodes—this time focusing on the original Outer Limits. For news we dive deep into the new Dune trailer. In typical fashion, trivia is a blast. During the main discussion, we randomly selected 3 episode from this classic series, give a brief plot synopsis, and discuss what holds up and what doesn’t. We round out the episode with Watchlist: a rewatch for JB, a new sci-fi show for Tone, a mind bender and a classic for Anthony, and some games from the intern. Join us next week to finally discuss New Mutants
Sep 21
1 hr 23 min
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