Jonathan Lakeland & pitchSHIFT
A podcast dedicated to changing the conversation about classical music for the better.
Anthony Roth Costanzo
Anthony Roth Costanzo sits down with Jonathan Palmer Lakeland to talk about more than just the fact that they both have three names. They chat about classical music, how and why new listeners can get into it, Akhnaten, and much more.
Dec 1, 2019
29 min
What is Classical Music?
What is classical music? A relatable genre of music, with which everyone can fall in love. Musical clips courtesy of MusOpen.org Audio recording of Leonard Bernstein from his first "Young People's Concert". If you liked this clip, I highly recommend that you head over to Amazon to purchase some / all of these programs - they're great!
Nov 29, 2019
16 min
PitchSHIFT - A Trailer
PitchSHIFT is a new podcast that is dedicated to changing how we think and talk about classical music. And it's for EVERYONE! Episodes coming this September!
Jun 6, 2019
2 min