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Planet Money
The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.
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Too much politics
Please stick to economics. I used to really enjoy this show, listened to pretty much every episode. But now it feels like a political show more than anything.
Jeff ostern
binge listening rn
this show is the only thing i can listen to because it reports important things but also isn’t in that news cycle. i learn so much, the characters are great. it’s keeping me going
Stick to Economics
The episodes that stick too money and the economy are great. The ones that push politics views , not so much.
Best podcast ever
This show actually changed my life and the way I look at the world
Downhill slide
Not sure what or who is happening but this podcast lost who they were. Was about economics and money, now about politics. Go back to the good old times with the great stories.
Economists or Apologists?
Are the economist hosts too "woke" to question fallacies coming from a black mouth? For instance, I don't understand the complaint in the recent "Black Wealth" episode. Is housing too affordable in black neighborhoods? Is it a problem that the same money buys a much better house in a black neighborhood? Aren't those positives? If black people want more generational wealth in the form of property, they can always spend more on property. Don't buy an inexpensive house and then gripe that your chidren will only inherit an inexpensive house. (Maybe I should gripe: I had to pay a premium to live in a white neighborhood.) Don't believe his claim that realtors are significantly depressing black housing values, either. Realtors and home buyers would go nuts for desireable housing priced at a discount. Unfortunately, black neighborhoods are generally undesirable to the 86% of Americans who aren't black. At least there was no boogeyman for him to blame for the lower sales in black stores.
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Notso Shure
So accessible!
I once heard Planet Money described as the “talking economics over a beer” podcast and that holds true. I tend to get overwhelmed with economic or financial talk (especially right now) but the Planet Money team always manages to break things down enough that I can wrap my brain around it and feel less in over my head. Thank you!
There’s been some bad episodes recently
Long long time weekly listener. Redmap recently was super interesting (but it was a re-run). The black wealth episode seemed so out of character. It started with a personal vendetta on how he was going to prove a study wrong based off his own personal anecdote. Of course he’s going to find what he’s looking for because he will keep searching until he finds it. Obviously policy has had a majorly negative impact on black Americans. Trying to pretend not having an intact family with 2 parents at home isn’t ideal either isn’t going to solve anything either. Of course there’s exceptions but BOTH policy and personal decisions can be a factor
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Black Wealth
Are you serious? Anecdote after anecdote. No facts to back up the premise. Miss the old Planet Money before their woke virtue signaling.
Stop it
Just stick with money. Your political viewpoints bleed through and are sickening. We can all see through it.
No analysis or critical thought just mindless left talking points
Black Wealth: some questions on how personal responsibility might play a role in the devaluation of black wealth would have provided a well rounded view of the issue. Instead, we are feed the same conclusion and actions items that always come from the left; the invisible hand of “the man” is responsible for all of the ills that blacks face. The solution; more government programs. White people also die from poverty, become addicted to drugs, are incarcerated, live in areas with depressed home values.
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gleeson is a loser
Bad and getting worse
This podcast started out years ago with it’s present stated mission: The Economy Explained. Now it has been hijacked by people on a social justice mission. Take this story in particular, Patrick Moynihan focused on single parent households. The correlation with wealth inequality continues to transcend race. Stick with the facts instead of giving time to someone who hasn’t gotten over sb dissing their Mom. I’ll give Planet Money a few more listens before distancing myself.
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Good Work and an Opportunity
The recent podcast about Black wealth inequalities had some very interesting points. I’m not sure I agree with the theme that essentially all of these issues are the result of policy only. I’ll also admit I felt it a bit disingenuous for the chuckled vanilla wafer comment to be included. Sure that’s trivial compared to the history of what Blacks have had to hear. But if someone had said they were seeing a lot of chocolate wafers, the comment wouldn’t have been aired or someone would immediately be called out as racist. People should be proud of their groups, but this point is an example of why the “us vs them” continues to propagate. Overall, despite being a conservative and hearing some episodes that are not always telling the full story, I have learned a lot and listen to this podcast religiously.
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I Miss the Old Planet Money
I loved planet money such at Episode 387: No-Brainer Economic Platform. It seemed the drive of the show was using economics as a lens to see subjects differently. Recently in the past year it has drifted away from this. The news letter seems to be the only thing that has kept true to form!
A Mighty Wind
Used to be great...
A few years ago this podcast provided interesting insights into the workings of the economy. Now it’s just another outlet for woke politics and intersectionality. It’s been truly sad to watch the decline in creativity.
ol sarge
Black Wealth
Such a “hard fraught” discussion yet earlier episodes on planet money and the logic of economic behavior contradict much of this. Anyone and everyone is better off with an intact two parent family. Earlier planet money episode’s explore the specific destruction of such family units in the black community through the 70s and now that’s not relevant? The family unit is the soil, the sun and the water supply for the lettuce.
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This is my favorite show!
Economics are fascinating and your show proved that to me. I have been listening for several years how, and I love the stories you tell backed up by solid investigative journalism. Thank you!
I hate Trump
Just another I hate Trump podcast. You know we’re not stupid we can see this economy we can see the growth it has ..... plainly the virus is not trumps fault many other countries suffering the same can find middle ground and still be interesting.....I really enjoy your earlier podcast back before Trump was president.
s jourdain
cost of life
The economic analysis of a cost of life was too simplistic to conclude that a total lock down was needed. There was no inclusion for increase suicides, over-doses, bankruptcies, and permanent job losses. Nor was there analysis of the Covid related actions of other countries and their economic impact.
REDMAP: Cynical and Terrifying
Does Chris Jankowski have a plan when he and his ilk take over America, or—for him and Mitch McConnell—is winning everything? Dog catches car, now what?
Not a financial person
Just good, give it a listen. It’s not all about economics and investing.
jakdi repsm
Trump’s taxes
I usually enjoy your podcast and I am certainly no fan of Trump, but your show on his taxes was superficial and oversensational. It mischarcterized how finance and tax professionals, acting in concert with their high ethical standards, help businesses to provide jobs and keep the economy vital. I am very disappointed in you and I likely won’t be listening to you in the future. Your credibility is low.
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Willis Page
Whiny complaint shop
What used to be an interesting glimpse into various aspects of money in American life has turned into a bunch of babies complaining that life isn’t fair. Snowflake zone!
Best show
Very one of the broadcast are very interested and educational
Let’s get back to planet money. Not planet trump
Historically this is a wonderful podcast. But you seem to have some trump hysteria... leaving listeners bored
Listen to this every night
It’s amazing the stories are very interesting.
Arena points are wierd
Listen to this podcast!!
Love the show, keep doing what you’re doing!
Left wing garbage
Misleading and sometimes dishonest anti Trump content. Save your time, ignore this podcast. There are so many other unbiased financial podcasts.
This is amasing
I use this every night to help me sleep. It is so calming, and enjoyable. I find the topics very interesting. I highly recommend it 10/10
Not alone
Well I guess im not the only one.Not5 sure who the other 11 year old is but im also an 11 year old that listens to this during their big rides.Also I love that this show keeps it short
pugsicle3ruffles(my username)
Apple vs everybody!
Great episode!!!
John T Huss
You guys are hilarious!😂
You guys are absolutely hilarious. You know I am probably the only 11-year-old that listens to economics on bike rides. You and snacks daily are the only podcast I’ve ever listen to.
so fffdguvxh
Best podcast you weren’t sure you’d like!
Planet Money is one of those podcasts that you try because a friend suggested it. You’re geeky is this? But after a few episodes you find you can’t wait for those COVID-19 walks around the neighborhood on Thursday because you can’t wait to hear what they have to share with you. The team does excellent reporting. They keep it balanced, and each episode is thoughtful and much more interesting than you expected. I love this team and what they do! You will, too!
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I just like I love you show love 💕
Money world=20 minutes
Just sayin economy in 20 minutes is outstanding work! Keep it up!
One of my favorites!
Really enjoy the topics of this podcast and the episode time is great as well, 20-30 minutes
Wonderful entertaining bites of economic news
These guys never fail to deliver an entertaining and informative show! I’m always surprised and interested to see what they come out with.
A dose of great information, fun... great job!
My go to podcast!
Different direction
I have listened to this podcast for years. I can’t do it any longer. The content of 2020 is filled with politics and one sided opinion in every episode. I originally started listening for some fun, interesting economics/news. Now all they talk about are politics. I understand my source and don’t expect completely unbiased opinions, but the last few months have been unrelenting. I can get the same content elsewhere if I really wanted it. I guess a politically middle of the road subscriber is not the audience they are trying to entertain.
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I love this podcast. It’s packed with high quality information and very entertaining. One of the best finance podcasts out there!
planet money tiktok!
here from your tiktok account!! 10/10 i’m learning a lot in an interesting way
I so wanted the ad to be of a hippo or bed tent
Really loved the summer school series and the graduation stories were absolutely perfect! Such real-world examples for our classroom lessons:-)
Tall Lobster
Really good
Literally taught me everything I know about economics
This is been my favorite podcast for years. Keep up the great work!
You talk too fast for the average listener. We’re your audience, not your buddies!
Planet Money deserves 5 Stars. I unsubscribed last year to protest fast-talking anchors or guests. Fast-talkers expose their vulnerabilities by limiting interruptions. They just do their jobs. Their audience are told they are ignorant & feeble they can’t understand anyway. They show off their fast articulation of words but meanings don’t matter. Fast-talkers are the worst educators if they can’t keep their listeners focused. Fast-talkers are unprofessional by the metrics of a job interview: You just wasted somebody’s time. Fast-talkers cannot impact people’s memory for long. Their audience will not remember their names, but their faulty communication skills. Fast-talkers don’t qualify to teach anything! Fast-talkers don’t listen well. Fast-talkers are often con artists or chronic liars. It’s like their foreheads hold one of these red labels: LIAR, CON ARTIST, KINGS OF WASTED TIME, UNPROFESSIONAL, ad don’t deserve an audience who wants to listen. BE NORMAL, NOT ABNORMAL! Don’t spoil the content value in your programming. I think you got it by now. Please consider your audience as coming to learn something new, but some basic knowledge, too. Start with 3 minutes of elementary knowledge, definitions, breaking down acronyms, organization structure of your money world, so we can reach your planet. Above all, be respectful to the least educated in your audience. Please spread this advice to everyone you know in the media. But, I’ve come back with the hope that you can change your delivery every time you are on the air. Prove you reside on earth, not anywhere else in the universe. I hope to stay.
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Lovely peaches is QUEEN.🤠
Cucumber. 🥒
Your Stories
Simply the best podcast! I an a true fan of Planet Money.
Where’s the objectivity?
I’ve been craving conversations about facts objectively, so I thought listening to an NPR podcast would be a good start. Unfortunately, I have listened to 10 recent episodes now, and I am disappointed at the lack of attempt of impartiality. A natural, unknown bias may just be the effect that occurs when you gather a group of like-minded people to tell a narrative.
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The ads for other podcasts
1 Star for repeating the same ad for subscribing to other podcasts. Over and over and over. And over. Can’t count to 2? The rest of the podcast gets 5 stars.
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