Parenting Beyond Discipline
Parenting Beyond Discipline
Erin Royer - LA's Parenting and Child Development Expert
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Erin Royer, LA's go-to expert on all things parenting and child development for today’s common challenges, covers way more than just discipline. She dives into topics such as self-esteem, development and health, modern parenting issues and even education. Erin is not just knowledgeable but also relatable, warm, and sometimes even funny. https://www.yourvillageonline.comSupport this podcast at — Inquiries:
#204: Clingy Toddler & Potty Regression & Hair Pulling/Middle of the Night Screaming
Triple question episode!! Single mom trying to work from home is hoping for some tips on keeping her 2 year more independent so she can work! Changes have caused potty training regression and mom is feeling frustrated and defeated. Our third question is a toddler who is waking up screaming multiple times throughout the night and engaging in pulling her own hair out. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Oct 14
24 min
#203: Toddler Hitting Playmates & Bedtime & Potty Misbehavior
A mom is feeling defeated over her son hitting the neighbor girl every time he sees her and other playmates at the park. After 2 months of trying to teach better behavior, it's not getting better. Erin gives steps for dealing with hitting in that moment, including some parents often miss that make the teaching most effective and one pitfall many parents often fall into that make it worse. Then Erin reveals the common pitfall parents are falling into that is making bedtimes much worse and how to fix it so that their daughter will go to bed and stay in her bed to fall asleep, as well as a quick tip to fix a new potty struggle. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Oct 10
38 min
#202: Middle of the Night Tantrums/Wakeups & Screentime Power Struggles
Erin gives guidance to a family dealing with tantrums during middle of the night wake-ups. Screen time is definitely a double edged sword in most families right now. Erin gives tips to a mom wondering how to help curb the power struggles around screentime with her preschooler. Lastly Erin shares her latest family/parenting concern with the audience. To see all the classes go to Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Oct 1
28 min
#201: Special Episode #2 Co-Parenting Through Divorce - Dealing with Parental Guilt
Whether you are just considering divorce/separation or are already on the path, parental guilt is a common emotion that visits all of us frequently throughout the process. Here's what to know about one of the main reasons (or it was one of my main reasons) we wrestle with guilt, how it will affect the kids. Learn what research says about what REALLY affects the kids and how to circumvent these affects. Hint* it's not nearly as bad as you might think and is actually quite positive with the right approach. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Sep 27
22 min
#200: What Constitutes Media Violence & Helping Preschooler with Change When They Don't Like It!
A mom asks about what actually would be considered "violence" in media and how to watch out for and talk to children when they hear arguing or conflict in media or any thing else that could be construed as violence. Then a family on the move wants to know how to help prepare their preschooler who is very averse to change! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Sep 25
24 min
#199: Guiding Child Low in Perseverance & Preschoolers Name Calling
We hear a lot about strong-willed children. But what about those who give up easily on everything? Erin answers a mom's question about how to guide her child who is low in perseverance in order to become more persistent when tackling anything new that doesn't come easily. Next Erin answers a mom's question about when to step in and when she might want to ignore her preschooler when he/his friends are engaging in name calling. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Sep 16
32 min
#198: How to Setup a Toddler Schedule & Bedtime Meltdowns
Children do better with schedules. It adds a sense of security and normalcy. But some children need schedules even more than others. Learn how to tell if yours is one of these children and how to support them, especially when things need to move around a bit, including tips for outings and vacations. Then the oh-so-common bedtime meltdowns. Erin covers the basic steps for all 3 bedtime methods so parents can decide which one fits them best and some must-know tips to make any of them more successful. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Sep 12
31 min
#197: *Special Edition Co-Parenting Through Divorce I
Welcome to a special edition episode on co-parenting through divorce. This first episode covers is about self-care, coming to your own best decision and doing the emotional work to move forward as healthy as possible for a solid foundation for yourself, your kids and your soon-to-be-ex. If you aren't sure what you want yet, if you are questioning if you are still wanting to work it out, this episode may also offer insights and resources that you help you get clearer in your decision. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Sep 7
27 min
#196: Supporting Your Unique Child
Sometimes we want to protect our kids from life's difficulties, all out of love and well-meaning. But is it really in their best interest? Erin gets out of the box this week about facing our own struggles as parents to let our kids "step into the arena" and take risks and therefore risk failure, heartache and pain. Erin shares her thoughts on weighing helping kids take risks that can give them the courage to show who they are so they have opportunities to win big. How to help kids develop what they need to handle the failures when they fall. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Sep 3
17 min
#195: How to Fix Disrespectful Attitude & More COVID Support Tips
A mom whats to know how to deal with disrespect in the form of demands and tone without going around and around. Erin gives some great general guidelines and six tips for teaching and setting respectful boundaries with young kids. Then 3 questions came in all about parents dealing with preschoolers/toddlers needing a lot of attention and it being a struggle with the continuing lockdown. So Erin gives some words of support and guidance for parents, especially of toddler but some for all parents during this time. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Aug 27
33 min
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