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Pleas keep making this podcast!
This was exactly what I was looking for!
Mix’s passion for picture books saturated these insightful interviews.
Phew, I’m officially caught up. I have now listened to all of Nick’s Picturebooking podcasts to date, and not only have I heard some really enlightening interviews, but I’ve also gotten to follow along on Nick’s struggles with becoming the kind of picturebooker he longs to be. Through his example, I know I’m not alone on this work/life/art balancing act that aspiring picturebookers must perform. And the interviews he gets out of these creators are just the thing to stoke the fire of creative passion in each of us. I’ve also found it fascinating how much he’s grown as an interviewer. He now asks some of the most deeply insightful and personal questions of any podcast, because this is a passionately personal quest he’s on. Simply put, he wants to unlock the secrets to all aspects of making a great Picturebooking, one interview at a time. Hopefully he’s getting the same inspiration out of them as they are giving the rest of us, because I want them to continue doing this for a long time. Thanks for sharing everything with us Nick, it’s much appreciated, and good luck.
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One of the best!
I have listened to many of the children’s book and picture book podcasts available and this is my very favorite. Nick is engaging, asks interesting questions, and selects excellent authors and illustrators to speak to. I look forward to this every week. A must subscribe for anyone who loves picture books or wants to creat picture books themselves.
Fascinating insights
As a picture book writer, I enjoy hearing on this podcast about the writers’ and illustrators’ journeys to the books they’ve produced. And it’s fun to get a glimpse into the personalities behind books I already love or will soon be looking for. Thank you for providing this window behind the scenes!
Deb Gruelle
I was educated as a fine artist in college. My professors always told me I’d make a good illustrator, but didn’t exactly provide me with the tools or basic knowledge of how to do that in a real way. I’ve dabbled in photo realistic portraiture for years, but have always wanted to illustrate Children’s books. I came across this podcast and am absolutely inspired!! I love hearing about the creative processes of others and even the technical questions asked (do you scan in drawings and add via photoshop, do you composite images or draw everything out). I have so much hope now that this podcast has given me an inside look!! Love what you’re doing!!!!!
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Heartfelt and Excellent
Nick is a warm host, and these interviews/discussions are gems.
Creative Escape
Nick, thank you for your wonderful and thought-provoking podcast. It’s such a pleasure to listen and learn from the best children’s book authors and illustrators, which not only provides rare insights, but also practical tips for aspiring writers and artists! Keep up the great work and inspiration!
Thank you!!
These are really useful resources!!! A million thanks!
The PictureBooking Podcast is a must listen. Nick's passion for picture books is infectious.
A picture book podcast for creators
A great picture book podcast that is perfect for kidslit creators and anyone interested in the creator’s perspective. I find that a lot of the interviews touch upon the emotional aspect of book creating. Anyone that works on books, knows that it can be a lonely endeavor, and it is reassuring to know there are others that have the same questions and feelings about their work. I highly recommend it!
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salsbury illustrations
Thank you so much!
I appreciate this podcast so much! Nick Patton brings this dream of mine(to become a published children’s book illustrator) to life! I thoroughly enjoy the story’s of all his guests. He is so humble and has a way of revealing what’s really behind the wonder and genius of picture books and the amazing people who are behind it all. Thank you again!
Fabulous in Depth Look at Kidlit
A fabulous in depth set of interviews of children's literatures most interesting creators! Nick Patton is a great interviewer and dives deep into the creative minds of book creators and more!
Patty osndear
One of the best kidlit podcasts
This is one of the absolute best podcasts about kidlit from a creator's perspective. Nick is great at asking insightful questions and getting his guests to open up about the creative process. As an author, I find it invaluable to hear from other creators about their processes and challenges. I've been a listener for years and will be for many years more!
A fun and inspiring podcast for anyone interested in the picturebook world.
I love listening to this podcast while working on my projects. It's so nice to listen to different authors and illustrators talk about their process and experience in the picturebook world. I just finished listening to the Dan Santat interview and it's so good! All of them have been wonderful so far. Thank you Nick!
Best Way to Start Your Day
I love getting coffee in the morning and turning on the Picturebooking Podcast. Nick brings out the magic inside artists and writers. His questions are funny and insightful. I wish the podcasts were longer, but they bring joy to the day! These podcasts are for every age!
P in Hoboken
A great insight
This is a great insight to people's creativity, process, challenges and imagination. Thanks
Love it!!!
I'm an illustrator and author and have been waiting for a podcast like this one. Keep it up!!!
Douglas A. Chip
As an aspiring writer/illustrator, I found this podcast while trying to better educate myself on the Kid Lit genre while I worked. This quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. You can tell Nick's enthusiasm is the real deal, which in turns helps me appreciate the genre all the more.
Basement Monster
Great for aspiring writers & illustrators!
As a creative interested in getting into the world of writing and illustrating children's books, I recently discovered and fell in love with this podcast. Nick does a great job of finding excellent authors and illustrators and then facilitating enlightening and inspiring conversations. In the few days that I've been binging on episodes, I've already learned so much. Thanks, Nick! Please, keep it up!
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Great KidLit podcast!
Nick Patton's Picturebooking podcast is always a joy to listen to and I love seeing a new podcast pop up on my phone from him. He's very informative and has outstanding guests. They combine to tell great stories about their struggles through illustrating (and in some cases writing) picture books. I'm not an illustrator, but I find a lot of great info anyway! Enjoy it!!
Bobo the dog faced boy
Just What I Need!
I discovered this podcast in March 2015 while on Spring Break with my family, and have binged on all the episodes since then. Now I’m caught up! As a newbie in the world of crafting picture books, I crave the advice and wisdom from the folks that are interviewed. Nick Patton’s questions are spot-on and his guests are candid… I am humbled by their stories, how they got where they were to where they are now. Keep up the good work, Mr. Patton, and THANK YOU!!!
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Kidlit podcasting from an artist's perspective
Picturebooking is one of my favorite things to listen to because of host Nick Patton's ability to engage his guests on their process and artistic approach to writing and illustrating books for children. The guy is obviously a big fan of children's literature, as evidenced from the passion in his interviews, and his growing number of guests makes me very excited for what's to come. A very worthy listen.
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New Favorite
This Podcast is a must for anyone interested in Children's lit. Especially as a creator. There just isn't a lot of ways to get this kind of info and Nick Patton does a great job. He inspires me to do what I love. My favorite episode so far is the one with Will Terry. P.S. Nick Patton I love your answer to the question you ask all your guests. I am on board all the way.