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Love the Show
Need more Jersey Jerry, Kellyinvegas, and Megan Makin Money guest appearances! Keep up the good work. #somethings
Tha Ringa
Solid pod, but ruined by Marty Mush
Really enjoy B Walker, EV, Mintz, but Marty Mush’s schtick and character is insufferable. Also, please keep Nate off the shows. He’s awful and makes for an instant turn off.
Adding Kelly who drops a little true gambling info in with the morons really separates this daily gambling show. Much more for content then actually relying on their gambling info. But with Kelly the show now is both funny entertaining and informative.
In an awesome groove
The combo of B Walk, Mush, Big Ev, and Mintzy is so good! Obv Any time you can add big cat it’s a bonus but you guys have found awesome chemistry and sports talk with this crew ! Keep killing it ! Rico is hit or miss, some days he is insufferable and I have to turn the show off.
Love it
Added to the daily rotation.
Bad host
Would be better if Brandon Walker and Marty Mush weren’t on it
Best part of my day
Guys bein dudes. B walk makes this a must listen
Totally agree
Totally agree that I didn’t really know the Chicago guys until the dozen. Now tho dog walk is on the daily rotation.
i like this pod
Great listen
Awesome show to listen to when Marty isn’t on
Very solid but please drop Marty
Love the show. Audio is too low though. Impossible to hear while I’m working even though I’m using headphones
Ben Mintz is great
Love glenny too
Would be 5 stars without Walker
Love the crew. Rico, Marty, Mintz and Big Ev are all great. Can't stand that booger eating, Ellen Degeneress, Hank Hill sounding moron who tries to talk over everyone. Brandon is so unfunny and it's so cringey when he tries to force a bit.
Poor pod
You guys give poor picks and basically speak about everything but sports picks. I guess anyone can make a sports betting pod!!
Most A Team Cast
Inconsistency of cast has made this pod slip on my list!!!
Not a rider but
Not a rider but Rico with Dan and Brandon is cream of the crop content. Rico just take the bus. Dan get a dog walker to watch your kid. Brandon lock your kids in the basement.
Who is in charge of dropping the pod
Love the pod and everyone on it just wish it didn’t take so long into the day to come out
Rico is a clown
Basically a toddler among men. Crazy how sensitive he is and how everyone has to walk on egg shells around him
Earlier Drop
Start dropping it earlier
Entertaining to hear what I missed on radio
Volume always low on Barstool podcasts
Hire an audio engineer who knows industry standard and give your podcasts even more listenable
Love it
This is the perfect podcast for the gambler who wants to meetup with the rest of his degenerate friends and give each other $&!+ for a couple hours.
Coolest guy in the United States
Dustin Johnson. Not even close
john tatti
Very cool
First time listening because of Duggs. He is awesome!
Ben will be a Star
Good stuff, Ben will be a Star once he gets to NYC!!
Rone and Nick, never again please.
10/14/2020, by far the the worst episode to date. Couldn’t even get to the picks, turned it off just before 10 minutes of hot garbage.
Small Suggestion
Love the show but B.Walk please stop commenting about the people who walk by the studio. Making observations about every person who walks by gets very annoying
jennifer from new england
Great show
I know nothing of gambling, but love listening to this show and am learning a couple things .
The Real Bob-Bo
An Hour of Hilarity
Now that gambling is easily available, its so much fun diving into the mud with these guys. The banter is all time, B Walk is the man, Ryder for lyfe. Overs Only Club.
BWALK is awesome! Love the show
Brandon Walker STINKS
Get that nerdy condescending redneck out of my ear hole #EnergyVampire
Kirk And B Walk!
That was honestly really good radio. I think these 2 are long lost best friends in a past life. Great Chemistry
Willie Colonoscopy
Great podcast
One of my favorite daily podcasts to listen to. The guys are all great together, even when different people are filling in (not so much Trysta). Good amount of daily picks spread over different sports to give you more than enough action for each night
Would be so much better without Marty
This show would be can’t miss every single day if Mush wasn’t on. The other guys are fun to listen to and I really enjoy it, but Mush is unbearable. They’d be well served to axe him.
Financially Irresponsible not to Listen
Great show! Love the rotating cast. Only wish would be if the pod was uploaded earlier. Keep giving out winners
Prepare to take a hit
Love the pod, but it’s difficult to listen when Dan and Rico are consistently absent. Is this the new football season norm? I’m still someone okay with just Bwandon and Marty alone, but I can’t handle some of these other random guests.
M. Todd P.
Trysta 👎🏼
love you guys and the pod but please don’t let Trysta on again lol
Release earlier
Yeah this needs to be released earlier.
Great Show
Love the show, only problem is the most is cast version isn’t consistently available right away to listen. If this was available at 230 everyday it would be ideal
Charmin soft
One of my favorites
This is one of my favorite podcasts from Barstool. Mush, Brandon Walker, Rico, & Big Cat kill it each and every day.
Love it
Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts
I love y’all but I can’t hear a thing when I listen at work
Tucker Money
Where’d y’all go
Miss you
Anything with davey day trader is hilarious
Love it
BWalk, Big Cat, Marty, and Pres. Can’t go wrong. Slowly becoming one of my favorite podcasts!! Also, Brandon is more knowledgeable about Sports than people give him credit for.
Love it
The best
The whole crew is great
BFW, Wide Dog, LoDuca and Fletch. Great crew.
love it
love it
johnny reviews
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