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Pawsome University
Jaime Caponetta, John Caponetta
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This is more than just a dog training podcast, it’s the podcast for dog people! We're here to help you better understand your dogs, and the wide spectrum of behaviors they exhibit. Fun facts, dog news, tips & tricks, insight into the world of animal welfare and more! Get to know more about our crazy life with our rescue pups, and laugh along to the fun banter! We've added a dash of puppy pitter-padders and excited barks in the background, that's the secret ingredient. Class is in session!! Your hosts, Jaime Caponetta (Certified Dog Trainer & Certified K9 Behavior Consultant), and John Caponetta (former Humane Law Enforcement Officer, and former Animal Shelter supervisor) discuss fear-free Dog Training, Dogs, Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue and more! New Episodes every Wednesday at 7:00am! Small Bites every Friday at 7:00am!
PU LIVE! Flea & Tick, Special Diets, Potty Training, Overstimulation | Ask The Trainer!
PU LIVE - Ask The Trainer recorded LIVE with our listeners!
Dec 2
51 min
Animal Welfare in 2020 with Sophie Gamand
Today we are joined by our friend Sophie Gamand, the artist behind Wet Dog and Pitbull Flower Power. Sophie is one of the most influential figures in animal welfare and joined us to discuss the state of Animal Welfare in 2020.
Nov 18
1 hr 43 min
Fostering A Dog? Listen To This First!
John & Jaime discuss the ins and outs of fostering dogs! Including tips & tricks to future foster parents.
Nov 11
41 min
Increasing Your Dog's Health Span with Dr. Susan Davis, PT
Dr. Susan Davis, PT, answers all our Companion Animal Physical Therapy questions and offers tips to extend your dog's health span, and help them live a long and active life!
Nov 4
48 min
Tails From The Crypt - Halloween Special!
2020 Halloween Special - Scary Stories, Halloween Safety & More!
Oct 28
35 min
First Time Puppy Owners - All Your Strange Puppy Questions Answered!
Oct 21
51 min
Small Bite: Heartworms - A Ticking Time Bomb
Everything you never wanted to know about Heartworm Disease.
Oct 16
5 min
Introducing A Puppy To The Pack & Some Staffie Love
Introducing a puppy to your pack, one good boy conquering his fear, and are Staffies the perfect breed?
Oct 14
30 min
Small Bite: Understand Dogs Better In Just 5 Minutes - K9 Stress
How to read a dog's body language for stress indicators.
Oct 9
6 min
Stop The Shock! Clickers & A Case Of Regression
On this episode we discuss a huge victory for dog owners, and field a question from a listener!
Oct 7
33 min
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