Adam Wolf
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Amazing Podcast
This is a great show for anyone who plays the horn (or wants to know more about the amazing horn world in general)! If you are a horn “nerd” or not it doesn’t matter. The interviews are fun and insightful without ever feeling clinical or only surface level. I am always so excited for the next episode to come out!! Thanks for the great material!
I absolutely love Pathways! I’ve learned so much from this podcast! It is an incredible resource for learning from such amazing Horn players! I’m very excited to see what other guests will be on Pathways in the future! 😁
In depth and entertaining
Adam provides his listeners with quality podcasts and I respect his thorough research completed prior to having guests on the podcast. Interesting and thoughtful questions asked. I definitely learn something new and gain a new perspective after listening to episodes. I definitely recommend this podcast. (I also enjoy the length of these podcasts).
Best podcast in the known universe
If you are a horn player or enthusiast, you will enjoy Pathways. There is so much amazing information and riveting stories from the guests, expertly extracted by Adam Wolf through these exciting interviews. I can’t recommend it enough!
Danielle Kuhlmann
Turn up the audio!
The audio is not ideal.
Vern Russell
Worth it!
Invaluable advice, engaging anecdotes, and humorous moments for professionals, teachers, amateurs, enthusiasts, and young aspiring horn players alike!
Amazing horn podcast
This is a great podcast for French horn players. It is very educational and he meets with well known hornists
Qwer the dragon
Adam and this podcast provide incredible insight into the would of horn playing. These interviews are raw, honest and open, plus they’re just fun!
Very enjoyable
This is a very enjoyable podcast (especially for us horns) with interesting conversational interviews. My only criticism is that it’s recorded (or mixed) at a VERY low volume. Even the intro and exit music are much louder that the interview audio. With your phone cranked up, you can barely hear it if there’s any other noise around you, even with headphones. Mix it at a proper level, and it’s a 5-Star podcast.
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These are some great interviews, food for thought. Makes for a great drive.
Maddy T. plays the horn
A promising first episode- can't wait for more! Bernhard Scully talks with great insight about Canadian Brass, Gunther Schuller, Kendall Betts.
I like to play!
A growing reference for French Horn Players
Adam has created a wonderful platform for our horn heroes to communicate their stories. I can't wait to listen to the next episode.
All Horn Players Should Subscribe!
This is an awesome podcast for horn players of all levels and ages. Adam is a great host that asks our favorite horn performers great questions about their story. Excited to hear more episodes!
Beckie E.