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Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-b******t conversation about politics. They cut through the noise to break down the week’s news, and help people figure out what matters and how they can help. Text us questions and comments: (323) 405-9944. New episodes Mondays and Thursdays. New series on the VP selection process: That’s The Ticket!—hosted by Dan Pfeiffer and Alyssa Mastromonaco—all 3 episodes out now in the Pod Save America feed.
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I love them!
I find them to be funny and informative. I am liberal and am drawn to their perspective.
Sarcastic Realism That Makes You Laugh
Could everything be worse? Yes but these guys at PSA makes everything seem more real. Also I finally registered to vote.
youree a dck
Listen to all news, not just news you want to hear
I shuffle through material from left, to right, , to middle to gain perspective. These dudes obviously have a set an end result that even they admit searching for and being freaked out when it doesn’t happen. If you want biased info that leans hard left, this is the podcast for you. If you are the type of person who tries to listen to different material to gain an unbiased opinion, this podcast is NOT for you. Anybody listening to different viewpoints can see that immediately. I made myself listen to 5, and still feel the same. I suggest Listening a day or two late and seeing how skewed their initial reactions are. Lol
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Jay scrilla
Awesome podcast
I have listened to this podcast for years and love it. They all have a great sense of humor and are highly knowledgeable. All the one stars crack me up. They are pretty transparent.
have been listening since the start
amazing podcast and hosts. often i’ll listen to the episodes twice to ensure i didn’t miss anything, and i’ll still laugh at the jokes.
Love you guys
I can’t get enough of the way you guys banter around the political issues. You make me laugh in a time when our current president & White House Admin is completely insane and very frightening.
What a pathetic joke
This show is either meant to be extremely stupid or extremely stupid people are trying to make a serious show.
Genius McThinkaboutit
Ironic podcast title
The ideas propagated in this podcast are contrary to the title’s goal. In order to “save America,” one must get rid of a two party structure, focus on objective morality rather than polling data, and take responsibility for one’s own life, rather than assume government is the answer to all life’s ills. The baseless presuppositions these men take are arrogant and ignorant. Reading one of Thomas Sowell’s books or Walter William’s books would fundamentally destroy the narratives they assume are going to bring progress. They neither provide empirical data nor seem to know it exists. Unfortunately, these people have much too loud a voice.
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It’s an OPINION show
Don’t pay attention to the people giving this podcast one star because they don’t like the opinions given by the hosts. Yes, they are liberal. If you would like an informed take on today’s politics with some humor thrown in from a liberal POV, this is a great show. If you wouldn’t, this is not the show for you. It’s not hard. Oh and they curse. If that’s a problem for you, this show is not for you. Fortunately there are thousands of other podcasts for you to choose from. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Political entertainment
Although I don’t like the idea of listening to four white dudes, I think they acknowledge their privilege in a good natured and entertaining way. They are very good about interviewing women and guests of color. If you’re liberal and young, these guys voice the frustrations we are all experiencing. 5/5
Helping keep us afloat in the current rough waters of stubborn stupidity and ignorance.
Healthy, knowledgeable, partisan, and very necessary political entertainment. Keep going, guys!
Fan of the old versions
Bluemaga to the core
Bad faith arguments based on their time working as speech writers for obama. Will look his boots along with the dnc any day of the week
Annoying and terrible
If you were wondering what slightly left centrist boomers wish their kids sounded like at thanksgiving dinner this is it. They offer nothing up but the status quo ante and rubes clap along like seals. Avoid.
Ichabod Crane in LA
Honestly awful wormy guys. They pretend to hate Trump but support every war he tries to start. These guys are corporate hacks from the Obama administration. If you want to find a good show with honest progressive news check out Democracy Now.
Great show.
I really enjoy this podcast. The guys’ banter is hilarious, news is up-to-date and on point. Dan tends to ramble on and turn a one-minute answer into 10-minutes, though. Otherwise, I recommend it.
its all ads
the quantity of ads in this podcast is disgusting. whatever the quality of the content, it’s just too many ads. fivethirtyeight is better
Intellectual hypocrites
These guys just are making money off people who can't get over the results of an election. A bunch of rich white liberal bros being sad about being rich and white.
You guys keep me Going
I love y’all perspectives and how you keep the conversation about many important issues that are affecting the American people! I was looking for something interesting while I work at home and now I’m glued to you podcasts. You guy are the best!
Doesn’t go in depth
There is no depth or real discussion about important topics. They are very opinionated and instead of stating facts they talk about their feelings toward political issues. I always try and listen to both sides but I support facts rather than opinions so this is a NO for me.
Too Much
Great stuff but too many commercials, and they are too long. Can not recommend.
Max Edison
not good
Vince Rizzo
Completely biased and I’m loving it
Guys, what’s with all the 1-star reviews??!! This isn’t meant to be a primary news source for anyone—it’s ENTERTAINMENT for god sakes! The hosts don’t ever claim or attempt to come off as fair or objective, of course they are totally biased, they worked together in the Obama Administration -_- As others have noted, it is definitely an echo-chamber and has veered more into opinion than fact territory lately imo, but...so are many political shows these days. Frankly, I’m ok with it since the entertainment value hasn’t declined at all. Also....they are CONSTANTLY interviewing women and Guests of Color and there are also tons of Crooked Media (which the PSA hosts co-founded) pods with a huge diversity of hosts. I highly recommend any of those, especially if you can’t stand the idea of a podcast with exclusively white male hosts. Anyways, QUIT IT with the unreasonable/unrealistic expectations!! If you’re politically conservative, this show probably isn’t for you. If you’re looking for unbiased takes and 100% factual reporting, this show DEFINITELY isn’t for you. BUT if you’re a liberal-leaning activist and looking for some catharsis, witty banter, insightful analysis, laugh-out-loud jokes, and hopeful motivation in these dark dark times, definitely give it a listen. PSA 5ever <3
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Excellent podcast but...
The intro music is INSUFFERABLE.
Juttimus Maximus
Lol not a good show! Sorry, thats it... again sorry. Also listen to the 5th Col...... Oh god, sorry, SO SORRY, I thought I could get through more than 20min but no. Sorry SO BAD! Also is the show HBO show still up?
jump jump in it
My outlet from insanity, while staying informed!
I love this PodCast. It is the right blend of non-alarmist discussions on the relevant topics of the day, while still being politically focused. The banter from the crew makes me laugh, even through all the insanity!!
D0ugie Freshness
Don’t listen
These are some of the nastiest and most hateful people I have listened to on a podcast.
Epic Fail
Why are all the BLM rioters white, rich kids? Blacks want police in their neighborhood. 86%. They push 5 black people in front, but the majority are white rich. The problem is you can’t get a majority so you riot thinking you can overcome the majority. That is not how democracy works.
Freddie bag of donuts
Brighten my day
Even the ads are entertaining! If I’m anxiously awaiting the next podcast, sometimes I listen to the current one twice. They have a way of bringing levity to the political situation that we are in. Just love it.
Walking Off A Cliff
I’m not saying this! I am quoting certain members of the radical left! Again this is a quote!!!! “Liberals get the bullet too”. Don’t play with fire!!!!!!!!!
Massachusetts Student
Pushed narratives
So far liberal it's a joke, laughing at anyone and anything that doesn't agree with ur political views... always deemed myself being centered but this is just as bad as far sides conservatives
Nah I'm good.
I'd rather listen to seagulls for five hours straight than this political nonsense.
My favorite podcast
I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t listen to this! I’m so glad I finally started. They’re all incredibly knowledgeable but also hilarious (I don’t even skip the ads because I just love their commentary). I can’t recommend this podcast enough :)
Sue in Seattle
Love this. I’ve seen you guys on TV but I’m new to the podcast. You rock. Jon, can I please be invited to your wedding? 😊
Sue in MLT
My favorite podcast!
Smart, funny and insightful! Love these guys!!!
Great listen in these trying times..
Love the 4 “ Obama boys”... yes it’s biased but we knew that already right??? It’s the sunshine to the cloudy day(4 yrs of Trump). Informative and entertaining!
Hilarious, Progressive, Sometimes Biased (Unapologetically)
These guys are funny but deadly serious about the danger the present administration poses. As someone retired and close to Medicare age, it annoys me sometimes when they diss seniors but I guess it’s partly accurate. Occasionally they could check with experts before they go off on something- for example when FDA said a vaccine could be made available before phase three finished. That can happen if enough positive data comes out for the medical monitoring panel to decide EUA is justified by the evidence. I’m sure that Trump does want to push something premature but hope FDA stands firm to follow the science. These are quibbles- overall a great podcast.
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For the love of god please shorten the intro. No other podcast has 3-5 minutes of self promo’s
Enjoy the show but where the BIPOC folk at?
I’m a supporter and weekly listener of the show. I love it but I always wonder what it could be like to have a show like this with more people of color. One can dream .
laurene 17
I can get over the annoying banter, dumb jokes, and terrible ad reads, but the content is incomparable to Ben Shapiro’s podcast. I’ve been listening to both religiously for the past several months and can’t get over how unproductive listening to these guys is. It’s a waste of time. Really shows the difference between a law degree vs poli sci...
Orange Man Bad on loop
I've listened to this for four years because it's important not to be in a bubble of your own views (At the recommendation of Ben Shapiro). I think it's safe to say that the hosts of this podcast would not agree with this need. They espouse a very cynical view of American history and philosophy which is toxic for this nation and its citizens.
Renee Interview
Just wanted to say how inspiring Renee Montgomery’s interview was! She is AWESOME. Gives me hope that more of us can make the leap into activism and join forces to make great change for our country.
This is brutally biased & they omit crucial details
These dudes seem friendly, but good lord are they turning a blind eye to what the far left is doing. Majorly indulged in the lib mindset making very few non biased statements. Focusing solely on one side, meanwhile the BLM riots have cause major damage, death, and injury to police, citizens, etc. Not to mention the main damage being done: race relations. Come on with this bad man orange crap, it’s drawn out and tired.
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Just, great!
Love the commentary. Great insight and thoughtful discussions. Yes it is left! Wonderful antidote to all the right wing junk out there.
Incredibly biased
Super biased commentary by guys who curse too much in order to make themselves seem relatable or cool, hard to listen to
trying 4321
I had to stop listen when on of the pod casters said the “right” is justifying the violence. Find it very interesting the Kyle who was see on video giving assistance to BLM protestors who was injured was seeking out violence. I did agree that he wanted to be in the action. I a young man myself have thought the same thing. I would want to be there at the protest at the very least to see everything taking place. Oh and a major point these numbnuts fail to mention is how he was acting in self defense but there people don’t want to inform you they are here to push a narrative. This is trash. If you’re going to try to BS me make it better. My child could see through this garbage.
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Good pod
Yes. That’s all.
don’t waste your time
As biased as it gets🤮
Bobbie's mom
Jon Favreau gets my girdle gooey
I am a huge fan of this podcast! I think the panel is always so knowledgeable and insightful and informative. Is it an echochamber? Sometimes. But so what? I think they’re critical of both sides (a lot more so on the right) but will call out the left when they’re not happy w/ the leadership at times. My one critique. The ads run so long! But they’re offering the podcast for free so it is what it is. At least they make the ad reads funny.
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Rolando N
Never Again
I will not be listening to these clowns again because what they have to contribute to the issues is outweighed but their vulgarity. How in the world did President Obama succeed with these morons on his staff?
Love when everyone’s on
I know you can’t do it all the time but I love when all 4 of you are on. You’re all so smart, and so funny together. Thank you. Because as you’ve said... we laugh because otherwise we’d cry
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