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Physio Edge podcast
David Pope
Inspiring interviews with leading Physiotherapists, discussing real life assessment and treatment, clinical issues and ways to give you an edge in your Physiotherapy clinical practice.
107. Treatment of peripheral nerve sensitisation with Dr Toby Hall
In Physio Edge podcast 104, Dr Toby Hall and I discussed PNS, common symptoms, causes, questions to ask, and how to assess and diagnose PNS in your patients. In this followup podcast, the second in our two-part series, Dr Toby Hall and I take you through the next phase - how to treat PNS.
Oct 22
1 hr 22 min
Cervical radiculopathy, central sensitisation, achilles tendinopathy, hip & groin pain, and strength testing with Paula Peralta, Simon Olivotto, Nick Kendrick & David Toomey
Explore cervical radiculopathy, central sensitisation, achilles tendinopathy, hip & groin pain, & strength tests for athletes with Simon Olivotto, Dave Toomey, Paula Peralta & Nick Kendrick.
Sep 17
47 min
105. Scapular dyskinesis - Does it really matter? with Jo Gibson
When you assess your patients shoulder movements, and notice a winging scapula, altered resting position or timing of scapula movement, do you need to treat it? Can we diagnose “Scapular dyskinesis”, and does it matter? How can you simplify your scapular assessment? In this podcast, Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist) explores common beliefs and myths around the scapula...
Jun 28
34 min
104. Peripheral nerve sensitisation & neural tissue pain disorders with Dr Toby Hall
When your patient has leg, shoulder or arm pain, how can you identify if their pain is due to neural tissue compression, sensitisation or irritation? How can you differentiate whether pain is from neural tissue or local structures like nearby joints, tendons or muscles? What questions and objective tests will help you diagnose a neural tissue pain disorder (NTPD)? Discover in this podcast with Dr Toby Hall (Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, FACP, PhD).
Jun 17
1 hr 25 min
103. An unusual cause of shoulder pain with Jo Gibson
A young male patient woke with an acute onset of constant, shooting shoulder pain, is painful into abduction, reluctant to lift his arm, and feels like he’s losing shoulder strength. He has no recent history of injury.  Can you diagnose this unusual cause of shoulder pain, based on this patient's symptoms and physical tests? What are your differential diagnoses and red flags to keep in mind with this patient?
Jun 10
20 min
102. Stretching for shoulder pain - Is it time to put sleeper stretches to bed? with Jo Gibson
Do stretches have any value for shoulder pain, or are there better treatment options? In this podcast, Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist) discusses how to differentiate true capsular stiffness from muscle stiffness, what information GIRD provides, and whether sleeper stretches for shoulder pain are a useful treatment.
May 17
26 min
101. Return to play testing after shoulder surgery with Jo Gibson
Shoulder surgery in athletes is common following dislocation. Accelerated post-op shoulder stabilisation rehab protocols include early mobilisation to reduce movement, proprioceptive and strength deficits. This has allowed earlier return to play (RTP), however...
May 4
36 min
100. 5 practical strategies to improve your clinical reasoning & treatment results with David Toomey, Jordan Craig & Simon Olivotto
How can you improve your clinical reasoning to more effectively assess and treat your patients?
Apr 2
1 hr 22 min
099. Upper traps - are they really a bad guy with Jo Gibson
In this podcast, Jo Gibson (Clinical Specialist Physio) explores the evidence around the upper fibres of trapezius, and implications on your clinical practice.
Mar 12
19 min
098. How to use strength training in your treatment with David Joyce
Strength training can be used in your treatment and rehab programs to improve your patients strength, load capacity, function & pain, so they can get back into work and the activities they enjoy. In your athletic patients, strength training can be used to help restore power and speed, which are vital for sporting performance..
Feb 13
47 min
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