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Jeff Ritzman is fascinating
I'm here to listen to the back catalogue because I've heard Jeff on other podcasts. I find his content endlessly fascinating -and- he has the literary voice of a gifted writer. Best of all worlds.
Morag MacGregor
Schwag !
Zero stars in this space. Move on to another source for informative insight. Minus the Egos !
good, but umm
you half to pay for a premium, lame, lame,lame. But great production, great hosts.
el stobie
Best paranormal podcast available
If you are an intelligent person and inquisitive about the world around you and willing to keep the question open about what the paranormal may be this is the show for you. I get tired of the other shows interviewing the stalwarts of the ufo world for the 50th time, how many times can you hear Stan Friedmans spill, he's a great guy but wow. You don't hear that here. You hear truly deep conversations on what may be happening with the paranormal, truly out of the box thinking, the premium content is definately worth it by the way. They have had the best interviews with Whitley Streiber that I've ever heard, and many other people you wouldn't commonly hear on other networks. I find it a fascinating program that doesn't insult your intelligence by attempting to stick to the nuts and bolts ETH theories. I, for one, am glad it's different. And yea, they do think they know better sometimes I think. Because, honestly, there is a lot of crap out there in the paranormal field. They are offering no goofy answers here. Only quite a few well informed good questions. I suspect those that don't like this podcast have already made up their minds about what these phenomena are, since there is no definitive proof of anything I'm not sure how they could arrive at any firm conclusion. Check these guys out, if you're thoughtful and intellectually curious, you'll be hooked.
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Still the best out there
Some of these negative reviews are a joke. Most are from other lesser podcasts who can't bring it like Paratopia does. A magazine, a live show, a podcast all great, all professional, and all top quality. There's no competition for these guys. Tops in my book and pushing the paranormal into new directions.
Truth for money.
This used to be one of my favorite paranormal shows. They said they were in it to find the truth. But like so many other paranormal websites and shows. Now they charge you for the truth.
Mr. G
Was mediocre to begin with. Now that they want to charge for it under the guise of "premium content" I'm leaving. They even had the nerve to suggest that the listeners wanted "premium content". What a joke. I highly recommend Tim Binnall's show, Binnall of America.
Finally a real assessment of the paranormal
A real look into the paranormal, no bs or re-hash of Coast to Coast, while so many either take themselves too serious, or banter into idiocy, these guys are looking for answers not groupies.
Jimmi Jazz
I feel like every time I listen to this podcast, it feels like I'm listening to a couple of guys complain ad nauseam about how everyone is full of crap except them. It gets tedious real quick, whether they're right or wrong. Get over yourselves already. Please. I can't imagine why anyone would pay to listen to this. So far, I haven't heard an interview that I was so intrigued by I felt I had to pay to hear the rest. Not really a fan, but listen as a back up if I run out of more interesting listening material. Also, the theme song is so painfully irritating I have to fast forward every time I listen.
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Black Magick
Still and Excellent Podcast... Free or Not
It's a shame that this podcast is getting one star reviews based on the fact that the show is no longer completely free. Whether Jeff and Jer charge for the show or not is inconsequential to the fact that the content of this podcast is excellent. Sure, you can go to other "free" podcasts and sometimes get the same guests, but these gents will pull in people from outside the paranormal fields, which other podcasts don't do. You certainly won't get the same quality interview, nor will you get an entertaining and insightful after chat like you get with this duo. The cost of an episode, or even a subscription for that matter, is very inexpensively priced for a 2 to 2-1/2 hour show. I can't help but feel that the one-star reviews are nothing but sour grapes.
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I can only second GMSS's sentiments, "Used to Be", below. Sorry guys... :(
Used to be
This was my favorite UFO podcast. But they've started charging a subscription fee, so I'm outta here. Not worth it in a world of other podcasts that have the same material, often the same guests, for free.
They go deeper...
Jeff and Jeremy go far deeper into the subject matter than anyone else in their feild. They are also not afraid to call BS when it is well deserved. They are the voice of reason in any paranormal or UFO subjects and their discussions flesh out ideas and points all other shows are afraid to tackle. Rock on fellas!!!!
Way above 5 stars!!
You know how everyone's got a favorite book that every now and then you read and every time you do you learn something new? Well this podcast is like that! I have listened to shows like the paracast, binnall, eerie radio and many others but once you listen to what Jeremy and Jeff bring to this field you will truly have a different and expanded!! view of all aspects of this new Religion we call Ufology. The stuff that they put out, much like some of the works of many great artists, will not be fully appreciated in these turbulent times, and I believe that only in 20 or 30 years from now, will people start to grasp sone of the theories that are talked about in this show. So I won't say Great work Guys instead, Keep Going!
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Razvan V
The best show on the subject of the paranormal... period
The hosts Jeff and Jeremy have really evolved this show into something special. They have worked extremely hard to give credibility to this subject. This hard work is abundantly clear in the production of the show, the quality of the guests, and the intelegent convesation contained within. I feel that I have grown significantly spiritually and intellectually from listening and pondering over the content material. I look forward to more excellent podcasting. Thank you gentlemen.
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