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Absolutely love Chris and this show! Being a songwriter lover this is IT
Stick with the Music- steer clear of the politics
One of my favorite podcasts up until the latest episode with Devon. Stick to the music and steer clear of the politics!!! Nonsense for a songwriting podcast to be picking sides or stating “help the other side deal with their fear”. Fear mongering goes both ways in today’s political climate. A shame we can’t enjoy podcasts about songwriting, sports or anything entertainment oriented without it being thrown in our face.
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Interesting, Insightful Interviews About Songwriting
Chris’s podcast is well designed with interviews of accomplished songwriters. He asks good questions that yield insights on how songs are born and ultimately heard by music listeners. I really appreciate his efforts in the podcast. Here are suggestions to make it even better: • Please let the guests answer the questions asked before interjecting. In some episodes, the host does more than 50 percent of the talking. At times I found myself saying, “Chris, I like the podcast, but PLEASE let the guest answer!” We often hear much more about Chris’s career and songwriting methods than we do that of the guests. The interview should be about the guests, not the host. • It would be nice to hear two or three clips from the songs you’re discussing. • It would be nice to hear the guests play a verse or two from one of their favorite songs. • To address the first bullet above, listen to Terri Gross of NPR do an interview on “Fresh Air.” She sets the standard.
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The Truth.
A breathe of Fresh air.
This podcast is awesome. It's not set up like an interview, but just a discussion. It has great info. This podcast gives you some great insight into Nashville and the business.
The Host Won’t Stop Talking
This is the first review I have ever written for a podcast. I have listened to a lot of bad podcasts, but I’ve never felt the need to leave a review until now. Today, I listened to this podcast for the first time (the Colbie Caillat episode). The host repeatedly interrupted his guest. He would ask his guest to elaborate on some story, and within five or ten seconds, he would interrupt the guest, and then proceed to finish the story he had asked the guest to tell. How rude. He started the episode saying that it would be about songwriting, and then spent most of the episode talking about other things. His voice is heard throughout almost all of the episode to which I listened. Imagine being invited to the home of someone you just met, an acquaintance of sorts, for dinner, and then the host spends most of the time talking about himself, or telling you what your life is like? Wouldn’t you wonder why you were invited? The host repeatedly asked the guest what something was like, and then interrupted in order to explain to the guest what the guest was going through. What a joke. That’s insulting. At least the guest was kind enough to not get up and leave, although if it were me, I would have ended the conversation and told the host how I feel— like I wasn’t even there.
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Consoiracy Jim
Great insights into the heart of the creative soul!
This is exactly the podcast I have been waiting to find! This is fantastic insight into the heart and soul of the creative writers. Thank you for putting out such great contact!
Stop interrupting guests
Hard to listen to because the host continually talks over the guests.
Best Podcast for Aspiring Songwriters
As a new-ish songwriter to the Nashville scene, Chris’s podcast has been a huge help in gaining an inside look at the songwriting and publishing world from the perspective of hit-makers and industry people. It can be incredibly confusing trying to figure out how this town works and, having written songs for 15 years, even more frustrating being viewed as a “new writer.” This podcast has had an enormous impact on my day-to-day perspective and grind and in immeasurably grateful. I’ve enjoyed every episode and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about songwriting, the music industry, art, and good people doing big things. Keep em coming man! Hopefully someday you’ll be asking me to come by and chat Hahahah Jake Durkin
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Jake Durkin
Informative and Entertaining!
Listened to twenty episodes on my way back to Austin from Nashville and enjoyed every episode!
R Frazier
Let the guests talk
This podcast covers a great subject with some amazing guests. Chris Lindsey, the host is certainly a knowledgeable one with many successes and decades of experience. This podcast would be a five star if the guests had time to answer the questions without so many interruptions.
Nashville Nickname
Would love it if guests did more of the talking
Sometimes I think Chris is too forceful in pushing out his point of view on his guests. I keep listening because I am interested in the different guests he has on it, but I feel like I’m only hearing Chris’s point of view as the dominant point of view. Would love to see it be more about the guests he brings on, where Chris is pulling as much information out of them as he can and letting them do the majority of the talking and storytelling. I think Chris is great and he is an idol of mine, and I will definitely update my review if I see the podcast move in that direction. Thanks for having this podcast to let us younger writers hear some insider information!
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Great songwriting info and positivity. Love it.
I started this podcast not knowing much about Chris or the songwriters he interviews but decided to give it a try. I was hooked from the first episode and look forward to each new one. Chris is an extremely positive person and shares his wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics. The information on songwriting and the music industry is very interesting but I also enjoy Chris’ positivity and outlook on life (it has cheered me up more than once). There are so many good bits of information and quotes that I often pause the podcast to write them down. Thanks for doing this podcast Chris. The songwriting information is great but I bet there are many others out there like me who appreciate you being such a positive force as well.
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Great listen!
Love hearing stories from inside the music. Very well done and fun.
One of a kind
Chris is preserving history by capturing the thoughts of impactful members of the Nashville songwriting community in long-form talks. If he hadn't done this, it wouldn't exist. Now I can listen to Brett Beavers talk for an hour about music, and without this podcast that might not have ever been possible. Very thankful to have found this.
Amazing Resource!!!
I love this podcast! I recently returned to songwriting and music production after a 10+ year break. I live in the Midwest and miss my days in LA where I just wrote songs and worked on music all day. This podcast reminds me of the “good old days” however it is packed with outstanding, relevant content that is perfect for anyone wanting to pursue a career as a songwriter or in the publishing industry. Well done!!!
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Grateful to hear these stories and advice. Letting the songwriter speak and giving them a space to share their path is so rare. Thank you.
Invaluable podcast
Every songwriter needs a kick in the pants now and then and this podcast has done just that for me. Please don’t ever stop making these. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Highly entertaining!
Pitch list is honest, thought-provoking and truly inspiring! Gives you an inside look into the songwriting industry through personal stories and helpful tips on how to maintain a long-term writing career. Relatable to all writers alike. Keep on keeping on!
Tate R.
Like it 🐆
This is the first episode I’ve listened I like it and I can’t wait to next episode great job!!
Ayoub Jauregui
Really good podcast.
There’s a couple of songwriter podcasts out there and this is one of the better ones. Really cool insider info and meaningful conversation. Chris gets better at interviewing with each episode and I’m looking forward to season 2. Definitely check it out!
copper tony
Love it!!!
So great! Can’t wait for the next episode
Laughed and learned!
I'm five episodes in, and all I can say is, what a find! Chris Lindsay knows this business well, and he's letting us in on the conversations that he's having with some of Nashville's songwriting icons. I've learned something from every episode, whether it's a personal story that inspires, or an industry trend that I never even knew about. Add in some tips about good work/writing habits, and some hilarious behind-the-scenes stories (like the pair of underpants for two!) and you have a podcast that any songwriter-- old school, mainstream, or up-and-coming-- will love!
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Amazing podcast.
The big man11
Amazingly Great!!
In the past decade I've made 2 trips to Nashville as a member of NSAI. Both times I returned home to Maine with my tail between my legs. I have a beautiful wife and 5 wonderful children. I was beginning to think that my dream of writing songs was behind me. Enter Chris Lindsey and Pitch List. The wonderful insight and inspiration have brought hope back into my life. Never give up on your dreams kids. Thank you Chris, for Pitch List.
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My new favorite podcast. Please keep ‘em coming!
Within the first five minutes of the podcast I was drawn in.
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