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So many ads.
The ads—and the cutesy attempts at humor within them—have ruined this thing.
So Jon, your solution to getting more non college educated minority voters to vote Democrat is by explaining to them why racism is an important issue? Is that not racism itself, that you would assume you as a white man can better explain racism to a minority individual?
Sadie's Mom 47
Big fan of everything these 4 do!
They have funny and educated discussions about US news, mostly through a political lens. I really appreciate that they cite and critique their sources. I like that they discuss polling data. They're progressive Dems and can always suggest ways to help out (phone-banking, registering voters, ways to GOTV, calling elected officials, canvassing/knocking doors)! They don't just cover the news out of Washington; they also cover top national news stories, including interviewing state and local officials and activists. 10/10 recommend. I also like to listen to Tommy's "Pod Save the World" (foreign affairs news) and Jon L.'s "Lovett or Leave It" (comedic takes on the news). Check those out!
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Getting me through the chaos
Can y’all make a pod every day? I love y’all so much.
Consistently very good and informative
Best podcast.
Good if you’re a grifter
What happens when four former Obama staffers who now live in LA that are completely out of touch with middle America try to make a podcast to refute Trump and the right in general? You get this leftie circle jerk of a show that will only resonate with you if you’re ignorant, rich, or so obsessed with hating Republicans you refuse to listen to anything that’s not a liberal echo chamber. Two stars because the ad reads are often almost funny and because sometimes I like some vicious cringe assaulting my ears.
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All of them are bad/not funny
… but Tom is the worst.
sanity saver
Gotten me through some dark times. Highly recommend to anyone trying to maintain a few sane brain cells. The whiny reviews on here from conservatives are just an added bonus.
I like music but....
Great podcast!
I’ve been listening to PSA since the beginning, it saved my sanity thru the Trump years and it continues to keep me engaged with politics. Love the banter between the hosts!
These guys have their head so far in the sand I’m surprised they can still breath. Very one sided and love to trash talk and lie about the opposition. Very unprofessional.
Only good if you’re left
It’s a podcast by leftists for leftists and if you don’t agree with anything left leaning you’re not gonna like anything here. But for leftists who are interested, the news and discussions and analysis of the political sphere is very entertaining and informative. Of course it’s biased but so is most media anyways. The only annoying thing is the way they read their ads and the jokes they make mostly don’t hit as well as they should’ve. Overall if you want to keep up to date you could do worse.
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PSA, the best
I love this pod. Great insight in to what’s going on in the world of politics. Hilarious banter and commentary based on past experiences. Highly recommended
Waste of your time
This is a podcast for morons.
Pretty disappointing
As an independent I was looking for a podcast that seeks to understand and discuss the various sides of an issue. Sadly, this is an extreme left podcast and is part of the social media echo chamber and contributes to the political divide of the country. The search continues
connor axelrod
Gave it a chance, but couldn’t get through the second episode without wanting to swallow my own tongue. At best it is mildly boring, more often than not it’s painful to listen to.
Awful show
I’ve never missed a podcast. I’ve learned a lot from you and your interviews. But this show is my red line. It was awful. You might think Lovette is funny, but he isn’t. His language is appalling. His interruptions when others are speaking are annoying. You’ve lost something. I think it’s called dignity. Florence Kelleher Williams Bay WI
Smart analysis with professional flaws
I love to hear these intelligent, experienced men share their insights. Two stars off for bad podcasting practices: They think they are hilarious. They are not. It is often painful to listen to them amuse themselves, particularly during the ads. Second, one host, I believe Jon F., says “um” constantly. It’s extremely distracting and simply unprofessional for anyone on a mic. Has he never listened to himself? I quit listening for several months because it was so irritating.
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Neither interesting
nor entertaining.
Waste of time
100 percent biased. These guys don’t even try to understand conservative views. They absolutely hate 50 percent of the country. They consider anyone on the right as idiots and constantly demean them. They also use way to may f bombs to sound competent. This show is all about liberal complaining.
Podcast right?
So boring.Even when I am interested in the subject matter. Do you forget that there is an audience? Are you unhappy with what you’re doing?
More Bias Reinforcement
Based on the title of the podcast about Afghanistan I had thought this might be news. It isn’t. Just the intro was hard to get by. I guess I should have known, it is the New York Times.
Too Many Ads
Decent show. I’ve listened to both episodes every week for over a year now, but no podcast like this one makes me mash the fast forward button as often as I do when it gets to their ads. I think they’re actually getting even longer over the last few weeks.
Vaccine Mandates. Basic freedom not up for debate
These clowns seem to think that less freedom is good for America. I cannot wait for the backlash at the voting booth. Dan Pfeiffer is especially egregious, his contempt for individual liberty is scary. He really thinks he and the democratic socialist know best and that you should be forced to do what the Dems tell you or else… vaccine mandates are a complete government over reach. And yes, Dan, you moron, it is a completely reasonable position to be pro-vaccine, and anti-mandate. Why do you think things are either mandated or forbidden? Republicans want people to get the vaccine, they just don’t want to punish people for not getting it. This all coming from the party of defund the police, can you tell me who will enforce the mandates after all of the “defunding”? Morons. Also what happened to “my body, my choice” ? Nasty nasty show with authoritarian leanings. Beware listeners…
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New York Democrat
Disappointing that party is all that matters for these folks
I try to listen to both sides and I believe Ben Shapiro even refers these guys for folks looking to hear both sides. After 20+ episodes I have say I am disappointed. All that you take away is Conservatives evil, progressives saviors. Very little news of events with a factual analyzing of situations or an assessment of policies snd there proposed be actual effects. Only party and a lapdog conversation with their progressive allies. Guess I’ll continue my search for open minded folks on the other side. I did enjoy some of the friendly banter between the hosts with humorous conversations at times.
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Lots of opinions very little facts
It’s like watching onion news hosted by incels is how I can best describe it.
Tommy juarez
Interesting and entertaining
I’ve only listened to one episode and I really enjoyed it. Reminds me of “The West Wing”: educational and entertaining political commentary. This is why I like politics more than professional sports- in this game, there are real winners and losers.
Please save America
These are among the smartest folks in any room and they wear their hearts on their sleeves in their concerns for the future of the nation. Great insights into the inner workings of the political system and always encouraging everyone to get involved in the process. As they say, worry about everything but panic about nothing.
things aren't great Dan
Too many ads
Guys, roughly 25% of the entire podcast is ads now, calm down and please keep the number of ads down.
These 4
This podcast got me interested in politics. Now I’m sick of these 4 sympathizing with Biden and dems who are failing this country every day. Why hasn’t the filibuster been killed? Why hasn’t SCOTUS been rebalanced? Why aren’t these 4 holding dems accountable? These guys should hand their platform over to @retro_waves on TikTok. Go watch their videos.
Great show
Got me more interested in politics and feel that the analysis is always fair and guests are varied and allowed to voice their opinions
hey psa
I’m sorry I freaked out. I can see you just wanted some space and now the two week break makes a little sense. I’ve realized how much I’ve under-appreciated you. Look, I tried a different podcast. It was two random center-left dudes debunking Alex Jones videos and laughing over them. They were great. But they weren’t you. I’m not telling you this to make you jealous. I just want you to know that I really deeply know now that you’re the only podcast for me. F*ck I miss you. Please forgive me. I’ll buy the tommy jons with your code or whatever you want. I promise you no more flopping or sticking. I’ll eat bushels of magic spoon with athletic greens laced milk. Just give us another chance. Love you.
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Interesting insight into left
I try to listen to multiple viewpoints on political podcasts. This was recommended to me as an alternative to some conservative podcasts to which I have listened. After listening on and off for almost a year, I’m done. Hosts have some political insights(presumably because of their experience in past administrations), but mostly opinion without challenge or data to support (but willing to use a little shot of profanity to punctuate points). This podcast will resonate with those on the left, but don’t expect to gain much knowledge or deeper insights after listening. I feel like I’ve given it a fair chance, but need something with a little more iq.
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Excellent political discussions
Smart, interesting and informative discussion of politics and current events.
Matt the M.
Intelligent discussion but needs alternative voices.
As a center-right independent who listens to Ben Shapiro and the Ricochet Podcast, I listen to PSA to provide balance to my listening and found it interesting an entertaining. While I often disagree with the hosts’ conclusions, they usually lay out their arguments pretty effectively. Their guests vary in quality. Unfortunately, like most political talk podcasts of all stripes, all the hosts spend their time in violent agreement with each other and only disagree over tactics and trivialities. It would be intriguing to occasionally have a voice from the other side on as a guest but, alas, the hard-core listeners - fearful of contrary opinions - would probably revolt.
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Awesome Content
Highly recommend this show. Smart conversation from people in the know. Honestly, if everyone in America would listen to this pod we’d be a better nation.
Love this podcast!
Wow. Guys. I don’t mind partisan reporting… but lately this has been the entire team with their heads in the sand… this is a train wreck that we should be working to correct not put lipstick on… this is awful
Liberalism: The Virus That’s Killing America
Gotta love this country. It allows for the free speech of people that are trying to destroy it.
ej schiss
White Guy Echo Room
Its kinda cute and sweet that we can listen to these former Obama aides as I still miss Obama as president and possibly always will. But where are the other viewpoints? This wears thin quickly and I frankly tire of listening to the naturally limited viewpoints of a bunch of young white guys (and white guys' style of banter). Add some women, some people of color, some people with different opinons. Challenge yoursleves.
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New addition
Dude! San Sanders is incredible on ur cast!! I listen to “It’s been a minute “ But never knew how well he would play with/off y’all I love all your casts ❤️❤️❤️❤️😃
nuk hunter73
The biggest problem with this podcast is the description that says 4 “former” aides to Obama. There is nothing former about their views or entrenched mindset. There is no diversity of view. Democrats good, Republicans bad. It lacks any semblance of intelligence or nuance. Complete waste of 15 minutes.
Could notListen
Tried to listen to their take on the Afghanistan tragedy and had to stop. Their take is Biden wanted us out because these are the tragedies he is trying to avoid. Could not me more wrong . The US service men left was forced to rely on the Taliban for security and it could have easily been avoided .
Needs a major overhaul
I listened to this pod religiously for 3 years, and LOVED the nuanced substantive conversation/information it provided. Stopped listening 6 months ago because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Hosts unfortunately transformed into partisan hacks who always grab the low hanging fruit of every news story, and never focus on the deeper substance of the issue. It’s just not informational. These guys often mention their dreams of doing more deep dives into issues that matter to them. If the pod isn’t fulfilling for them anymore they should pass it off to others who can bring substance to it while they start new pods covering the specific issues that actually interest them (ie pfeiffer book club, Lovett infrastructure). They’ve allowed themselves to get stale and uninformative bc it’s comfortable, and in the process are destroying the value of a company that got so many people (including me) into politics. Sad. Having to bounce around between many news issues without being able to do deeper-dive projects would probably exhaust anyone/get any person addicted to Twitter and sound-bite thinking if done long-term/chronically. Jon favreau mentions all the time about how his brain is broken. Not doing this show anymore would probably heal his brain tbh. These dudes need to pass the torch to new people who can do a complete overhaul of how the show is done if there’s any hope of saving it. It’s unhealthy for the hosts, unhealthy for listeners, and unhealthy for this country. I’ve recently gotten really into “the realignment” podcast. While I see myself politically a lot further left of center (the realignment people describe themselves as centrists), I learn a TON while listening, and appreciate podcasters who do extensive reading and who make an effort to always learn deeply and create a platform that can actually challenge and nurture listeners.
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This podcast talks a lot about emotion and not a lot about facts. I wonder if they would still advocate for the elimination of the filibuster if republicans held the house, senate, and the presidency.
The feel of the podcast is so different now compared to a year ago. When trump was all the news this pod was so fun and energetic. Now that times are hard for the democrats, the pod sounds incredibly desperate and anxious. The entire podcast is these guys performing a great amount of mental gymnastics to explain why Biden and the democrats couldn’t do any better. Sad.
Sesame Street for adults
This show is mindnumpingly political theatre for gullible liberals. It’s like someone mashed up all the dumb jokes from NPR shows like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me with a bunch of pmc wonks sprinkled on top.
You all are good ! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Love the pod!!!
I am somewhat new listener, and I have quickly become a HUGE fan of PSA and Crooked Media in general. I LOVE IT! Thank you for providing incredibly informative content that is relevant, fun, funny, and digestible.
Step it up, guys
Started listening to these guys soon after Trump came into office. While openly partisan, they seemed to make an earnest attempt to cover most issues fairly over the last four years. With Biden in office, that has changed. Their coverage of Afghanistan has been absolutely disgraceful. Had Trump went about the withdrawal in this same way, they would be fuming about his extreme incompetence and addressing the fact that we are abandoning our allies to human rights abusers. Do better. You’re becoming partisan hacks now that your party is in the White House.
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Too Far
Your guest went too far insulting troops. Really disappointed in you but not surprised at this point.
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