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Pitch List
American Songwriter
Ep 52: Adam Sanders
54 minutes Posted Oct 7, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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This week on Pitch List, Chris chats with writer/artist Adam Sanders. No stranger to the music business, Adam moved to Nashville in 2009; within a few years, he’d gone from working construction to penning two #1 songs (“Ain’t Worth The Whiskey”, “Hell of a Night”). Adam has truly been a student of the music industry, and it shows - from his wiser-than-his-years work mentality to an undeniable track record of hit songs. Take a listen to hear about Adam’s passion for co-writing, how a routine Tin Roof writer’s round led him to a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog, and more. Plus: don’t forget to visit our website or social media pages to watch the video version of Adam’s exclusive at-home performance of his new single, “Drink Drank Drunk”!
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