Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show
Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show
Piledriver Wrestling
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Good Stuff
Good chat, both hosts are likable dudes. They should really drop the Total Divas talk (it doesn't take up too much time, but is a part I always fast forward through). But they do a good job of talking about the wrestling world as a whole, instead of just focusing on the WWE. Keep it up!
Tooty Buns
A comprehensive, engaging, and insightful look at modern professional wrestling.
This is a highly enjoyable and very informative show that I regularly look forward to. Rory adds some element of humor to the show sort of being the color commentator equivalent while Luke is exceptionally knowledgable. He adds a level head of maturity and clearly has insider connections into the industry, and handles himself as a professional. However, it's great when he breaks up with some laughs and amusement. This is definitely a show for any fan of wrestling, regardless of which promotion you follow. The only thing that keeps it from a five-star rating is that the show could use a little more technical polish such as some better or more consistent audio quality, a little bit of editing to cut out beats of dead air as the hosts ponder an idea, and possibly something like audio bumpers when switching topics or at the end of the show to give it a little more punch. Still, both hosts are very engaging to listen to that even for promotions you don't follow, they make their discussions very stimulating to listen to, regardless. Whenever these guys take a hiatus, I can't wait to have them come back because they're the only wrestling podcast I listen to, and I respect their insight into everything. And they don't mind doing a three hour episode to make sure they catch-up on everything. They comprehensive.
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Nick MIchalak
Why is this wrestling podcast reviewing a reality show?
For the most part, this is a really informative podcast about pro wrestling/sports entertainment. But for some unknown reason, they insist on including a overly detailed review of the "reality" show Total Divas on their podcast. This brings the proceedings to a halt every single time. They need to get rid of the Total Divas nonsense, and maybe get a producer to keep the conversation on track. If they fixed these problems, it would be a five star podcast.
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Disco Von Doom
I don't know what it is about english/irish guys talking about insider stuff going on in pro wrestling but i could listen to these guys all day. these guys know thier stuff .
Okay but the old Place 2 Be Podcast are broken
The review show is decent but the dead air and heavy breathing is distracting. I like the old Place 2 Be episodes but for some reason itunes only downloads half the episodes rendering them useless.
Best coverage of the best wrestling in Japan
This podcast should get MAJOR props for their coverage of Japanese Wrestling. Currently the best wrestling is in coverage is in Japan as the WWE has watered down wrestling severely
Great - a must-listen
Highly recommended. An intelligent and insightful weekly podcast.
It's become a Friday Night Tradition to sit down and listen to the show. It summarises the important events in all the promotions worldwide. There's no reason to listen to anything else.
best in the world
5 stars as always
"second best in the world"
Greatest Wrestling podcast right now
These guys know their stuff, great detail and answer questions by the listeners. I recommend this for any wrestling fan. Subscribe and enjoy! : )