Popular Ignorance
Popular Ignorance
Popular Ignorance
Join the gang as they discuss popular topics giving their ignorant point of view. Every Wednesday at 8:00pm the guys will stream EXCLUSIVELY from Facebook Live. Content for all other platforms will be available Friday at 9am. https://linktr.ee/PopularIgnorance
Ep. 29 Closer To A 100
Sep 4
1 hr 44 min
Ep. 28 Chicken On My Balls
AIRPOD GIVEAWAY:  sometime during this episode the gang will  will reveal a secret word.  COMMENT the secret word ANYWHERE (Instagram, Podbean,  SoundCloud, YouTube, etc). You can comment on multiple  platforms, but  can only comment ONE time on each platform. EXAMPLE: You can comment on YouTube and Podbean., but if you comment one than once on YouTube only ONE comment will be counted. https://linktr.ee/PopularIgnorance 0:00-1:00 bald head hoes -1:52 giveaways -3:20 well being -3:55 69 -11:20 sneaky links -30:50 Tory Lanez -44:19 Jacob Blake shooting -47:47 Kenosha white guy shooting -1:01:45 black people in America -1:40:59 Jeffery Starr and gays
Aug 29
1 hr 57 min
Ep. 27 One Of Those Episodes
This was one of those episodes 😂 niggas was really just talking shit & having good laughs- Dlo (the one with the nose ring)
Aug 22
56 min
Ep. 26 Sideshow
0:00-3:15 intros-20:30 interview-30:48 sideshow talk-33:25 WAP-38:42 female rappers-40:20 females listening to WAP or having WAP/PAP-41:48 comments got wild-44:15 tapping out too fast-44:42 committed or not?-49:10 his next move in his career-1:17:47 cheating-1:21:39 outros
Aug 22
1 hr 21 min
Ep. 25 City Boyz Up
On this episode the gang gets straight to it talking about Dr. Dre’s surprise prenup (3:04), Nicki Minaj’s husband is granted permission to be in delivery room (14:16), What to do when your kids are having sex (26:14), Domestic violence (40:10), Tory Lanez shooting Megan Thee Stallion (47:50), Ignant Word: Turkey Slapped (01:00:01), & much more!!!
Aug 8
1 hr 36 min
Ep. 24 ...Tryna Pay The Rent
Curt DunnellInstagram @__iamcurtHumbly Motivated ClothingInstagram @humblymotivated_clothingcowww.humblymotivated.com On this episode the gang gets straight to it with an interview from Curt Dunnell owner of Humbly Motivated Clothing Co (1:20), 42 Dugg throwing neck to pay the rent (23:55), RIP Diamon Eichlburger (36:30), Unpopular Opinion (1:00:31), Kanye West newest Twitter rant (1:13:39), & much more!!!
Jul 31
1 hr 52 min
Ep. 23 Cougar Pwussy
On this episode the gang gets straight to it with Tory Lanez & Young Draco Thee Stallion shooting (3:41), Operations Legend (14:18), Chris Jones deal #ChiefsKingdom (24:02), Jada bringing herself to the red table (25:40), Nick Cannon CANCELLED by the white folks (1:12:41), #DLOandDLO (01:25:00) & much more!!!
Jul 17
1 hr 32 min
Ep. 22 Karen With The Strap
On this episode the gang gets straight to it with Patrick Mahomes getting the BAG (11:50), #FreeKaren or not (21:10), Using BLM for clout (31:03), Caller ask an outrageous question (46:39), Dr Dre getting a divorce (1:03:16) & much more!!!
Jul 10
1 hr 33 min
Ep. 21 Will Smith Is A Hotdog
On this episode, the gang gets straight into it discussing Will Smith giving August Alsina his blessing to donkey **** his wife (00:45), their thoughts on postpartum depression (18:32), Justin Bieber rape accusation (31:41), Living Room (BET) Awards (48:50), Dlo running off the female co host (56:58), & much more!!!
Jul 3
1 hr 29 min
Ep. 20 Precisely
***More from Rico***Snapchat: @DatGuyBellInstagram: @Spazzlocc_55Facebook: Rico SuaveOn this episode, the gang welcomes Rico. We start off talking about Sada Baby and Larnae (12:27). BBW's (17:04), then we revisit the BBW topic (35:03), Unpopular Opinion (41:47), women are sneaky (01:03:12), #DLOandDLO (1:14:12), and much more!!!
Jun 26
1 hr 22 min
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