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Thank you Tommy and Ben. I don’t want to sound simplistic but listening to you two helps me to feel a little smarter and have a greater understanding of our global community. Question from the episode “France is not amused”, What is our ownership? How did America perpetuate the situation the Haitians in Del Rio find themselves in? I really want to understand what you see our role is? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the number of Haitian humans who appeared so quickly. Can you address that as well?
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Ben Rhodes is John Snow
He knows nothing. He voices opinions on things he can’t begin to understand. He did one thing with Cuba that was undone a few years later and now he thinks he’s a foreign policy expert. It’s just sad.
In case you're wondering what Twitter thinks
Setting aside from Tommy’s chronically deferential conversational style, this podcast is a useful resource to understand what liberal Twitter thinks about world affairs. Whether it is complaining about how America shouldn’t give vaccines to their citizens if the developing world needs them, to why America should naturaize illegal immigrants without due process, this is a place to learn about it.
I had to turn off the episode with the CNN reporter talking about the death and what she saw. I know the world has to get involved, but I personally cannot deal with The way she was describing the bodies. It is horrible, unthinkable tragedy and if I personally could do something I would. It was great that you shared this but again I could not listen and I apologize my soul cannot take the sorrow.
Reliable and thorough
I always rely on the thorough analyses of Ben and Tommy regarding important issues, especially overseas. Listening to your pod rounds out my general knowledge and makes me feel like I have some depth when family members and friends raise these issues, so I’m grateful to you!
NE Monica
As a Brit living in America, great to hear the world view of American politics. Ben and Tommy are really insightful and honest in their assessments, and the guests are really interesting
Great podcast
As per usual. Saw you on Frontline, Ben, America After 9/11
Ginagina Smith
Neocon podcast for Liberals
I haven’t quiet figured out what the angle is here. It seems to be attacking Democrats and Pom Pom cheerleading the warmongering stupidity of the right and the media.
This show is informative
I love this show both Tommy and Ben are great at explaining the world news, that at times on other shows may come as a blurb. If you want to just know more about one particular world topic I would highly recommend this show.
unbent unbroken housewife
Learn about the US impact on the world
I subscribed to this podcast knowing I wouldn’t be able to listen to every episode in less I gave up on listening to fiction books. But with what’s happening in Afghanistan, I am so glad I did. So I think Ben Rhodes is brilliant in his insights and love his two books. In his second book he gives so many insights about people all over the world fighting for democracy, especially in Russia. So it’s a real treat to be able to get an update on the Russian opposition candidate Navalny and how he’s being treated in a Russian prison.
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Karen Anna
As a Mets fan, PSTW makes me feel seen. Seriously though, foreign policy is a massively underserved topic for general consumption. I’m glad that there is a place where a good substantive discussion with good information is available.
One Big World, Two Smart Guys
This is a fast-paced, intelligent show about everything going on in world politics. It’s the classic “two-guys-and-a-microphone” format, but I cannot fault these two guys: they really know their stuff. They do a good job of selecting topics and contextualizing them. They are both very organized and articulate in presenting their thoughts. They are progressives from the Obama administration, but they are balanced and do not hesitate to criticize their former boss or the Biden admin.
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Great Reflection on Afghanistan
What books would you all recommend to better understand the Afghan context from the Soviet invasion to the mujahideen to the Taliban?
Not my favorite
I listen weekly and generally love everything you guys do, but I just really didn’t like this speaker. Criticism is ok but when it got to the Biden ‘doesn’t like brown people,’ part I just turned it off. That doesn’t sound like objective journalism or helpful in general.
Good, but certainly groupthink
Fantastic that these subjects are tackled. The hosts have excellent rapport and seem like great people. That said, the amount of advertising quickly becomes irritating and Tommy and Ben rarely, if ever, disagree. The cheerleading vibe makes it smell too much like the other Pod Save properties (showcasing the viewpoint of a specific political faction). This show, however, is head and shoulders above the other Pods.
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Nation building
While I agree that the nation building concept is flawed which everyone is now spouting, why doesn't anyone acknowledge that there were great and beautiful changes in the past twenty years of women and girls going to school and university and winning robotics contests, less human rights violations and much much more. And maybe, just maybe, had Biden not abandoned the Afghan Army completely, taking away the air support, negotiating some human rights oversight organizations and leaving our troops in place as the last step, some of the vestiges of women's rights would remain. Wow, this episode was really interesting and helpful and seemed different than your other episodes: more honest and critical and fair of what is happening. I hope this enervates people to engage in saving more lives of our Afghan allies and also taking a more realistic approach to the future there. Thank you. I couldn't stop listening to everything said.
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Great, thoughtful Afghanistan discussion
Thank you, so much, for this insightful look at this distressing situation. Your history, perspective, and willingness to consider responsibility across administrations is helpful, and provides so much more context than everything in the news. The hardest episode I’ve listened to, yet, and, I believe, your best.
Best Episode Yet
Your episode about Afghanistan was honest, informative and reflective. I shared it with many friends.
Great episode on Afghanistan
I appreciated the depth & nuance & insight of this discussion very much. Seemed especially even handed & also conscientious about your own history with the Obama administration’s grappling with earlier difficult decisions. Thanks.
Self-Awareness & Nuance
I can’t sing Tommy & Ben’s praises enough. As someone that’s followed international news for years, I feel like the pod continuously gives me a deeper and more holistic understanding of the topics they cover. The thing that continues to validate their opinions, is that they are critical of themselves and the work they’ve been a part of during Obama’s administration. Can’t recommend it enough.
Love it!!!….but….
Guys, as a 25 year veteran high school history teacher, I love the podcast and gain so much knowledge that I am able to work into my lessons. Again, love you guys. But the number of times “like” is said during the podcast is really starting to detract from my listening experience. I don’t want to be rude. Just hoping to bring some self awareness by mentioning this. I really do appreciate your thoughtful analysis in so many issues! Thank you.
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K. Rowland
A tragic end to 20 years in Afghanistan
Thank you! I knew you guys would help me better understand what’s going on in Afghanistan. Complex situation, excellent discussion
A thoughtful and balanced
discussion of this week’s events in Afghanistan and of the US foreign policy decisions over the past 20 years that place this week’s events into proper context.
Best Afghanistan foreign policy show available
If you care about the rest of the world and you are frightened about Trumps policies, you must listen to this podcast Tommy and Ben are the most knowledgeable in their field
Like, like ad nauseum
I wanted to reach out slap Ben every time he used the work like. All of you are educated, please talk like it. I am deleting your podcast. Count the number of times Ben uses the word like. It finally drove me to distraction today.
Great interview
With the former ambassador to the UK and Sweden. What a great guy!
required weekly news!
i love listening to this podcast and learning more about what’s going on in the world. the hosts have a lot of knowledge and experience, which helps me dissect whatever news i’ve seen that week. i love the guests they invite on, who range from on the ground activists to journalist to President Obama.
Crooked Media’s #1 Podcast
This was the best podcast from the Crooked Media group until the host became self-righteous.
Ben & Jerry
Time for the bash Israel on the podcast. Maybe before you apologize for Ben & Jerry you should look at the chairwoman of the board of Unilever, which owns B&J, Anuradha Mittal, & her support of the BDS movement.
Who the American left needs
As well as the saviors of politically liberal Zionists like me!
Pod Save the World
Love, love, love this podcast! Tommy and Ben are foreign-affair-whisperers for skittish newcomers like me. Thanks for making a convoluted topic easier to grasp. -Pam Awe
Great weekly show
Tommy and Ben deliver a funny and engaging show every week. They also do a great job summarizing and adding context to very complex issues that are currently happening in the world. I really appreciate how well they translate the issues into stories that are easily understood and let me know how I can help. Thanks all!
Excellent journalism
I get excited every time a new episode is out. These two are so intelligent and thorough. One of a kind show.
Monya Yasmine
1/2 a Great Podcast
Tommy is great. Ben is living up to his churlish, histrionic reputation. Hard to listen to when he gets himself on a roll and Tommy doesn’t step in.
Excellent rundown
Look forward to this great show every week, and sometimes the interview guests are phenomenal like Rana Ayyub. Sometimes they’re just sanctimonious phonies like Matthew Barzun. More of the former, less of the latter, please.
Carla IS
Holy ads Batman!
Podcast seems decent, albeit a little a long, but holy crap there are so many ads. You practically have to fast forward through them (I’d be more inclined to sit through an ad if it was one minute vice 5)…
Love the show
Important to mention that the US did the same thing as Canada to indigenous nations!
Interesting topics and guests but the pushing of Ben’s book is too much and the dialogue too often sounds like reminiscing about the old days.
Bye bye Bibi
ATTN:!!!! You’ve dropped this 6/16/21 podcast. I want very much to listen to it. But it won’t play—“This episode is not available at this time.” Any plans for—I dunno—flipping the play switch to on? Today is the 17th. Thought you would have noticed by now.
remember ghandi
Funny, knowledgeable, but very morally superior
The hosts seem to be very knowledgeable in national events, stemming from their positions in media coverage. That being said, they have very clear and moralistic hubris regarding their positions. The denigrate the alternative side in a witty and condescending manner. This is a typical democratic leaning editorial podcast.They may be right on a number of issues, but you would never know for lack of the alternative viewpoint. I am unfollowing
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Best weekly podcast about international politics
Tommy and Ben are a solid team. I love Ben's POV on politics around the world and the humility to acknowledge when a solution isn't always clear. The show flows and is well prepared week-to-week. They also seem to have fixed Tommy's low microphone levels from early in the run :)
Beyond the headlines
Informative and honest. Not craven when it comes to US policy but they could be more critical if they put things into historical context. Still I get a lot out of it
Best foreign policy pod
Ben & Tommy do a great round-up of the week’s global events and provide such great insight from their connections and time in the Obama white house
Garret 1418
Love you guys
My only very slight criticism is I wish Tommy would bring a little bit more of his PSA humor to this. Yes, the world is a serious place but humor helps everything. Also glad to see your high ratings and the “Pod Save Bro” haters don’t come on to give you a low rating!🥳
Paul "Gut Health" Ryan
“Great question, Tommy”
I learn something valuable every time I listen, largely because of the quality of the guests and Tommy’s very straightforward questions. A solid antidote to the outrage machine. *edit: downgraded because of Bens constant book pushing. I read “The World As It Is” and was surprised at how lightweight it was. Suggest less book promotion and more factual questions.
Can’t miss!
I always look forward to the new episodes. Tommy and Ben are great at delivering top-of-mind stories from around the world with a refreshing take. Don’t sleep on this pod!
Love This Podcast & It’s Insights
Ben and Tommy are great at breaking down international news and how issues that we may not be aware of can affect our everyday lives. They have also helped me understand more complex issues in the world that I always felt were out of my reach. The way that they explain international situations so that the stories are relatable and easily understood is a boon for inquisitive listeners.
Five stars!
Ben and Tommy are informative and hilarious. I’ve listened for a few years and I’ve learned so much, sparked new interests in foreign policy, and am inspired! Highly recommend!
Danielle NM1989
Good Conversations
I’m kind of a nerd for foreign policy and love to hear their perspective.
Tour around the world
Each week is an update on the most pressing issues across the globe. I learn something every episode.
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