Philosophy Bites
Philosophy Bites
Edmonds and Warburton
David Edmonds (Uehiro Centre, Oxford University) and Nigel Warburton (freelance philosopher/writer) interview top philosophers on a wide range of topics. Two books based on the series have been published by Oxford University Press. We are currently self-funding - donations very welcome via our website
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What is a woman
Maybe don’t invite a transphobe to speak on the issue. Maybe, maybe if you’re going to have a discussion about the trans community bring in a member of the trans community. This episode trots out much of the tired, fear-filled and hateful rhetoric without challenging any of it. Simple. Dumb. Boring.
Food for thought.
Can get a bit arcane at times, for those without much formal training in philosophy, but extremely interesting podcast full of fresh takes on classical perspectives.
Ken Seussers
Like water
In an age of intellectual confusion, these gems are a real treasure.
One of the best podcasts out there
Nigel and David’s podcast may very well be the best podcast I’ve ever listened. They always bring interesting guests to talk about the whole spectrum of philosophical subjects. I have learned A LOT with them. Kudos!
Thank you!
Nigel and David have been quietly plugging away at what I consider one of the finest examples of the potential of podcasting. They are exquisite interviewers, and deserve the world for their devotion over the years to this exceptional labor of love. Thank you for making this, and thank you for continuing to advance human understanding.
The best philosophy podcast
This is the best podcast on philosophy I’ve listened to. It presents complex topics in discussions with experts but in a tone and method that is accessible to the non-philosopher.
It is so much fun to browse through this podcast and find 15 minute discussions on the topics of my interest. Really delightful.
Bill Wickes
I listened to the too much Democracy diatribe. The basic assertion was that as a democratic society, we tended to associate with others based on our democratic heritage. What a bunch of rubbish... it’s akin to the assertion that we can spend to much time with our families and our friends. The authors have a diversity model in mind... moreover, the authors assert that diverse groups tend to congregate into groups (segregation). The idea that similar groups cannot work together unless they live together. This theory is as inadequate and unfounded that people cannot work together in a complex organization unless they live in the same housing complex... This is a very primitive idea. With the implicit assumption that people cannot use there belief systems and ethics to rule their emotions. The worst idea is that we are better at Democracy if we do things that ignore Democracy.... In some ways this is akin to a sports team working together in a non-sports manner to improve their sports team. The underlying premise is that too much Democracy will tend to make all things political... but only if the people that are participating have no maturity.
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Lego Brian
Excellent topics!
One of my favorite philosophy podcasts out there. The guest philosophers are often the best in their field and Blackburn and Warburton’s questions are always Laser focused. It’s amazing how much you can learn in a short interview. Love them!
Great to listen
Amazing how they talk about the most difficult topics in a very simple way so that most people could follow.
Great podcast - more religion episodes pls!
Very informative with nice pacing that allows novices to pickup these heavy topics. I would like more religion or worldview (eg: stoicism) episodes as those are the most applicable and interesting to me.
iPad gamerzzz
So good!
Love the interviews!
Concise but substantive
The episodes are short and sweet, with no fluff, and they feature leading thinkers. Aside from the quality of the interviewees, the best thing about this podcast is the interviewers: they ask insightful questions, press for clarification when necessary, and never interrupt. The catalogue of past episodes is a treasure trove. Thank you for the wonderful podcast, Philosophy Bites team!
Capybara Snout
Entertaining & Educational
Let's face it, some podcasts can be dry. Also, philosophy can be dry. But I find this podcast both incredibly informative and incredibly entertaining. Great work!!!!
Glorious brevity
I appreciate the useful and pointed questions. If there's filler in any arguments, there's none to be found in editing. Agree with the British bias, but provides a great number and range of topics otherwise.
Dawnia B
I love this podcast. However, most of the speakers only talk about their subjects on a surface level. Although, you could say that's necessary for audiences new to philosophical studies.
Arm chair expert
I have been listening to this podcast for years and it is always helpful in my never ending search for meaning.
Sobriety Test
Great guests being asked precisely the right questions. I have spent hundreds of hours listening to dozens of podcasts. (Health issues keep me largely bedbound.) Of all the podcasts I listen to, my favorites are the following: Amicus (Slate) Past Present Philosophy Bites Pod Save America (Crooked Media) Political Gabfest (Slate) Trumpcast (Slate) The Weeds (Vox) You Must Remember This
Lost me
This podcast lost me after the first episode on the Plato's Allegory of the Cave. The guest, although a professor, made crude extractions, and missed the point Plato was making by a mile. The beautiful message that was intended in the Allegory was an explanation of the Forms which wasn't even mentioned. The guest professor was off point completely. Studying Plato for many years, I was appalled to hear what he had to say. Do yourself a favor and read up on it for yourself.
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Nickname 700BC
Excellent, with lots of breadth
Great content, and with plenty of variety. It’s also not too hard to follow for novices.
A favorite. Thoughtful and logical.
Esper Fiction
Great philosophy podcast
Interesting conversations with famous philosophers.
An excellent daily exploration of the mind
Fun, enlightening, interesting, and pleasantly brief.
Informative and interesting!
Each episode consists of a conversation with a philosopher about a particular philosophical question that he or she is interested in. The discussion is substantive, intelligent, accessible, information dense, and stays on topic. My favorite podcast. Highly recommended.
T-man 1138
Wonderful podcast.
I am a long-time listener and fan of this podcast. I find the topics to be very engaging and love immersing my mind in them. The episode with Huw Price on Backward Causation is my favorite. Keep up the great work. If you listen, help support!
A. Greant
They are extremely biased toward certain views, and don't even that opposing view points exist. I don't expect them to debate the guest since that isn't the point of the podcast, but they could interview someone with another view on the matter the next episode.
A. Granter
Sound conversations
Usually dry, yet, enjoyable conversations on philosophy in the modern world with subject matter experts. Helping to keep lives and the world examined more thoroughly.
The Best
The best philosophy podcast Very important information.. Short podcasts!
Succinct, enjoyable discussion.
What philosophy should be: meaningful, provocatively explorative questions without devolution or rambling.
Good Show
Good Show
Entertaining and educational
great philosophy podcast
Great podcast with interesting topics and great guests.
Love this podcast!
Started listening to this in high school, still listening to it as a philosophy grad. Accessible, yet advanced.
Awesome Podcast
I really enjoy reviewing the important issues in philosophy & having interesting guests whom add intersting perspectives to the topics.
The Tod Honderich episode is dispositive evidence that philosophy does, as a matter of fact, bite. (As a philosophy major, I get to say that.) In any case, I've seldom laughed harder in my life.
So much variety!
With over 200 episodes to date, there are topics here for everyone. Sometimes I don’t have the attention span for a two-hour long podcast on Aristotle’s metaphysics; these “bites” are perfect. And Nigel is wonderful.
A stellar expiration of a wide range of topics
Nigel Warburton is a super capable host who is prepared with great questions for his guests and comes up with excellent follow-ups to let their ideas fully unspool. And the guests can be some of the greatest minds in philosophy today. Very listenable for anyone interested in ideas, not just philosophy.
My Favorite Podcast
Philosophy Bites is consistently my favorite podcast. I often listen to episodes multiple times. Smart and thoughtful with a great tone--I recommend it to friends and acquaintances often.
Enamored listener 13
Excellent podcast
Great quality audio, I wish they had longer episodes maybe 30 mins each
Good job google...
The best philosophy podcast out there. Period.
Seriously. No one comes close to this. All other podcasts are too informal or too interesting in being “hip” to be this good. The clarity, conciseness, and good-content/time ratio is unbeatable.
Byrd Nick
Very Insightful
I always enjoy every episode. Insightful philosophy topics.
Disregards common sense and fact.
I enjoyed the ideas this podcast presented until I listened to the episode on "gun control". It's disgusting and is offensive to the intelligence of the general population. Clearly no research or even an ounce of thought was put into it before being aired.
The best Philosophy podcast series
Amazing interviews with the leaders of the field and very well edited. Highly recommended along with the others made by the same folks: Social Science Bites, Ethics Bites, philosophy: the classics... All great.
Always interesting
As others have said, there aren't many philosophy podcasts out there. It's difficult to talk about philosophy for a general audience without getting too dry/technical/boring. Warburton pulls it off. I learn something new from episode. Keep up the good work!
Excellent Design, Narrow-Minded Content, Dismissive Hosts
This is the best example you'll find of a well-edited, consistent podcast. And they do a remarkable job of doing philosophy in 15-minute chunks. It's too bad that they completely and unapologetically dismiss entire philosophic approaches, or what they call "continental philosophy". Which is strange, because as philosophers you think they would explore the tensions and debates over philosophy more. It's like finding a podcast that claims to be on automobiles, and then you find out it's really a podcast only on blue automobiles.
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Geography Prof
An Intellectual Treat
These are intelligent, thought provoking conversations with philosophers of all stripes, covering a range of historical and contemporary topics. They are a treat for listeners at all educational levels and degrees of experience in philosophical discourse.
This is by far the greatest philosophy podcast out there in the ether of the internet. In my opinion this is one of the best podcasts out there, excellent work!
Thought provoking
Great podcast that keeps me in touch with contemporary philosophical inquiry. For those who expect it to be all encompassing and thorough explications of any topic, please, go read a series of books or take a graduate course -- podcast is just not the format you're looking for. I saw a reviewer who complained that these guys are pushing a (liberal) political agenda. Well, I'm sorry, theology only makes sense within its own system. Not presenting what you believe doesn't necessarily mean that these guys are pushing any political agenda, but perhaps just following logic. Besides, the claim itself is false to begin with. I remember in an episode, the guest supports a libertarian economic view that is pretty conservative. I do not agree with him, but it's ok, because that's what this podcast is -- throwing out interesting ideas that invite the listeners to think about these important issues that rise with the advances in science and technology and our understanding of human societies, in which the program is doing a great job.
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