Pastor Rick's Daily Hope
Pastor Rick's Daily Hope
Rick Warren is an innovative pastor, renowned author, and global influencer.
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Learning to think like Jesus part two
I see learning to think like Jesus part one and part three. I would like to listen to part two. Thank you
Janelle Ruth
Missing episode
I love your series. You help me so I can he’ll the world. LOVING THE THINK LIKE JESUS but part 2 is missing. I only see part 1 and 3 in the show list.
I listen to the Daily Hope messages every day on my morning walk and have been so inspired and uplifted by hearing Gods Word through Rick Warren. In a year like 2020 we need all the encouragement we can get to uplift our spirits and this has helped me immensely-thank you so much Pastor Rick!
I love this!!!! I am reading Rick Warrens 2002book purpose driven life... already changing my life only on day 3 Rick is so blessed with talents to bring people back to God
Haunani Coleman
We NEED This Podcast!
I cannot explain how this podcast changed my life and brought me to know God over the years. Thank you, Pastor Rick!
Daniel Filiatreau
Great Podcast!
You will become closer to God if you listen to this podcast. Thank you Pastor Rick!
Extra Episodes
Once or twice a month the staff at Daily Hope add 10 plus episodes for consumers to download. This adds several hundred megabytes of data. For people who pay extra for data this is hard. When several hundred or several thousand megabytes of data download a couple times a month is costly. I love Rick Warren but the Daily Hope has lost it Christian focus. They are more concerned with the number of downloads to show a profit to investors. Unless you have unlimited data then stay away. This podcast will cost you more money than it will help you spiritually.
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I love listening to your podcasts each morning. However, I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to mention the whole picture of what is going on in the country. I don’t know if you’re trying to not offend the rioters in order to win them to Jesus but I’m prayerfully trying to understand.
Thank you!
This podcast is so great and makes me so refreshed! Thank you so much for making your message free!
Pr. Rick is totally an inspiration to my life, he has helped me with my goals, Relationships and self control. I thank God for him, he’s done amazing works around the world impacting thousands of thousands of life and when he speaks you can feel God talking to you. Truly blessed.
I am very great full and feel blessed to have found this podcast.
I feel fortunate to have access to pastor Rick Warren’s podcast and Daily Hope reading. I have been learning a lot, applying what I’m learning in my life, and also share with others—especially my children. Pastor Rick’s teaching is the ultimate balance of being completely human and strive to live a Christ-like life. His messages have convicted me, help me healed, help me with self-care, and selfless acts. I have been a fan for many years now and I still look forward to a word from him on a daily basis. I thank God for his ministries.
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Thank You Lord for this podcast.
I am very grateful to have found this podcast and for how God is using Pastor Rick Warren. This podcast lives up to its title. It’s truly a daily hope. I listen to it while doing my chores or just when I need some encouragement to keep going.’Thank you, Pastor Rick Warren, for these daily messages. May God bless you all your days here on earth and keep using you to spread the gospel. I’m very grateful for what God has done in my life, and my loved ones lives through you God bless you! ❤️
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Karla Anduray
This is awesome.
It really helped during when I was depressed. Teaches god’s love in radio show way.
EJ Smith
March 16 The Path to Peace
Really appreciate this episode. Shared it w my son who recently had a stillborn son. Lifted me up. Thank you!
Warrior Soul Podcast
Keeping me connected
Thank goodness for this podcast! I like so many have felt so many emotions including loss, anxiety disappointment on how to the virus situation has been handled and depression. I take a walk in the morning and use this podcast as my fuel to get me through the day and helps ground me so I can show grace to those around me (for the most part- I am quarantined with my family after all).
Can do Ked
Life Changing
This podcast has truly changed my life.
So many Ads
Too many ads. One in the beginning, the worst is the one in the middle that completely interrupts the message and then the one at the end. The podcast doesn’t even start until 2 minutes in. And the break in the middle is just awful. Wish I could just hear the message without the ads
Simple, profound, practical Biblical truth. No BS. No agenda.
Fruita Father of 6
This Podcast Saved My Life!
Rick Warren saves my life every day with this podcast. The message is so true and uplifting. God is Great Every Day
Great life enhancing podcast
I really enjoy listening to Rick Warren's podcast. It's quick and inspiring. Who doesn't need a quick reminder of how to become a better person and to enhance your life and purpose the way it was designed to be. I listen to them over and over. I highly recommend everyone doing so.
I find these podcasts to be beneficial to me by providing insight and guidance into what Christ wants me to do to get past my sins and live my life according to Gods will. Thank You to Pastor Rick and his team that produce these podcasts.
Action Patriot
Rick Warren has impacted my life in many ways. This podcast feels like I’m at church, and I always have an urge to start taking notes as soon as he starts talking. This is by far my favorite podcast. My only complaint is I hate the ad breaks in the middle, beginning and end. Just. Pick. A. Spot. Do all of the ad breaks at the end just why in the middle?? And why so many?? It’s still 100% worth listening, and it is a great wake up call.
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I love this podcast and used to listen daily but I have gotten behind and need to catch up. The older episodes used to be available to listen to so I could catch up, but now they’re not. In fact, no episodes are available at this time. I’m disappointed that I can no longer listen to Pastor Rick’s podcasts.
Need to restore iPhone
Rick inspires
Pastor Rick blesses everyone who listens to this podcast with his wisdom, insight and plain spoken teachings from God’s Holy Word. His practical teaching blesses anyone who will listen.
Rick is amazing and brings the Bible to life!
I love listening to Rick Warren because he brings the Bible to life and makes it practical in my own life. The way he teaches resonates so clearly with me, and helps me immensely!
Little disturbing ...
I love Rick‘s word of God. Have been at his church in California couple of times. The only thing im Little disturbed about is that he preaches to be open to receive the word of god and not be occupied. So, you listening to a podcast (preach) and suddenly he takes a break and commercials playing about his books etc. Don’t like it. Finish up the podcast and then do your money making commercials.
M Maich
There is a number at the bottom left corner that control the speed. Tap on it and it will change. Continue to tap on it til you hear the speed you want. I hope this helps. 🤗
Building my life on the Bible
I am new to podcasts, so this may be a weird question, but how do I slow down Ricks speaking....he sounds like an auctioneer ...not very comforting at all. Mary
M Maich
Worry and believing
I find so much comfort and guidance listening to Rick’s messages. There is truth and vulnerability in his message.
Pastor Rick
Always will recommend this to my friends and family. Rick is very gifted and a great teacher!
Connor (this is my real name)
Love it
Past Rick is one of my favorite teachers, he is really gifted. His podcast is like a bath of wisdom . The daily hope is changing me
I listen to him on YouTube and super excited that he’s on podcast now. He’s a great teacher/pastor!
Love it!
You can start and end each day with this podcast and feel amazing because this podcast reminds you that God is always with you.
Listen every morning
Start every day listening to Rick’s message.
I look forward to listening to Pastor Ricks messages every day. He is a born teacher. I am a retired teacher and I know one when I see or hear them. I even print out the outlines at home and use them. God bless Pastor Rick. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Muchas Gracias Pastor
El programa radial, me impulsa cada mañana con más esperanza a continuar avanzando, ya logre dar el paso del reencuentro con mi papá y familias que me hicieron algo parecido a José, con la diferencia que yo no soy la preferida de mi papá, y gracias a Dios por eso, pero obtuve otra victoria al reencontrarnos en una cita divina, y gracias a sus consejos y enseñanzas lo pude lograr , muchas Gracias, en cuanto pueda apoyare con mi donación monetaria, estoy segura que será de mucha bendición a éste mundo, muchas Gracias, Bendiciones
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Florecita Alegre
Smart and extremely helpful to our lives!
The insights that Rick Warren teaches us in his podcasts are amazing! We can see our problems in different views and through his knowledge in God’s word , he guides us to act in a better way. Me and my daughter had been transformed after we started to listen to his speech and read his devotional. The essence of his study is also helping others around the world! I don’t have enough words to thank God for his life!! Besides, once Rick was preaching on petitions : you have not because you asked not , and he said that we could ask God even for a husband like him ( I did ask God for a man with a heart and mind ; I Just received my miracle) ! May God bless your ears so you can live what I am living through this podcast! Felling blessed!!!
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Daily Blessing
I am grateful for this ministry thank you for the daily sermons they have uplifted me for almost two years that I have decided to share them every morning with my coworkers and friends and they always say thank you for helping them with your messages hope!!! God bless you and continue to use you !!! 💗🙏🏼Thank you !!!! Star Rojas
My daily spiritual feeding
I am so grateful for this ministry. I am fed daily and challenged. I truly enjoy and appreciate my daily hope from Pastor Rick Warren. My days are not the same without it.
Relevant and inspiring
For years I attended church but I never fully committed my life to God or Jesus Christ. I believed but I didn’t really live a Christian life. I wanted to please me. Believing Satan’s subtle lies regarding what I believed my salvation to be I was actually hell bound and fist realize it. Listening to Pastor Rick helped me better understand my relationship error and to rededicate my life to God and Jesus Christ living in a right relationship with him and doing the right thing for the right reasons and to stop living for myself. The daily podcast help staying in a right relationship with Jesus Christ!
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Best way to drive to work
After about 3 years of attending Saddleback South Bay church, my wife got me into listening to daily hope. Now I pray in the car on my commute into work and listen to daily hope. It has been life changing from listening to radio and secular music to this that I feel better about myself, I am learning and can now try and apply the teachings on a daily basis. Church is great, but as the week goes on, I tend to forget what I heard. Daily hope keeps me focused on my true meaning in life, to be a child of God, and a kingdom builder. Thank you Pastor Rick and everyone at daily hope, you have helped change my life.
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Great podcast
Great way to hear the truth
I start my day, everyday, listening to Pastor Rick . I find myself so very lost in this dark and broken world . His words give me a little bit of light to hold just one more day.
Uplifting and true
These podcasts get me through my day. They are uplifting and help me remember what to focus on each day.
God’s work
Rick Warren and this podcast have saved my life! The way Rick can explain scripture and relate it to our daily life is truly God’s work! Thank you Rick and Thank You Jesus ❤️
I listen to this podcast every morning on my way to work at while am at work with one headphone on and it has always been a blessing to me. I stay in Atlanta and i wish i could attend his church someday.
Rick Warren
Absolutely wonderful podcast to understand and practical advice on how to apply Gods word. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!
Excellent Podcast & Teachings
Pastor Rick and his team do a wonderful job of bringing the listener closer to God. With a down to earth approach, difficult to understand concepts become straightforward. Pastor Rick has been a special gift from God to me during very difficult times.
JDI Ginger
Sent from above
Pastor Rick ‘s words are truly a gift from God to us all . His teachings are surely blessed , and bring with them love , hope and joy . Thank you Pastor Rick
Mary Ann 244
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