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PokerNews Podcast
PokerNews Podcast
Hear from all your favorite pros as they guest on the PokerNews Podcast. Listen to Doug Polk talk about reaching into the crypto space, Daniel Negreanu on pursuing his passion, and Phil Hellmuth tells you exactly what makes him the greatest. Plus Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt bring you up to speed on all the latest news and gossip from the poker community. Follow Sarah's Twitter @AuntyChardonnay and Jeff Platt @JeffPlatt Tweet about the podcast at #PNPod Or PokerNews Twitter @PokerNews for more!
PokerNews Podcast: 2020 Poker Holiday Gift Guide
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway sit down to talk about the upcoming holidays and offer some gift ideas for either yourself or the poker player in your life. Among their recommendations is study material to help take your game to the next level, items to make playing more comfortable, fun, and enjoyable, and much more. For those looking to make a purchase of any gift mentioned, we've made it simple by including a link in the show notes below. Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 00:30 | 03:30 | 10. Range Trainer Pro - use promo code RTPHOLIDAY25 for 25% off 06:30 | 9. Killabee 9015 Series Gaming Chairs 09:05 | BBO Poker Tables 10:35 I 8. Poker Night Beer Glasses and Playing Coasters 13:00 | 7. PokerSnowie 17:45 | 6. Elliot Roe A-Game Poker Masterclass 22:00 | What the crew is doing for Thanksgiving?
Nov 25
24 min
PokerNews Podcast: Galfond Solves Negreanu/Polk Drama, WSOP Main Event & Hustler Casino Live
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt, Sarah Herring, and Chad Holloway break down everything you need to know about the recently-announced 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event and even hear from Stoyan Madanzhiev, who won this summer's WSOP "Main Event" on GGPoker. They also discuss the Bill Perkins-fueled drama between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk in their heads-up challenge, recap the EPT Online, and talk about Landon Tice's big win in the MSPT Venetian. Plus guests Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci join the show to talk about their new live poker cash game show Hustler Casino Live, share Garrett Adelstein stories, and more! Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 04:00 | More Drama Between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu 06:45 | What would Phil Galfond do? 09:30 | Update on Galfond Challenge 11:00 | Sponsor: Run It Once 12:00 | EPT Online Final Table 13:20 | EPT Side Event Winners 15:30 | Ryan Feldman & Nick Vertucci join show 16:30 | Hustler Casino Live - What is it? 18:30 | What makes it different? 21:30 | Thoughts on streaming post-Postle craziness 23:00 | Understanding security 25:00 | How is COVID going to change plans? 26:45 | Who is planning to play and commentate? 28:30 | Garrett Adelstein stories 36:00 | WSOP announces a 2020 hybrid Main Event 49:30 | Stoyan Madanzhiev shares his thoughts on the WSOP announcement 52:23 | Sponsor: GGPoker 53:10 | WSOP Game App 54:00 | Will there be some other bracelet events? 56:00 | Landon Tice ships MSPT Venetian 01:04:23 | Oddschecker Ad
Nov 19
1 hr 5 min
PokerNews Podcast: partypoker's Kristen Bicknell and Lousie Butler
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt, Sarah Herring, and Chad Holloway discuss the most interesting events in poker this week. The first thing is the recap of what happened between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk both LIVE and Online in the last week. They go into detail about some of the shocking results. They also discuss the EPT Online, the impending Caribbean Poker Party, WSOPC champ Ryan Leng, and MORE. Plus guests Kristen Bicknell and Lousie Butler join the show to talk high stakes, low stakes, and everything in between. Time Stamps 01:00 | ICYMI EPT Episode was Great 02:30 | Sponsor: GGPoker 05:30 | Daniel vs Doug Latest Update Live and Online 13:30 | Kristen Bicknell Joins Show 14:30 | What 2020 has been like for KrissyB 19:00 | What Kristen did early in her career to get where she is now 23:30 | Finding more balance in her life 28:30 | Being one of the only women in the High Roller Space 32:30 | Being a Poker Power Couple 37:00 | Manging all the Day-to-Day 39:20 | Caribbean Poker Party 45:15 | Louise Butler Joins the Show 46:00 | Who is Louise Butler? 51:00 | Finding Value Online 54:00 | partypoker Events 59:20 | Building Your Schedule at Live Events 01:04:30 | EPT Online 01:07:00 | Galfond Challenge Update - Kornuth Way Ahead 01:09:45 | Sponsor: Run It Once 01:10:40 | Ryan Leng Ships WSOP-C After Max-Late Reg 01:15:00 | When is High Stakes Poker Back? 01:18:13 | Oddschecker Ad
Nov 12
1 hr 19 min
PokerNews Podcast Special: Hossein Ensan, Kevin MacPhee & Mike McDonald Celebrate EPT
In this special edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway talk about all things European Poker Tour (EPT) in honor of the EPT Online, which is running now through November 18. They not only talk about their favorite EPT memories and stops, they highlight those players that made a name for themselves on the EPT. They also chat with special guests such as 2019 WSOP Main Event & EPT Prague champ Hossein Ensan, long-time PokerStars employee Lee Jones, and Kevin MacPhee & Mike "Timex" McDonald, who saw their respective EPT wins help launch their tremendous poker careers. Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 01:00 | Chad and Sarah Share EPT Memories 04:30 | Eaten Alive by 100 Fish 06:00 | How the EPT has changed behind the scenes 11:30 | Chad’s EPT Memorabilia 14:00 | Hossein Ensan joins the show 23:00 | Kevin MacPhee joins the show 34:00 | The EPT gets robbed in Berlin 54:22 | Lee Jones joins the show 01:25:00 | Shout out to the PokerStars Blog Team 01:28:00 | Poker players that defined the EPT 01:32:00 | Mike "Timex" McDonald joins the show 01:35:00 | The evolution of the EPT 01:38:30 | Mike’s projects the last couple of years 01:46:31 | Mike’s memories of the EPT 01:55:45 | Vicky Coren was first woman winner & two-time EPT champion 01:58:30 | The worst EPT Main Event ever 02:03:30 | Favorite stops for Sarah and Chad 02:07:45 | EPT ONLINE Nov 8-18, 2020 02:10:37 | Oddschecker Ad
Nov 11
2 hr 12 min
PokerNews Podcast: High Stakes Poker w/ Dwan & Ivey; Guest Patrick "Egption" Tardif
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring, Jeff Platt, and Chad Holloway chat with guest Patrick "Egption" Tardif about everything from GGPoker to video games. They also preview the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu grudge match, tell you what three Las Vegas poker rooms have closed their doors, look ahead to the MSPT Venetian Main Events, and give you the inside scoop on High Stakes Poker, which filmed with both Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey in the game. Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 01:00 | Recapping the Lonestar Poker Series 05:38 | Special Offer: WSOP GAME 06:00 | Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu preview 11:30 | Three Las Vegas poker rooms shut down for good 16:20 | Sponsor: GGPoker 16:45 | A look at the upcoming MSPT Venetian Main Events 19:30 | Guest Patrick "Egption" Tardif joins the show 52:30 | Daniel Buzgon wins three titles during NJCOOP 55:53 | Sponsor: Run It Once 56:15 | Inside Scoop on High Stakes Poker 01:02:00 | Oddschecker Ad
Nov 4
1 hr 3 min
PokerNews Podcast: Remembering Sam Grizzle & Guests Kim Stone & Hayden Fortini Talk Lonestar Poker Series
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt and Chad Holloway chat with guests Kim Stone and Hayden Fortini about the inaugural Lonestar Poker Series, which kicks off this weekend at Prime Social Club in Houston. They also offer an update on the Midway Poker Tour situation, recap the Round 3 High Stakes Duel match between Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari, update you on the Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and Chance Kornuth, and remember Sam Grizzle. Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 00:24 | Welcome to the show 01:30 | Chad headed to Houston for a live event 01:48 | Teasing guests Kim Stone & Hayden Fortini 03:13 | Time for Tua Tagovailoa 04:00 | Recapping Hellmuth vs. Esfandiari Round 3 of High Stakes Duel 12:47 | Sponsor: GGPoker 13:13 | Ole Schemion wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ 15:00 | Galfond Challenge Update: Kornuth turns the tide 16:47 | Sponsor: Run It Once 17:25 | Update on the Midway Poker Tour 20:13 | Daniel Buzgon killing it in 2020 NJCOOP 22:08 | Matthew Gailums wins latest partypoker US Main Event 24:00 | What is the Lonestar Poker Series? 25:50 | Kim Stone & Hayden Fortini join the show 30:57 | Money clips and belt buckles for trophies 34:00 | What’s the Texas poker market like? 37:50 | Experience staff brought in 43:35 | Remembering Sam Grizzle 46:54 | Oddschecker Ad
Oct 22
47 min
PokerNews Podcast: Negreanu vs. Polk & Guests Kevin Martin & Kevin van der Kooi
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt, Chad Holloway, and Sarah Herring chat with Kevin Martin, who just signed on as an ambassador for GGPoker. They also welcome Kevin van der Kooi, who you may know as co-commentator of the weekly Super MILLION$. They also offer an update on the Midway Poker Tour situation, offer thoughts on the Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk feud, and talk about the upcoming Round 3 High Stakes Duel match between Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari. Toss in an update on the Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and Chance Kornuth, and it's a must-listen show! Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 03:30 | Midway Poker Tour disaster update 12:24 | Negreanu v Polk Drama Ignites AGAIN! 20:00 | Polk Fires Shots at Matt Berkey 26:00 | Guest Kevin Martin joins the podcast 51:03 | Guest Kevin van der Kooi joins the podcast 01:19:00 | Stephen Chidwick breaks records in this week’s Super MILLION$ 01:21:40 | High Stakes Duel Round 3 01:23:30 | 01:26:00 | Who should be in the next High Stake Duel match? 01:27:30 | What Fedor Holz and Phil Galfond think about Phil Hellmuth’s game 01:30:15 | Run It Once 01:31:00 | Kornuth and Galfond update on Galfond Challenge 01:33:00 | EPT Sochi Happened? 55:24 | Oddschecker Ad
Oct 15
1 hr 42 min
PokerNews Podcast: Breaking Down the Midway Poker Tour Debacle & Guest  Zach Gruneberg
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Jeff Platt, Chad Holloway, and Sarah Herring dive into what exactly happened over the weekend in the inaugural Midway Poker Tour stop, which was marred by a payout controversy. They also chat with guest Zach "KennytheRipper" Grunberg about winning three PokerStars Pennsylvania PACOOP events in a week. Toss in an update on the Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and Chance Kornuth, and it's a must-listen show!   Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 02:30 | Breaking down the Midway Poker Tour disaster 33:35 | Who won the books from D&B Publishing Amanda Botfeld ‘A Girl’s Guide to Poker’ 40:00 | Guest Zach "KennytheRipper" Grunberg joins the show 41:30 | Why he mostly plays on 42:15 | Where did ‘KennyTheRipper’ come from? 44:10 | Winning three tourneys in two weeks 46:30 | PokerStars Pennsylvania Main Events 48:00 | Polk and Negreanu reach agreement on heads-up terms 50:00 | Update on the Galfond Challenge 51:30 | Run it Once 52:12 | A look at the upcoming NJCOOP 53:45 | Galfond v Kornuth 55:00 | Sponsor: Run It Once 55:24 | Oddschecker Ad
Oct 8
56 min
PokerNews Podcast: The "Women in Poker" Episode
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Chad Holloway and Sarah Herring offer a special episode devoted to the ladies. The "Women in Poker" episode highlights recent accomplishments by females in the game, from players, ambassadors, and even a new author. Guests include recent WSOP bracelet winner Melika Razavi, Ambassador Katie Stone, Poker PowHer's Melanie Weisner, and Amanda Botfeld, the author of the new poker book A Girl's Guide to Poker by D&B Publishing. Listen carefully for a special giveaway as you have a chance to win a free copy of the book! Finally, Sarah and Chad also offer quick updates on the latest Galfond Challenge as well as fill you in on how Charlie Godwin did with her $109 satellite seat in the WOC $100,000 Super High Roller (Hint: she turned it into a big payday). Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 05:00 | Sponsor: GG Poker 06:30 | GGPoker Super Millions 08:20 | Melika Razavi joins the show 10:30 | Coming from Iran as a woman 15:30 | Razavi’s Poker Knowledge 18:00 | EPT Monte Carlo Deep Run 20:00 | Winning WSOP Bracelet 22:30 | Need for WSOP Online 26:00 | Is Poker Her Main Hustle? 30:00 | Katie Stone Joins the Show 31:15 | Why Online Poker is so Essential 39:30 | You don’t have to wear a bikini 40:45 | Borgata 47:00 | Future of online poker in USA 53:20 | Postle Update Coming 53:45 | Galfond Challenge: Galfond v Kornuth 55:00 | Sponsor: Run It Once 58:00 | What is Poker PowHer w/ guest Melanie Weisner 01:03:00 | Wait, but why? 01:04:30 | How PowHer works in a COVID world 01:07:00 | Why online poker is key 01:11:00 | Is this how we get more women in poker? 01:14:30 | Melanie Rides a Unicycle? 01:19:00 | New Poker Book: [I]A Girls Guide to Poker[/I] 01:20:00 | Amanda Botfeld joins the show 01:25:00 | How the book is structured and what makes it unique 01:29:50 | Poker in the Pandemic 01:32:40 | How to Win a copy of A Girls Guide to Poker 01:36:00 | Charlie Godwin Wins More than $600K from $109 Satellite 1:41:28 | Oddschecker Ad
Sep 30
1 hr 42 min
PokerNews Podcast: Sarah Suspended, Remembering Darvin Moon & Guest Tony Sinishtaj
In the latest edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Chad Holloway and Jeff Platt welcome guest Tony Sinishtaj, who is fresh off winning the World Poker Tour Online Borgata Series powered by partypoker US Network Main Event. They also discuss the Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques winning the 2020 WCOOP for $1.1M, Mikita Badziakouski taking down the partypoker WPTWOC High Roller, go over the end of Isai Scheinberg's legal woes, and remember 2009 WSOP runner-up Darvin Moon, who passed away at age 56. Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 00:25 | Sarah suspended 03:00 | Sponsor: GG Poker 03:40 | High-Stakes Duel: Phil Hellmuth vs. Antonio Esfandiari Round 2 07:34 | Andre “PTFisherman23” Marques wins 2020 WCOOP for $1.1M 10:00 | Recapping the WPT World Online Championship 11:20 | Mikita Badziakouski wins partypoker WPTWOC High Roller 13:00 | Charlie Godwin looks to turn $109 satty into a big score in $100K SHR 15:30 | Breaking down the WPT Online Borgata Series 18:00 | Guest: Tony Sinishtaj joins the show 20:20 | Taking the final table chip lead early on 22:15 | A final table master class 24:00 | A back-and-forth heads-up affair 26:00 | Tony Sinishtaj’s poker origins 27:00 | Poker during the pandemic 31:01 | Sponsor: Run It Once 32:00 | Galfond Challenge: Chance Kornuth vs. Phil Galfond 33:30 | Isai Scheinberg finally legal woes over 36:25 | Get Scheinberg in the Poker Hall of Fame 37:50 | Remembering Darvin Moon 42:12 | A Celebration of Life for Mike Sexton 44:35 | Teasing next week’s episode – Woman in Poker! 46:10 | Oddschecker Ad
Sep 24
47 min
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