Paranormal Portal
Paranormal Portal
Brent Thomas
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The host is not that good of a podcaster.
Dude! U need to proof read the stories before u record !!! U mess up and read things wrong then have to correct yourself ALOT!! It’s cringy and annoying! But the stories are interesting.. if u can get past the way he reads them. I’m sure he will get better. The content is really good. He’s just not a natural. Needs to do more practice before recording the podcast. U do that and then I bet you’ll get a better rating !🤎🤎🤎
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Danni yella
Love that song....
Does it have a name and artist?
Margo Crocker
One of the best podcasts for all things Paranormal
First, as the title says, one of the best podcasts you can listen to for all things paranormal. The host is intelligent, kind, invested, knowledgeable about all things paranormal, and a great listener. If you listen to the show for any length of time this will quickly become apparent. Please, if you have an interest in the paranormal, and want to hear great witness accounts, amazing guests/celebrities, along with a host who can guide you through it all, you’ve found a great place to listen. Second, to GNXgypsy, who in January 2021 posted a review “Icon needed” I can not believe the disgraceful words you took the time to write. Why write them at all? Why express such cruelty? It is difficult to fathom the shallowness of your judgment. Simply put, “Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.”.
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Love it!
I Love the Portal... The Host is such a kind thoughtful man... you can tell he truly cares about the folks he talks to and their paranormal and real world problems... plus great content and new shows all the time... WIN. WIN. WIN.
I’ve been following Brent for a while on his YouTube channel and on his podcast. All I can say is share! This is great!
Icon needed!
This dude on the icon is really ugly!! Like fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down yo! Sorry bro but you should put an icon for the show rather than a pic. Just saying.
Old time radio feel
It’s like A Prairie Home Companion for things that go bump in the night.
Nature man Ambrose
This show is great . Very interesting guests and crazy stories. My only complaint is that the host ( who’s mike comes across loud and clear compared to the guest callers) is constantly interjecting with “yeah, right , uh huh, ok , I see , sure, “ ect.... I find that a little annoying, just let the person talk! Other than that it’s really good...
Great Podcast!
I just found this podcast after hearing about it on another podcasts Facebook page. Episode 64 with Wes Germer is absolutely my favorite! I’m a fan of Wes anyway but the last story he shared about the Colonel in Vietnam was gut wrenching! I’d never heard that story before! Keep up the good work!
Love ittttt!!!!!!
Always entertaining
Always entertaining
Brent is a Good host.
I like the host. Think he does a good job. Like everyone else, the weird porno morning music in the beginning is worst than a Cinemax soundtrack from the nineties. And then you toss in In some Ozzy laugh for no good reason.
The Fathoms of Forteana
Wish I could like it
I can get past the intro music but every guest is so annoying. Maybe they’ve had authentic experiences but for the most part they sound like they are looking for validation of how special they are.
All Paws
Good show
Love the show but can you do something about that god awful intro music other then that love the show keep it up fellas
It’s a really good service you do here!
I agree wholeheartedly with Amber of ep 150 that your show is evolving into something really wonderful!! I appreciate your sincerity and willingness to deep dive into so many mysteries. Turning up more mystery and questions is alright with me. Stuff is happening to people, it’s not going to stay hidden forever. Your show is sort of a Beamon I feel. The pieces might come together as more people come forward!
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Daisy Hoops
Love it
Great host, great topics and love listening to the cryptid stuff more so than ghosts and ufos. The intro music is a little odd and just a tad too long. Overall, I give it a solid 5
love this podcast! covers topics i don't often hear on other paranormal podcasts the hosts offer a different take on things strange and weird, and listening to the show is a wonderous relief from the current, humdrum world of the materialists and debunkers!
If the intro music wasn’t bad enough the host is worse. Like sandpaper on the ears.
Luv the Portal!!
Brent, awesome job on the Podcast! Each episode is informative and interesting, as well as highly entertaining and thought provoking. You along with Don do a great job staying with the narrative and fully exploring the subject matter. I look forward to episodes to come, truly Brent, the Podcast has always left me better than it found me, thank you!
Great content!
Big fan of the weekly episode choices, little to no BS and gets right into the show. Majority of paranormal podcasts are a challenge to listen to. Hoping nothing will change!!
Its OK, mainly reading stories primarily about ghosts
Could be a little more diverse. He does talk about a lot of things, but majority of it is ghosts, spirits, shadow people, and the like. Dont hear too much on cryptids. Also most the shows are of him reading stories found on the internet, which some are very old. Not many live experiencers or interviews. So if youre looking for ghost stories that you possibly have read online before, this is the podcast for you. If your thing is cryptids, well you will be waiting awhile for that.
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MSG Coop
Best Podcast out there
This is one of the best podcasts there is. Brent is very open minded and compassionate to the guest for those who are nervous about sharing there stories don’t be he makes you feel like it is just you and him. I’ve been a guest episode titled five gallon jug flew across room it felt so good to get it off my chest Brent helped me understand a lot thanks brother.
A save environment to share
I’ve been listening to and watching Brent on his YouTube channel. Brent is very kind, and helpful to people who are willing to share their stories. 👍🏼
Great Podcast
This is one of the better Podcast. I like that the host gets right into the stories and doesn’t waste time. The stories are always interesting. Keep up the good work.
I enjoy the show but...
I can’t stand that song that is played before every show lol fortunately I can skip it. There’s a lot of good stories and topics. I would like more one on one interviews though. Those are some of my favorite shows.
Awesome Podcast
One of the only 4 podcasts I listen to. Good content.
Done with the show
At first I liked the show. However, I listened to a show recently where Brent went on and on making sure the audience did not think he was advocating a religion especially when he mentioned a story that involved Jesus. I have a hard time following a person that has no spine. The only reason he does that is because he does not want to offend anyone. I got more respect for a guy that says this is my belief and owns it. Then a guy that is so PC just so people will listen to his show. We still live in America and you can still have an opinion other than some of your listeners.
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Great show
This show is always great and easy to listen to. The host, Brent is open minded and has a good spirit about him. When Longbeard joins him, it’s sometimes very funny because they have a good rapport together. I travel for a living and make sure new episodes have been downloaded before stepping onto an aircraft. You guys rock! Thank you so much for all the work that you do.
Wes told me about the show
While listening to SasquatchChronicles i heard him mention your show so here i am. I have really enjoyed so far went back a little to get a feel for the shw. Enjoying very much
Greg C in Fresno
My favorite pod cast.
I want to personally thank you for this podcast. I’ve hard a really hard few years and have been listening to your podcast daily when I’m walking my dogs in the morning. My dogs and this podcast are helping me power through these hard times. I look forward to it daily.
brian trevor bennett
Great Show!
This is a fun and lighthearted look at the paranormal. I think it’s a little creepy but also amusing that I can only find white people discussing being one of them. (A white person not a skinwalker lol) Keep up the great work :)
Worth the listen
Brent has a wonderful radio voice and a good reading style. His personnel views safe thought provoking. If joy like a good paranormal story.hes got them
Loved it
Well I heard Wes informing us that he was going to be interviewed by you on your podcast so I came on to listen and it was awesome I loved it and I’ve listened to three more of your shows and you now have me hooked. You do an awesome job with you show and I can’t wait for the next one LOL.. I definitely subscribed..
I like this format where there’s reading along with sound afects. Keep up the good work.
Light worker 73
I started listening to the Paranormal Portal a month or so ago and have to say that it is beyond amazing! Brent does an amazing job putting this podcast together. The content is great, the hosts are funny but respectful and my hour + commute, each way, no longer seems eternal! Listen and you will not be disappointed!
Paranormal Podcast
I love your shows! It is great to find other people who go through these strange paranormal happenings. It is just amazing the real experiences people go through. I am a big fan of this show, and I have shared it with family and friends. Thank you again, Linda
Congenial Host
The host is congenial and has genuine interest in the material. However, I expect a lot more from a show of this nature than someone reading emails. The production element of the show is very low. Moreover, you cannot know the voracity of the stories based upon what someone simply submits. The show needs guests, at the very least callers into the show. There is no validity to emailed stories read by a host. I want to hear what people have to say and would like the host to ask questions.
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Decent show.
I like to listen while driving the backroads.
Peanut gallery?
The guys are awesome they have me cracking up with the little jokes. Awesome interviews and they cover many subjects! I will listen everyday!! Just don’t let the ufo take any “beans”
Intriguing show, painfully slow paced.
I like the subject matter, I’m always looking for new podcasts that discuss, “out of the box” topics. I heard about Paranormal Portal while listening to Sasquatch Chronicles. I gave it 5 stars because of the content. My only gripe is how dull, & monotone the hosts are, I’m sure it’s something that will get better with time. Either way, definitely worth a listen.
Great podcast!
Heard about this podcast on Sasquatch Chronicles. Stoked to find another great podcast.
Clete G
I have struggled to find a new podcast that I like. I hit the jackpot with this one! Love every episode!
Me liken
Friendly atmosphere
The Host Brent is very open minded and nonjudgmental. He welcomes the guest with open arms and seems excited to hear your stories and experiences with the paranormal. He is very knowledgeable and has great insight. The chat room is full of people that are super friendly and make you feel as family. Let’s not forget the co-host Don, he has a great sense of humor and a little bit of skepticism which make Paranormal Portal all the better! I am so glad I heard about this Amazing group of people!!!
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Hey Y'all it's Virginia
With love and light.
Paranormal Portal is a great outlet for people to come together and share their stories in a welcoming friendly atmosphere.
Suzanne Lucero-O'Brien
Best Podcast!
Paranormal experiences of listeners, hosts, and found stories! They do a really great job of getting those experiences out there. Brings the discussion to light for every paranormal topic out there. Best guests, hosts, and listeners hands down! Worth subscribing and checking them out in person on YouTube.
Awesome show and host!
Brent is great; always respectful and open-minded. Really fun when Don is on air too. Great dialog. Highly recommend!
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