Podside Picnic
Podside Picnic
Pete and Connor
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Informative and Engaging
Pete and Connor have such an entertaining dynamic, as the sci-fi devotee and the academic sci-fi novice. They are informative, engaging, and expand my understanding of the genre. This makes it sound super dry, but they also talk about Alita: Battle Angle.
Can’t think of a scrambled eggs joke
Before the Watts interview: good podcast, generally favorable vibes After the Watts interview: transcendental podcast, signals encoded in the audio track trigger the development of a malevolent intelligent subroutine within your consciousness which ultimately betrays you to the Scramblers.
What a well-done, well-produced, smart, thoughtful and fun podcast. I enjoy the interaction between the hosts; the way they question each other and society is admirable. The only reason this isn't a 5 star rating for me is Connor. Oh boy, he's full of himself - maybe pull back on the smugness a bit.
Great stuff
Easy to find “sci-fi” fans out there, but it’s tougher to find good media to supplement a love of science fiction novels specifically. This is much needed!
Great science fiction podcast
You love to hear it
BEST Sci Fi Podcast
smart guys... cuttin it up. i frickin love it, babbby!!!
The new gab
Well done!
Thoughtful and entertaining, even if they’re wrong about Arthur C. Clarke.
It's good.
Listen to it.
FCF is taken apparently.
Looking forward to see where this goes
I’m a fan of literary podcasts like SFFaudio Podcast and HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast. I’ve been looking for a long time to find a podcast that covers more modern works of this genre. There honestly isn’t much out there with voices that I like. I think I found what I’ve been looking for with these guys.
Master Kubla
A fun intersection of Sci-Fi fan-talk and more serious literature analysis
Pete and Connor discuss both classics of SciFi genre, as well as current SciFi movie hits. While on the surface it may look like a freewheeling chat, there is also a more serious literature analysis involved. I enjoy the dynamics between Pete, playing more of a Sci-Fi "Fan Nerd Guy" and Connor, with more lit-analysis angle.
Great for new & long-time sci fi readers
Great conversations & book/film selection so far, including interesting background on how the genre has evolved.
Early days yet, but lots of promise
I'd never heard of "The Left Hand of Darkness" except in passing, but the hosts' conversation about it convinced me to put it on hold at my local library. Despite some pilot-episode throat-clearing, the conversations move fairly smoothly and the hosts have a good rapport. Not being a science-fiction reader myself, I'm excited to see what books it covers next.
Good discussion, like it a lot :)
Also.......... maybe some Gene Wolfe at some point?????
Plenipotentiary & Duckman
Great new podcast
Freewheeling discussions about great sci-fi books with hosts that are insightful and easygoing. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, and it’s still fun.
Dynamic take on the Classics
Intelligent, witty, fresh take on Sci Fi classics. Really fun listening!
River Writer
Great new podcast
The only sci-fi literary podcast that I listen to! Good dyamic between the hosts and a really interesting concept.
Not a sci-fi nerd
I’m not a science fiction person, so I thought I wouldn’t like this podcast. I was wrong! I enjoy the rapport between the two hosts, and their personalities and enthusiasm is helping me grow to enjoy the subject matter and the deeper analysis. I strong recommend this podcast.
Sci-fi -- a multi-faceted conversation
An intriguing conversation with personal insights and observations from two who bring different insights and expertise to the discussion. Worth it!!!
Great new sci-fi pod
The hosts have a great dynamic and they do a really incisive job situating the text in all kinds of contexts. Give it a listen!
A fine product
The presence of one of twitter’s more notorious connors does little to mar the thoughtful analysis of influential genre fiction.
A fun ride through the world of sci-fi
One host is a total sci-fi newbie but armed with the tools of literary critique and the other is an old hand at the genre and an inveterate fan. Between the two of them they go over the canon