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Better when Ben is elsewhere
The show has only gotten worse as Ben has gotten louder. He’s a valuable guest but offers little as a weekly host...unless you want to listen to endless complaining. Like the Obama era, this show has become incredibly average. Let’s stop pretending the past was heaven and actually have a thoughtful discussion on the future.
Excellent guests and pod, thank you
Listening to Samantha Power, the new nominee (!!!) to head the Agency that employs me, speak with grace and empathy for our international community is refreshing and has me hopeful despite the odds (especially here in DC). Thank you PSW for providing a platform for analysis and frank conversations that are so necessary but have been largely absent of late. Stay safe, let’s get to work!
Long time listener, first time rater
I’ve been listening since the original dark days of 2017. Tommy (and now Ben) provide a crucial perspective, having actually worked on tough stuff in the White House. As a centrist, I appreciate the mostly reasonable analysis, and giving of credit where it is due. But what I really appreciate are Ben’s holy and righteous rants!
Great pod
I love Samantha Powers. She’s an inspiration. Great interview.
mama hart77
Pod save America/Pod save the world!
Love both the Pod podcast. I don’t like when you’re on vacation. Happy New Year to all! 🎆🎉🥂
Great perspective
Love these guys. Ben needs a photo on his Apple podcast profile.
Obama pod
Listening to Prez Obama. Brilliant to hear his perspective and behind scenes decision making logic. So glad you asked good questions snd let him talk. Learned so much, bought his book. Thanks for the pod!
A new favorite
I only started listening a few months ago after reading Ben’ss book, which I thought was excellent. I am so glad I did! I love listening to Ben each week. I find him very insightful and funny. Tommy is great too, love that dry sense of humor! Thanks so much for doing this show!
President Obama
Ginagina Smith
Could we please hear from Anthony Blinken?
It’s good 👍 also check out Pod Save America it’s good. Anyways have a nice day whoever see dis review:)
nicki manaj 🤪
My favorite podcast
Listen to every new episode the day it arrives. Plus I just finished Bens book ‘The World As It Is’ and couldn’t commend it any higher. Thanks for everything guys.
Vin Sixx
Great pod but...
This would be a five star review because I very much like the podcast and listen often. However, the more recent term used to describe your listeners, “worldo,” is obnoxious and annoying, please consider discontinuing it as being referred to as such almost has made me want to unsubscribe. We don’t need a cutesy gimmicky nick name. Thanks, keep up the great work otherwise!
Arthur gandalf snow
Usually a great pod
The translator used to tell the story of the BLM advocate in France was so horrible I had to turn off the podcast. I can only hope that was her first time doing that?? You guys should have checked? So many “umm” and “uhh” and horrible breaking between sentences you couldn’t even really understand the story. Do better
Hey guys
Thank you so much for doing the story with Atmar’s sister. Fascinating Alison Schuback
Ali Schu
Very Best
Best Crooked Pod!
Quite naive
Maybe they have good intentions, but they’re quite politically naïve.
M Turtle
The Very Best!
So informative and nice to hear about news that is happening outside of the US. Tommy and Ben are really great at breaking down and discussing the context of the situation. The best part of the show is when they share book recommendations!
Informed analysts with experience
I might as well be in the situation room with these gentlemen. So lucky!
Very informative!! 🧐
Great & engaging conversations! I ALWAYS learn something new with every episode! Also, it really helps to put national news into a larger global context, which often brings more clarity to the big picture. Keep up the great work 👍🤓
Same issue
Criticism is just nowhere to be found in the comments? 🤔 nothing to see here This podcast network is sketch- anyone who silences their opposition is automatically questionable
Left out topics
My only gripe is that they don’t talk about Islamic extremism as much as they should. There were no mentions of the recent terror attacks in France and what impact that has on Europe and the refugee crisis there.
Moderate foreign affairs content
Very informative, good conversations. I normally don’t review but saw the 1-star ideological objections.
Liberal propaganda
Reign on
My fav
Tommy is the best💕
Talk with Steven Crowder
I don’t know what to believe these days. Seems like both right and left shove misinformation out to the public. And hate is spewed from both sides for believing any of it! I think it would be interesting to hear you guys talk with Steven Crowder in a professional setting. I’d love to hear that conversation.
I love it
I so appreciate the comments on the election and Tommy’s viewpoint about how important this was for women. We have to remember how important our democracy is as an example to the world. And I think we can really see that more clearly after this election.
Wish I could give 0 stars!!
Not buying what you are selling!! BYE!!!
So I formative
Thank you for explaining and giving the back story on all the foreign issues going on in the world. I listen every week! Great job!!!
All one star reviews are from Russians
You can tell by the broken English that they are part of the disinformation campaign. We can see you Poutine.
You are stupid
How can you be so stupid.
sunshine paw
Love the Info, Drop the Campaigning
I love the foreign policy aspect of this show, love the progressive bias, but I wish they stopped with the campaigning. If we are watching this show we already are voting for Biden or are voting for one of the third party candidates to his left. If you love foreign policy, this is the show for you, but as the election approaches it is a bigger struggle to watch because of the emphasis on domestic politics. (I'm a 3 star reviewer of Pod Save America. A 5 star from me to a bunch of Dem insiders means something)
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Crooked facts
Their name is fitting due to all the facts to get crooked
Education in an approachable way
This show is so informative! It has taught me so much about foreign policy and opened my eyes to a lot of things going on in the world. Somehow this show manages to be educational and engaging at the same time! The hosts are truly a joy to listen to and put so much work into their content.
International Politics at Its Best
I cannot imagine where else I could listen to such clear and concise international news, and am very suprised that I have become a regular listener. Listening to Pod Save The World has allowed me to understand the politics of Syria and Turkey and Saudi Arabia and America, etc. And they are funny and friendly in a time when I really don't listen to that many men in politics.
Amazing podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts it gives me a place to get my foreign affairs news and learn something new every week while have a bit of humor and fascinating guests to keep it interesting week after week
My favorite weekly dose of foreign policy. Always look forward to it!
Best Political Podcast, Period.
Thanks for all your hard work!
My favorite Crooked cast
I feel like the last 4 years have been ALL about Trump, and while he still plays a major role (obviously) Pod Save the World helps me remember every week that there’s more out there.
love this
Great Pod
I listen every week.
Worldos Unite
Best foreign affairs podcast around! Worlds for Life
Love this podcast
Berkeley Mama
look forward to it every wed!
Tommy - thank you for your episodes where you present the stories (or angles) that are often drowned out by the chaos of 2017. Doing your bit to raise awareness about Rohingya meant so much to me. Also really appreciated hearing your great questions and Senator Mitchell's responses, esp the one about the structural lopsidedness of negotiating in the Middle East. Your diligence and hard work is inspiring. Your real progressiveness as to foreign policy is truly in a class of its own. Love and peace!
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Long time listener review
This is one of my top 5 favorite podcasts. Ben and Tommy do a fantastic job breaking down current international events, explaining their context and why they matter. I feel genuinely smarter for listening to these guys.
Great, informative podcast.
I learn something every week from Ben and Tommy. If you want to stay abreast of international news and its implications for US foreign policy, this is the podcast for you.
Go to Podcast
Love this podcast for international affairs. Hosts are awesome, they cover a lot of information that you don’t see in the media. Highly recommend.
Insightful and Informative
I love feeling like I know a little bit about what’s happening in the world. I also really appreciate the unique insight these hosts bring to the issues they speak of.
Best way to stay informed about things around the world
You will be well informed about complex issues around the world lpp po
Highlight of my week
I love the Pod Save podcasts. They keep me informed on all I need to know. I could listen to the guys talk for hours and hours. The interviews are informative and they pick people I may not have heard of before.
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