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Finally had to write a review.
Don’t bother. If you’re at all intelligent the entire crooked media front becomes irrelevant very quickly. I think they’ve done a decent job of creating an ‘anti’ Fox News sorta channel; but, truth is: can intelligent people ever outsmart ignorant people? Prob not. So it’s all a failure of structure and this podcast ends up just kind of depressing since she’s sucking a bunch of ‘heads of state’ off and they STILL haven’t gotten head from the state in form of Biden. I like Lovett. Tommy seems ok. Otherwise: try chapo if you’re actually interested in liberal ideas. This platform is only playing games
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Other Than That Ms Boebert…
I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Especially at the end about Bozo. I never heard you 3 laugh so much and so hard and all together. You even gave a shout out to the show you did at the Buell theater which I attended. I can attest that no groping transpired. Love you guys.
More Tim Miller please
What great conversations. Otherwise the opinion bubble is too much.
Liberal liars
What is a Suspicious Activity report? What is a Shell Company? Why did the Ukraine prosecutor get fired? Whe did Biden threaten to withhold funds if he didn’t get fired? Why don’t you tell us?
This team…
makes me laugh out loud! Humor is essential now.
So the book Kennedy read
Can you tell us whether it should be in k-12 schools? Or are you just going to tell us that there’s no weird sex talk in schools, right after hearing, word-for-word, schoolbooks full of weird sex talk in schools?
Strap on blow job
All disgusting and need to be kept on the back shelf
Che Block
Excellent podcast
The information is well-balanced and well-presented. The podcast is news and opinion, shared in a fashion that lets you decide how you feel about it. They always discuss the sources they use and frequently go straight to the well by interviewing people in public office. I like them enough that I became a Friend of the Pod.
InfoSys Mapper
Arizona needs you
Jon, Jon, Dan, Tommy: My life is better with Crooked Media. Thanks for helping all of us connect to get things done. You and Elijah, Halle, Erin and Alyssa (and so many more at Crooked) are the bright sparks of hope in these difficult & bizarre political times. All the stars to you!
Real News and Political Takes
…if you’re tired of being said because of jerks like Ben Shapiro or idiots like the Spotify goon who denies vaccines work (yes, I’m actually blanking on his name…because I just don’t care about him), give this a listen and you’ll be sad because of comedians who have real news and don’t just make things up…other than their jokes, which are still typically based on reality.
5 stars for being what you are BUT…
I wish someone would print out the Iowa professor s comment and shove it under the White House s nose. The whole country needs a new face with new ideas in the presidency. Biden is old— but what makes him so ick is his hubris in not stepping down. I have to hold my nose to give him credit that he deserves for his term because it turns my stomach that he didn t step aside for a younger candidate. And because of old Joe s hubris we ll likely get stuck with the bilious dictator, the butt-ugly craziness of trump. Both of these egotistical old dodders have disgusted a large part of America.
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Last episode
I love listening to your podcasts. Was a bit disappointed you did not mention Biden’s speech in Alaska. It was meaningful and worth mentioning
Iris Yoeli
I have 2 questions; How much does the Joe Biden puppet machine pay you for this drivel? How many jabs have you had so far?
Love the pod!
Great analysis and insight every episode.
A reviewer in PS
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If media wants to harp on his age, give them something else to chew on. “Biden wants to take away refined sugar.” ANYTHING ELSE.
Hopeful A
Engagement for Biden
I’m a college professor in Iowa and I’m a Dem. The issue I see that’s problematic for Biden’s campaign, on my campus, is that students are 100% disengaged from politics in general. They are furious and deflated over the costs to live; gas, food, housing, and literally every consumable. And they absolutely blame Biden. It’s not accurate and it’s not fair, but they have no idea what’s really happening. They’re un phased by Trump’s indictments and truly believe Biden is a feeble old man who appears to be lost. My Latino students will vote for Trump, and this speaks to their countries of origin because anyone who supports social programs in their minds is a socialist. Apathy is out of control. They do NOT believe their votes matter, but might if the electoral college didn’t exist. On the other hand, young women are now getting pregnant and have lost access to abortion and that is important. Parents do not want pregnant kids going home to announce that. The Dems need to STOP playing nice and get real messages out on TikTok, Instagram, in Reddit, on Instagram and Snapchat. That’s where they live. In addition, people who they follow in terms of musicians, influencers and anyone in their orbit would do well to campaign HARD for Biden. Taylor Swift - engage her and ask for her help. Bad Bunny and any hip hop artist - get them to help. Check in with the most popular influencers on TikTok. Love the podcast - I’m assigning it as prompt for a writing analysis - it will be interesting to read the papers they write. Personally, a Trump presidency terrifies me.
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Smart podcast
Smart podcast with great conversational energy. Very liberal bias with some blaring cultural blind spots. Bias aside the information is generally factual and well reasoned.
Marxist Funtimes!
Social commentary from people whose worldviews have been proven wrong 100% of the time but are too well funded/ devoid of morality to admit they’re just highly paid activists
Valvane Jim
Cringe Propaganda.
One doesn’t even need to listen to deduce it’s aim or judge it’s content. This show doesn’t try in the slightest to hide it’s cult allegiance. The episodes’ descriptions are composed almost exclusively of lies, embellishments, and nauseatingly repetitive narrative-building buzzwords/phrases… most of which could be debunked with a few clicks and the rest with the will to dig a little. They are part of the machine that thinks you’re too stupid to research anything for yourself and that you’ll join the masses like good little sheep. Prove them wrong. God bless.
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The Best
So glad Crooked Media and this podcast exist! Thank you!
Gave it a shot
I really hoped to hear a non-partisan take on today’s news. Whoops… it’s worse than watching CNN.
Great episode. Buddy seemed overused. The content was insightful as usual.
Buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy…..
The show is fine but Alyssa has a odd tick where she has to say the word “buddy” 14,539 times. So be ready for that.
Listen, Buddy
Some lady kept saying “listen buddy”. Stop having guest hosts.
Guy Gallo
Avid listener
I have listened to this pod religiously since before you were Pod Save. It would be better if there was a a female voice on the Thursday pod. Alissa has been awesome, can she be regular????!
Less snark please….
With the breadth of knowledge and experience the hosts all have, I wish the show was more of a sober assessment of American politics. I was hoping for something more than a liberal version of Fox and Friends. I don’t need a broken record of how bad Trump is. This is old news.
Marie Gluesenkamp Perez
I’m glad you had Marie Gluesenkamp Perez on. She couldn’t answer your questions about guns. Her response was awful!!! She couldn’t answer your question and just said ugh um ugh. Im glad you asked because I’ll never vote for or support her. Her answer is going to come back and haunt her. Is she a Republican??? She sounds like a Republican “it’s in the constitution”. 🙄 I hope you don’t have her on the pod again- she’s a straight up republicans who wants more guns! There is a consensus in the research that more guns doesn’t make us safe. I am disappointed you had someone on the pod totally void of empathy. I was disappointed in the interview with Biden’s chief economist and her response on student loans she didn’t know what she was talking about and was less helpful than a rock. You should have challenged her and asked her more specific questions.
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Meg Reynolds1983
new drinking game
every time Alyssa Mastromonaco says “buddy”. i’m already drunk
It’s good
The only watch out is Alyssa says “buddy” 40 times every episode she is on. “Buddy, listen…” I can’t handle it.
Hoping for a correction soon
I try to listen at least once a week to keep variety of news(ish) sources. This is the most nauseating hour of my week. This is the Lefts version of OAN. Sincerely, Obama x 2, Clinton and Biden voter, now Never Trumper and Never Bidener. Check out Breaking Points or Mo News podcasts if you’re interested in free thought and not looking for propaganda.
No buddy
I love pod save America but please tell Elizabeth Mastromonaco when she guest hosts to stop saying “buddy”.
Love Alyssa
Great show with Dan and Alyssa!! Love the 2 of them.
mama hart77
Alyssa…buddy. Buddy. I mean, Buddy. Buddy! Buddy? Buddy. Buh deeee. Buddy. Verbal crutch.
Tophat Giraffe
Buddy … please stop
It’s a tough podcast as is. But this person who constantly says ‘buddy” is so annoying. Please find a new catch phrase. It’s not cute or clever.
Could you spit them out of your mouth before you start talking? The best thing about this podcast is the inane lack of anything interesting. It’s fantastic to go to sleep by. Y’all need to get a grip. It’s a podcast. That’s all. Get the egos in check.
Yes, titillating
The romantic tension between Pfeiffer and Mastromonaco is titillating.
Maude The Third
Buddy buddy buddy
Alyssa and her buddy buddy buddy bit wears very thin. Stop already! I’ll wait for the next episode
Bhodi boy
3 smug hacks who lack any kind of self-awareness circle jerking over DNC talking points
Can Alyssa stop saying “buddy” all the time? Thanks 😜 So annoying.
Love the show. Love the hosts. Please have Alyssa stop saying “buddy”. It is a great drinking game but still…..
Raj Fan
El Cajon
Love you guys! Just an FYI, El Cajon is heavy Trump country. I live there. ☹️
I had heard he was backed by Saudi money .. is his run to move Trump forward ? Vice-president pick ? No one covering this .. am I wrong?
GOP debate
Thank you for this very thoughtful and insightful and informative analysis of the debate. What bothered me about it was the fact that everyone on the podcast calls Vivek Ramaswamy by his first name. I didn’t notice any of the other candidates treated that way. I’m afraid that “first name basis” treatment of Ramaswamy may subliminally convey relative comfort about him as a candidate. That frightens me a bit. Among potentially troublesome facts about Ramaswamy is that he’s a protégé of Peter Thiel who was instrumental in getting his associate at Yale J.D. Vance elected. He’s an “insider”, highly connected to ultra-wealthy ultra-right-wing power-mongers. He’s obviously more than willing to pander (or propagate as a true believer) deep state conspiracy theories. I for one will feel better if you speak his full name when you talk about him.
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Here’s a thought
answer to the question on the latest podcast
Sarah Longwell joins to explain whether any of this matters to real-life voters. answer: NO! it does not
A Devoted Member of The Pod
My favorite podcast. I’ve seen them on tour in Nashville twice. The best podcast out there in my opinion!
Less T*****
Please can you focus less on the former US president. Also- please tone down the cursing. It is very jarring for those of us who don’t live in LA or NYC.
CC2021 april
Please stop focusing on Trump
I love this podcast. It’s really smart, but most of your episodes focus on Donald Trump. Obviously his many indictments require attention but seriously. He is a bore. What about an episode about alternative Democratic presidential candidates, or focusing on issues in Washington and State politics that effect our daily American lives.
Leftist propaganda at its best
This podcast is a good example of listening to what the idiots in America have to say. The try to act cool by adding an F word in there every once in a while. Biased media has no place in America anymore.
Jefe Irie
More Tim Miller!
Tim should be a regular guest he is so funny smart and brings an added perspective. Loved Tim and Tommy! B
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