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Dan Pfeiffer is not smart.
He claims that white people aren’t really afraid of crime, they’re actually afraid of colored people! Come on, this is a lazy take. The racist attack is so tiring. Please have the real conversation instead making straw man arguments. This show is a disgrace. Unfortunately I feel obligated to listen to it just keep a beat on the crazy left…
New York Democrat
More Bluey Content
Listen, I’ve been a fan since the beginning. You guys are great. But I was only compelled to write this review because I was so excited to hear you talk about Bluey TWO EPISODES IN A ROW. It’s basically the best crossover event since the Jetsons met the Flintstones. Anyway, keep it up, excited for the midterms, and looking forward to hearing your take on Muffin.
Brilliant, but….
I would listen to this show more often, but can’t handle the constant giggling as these guys crack themselves up…
Useless drivel
Slowly boiled frogs. Left is best.
He’s becoming a bit obnoxious and a little too vulgar. Keep him on his own show.
My new favorite podcast!
I love this podcast!! Tommy, Dan, and both of the Jons are funny and informative, and I love hearing their takes on everything. It’s nice to have a podcast that really addresses the truth of what’s going on in politics, but also keeps things as positive and fun as possible. Keep up the good work!
Thursday 9/15 episode
The Thursday 9/15 about the immigrants showing up in Martha’s Vineyard and how ‘the stunt didn’t work’ is the biggest load of democratic propaganda I’ve ever heard. It did work bc you two are losing your minds about it and saying desantis is ‘dangerous’ and ‘worse than trump’; bc you’re terrified of him winning. If you listen to this podcast and believe that democrats handled it gracefully, do yourself a favor and get a truth twitch, start listening to more news outlets from many sources- not just this state-propaganda garbage.
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Absolutely LOVE this pod!!!
I am a HUGE fan of Pod Save America and Crooked Media as a whole. Thank you for providing incredibly informative content that in an informative; fun, digestible, entertaining, and thought provoking way! Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan are amazing!! I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays!!
John Lovett is my Queen
I’d die to go to your funeral. Use all the poppers while eating tacobell Mexican pizza. But you kill me every sat and the pod saves my life in this dark yet oh so sensitive world. Slay on.
John Lovett and our Queen
This opinionated, small minded individual needs to disperse the chip on his shoulder and keep some of his thoughts to himself - it will be interesting to see how many show up for his funeral and what testaments, if any, to a life well led there will be! Methinks there will be few.
A UK fan
Washed Up Obama Retreads
Who cares what these clowns have to say? Save your time and skip this one-sided nonsense. Their time ended on January 20th, 2017.
Five stars
Don’t fall for the one-star review bombing. The incels are at it again!
Crooked biased media
More one sided information from a liberal media that promotes wasting my hard earned money by an administration that should have America’s #1 priority as national security. Instead these guys justify wasting time and money on the far left’s agenda. I was hoping for facts and figures but it’s just not here.
Love it
Great show
Unfortunate language
I’d like to listen to a variety of political podcasts with different viewpoints but unfortunately I’d prefer not to hear vulgar language so this podcast is not for me
Solid propaganda
They see the kind of guys who watch Biden shake hands with nobody and will say, “Even the air next to him is honored to have dignity back in the White House, and that is why Biden is shaking hands with it!” I even heard them say they weren’t buying into rumors of Biden’s mental decline because reports on the campaign trail weren’t talking about it. Yeah, guys, it’s called a media cover-up. See Biden, Hunter and Diary of Biden, Ashley
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Keep up the great work
I always feel validated listening to this podcast. It’s hilarious and dead on imho. I started listening in 2017 and y’all literally got me through that debacle… and through the pandemic. Keep it up! Thank you!
lowcountyr letgo
These ratings have to be fake.
This show is horrible.
Marc vslice
The tiniest request…
This is probably the best podcast off all time, but for the love of god will someone other than Lovett please get a SimplySafe so we don’t have to relive how he set it up himself 5 years ago twice a week?
Left Bigotry
Oh, it’s not Bigotry because you think you are right? How open minded of you.
Great Podcast
Solid guests, good information, I need more Lovett though!
Democrat talking points, no resources or data
I tuned in to the 8/25/22 episode to hear another perspective. Overall, this episode was very shallow, with no hard facts, references, or sources. The segment on the FBI raid was interesting from a legal perspective and I learned a few things, but it was a lot of name calling and I had a hard time getting past that. - The interview with Jean-Pierre was pure propaganda. I get that you agree with her, but you asked no hard questions. I was waiting to hear what she’d say about the people who responsibly already paid their loans, or where the government is going to get the money to pay for the loan cancellation, or HOW the “inflation reduction act” was going to lower inflation (she just said that it would, but did not explain how). You let her get away with not answering any questions, just repeating talking points. - In the interview with Hobbs, she went on and on about how people want to move on from Trump and the 2020 election, but that’s what she spent the majority of the interview talking about; clearly she does not want to move on, using her time to complain and sensationalize her opponent rather than bringing solutions to real issues. She said nothing about what her policies and plans are for AZ, just that she “has a plan”. I was open to listening to what she wants to accomplish, but based on this interview, she has nothing to run on besides “don’t vote for the other candidate”. - Maybe this was just a bad episode. I’ll listen again, but if all episodes are like this, I’ll have to agree with some of the other one star reviews saying that this is just CNN and MSNBC talking points with name calling and cursing in between ridiculously long advertisement segments.
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Terrible Show
Great intro music though
This is the culture war
What’s frustrating is I actually agree with a lot of these guys’ points. They’re clearly very intelligent and cogent in their opinions. What I can’t stand is the constant casual mocking and derision of anyone with another point of view. You think you’re the good guys, but this IS the cause of our current divide. The culture war doesn’t always look maga crazy - sometimes it’s well-spoken folks subtly convincing their audience that there’s only one right opinion and anything else makes you bad, crazy, etc.
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Carol Bridges
True Americans don’t listen
Honestly feel sad for these little boys that are fighting for a president who can’t even walk on his own and can’t see the bigger picture of the plan being out in place 😂😂😂 maybe you democrats will realize the mistake you’ve made when inflation and gas crisis keep soaring because of treasonous Biden and his family political policies… your podcast is only hurting america furthest thing from saving it…. I don’t even know how you have the audacity to come on here and just attack and attack and not say one peep about joe Biden and his corrupt compromised son
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Bunch of lame hacks that spit the same nonsensical headlines from cnn and msnbc. No wonder why our country looks the way it does currently. Thank you democrats. Please continue to usher us into a further state of collapse.!
Hilarious and Informative
Love these guys so much I want to marry them (before the Supreme Court makes it illegal).
Good insight, tactless delivery
I appreciate your insight on issues. I agree with your politics, but I wish you weren’t so mean and catty. It makes it hard to listen regularly. Why not be civil and decent when discussing people who hold different opinions?
QT McGrue
Leftist Drivel
It’s comedic that anybody calls this trash “news”. Purely regurgitated talking points from the current administration
I love these guys. The world feels insane right now, but at least they make news more fun. And I always learn something new! Win win.
Five stars on behalf of the entire state of Pennsylvania, and me who learned what a crudite was at the tender age of 29.
Found this podcast over the pandemic and they keep me informed and entertained every time. Saw them during their tour when they came to ATL and they were even funnier in person. Keep up the great work guys! 👏🏾
Time stamp
Add a time stamp so I can skip around or I’ll unsubscribe. Only 20 minutes of content is worth my time. And that 20 minutes is really good.
Great dynamic, but there are some issues
Hosts are knowledgeable, entertaining, and compelling. Ad breaks/sponsored content time amount is absurd. Generally have to fast forward 3.5 minutes into the beginning of the episode to get past all the ad readings and whatever book/other podcast on their brand that they advertise. Usually has 2 middle of the episode ad breaks of 5ish minutes each. By my estimate, that's 13.5 minutes of ads/sponsored content in an hour(ish) long podcast. Compared to other podcasts that have the same length of run time per episode, the amount is excessive. There's gotta be a better way.
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Best Political Podcast in the World
Friend of the Pod! You guys continue to do some amazing work at crooked media. Please come to Denver, CO next time you tour. I love listening every week. Best political podcast out there!
Live in Nashville
I’ve listened twice—-Al Gore is freaking hilarious!!
M'Lady Gardner
Great podcast BUT
I love Pod Save America and have been listening for years but their live shows and especially the games on their live shows are incredibly disjointed. The games and the way they present the questions and answers has the same feel as a student who realized they have an assignment due 3 hours before class and just barely manages to throw something together (speaking from experience here). Also, the live shows don’t have a finality or wrapping up segment toward the end so they usually just end so abruptly and awkwardly. The games and live shows could benefit from more structure and planning. Again, I love this podcast and the hosts and the guests. I genuinely think it’s great but the live shows and games could use some fixing.
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Oh My Gagner
Great show but….
Do people actually find lovett funny….? Also, enough with the live shows, between the bad audio, the awful jokes and the annoying crowd noise they’re just a waste. Consistently make for the worst episodes
Live Shows shouldn’t be Pods
Love the show but posting live shows as pods is dumb imo. They are completely different venues and way less insightful than the normal pods. Too much performing to the audience which…it’s a live show, I get it. But still. Otherwise the pod is usually very good.
K Benjamin Stone
Dishonest noise
There’s nothing valuable in this sad excuse of a program. A bunch of Kool-Aid drinking leftists trying to spew their nonsense on the rest of the world. No thanks!
Jedi Blakers
Great show! Great local guests!
Climate insults instead of coverage 👎🏿
In your coverage of The Inflation Reduction Act you have consistently dodged any real discussion of the nuance and added insult to injury by calling calling critics of the Bill “lazy and stupid”. As a devoted listener who has been a big fan since 1600 I’m dropping the pod. The comment slams Black, Indigenous and people of color for caring about their own lives and trivializes their experience, expertise and rigor. Also, your party line coverage totally insults the actual Climate pod in your own network. Being bros rather than pros makes you worse than hacks it makes you untrustworthy. I will be unsubscribing. 👎🏿
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Loyal Climate Listener
Twice a week is not enough
We definitely need another day or two of this. I’m listening to the other Crooked stuff, but this is the straw that stirs the drink.
Love the reviews complaining about ads. Yo—it’s a free podcast, genius. PS you can literally fast forward through them. Lazy and cheap. I bet you’re a great date. Oh, and the pod is ok.
This Pod Can Never End
Three rituals are the reason I am still here today despite the Dark Years of DJT, the pandemic and the final gasp of the FKA Republican Party. In order… 11,500 steps a day, PSA, and fennel grapefruit salad. At this point I’m not sure what I would do without them.
Happy healthy fit me
Podcast with Ads or Ads with Podcast
Length of ads, frequency and how much the hosts stretch them out have made me delete this Podcast. I enjoy their discussions, but the frequent interruptions of ads that stretch on interminably make it hard to continue. Just read the ads quickly and move on. No one is listening to hear them. Unfortunately the hosts seem to revel in them and they seem to go on forever. Sorry guys, but you sold out.
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Platypus and pancake
Brilliant & funny
I love this pod. Jon, Jon, Tommy, & Dan & everyone who joins them are smart, thoughtful, and insightful.
Good stuff
Always insightful, and hilariously smart!
Love these guys. Smart, thoughtful, funny. Also love snark, but the Favreau critiques of ad copy is TIRESOME.
JFC I don't want a nickname
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