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Philosophy For Our Times
Philosophy for our Times is a free philosophy podcast bringing you the latest talks and debates from the world’s leading thinkers. We host weekly episodes on today’s biggest ideas in news, society, culture, politics, science and arts. Subscribe today to never miss an episode.
Surviving and Thriving On Curiosity | Garrick Jones
Author Garrick Jones explores the role that curiosity can play in improving our lives
Dec 1
44 min
Reality Uncovered | John Ellis, Sabine Hossenfelder, Jim Baggott
John Ellis, Sabine Hossenfelder and Jim Baggott discuss the future of particle physics.
Nov 24
41 min
Animal Rights and Human Wrongs | Peter Singer, Christopher Belshaw, Mary-Ann Sieghart, Peter Egan
Peter Singer, Christopher Belshaw, Mary-Ann Sieghart and Peter Egan discuss the future of animal rights.
Nov 17
44 min
Do We Really Want To Save The World? | Vince Cable, Aaron Bastani, Emma Slade, John Zerzan
Vince Cable, Aaron Bastani, Emma Slade and John Zerzan discusses political engagement and inaction.
Nov 10
59 min
Rational Animals | Steven Pinker, Daniel Kahneman, Shami Chakrabarti
Steven Pinker, Daniel Kahneman and Shami Chakrabarti discuss risk, rationality and coronavirus.
Nov 3
45 min
Free Will Worth Wanting |Daniel Dennett, Helen Steward, Patrick Haggard
Daniel Dennett, Patrick Haggard and Helen Steward deliberate over the existence of free will.
Oct 27
45 min
Why Choice is Not an Illusion | Raymond Tallis
Cultural critic and philosopher Raymond Tallis unpicks the arguments against the existence of free will.
Oct 20
30 min
Materialism Deconstructed| Bernardo Kastrup, Nancy Cartwright, Peter Atkins
Is the world only made of material, physical stuff?
Oct 13
49 min
The Maths of Life | Silvia Jonas
Philosopher Silvia Jonas explores the philosophy of ineffability and the philosophy of mathematics.
Oct 6
16 min
What do we really know? | Renata Salecl, Philip Goff & Simon Blackburn
Renata Salecl, Philip Goff and Simon Blackburn debate the functions and limitations of supposedly objective truth.
Sep 29
43 min
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