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july 22 pod
all these right wingers and even hannity saying in one clip he believes in science! they all got a marching orders from heritage or mercers or whomever holds the purse strings of their donations or work pay/murdock. they all got the memo telling them “here’s what ur going to do” blahhhh
De-rant Mehdi
Mehdi is smart, but apparently not smart enough to know that he doesn’t know enough about most of the stuff he’s ranting about. Maybe calm down a bit, learn a bit, and do some well informed and constructive ranting. Til then I’ll listen to other folks. Saddest Pod Save I’ve listened (actually only about 15 minutes til my nerves snapped) to. Hope it’s back to normal next time.
Low quality information
I no longer trust large news outlets such as CNN or Fox, so I was recommended Pod Save America as a good source of news from the Left/progressive perspective. However a huge amount of time of the podcast that is dedicated to name calling and sneering at people, regardless of merit. I will give credit where credit is due, I do still learn things from this pod that I do not get from other news podcasts, so I do my best to listen. I just don’t know if these guys can wrap their minds around the fact that there are good and bad people on the left and right sides of the political aisles and I don’t mean politicians. I mean regular people, voters. They treat one side like enlightened elitists and the other like racist animals. The assumptions in the hosts minds makes it difficult to interpret the information in an objective manner, but oddly enough I generally like their guest speakers. Just this one guys opinion. I do believe the value of this podcast is that it provides perspective on the assumptions of where some progressives are coming which is important especially when you are trying to gather information in order to have constructive discussions with people who follow politics or current events.
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The Wandering Taco
So good and I appreciate the swearing!
Thank you!
Lying on Facebook kills people
There is no reason for you guys to lie about the covid 19 “vaccine” being FDA approved. If you go to the main FDA website and look up the information on each of these vaccines, it will tel you they are not FDA approved but they are allowed for emergency use. I liked this podcast, but the fact that you guys are also lying about things in that sort now are not good! Miss information!
Neither informative nor entertaining
Empty calories for DNC fanboys
Yay for lefty podcasts!
Not very many popular lefty sources, so I’m glad I found this. I wouldn’t listen if it told lies and misinformation like Fox News does for the right (tbh the right deserves far better, but I guess they like being lied to, specially if it makes them mad) And on top of that the hosts can be very funny! Haha
Pregnant Panda
Muy Horriblè
Don’t waste your time
F this show and Zionism
Liberal except for Palestine is how I would explain everything Crooked media does. A literal Zionist runs the network. Not sure how the “liberal Fox News” can be pro-genocide but OKIE DOKIE
Love it, but needs deeper climate coverage
Huge fan since the keeping it 1600 days and remain so now. But given the flood of burning hot news stories on the coming climate apocalypse— from the Western US, Europe, the Amazon rainforest, etc etc—we should all be screaming from the rooftops about this. If even half the amount of time the Pod spent on DC inside baseball about the BIFF or the ARP/AJP or whatever else was spent on the existential threat to us all, it would be a huge improvement. And bring on quality guests to discuss it.
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Too much
I never want to hear about Manchin one more time. He is a publicity hound (like Trump). Media is treating like a god. No more please!!!!!!!!!!
I listen every Mon and Thu
Updated review: it’s still my favorite podcast, but now that Biden is in office, the hosts are not really holding the White House accountable. Your listeners are smart. Pressure works and you guys are the perfect people to apply it (along with your audience), with all your influence and connections. Some of the conversation about the White House is indeed nuanced, but it seems like you have all (with the exception of Dan) shifted to highlighting the Biden agenda instead of thinking of yourselves and your audience as activists and catalysts for systemic change. Look at the difference between the way you characterize the White House and Congress’ inaction on filibuster and voting rights vs figures such as the cofounders of Indivisible, Adam Jentleson, and even journalists like Perry Bacon Jr. or politicians such as Beto O’Rourke. This is an existential struggle. ————— My fave podcast, I look forward to it every Monday and Thursday. I especially like the Thursday pod with Jon and Dan. I also appreciate how much you did for the election. I probably would have volunteered anyway, but your push to Adopt a State was incredible and got me to sign up earlier. I also got 5 friends to volunteer too, just think of the incredible multiplier effect you’ve had on this community!! Also the community needs some branding, like PSArmy or whatever. I don’t mind the commercials (except for the ZR one), because you guys make them so darned funny. I always listen :) I’m a bit puzzled that they’re not in the top 10 anymore. Wish they did longer shows and more informative interviews. Sometimes the interviews are boring because they’re talking to politicians, so nothing interesting gets said there, even though emphasis on specific races is of course helpful for other reasons (fundraising, etc). Bring more content like Chuck Rocha’s interview on the Latino vote, for example. You could have shorter politician interviews (they rarely say anything novel or spontaneous, which is fine, they have to be careful!). Also bring on more volunteer and campaign strategy people on to inform us. Right before the election you had some awesome PSA listeners who were phonebanking. That was really inspiring. Oh, and do NOT bring more “opposing viewpoints” like other reviewers have recommended. You can go to Chuck Todd for a regular dose of both-sidesism :) Or listen to Hacks on Tap, which is at least entertaining if sometimes infuriating.
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This is as bad as Fox
This is not a diverse podcast and it needs more evidence to be a factual place where people get their news. They need more viewpoints and they offer a very one sided view of the world. This is the other end of the spectrum to podcasts like Ben Shapiro and The MAGA podcast. The people they criticize are actually quite similar to them.
mommy 🚺
Interesting but where are facts or stats?
I always listen to these guys to try and see things from the other side. And it always amazes me how one side focuses on stats and facts and the other talks in circles but never states any polls, stats or facts. This is what it is then let’s move to the next point type thing.
Don’t bother
Just downright terrible.
beastin nissen
No more T**** sound bites, please
Love the pod and everything that Crooked does, but please stop including sound bites of the disgraced former President in podcast episodes. Talk about him if you must, quote him to remind us of his crazy, but please don’t play clips of him speaking. It is totally unnecessary and unwelcome.
Fascist / Marxism
I find it fascinating after listening to your podcast and listening to book review of mark Levin on Marxism - That the only common theme on both sides is that Americans as a whole do not want big government - perhaps a more balanced look at both sides would be an interesting take.
Lovett, the Sports Analogy Factory
“Running interference” is the phrase you’re looking for, Jon.
The Best!
Love the show!!!
Listen to It
Funny and informative. Lots of sarcasm which I love. Great way to try to make sense of the craziness that is our current political climate.
honestly I can’t even call this podcast news bc they are just ranting about Trump and the Republican Party and not basing anything on FACTUAL data. I wish they brought data and real sources facts to why they don’t like Trump. And they all have the same opinion so they basically just echo each other. It’s just plain boring and I’m not about it. I want to hear the truth so I definitely won’t listen to this podcast. BYEEE (if I could give 0 stars I would tbh)
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Lovett - no more interviews
The interview w Sect Buttigieg was so embarrassing and disrespectful. I honestly can’t believe you aired it. I have loved the pep talks over the last few years - but you’re losing me with the lack of professionalism. Keep Lovett on his Saturday pod because he’s sinking the ship.
You guys are garbage and have zero idea what is actually going on in the world. I’m not sure if you are deliberately trying to mislead people or you are just this ignorant.
not a fan also
Having trouble getting through an entire podcast with you guys. I used to really enjoy listening.
Ben Shapiro after 4 Irish coffees
Who was that hyper, adenoidal teenage boy that kept interjecting and giggling on the 4th of July episode?!?! That was crazy!!
Cool & White
Great thoughtful shell. If you want thoughtful political commentary delivered by privileged white guys, this is the show for you.
Intellectual Dishonesty Breeds Political Polarization
This podcast pretends to be fact-based and morally superior, but it is often intellectually dishonest. As opposed to opinions based on an assessment and presentation of the facts, this show (particularly Loveitt) uses selective presentation (and exclusion) of facts based on partisan opinions. These guys know -and often argue- that intellectual dishonesty leads to more political polarization, but they do it anyways, all the while pretending to be morally superior to the conservatives and MAGAs who do the exact same thing.
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Shenker understands the importance of language use Please heed her warnings
Che Block
More Sam Sanders, please!
You need to make Sam Sanders a regular contributor/presenter on Pod Save America. What a joy.
Great podcast
This is problematic the political podcast in podcasting. It’s major problem is the number of commercials; two to three per break in every episode. It would also help if Dan Pfeiffer would cut down on the caffeine. He sounds like he’s on speed or double parked.
Choice Critic
Too long, but fun.
I would definitely listen to the show more if it was shorter - maybe 20-40 minutes instead of an hour or more. Really like the hosts though, but I can’t really focus on it for that long.
You’re all crowing about “rich people’s” tax info being released. Ha. Ha. Ha. YAY! Why not release YOUR tax info to your listeners so they can see how well you do and what YOU guys pay this big government that you advocate for. Step up guys!!
Ryan rant
I want to hear Lovett’s 17 minute rant about Paul Ryan maybe as a bonus PSA episode
Thank god they've brought on a legal expert
Hopefully PSA will continue to bring on the likes of Melissa Murray (or Leah Litman or Kate Shaw or Dahlia Lithwick) instead of throwing out the caveat, "I'm not a legal expert" and then going ahead and taking wild swings at law stuff that they haven't got much knowledge about.
Way too many ads. Too long. Too much. Bulwark is my new ‘go to’ source. Disappointed.
No more interviews for Lovett
That interview with Buttigieg was a complete embarrassment. Pretty disrespectful to waste the secretary’s time like that. I’m a big fan of this pod but not everything is a stupid joke. Please leave the interviews to the other guys going forward.
Bipartisan infrastructure bill
Do we really have that? Despite Biden’s announcement that there is bipartisan support to pass a bill on infrastructure I have no faith that, come the actual vote, the Republicans will actually vote yes. Their total plan is waste what little time we have to “get it done.” Schumer has got to announce that the senate democrats will not take the summer recess.
remember ghandi
I know you need sponsors, but....
PSA and PStW used to be my favourite podcasts. Sadly, the number of advertisements has become repetitive and annoying. I am beginning to avoiding listening. At least 15 min ads per PSA podcast. I understand you have to pay your bills, but have mercy on your listeners. If nothing else, at least get some new copy.
I’m sorry, but how can 4 white men save America? Lol if you want help, create a platform for POC to actually be heard. 😊
Thanks psa!
Thanks for all the nuanced and funny analysis! It’s been critical for me understanding these weird times. I don’t even mind fastforwarding through the 20 min commercial breaks to get to the great content
Clown shoes
These fluffers deserve a couple double taps at the base.
Would give it 5 stars, but...
Fascinating (and scary) behind-the scenes insight into the corrupt and broken US political system from insiders who know it well. I'd give it 5 stars, but I have to hold one back. Dan Pfeiffer is maybe the most knowledgable of the hosts about the inner workings and strategies, but he's very difficult and frustrating to listen to...mainly because you literally can't hear half of what he says. He does something voice coaches would call "swallowing his words". He speaks very quickly (intelligence at work), which is fine, but at the end of his sentences, he stops breathing, and so what you end up hearing is basically consonants, but it's often difficult to make out the words. If he would get some help from a voice coach to speak his words instead of just breathing the end of his sentences, listeners wouldn't have to rewind the show, and mess with the volume as much, and we'd be able to benefit from Pfeiffer's insight.
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Amazing Podcasts
Never a dull episode!! One of the BEST podcasts ever!!
I’m done!
Childish… and with interruptions of 5 minute blabbering commercials for their sponsors!
Fresh, smart and relevant
One of my favorite pods when I’m in the mood for political discussion. I always learn something new or interesting, and come away with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. These guys have been on the inside and know how things work in DC.
Obama's Butt-Boys
Don't you wish oBaMa could be president foReVeR? So do these disgusting cretins. If you want a partisan, un-nuanced, Establishment Democrat perspective on everything, then go right ahead and snarf down the swill they're serving up. Democrat good, Republican bad—no matter what, every time. If you want political junk food, knock yourself out, I'm done.
Skeptical Lib
These guys represent everything people hate about the left. The pompous elitism and blunt admission of dishonestly strategizing to demonize Republicans. It just blows my mind that people actually like this. I’m trying to get through it so I can have a balanced perspective, but geez this podcast is such an echo chamber and it makes total sense why the left has become so cult-like. If you listen to this, I strongly encourage you to expand your knowledge and listen to Ben Shapiro. Maybe you can open your eyes a little. If you’re a lefty who wants to confirm your bias and never have your opinions challenged, Pod Save America is the podcast for you. At least on the Ben Shapiro show he has people he disagrees with on. He even had Ezra Klein on his Sunday special. There is no way these guys would do the same because they’re too afraid to have their ideas challenged by facts. Edit: GO FIGURE THEY MENTION NOTHING ABOUT THE MORE THAN LIKELY LAB LEAK THEORY MID JUNE.
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Embarrassing interview.
Lovett, that interview was terrible.
Stains on decency
You want to talk Neanderthal. Look at these four. Third rate clowns who are first rate hypocrites. The real world isn’t a circus boys. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Embarrassing. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Cheers.
I’m ashamed that I was a fan of this
I discovered Pod Save America back around 2016/2017 when I was going through a bunch of personal issues. Back then, I was young and naïve and, even though I was a proud Bernie supporter, I still had faith in the mainstream Democratic Party. In the year since, I’ve become so frustrated and disillusioned with the establishment Dems—the ones these elitist white bros cater to. As an underpaid/underfunded performing artist crushed by student loan and medical debt without any generational wealth, I’m frustrated—I’m frustrated that I have to “hustle” and work 20 hours per day just to pay rent; that I still can’t afford to cover my loans and medical bills; that every doctor’s visit rips another whole in my thin wallet; that I can never have kids, since I can’t afford them; that I’ll never own a home, nor have enough time for a social life/relationship. These individuals not only epitomize privilege, but are happily mouthpieces for corporate Democrats who continually put their own interests above those of their constituents. They are perfect for those already in the MSNBC-bubble, where ideas go unchallenged, and the status quo is upheld—donors are left happy. I haven’t been able to listen to them lately, as I can’t tolerate it, but have they called out Biden about not forgiving student loan debt, nor raising the federal minimum wage to $15, nor introducing a public option, nor pass and infrastructure bill, etc.? Have they called out Kamala Harris on her hypocritical comments about the border and that awful interview with Lester Holt? Have they admitted that—based on policy—Biden the farthest thing from FDR... Or are they still just bashing Trump still? We can all agree the latter’s a narcissistic buffoon—let’s move on! Go listen to Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on their new podcast, Breaking Points, or any of the other podcasts they work on if you’d like to jettison the corporate spin and endless pandering and softball questions. I donated my Pod Save America shirt (the one I got seeing Lovett or Leave It live years ago at Radio City Music Hall).
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