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Vet these guests…
I found Petty Pod last year and went back to listen to all the episodes. I like how these ladies keep it real and it’s nice to hear different perspectives from a group of girlfriends. I wish Paulette was more aware of taking too much airtime and cutting people off, but overall I enjoy listening. However the episode on 2/28/24 was a mess…that man has his wife in a 360 deal and has problematic views on fatherhood. There were some moments you checked him but I wish you all pressed him more on his patriarchal and misogynist views. Please vet guests better in the future
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Witty and relatable
I love listening to these funny, smart and beautiful women. The situations and reactions are relatable and entertaining!
simmer c
A cool pod
I enjoyed that he show, listened on and off this year. Y’all gotta get the one with the lisp off the mic. She talks the LOUDEST with that speech situation.
Enraged Villian
My Top Three Podcasts in rotation!
What can I say! These ladies always bring a perspective that are so relatable and easy to understand. All of their guest that they have had on are incredible especially Tannah! Bring her back every quarter! Keep doing well ladies and can’t wait for your live shows!
Great girl chat
I like this podcast. It’s gotten better over time. Love the girl chat.
toxic + negative
never in my life have i listened to a group of women so pretty on the outside yet to broken and bitter on the inside. absolutely nothing about this podcast is edifying or positive— it’s like— do y’all hate men? do y’all hate love? do y’all hate y’all selves? it’s so disappointing to see these women reduce love, dating and men to transactional exchanges. every single episode I’ve listened to has been extremely negative and toxic. i was hoping to come support another podcast by black women but there is absolutely nothing peaceful about this podcast whatsoever. it’s actually pretty sad. i hope these women get healed. their hearts and minds reflect nothing but brokenness. what a disappointment.
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Slow down ladies
I love listening to this podcast but yikes the girls talk really fast.
First time listener 😊
Just listened for the first time and you ladies crack me up! Love the topics and listening to everyone’s views and insights. My only suggestion is to try to avoid talking over each other. It can become a little overwhelming at times when you just hear so many voices saying stuff at once when your trying to finish hearing one persons views. Besides that I love it! 😄❤️
Take turns talking
Hey y’all! I just found this podcast and I really do like y’all and the topics . My only issue is that y’all tend to talk over each other and so in my ear it just sounds like a bunch of loud chatter and I can’t really hear what anyone is saying . Please try to listen to each other and allow everyone to say their peace .
Jay Shanae96
New listener
Hi ladies, I’m a new listener & my first episode is Ep. 93 protect your peace. I love it & I love the fact that the episodes are long. Helps me get through my night shift while catching gems. 🤎
Kyra aka blu
Top Tier
I love this podcast. I’m always listening to it on my drive to work. It feels like you are having a chat with your bestie. Love u ladies
This podcast is giving low budget. Try harder ladies, cuz this ain’t it.
My fav podcast
These girls are too funny!! I really look forward to when they release episodes. It really makes my day. They are long and I listen on my commute to school. I think one thing about this podcast crew is that they keep it real and interesting every episode. I really appreciate the consistency and energy they bring to this show. I love when they bring guests especially and hope they do that more. Every black women needs a podcast like this where they can relate to the episodes and discussions. Give it a listen!!
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od loves this
Real talk...
Another great episode Ladies and you had my other fav Podcaster on too Medinah from Cocktales Dirty Discussions. I could relate to darn near all the topics. The MOTO tho...nahhhhh
My Favorite Podcast!
I love these girls! I’ve been listening for 2.5 years and it’s been so cool to follow their progression and growth. They talk about real meaningful issues, pop culture, and they always keep it cute. I would 15/10 recommend!!🥳
Consistent & Very Relatable
This is literally my favorite Podcast‼️‼️‼️‼️ There are so many good episodes. Every episode has me weak 😂😂😂 You guys get me through my day a lot of times. I feel like all the different perspectives are really good to listen to and think about. I’m always excited when I see a new episode is posted. Keep it up ladies. The content is GREAT❤️👌🏾‼️‼️‼️
Call me a weirdo, I do not care! Lol but y’all are really pretty! Makeup and everything on point(looking at the podcast cover). Y’all podcast be cracking me up and I like how you all have different opinions and perspectives!
Funny + Good Conversations
Reminds me of me and my friends. Love it!
Great conversation
Keep it going and regular. Yeah, that dude has a whole other family.
Real af
I never miss an episode. Y’all are hilarious af. Keep it up ladies !!!! Love love love !!!
Absolutely love y’all
Hello from Lafayette,La. I absolutely love this podcast. Y’all are so relatable and funny. I love the Moto (mind of the other). I hope y’all come out here soon.
Love this podcast!
I just discovered this podcast and love it. The ladies have great chemistry and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.
Sheena Gee
This episode was so interesting ! I loved it
So relatable!
Just began listening to podcasts about a month ago, and Petty Party was one of the first ones I came across. I’ve been bingeing, and only have a few episodes left, but I loveeeee this podcast! It’s so relatable and makes me think I’m sitting around having girl talk with my closest friends. Definitely highly recommend!
Love the show!!
I will miss u ladies while y’all take a break! I love this podcast you guys have great chemistry!! I guess I will have to listen to the older shows until y’all return!#pettyparty😆
I love this show!
I love this show but I would really like them to stop speaking over one another when they are sharing opinions. It’s often hard to hear everything and follow various points when you all are yelling and out speaking. Anyhow, good luck and keep the good stuff coming!
Texas Gals doing the most!!
Wanted y’all to know that I enjoy your show. I listen to y’all at work. Y’all help me get through my days. Y’all are the ray of sunshine I look forward to. I have my sisters hooked. Btw, I’m constantly laughing at work listening to y’all. My coworkers probably think I’ve gone mad with my outbursts of laughter. My favorite episode is episode 22. Listening to you all remind me of when my sisters & I all get together. We may not all agree but we hash it out and respect each other. Love listening to y’all, keep the awesome work up. From a small town East Texas Gal 😍
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Whirlwind of fun
I love these ladies! Always providing thought provoking topics.
Love these ladies!!!
Just came across this podcast last week, honestly one of my top 3 favorites! I’ve been recently recommending them to all my friends and co workers! I’m in Houston, and love listening to this show that is local! They are very educated and relatable!
Patricia Lawrence
Yikessssssss has just been added to my vocab🔥
THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST PODCAST EVER! These ladies make me want to pack my bags and move to Dallas ASAP. They are hilarious and make you feel like you’re talking to your friends. Can’t even count the amount of times I’ve laughed with them and started talking back as if I was in the same room🙈🤣
unable to listen 😢
is there something wrong with episode 26 ?? I’m not able to listen😓
Big Fan
I absolutely love you guys and had no clue I recognized you guys from igbo day in dallas years ago and i also go to UTSA now amazing show
Ikwuagwu is great
New Listener
Love how genuine, funny & real this podcast is!! Reminds me of me & my friends.
Such an amazing show!!!!
I have listened to every single podcast and I have not been disappointed. This a very relatable group of women who are funny, opinionated, and remind me so much of my friends! Love everything about this podcast!!
Sometimes I feel so out of place, but listening to y’all makes me feel like I’m just one of the girls having a girl talk. Love that you don’t always agree but can still hear each other out when someone presents an opposing position (like the episode where you discussed Serena Williams). ❤️ it!
Real. HILARIOUS. Entertaining!!!
I’m so happy I found this podcast!
Love love love
I realllllly love this podcast. Love all the topics and special guests! Keep up the good work ladies !
These ladies are so funny and real. I love listening to y’all!
Need more of your own personal problems get to know y’all more
ligjtskin african
Tea with a splash of petty.
Hilarious. You girls bring out the petty in me every week and I love it!
Keep going at these episodes sis!! Attack every topic that these “men” need to hear! Love y’ll. I’m currently still laughing at the new season episode opener!!....Paulette tried it😂😂....& Nikki wake it tf up as usual 😩
MusicHeadz Media
Definitely Listen!!!
You women are inspirational and hilarious!!! The content is very relatable. This is a great podcast to listen to when you wanna hear a little girl talk while on the go.
Juicy & Creative
Refreshing topics that has you tuned in the entire time. Love every bit of it. Can't wait to hear more and more of the next upcoming topics. Keep it up ladies and stay petty!!
it's LIT
Such a fun and insightful podcast from young, intellignt and WOKE ladies. I love different personalities and persepectives on a rage of topics. This podcast always cheers me and has me doubled over laughing over the relatability of it all. Ladies and men alike can take something from it. CHECK IT OUT & SUBSCRIBE cause it's LIT!
Girls talk to a tea!
Absolutely love this podcast! I am sure to tune in every episode just waiting to see what the topic will be. This reminds me of a positive yet petty conversation with my friends and a nice glass of wine! Keep up the the great work ladies!
Love it!
I love listening to these ladies share their opinions and views on everyday life. It's just like sitting and talking with your homegirls when you all link up.
This petty ladies have NO CHILL! Which makes for an interesting podcast!
Keep it up!
Loving this podcast, ladies! The context is so insightful and relatable. Keep em’ coming.
Uplifting yet funny at the same time ! Haha
I've only listened to one episode but I'll be back for sure! I love the relatable topics these ladies discuss! Keep on entertaining us!
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