Past Lives & the Divine
Past Lives & the Divine
Jina Seer
Stories about past lives and connecting with our higher self, angels and spirit
Scared Of What You'll See In A Past Life?
In this episode I'll walk you through how to feel safe in a Past Life Regression and what to practice to feel more confident in these sessions or within these hypnotic journeys. I also cover what we're actually doing when we're experiencing a past life. The last listener question I answer has to do with clients who are dissatisfied with their session on some level. What's mine to carry in that situation?
Apr 15
1 hr 5 min
Your Intuition Across Lifetimes / A Past Life Hypnotic Journey / Hypnosis At Home
Want to feel more connected to your intuition? Ever wonder what it’s like to be in my membership group, Kinship? Well, well, well…. you’re in the right place! In this episode, I’m sharing a hypnotic journey from a recent Kinship gathering. We’ll begin with a short conversation about intuition and the benefits of using past life experiences to gain a better understanding of what intuition is for us today. Then we’ll move into the hypnotic Past Life Journey (starts at 17:54).
Apr 8
1 hr 2 min
Past Life Regression / Releasing A Relationship Block / Listen To This Client Hypnosis Session
In today's episode I'm sharing another client Past Life Regression. The intention was to have a past life experience that would help this client understand and heal patterns from the past that block her today. THANK YOU to this client for letting us listen in on this sacred journey. And she got a surprise visit from her puppies on the other side at the end of the session.
Apr 1
1 hr 9 min
What Chiron Is Telling You / Aspects + The Role Of The Wounded Healer / Astrology Conversation
I've been thinking alot about Chiron because I've moved through 2 loud Chiron transits recently. Meredith and Ashley are back leading me into the realm of their knowledge around this energy, how it can show up, and what to look for in your own chart. Share this episode with your favorite healer!
Mar 25
56 min
Migraines From A Jousting Injury / Past Life Regression / Listen To This Client Session
In this client's past life regression, we examine why she has migraines today and what she can do about it now. How cool is this... It comes from an past life jousting injury and it holds reminders for this client. Thanks to this client for letting us all listen in to this hypnosis session!
Mar 18
52 min
Removing Earthbound Spirits & Other Entities / Hypnosis Client Conversation
Soulful Stephanie and I reflect on our latest Remote Entity Removal session we did together in January 2023. We talk about how she felt going into the session, how she felt during the session, and the changes she (plus her coworkers) has seen since we did the clearing.
Mar 11
58 min
Another Entity Removal / Hypnosis & A Haunted Workplace / Client Hypnosis Session
Listen to this Remote Entity Removal hypnosis session where I facilitate and Soulful Stephanie is client. In this entity removal session we are back at Steph’s workplace (episodes #134, #135). Hear who we encounter this time. Steph will be on the podcast soon talking about the experience of this session and how her workplace has felt since this session.
Mar 4
47 min
Fear Of Heights / Listen To This Past Life Regression
Listen to my Past Life Regression with the most epic death scene! My intention for this session was to understand my very heightened anxiety at the time of the session and the few months prior. I begin the episode talking a little bit about where I am now with it all. If you like the episode - share it with someone!
Feb 25
1 hr 3 min
Astrological Ages / The Age Of Leo through Aquarius / Astrology Conversation
Meredith is leading Ashley and I through the Ages. We start off at the Age of Leo (the alleged fall of Atlantis) and quickly go thru the Ages of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus & Aries. We get a little biblical with the era of the Golden Calf (Taurus) and Abraham's Ram (Aries). We spend most of the time talking about the Age of Pisces and the transition to the Age of Aquarius.
Feb 18
51 min
Be Your Own Psychic / Hypnosis At Home
Why doubt the answers you paid for when speaking to a psychic when you can be your own psychic? Sink into this 30-minute hypnotic trance with a question in mind and allow the knowing and answers to come to your mind. The first part of this episode I talk more about how to use this and how we really can be (and are) our own psychic. Tap into the power of your gifts!
Feb 12
37 min
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