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Where all things SciFi Come to life!
Episode 371 – Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Marvel Villains, DC News Wonder Woman, Avatar 2 Sneak
One of the best Star Wars game gets a sequel.. and some surprising moves in the official trailer. If you are a Star Wars fan but not a gamer… YOU BETTER WATCH THIS! It might make you a gamer. Which Marvel Villain does the MCU need? We break down a top 10 and WHICH should be at the #1 spot. Avatar 2 is coming. Who’s going to the theater 10 years later to catch a #2 of an original? Will it be worth it? The toys are out so do go down the isle unless you want to be spoiled.
Dec 15, 2022
42 min
Episode 370 – GotG3, Indiana Jones 5 , & Transformers Trailers, Disney News and Xmas Gifts to Buy
GotG3 has its trailer. Does this look as good as 1? Will it be the hit that the first one brought to us by surprise? Indiana Jones for the new generation. Will this wipe out the crystal skull movie for us? Will we see more CGI than before? Transformers Beast Wars has its debut trailer. Mixed feelings on this and it’s coming from Transformer fans. The gift guide for the holidays. What will you get him, or yourself?
Dec 15, 2022
1 hr 4 min
Episode 369 – Black Panther 2 with Spoilers, Andor Season Finale, GotG Holiday Special, Disney news
Black Panther 2 is discuss with Gamegod and Magic Mike. Spoilers are coming and if you haven’t seen it, skip to the next discussion. Our final thoughts of Andor and the season finale. What was your favorite part? Christmas time is upon us… the holidays are coming! So is this presentation. Has there ever been a good Christmas special?????
Dec 3, 2022
Episode 368 – Black Panther, Batman and Kevin Conroy, Amazon news, Trailers
Black Panther 2 has come and not yet gone. We will discuss opening numbers and with out spoilers, what Game God gave it on a 1 – 10 scale. Batman and Kevin Conroy will remain linked to one another maybe for all time. Amazon and Tech companies lay off thousands, so was it needed? Luna is a division we will discuss.
Nov 16, 2022
37 min
Episode 367 – Twitter Advice, Vote your Favorite Fandom, Black Adam Flop?, Rumors
Everyone needs some twitter advice, so we decided we’d give you some. It’s probably not what you are thinking, but it sure will make you think of the free social media out there! Considering Marvel and DC hasn’t been head to head since 89, we think the field is open to movies and who would you take right NOW? Marvel or DC? Did Black Adam flop at the box office? Let’s talk Rumors.
Nov 16, 2022
46 min
Episode 366 – The Peripheral, Tales of the Jedi, The Witcher, Disney News
Th Peripheral on Amazon Video has shown to be something we have seen before, but different. What do you mean? It has a VR story line and it even offers more of future tech. Sci Fi fans will not be disappointed. Tales of the Jedi is a quick hit of animation which fits in the story so clearly. It’s like filling that glass that’s half full all the way up to the top. Only on Disney + Speaking of Disney, we talk about new Disney announcements … and some are long over due. But is it worth it? Tune in to this podcast to find out!
Nov 4, 2022
50 min
Episode 365 – Black Adam review, House of the Dragon, Ant Man trailer, Marvel Snap
2 words this week… Black Adam… Movie Review… that’s 4. Oh well. We talk about this movie with some spoilers for those who haven’t seen it. Be ready to have strong opinions about DC movies. Did James Gunn pull off an upset? House of the Dragon has its finale. It certainly has entertainment value and keeps you up knowing that any minute, your major character might bite the big one. This had its share of wins and loses. One thing is sure, people want to see more. Here is our take on the finale. Who is your Queen/King? Ant Man’s final movie was revealed. Is this enough to establish him as a power in Marvel? Or Do these movies really matter any longer since End Game? Does the new bad guy introduction have value now? Let’s ask Loki. Do you have enough games on your phone or tablet? How about 1 more to replace that Marvel game they stop updating that you no longer play. This one will certainly keep you flipping cards.
Oct 28, 2022
53 min
Episode 364 – Rings of Power Finale, Dr Doom MCU, Superman is Back
Rings of Power had a finale with a surprise and no surprise ending… yes both of those. What more would you want from a show who has 6 movies ahead of it? Rings is filled with deep rooted lore and script that there isn’t much changing it and yet they seem to pull of some nice story telling. Which character do you connect with? Dr Doom coming to the MCU.. again? Who will it be? Will Superman be back in the DCEU? Sources say he will be back. Do we need him? Will he make an appearance in Black Adam? Would it matter to you?
Oct 28, 2022
39 min
Episode 363 – Andor (Star Wars), NYCC 2022 Announcements and trailers
We give some impressions on Episodes 1 – 5. Is it what you expected? Let’s get into some of the announcements from NYCC 2022! trails Galore!
Oct 12, 2022
51 min
Episode 362 – Last of Us and Black Panther 2 trailer, Hocus Pocus 2, Rings of Power and House of the Dragon
The Last of Us comes to the big screen, with a big budget cast… and who mentioned the music… is this real? Oh yeah…. it is real. This ones surprises even those who don’t play the game. Has this trailer got your excited to see the follow up for this series? Will it work or will it fail? This gives you some feels of the 90’s? Or is this just rehashed for a new group of kiddos?? Which one is your favorite so far? Are you enjoying both … do you have a favorite? Let’s break down these shows a little.
Oct 12, 2022
52 min
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