Paranormal News Podcast
Paranormal News Podcast
Stephen Carter
This show is for you if you’re keen to learn about all things “out of this world” and even unexplained phenomenon in our world. With each episode, we'll explore news stories, government and private reports, and investigations into paranormal activities including UFO sightings, hauntings, and other strange mysteries that seem to defy reality as we know it.You will hear from people who have actually experienced paranormal events along with authors and investigators who are pulling back the curtain and discovering the truth about these strange occurrences.
People Who Believe They Were Abducted Show Signs of PTSD and Other Reports
UFO / UAP articles and reports from year end 2022 include:* "The Weird Things We Learned About UFOs In 2022". Link:* "The U.S Military Reported Several Hundred UFO Sightings In 2022". Link:* "PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THEY’VE BEEN ABDUCTED BY ALIENS SHOW REAL PTSD SIGNS". Link:* "NEW UFO INVESTIGATION: WHO’S THIS NASA-TRAINED SPECIALIST?". Link:* "Delaware witness says triangular object hovered over nearby field". Link: Stephen Carter. Website: Email: information:Recorded and initial edits with Audacity. Leveled with Levelator. Final edits and rendering with Hindenburg Pro. Microphone: BY.---Key words:UFO, UFOs, UAP, UAPs, NASA, alien craft,
Dec 27, 2022
12 min
SpaceX Crew Has Close Encounter With UFO and More
Eight UFO stories and four ghost related stores for the week.Note: Timestamps for each article below.SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavor had close call with UFO before arriving at International Space Station—Baker Mayfield sticks to UFO claims after Navy's confirmed photos: 'It's real, I saw it'—Alleged UFO Images From All Over Connecticut—'Nothing on this Earth could have gone that fast' - Man videos 'UFO' floating in sky above Grimsby—-Pentagon UFO report: They ‘acknowledged the reality,’ whistleblower says—Famed Scots UFO expert returns home after 23 years to crack Bonnybridge 'alien' mystery—US Navy 'showed 9 more UFO videos' during briefing – including a 'war zone' encounter—Legislation looks to make UFO sightings more transparent—Paranormal Dinner & Ghost Tour—You Weekend Ghost Hunters should visit White Rock Lake in Dallas More: You Weekend Ghost Hunters should visit White Rock Lake in Dallas |—Is the Lebanon Farmers Market, built on the site of a 19th-century prison and gallows, haunted?<a href=""...
Apr 29, 2021
17 min
UFO Videos Shot by Navy Personnel Plus More
This show curates news and other sources for paranormal reports and related information and offers commentary about those reports and related information items. Timestamps for each story below.News stories and reports highlighted in this episode include:"Photos on UFO Websites Were Shot by Navy Personnel, Pentagon Says":"Shocking Video of Pyramid-Shaped UFO Is Real — and Part of 'Ongoing Examinations,' Pentagon Says": Vault Website:"Senators questioned about photos, video of UFOs above Navy warships":"UFO sightings in Nova Scotia took off in 2020":"PHONE HOME? Top UFO sighting spots in the UK – including small Scottish town that gets 300 ‘visits’ a YEAR":"'Haunted' Historic 1920s Jail For Sale With 'Ghost Inhabitants":"Derbyshire's haunted hotspots where ghosts and ghouls have been spotted":"Paranormal Society to offer walking tours of city’s haunted spaces": —Timestamps for Each Section:00:00 - Show and host info;00:12 - Pentagon confirms UFO over ships video shot by Navy personnel;01:39 - Black Vault website - huge collection of U.S. government documents;03:07 - U.S. Senators questioned about UFOs;03:37 - Nova Scotia UFO sightings;04:42 - UFO sighting hotspots in the U.K.;05:38 - Haunted jail for sale in Florida;06:53 - Haunted sites in Derbyshire, U.K.;08:08 - Haunted sites and ghost hunting Bozman, Montana;---Host: Stephen Carter, email;Website:—Technical Information:Original recording and first edit done with Amadeus Pro; additional edits done with Twisted Wave; final edits and rendering done with Hindenburg Journalist...
Apr 21, 2021
9 min
UFO Hunter Organization Partners With U.S. Army Plus More...
“UFO Hunter Tom DeLonge’s Agency Signs Contract With the U.S. Army”; “Daily Stock Dish”, November 29, 2019."UFO Photos Made Famous by ‘X-Files’ Up for Auction”. “New York Post”, November 27, 2019.“Birds, Balloons, or a UFO: What Violated DC Airspace?”. “Washington Examiner”; November 27, 2019; (radar captured unusual activity Tuesday, November 24, 2019). Also covered by, “International Business Times”. “‘UFO’ Over White House Causes Capital Panic; Is it Aliens?”."Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says, ‘Evidence’ of Alien UFO ‘Wreckage” is being held by U.S. Government". Publication": “The Inquisitor”;"NASA Shock: ISS Stream ‘cuts off’ Russian cosmonaut the moment he reports mysterious UFO”. Published in “Express” Saturday, November 30 2019. Also covered by, “International Business Times” with video.“UFO sighting: NASA conspiracy claims after ‘alien space base’ spotted in Mars crater”. “Express”; November 29, 2019; Also covered by, “International Business Times”.“Eerie footage captures UFOs flicking in the skies above Stoke-on-Trent - but what do you think it is?”. “Stoke-on-Trent Live”. Good video of 3 objects.“Mystery as Three Objects Fall From the Sky Over Las Vegas in Baffling Footage”. 13 November 2019; “Daily Star”.“What Does Cold War-Era Radar-Tricking Program Have To Do With Recent UFO Sightings? Area 51 & CIA Veterans Review”. “”. resource:, Hauntings, and More…"Supernatural Staffordshire: Animal or Spirit? The Mysterious...
Dec 2, 2019
27 min
U.S. Navy Confirms UFO Videos Authentic  - Plus More
Episode 5: Paranormal News PodcastUS Navy confirms UFO videos are authentic; “Lifestyle.inq” Rogan Interviewed a Former Navy Pilot About His UFO Encounter; “Men’s Health”;‘What the hell is that?’: Navy pilot reveals creepy incident of ‘dark mass’ coming up from the depths; Pilot Who Reportedly Encountered UFO Reveals New Incidents About Alien ‘Dark Mass’; “Sputnik International”; may be closing in on the discovery of alien life. Are we prepared?; “”; UFO seen over Florida ‘is hybrid air, land and sea craft run by USAF’; “Daily Star”; Apollo Photos Show Heart-Shaped Alien Ships Orbiting Earth, UFO Expert Claims; “International Business Times”. Attack! Huge UFO Hovers in Sky Above Baltimore - Video Here’s a believable explanation of those UFO videos released by the Navy; “Market Watch”;“3 reasons to investigate the US Navy UFO incidents”.BY MARIK VON RENNENKAMPFF, OPINION CONTRIBUTORTHE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THE HILL. We Know About the Navy’s UFOs; “Popular Mechanics”; of America's...
Oct 18, 2019
24 min
Eyewitness Account by Navy Vet of UFO Encounter
Eyewitness Account by Navy Vet of UFO Encounter - Paranormal News Podcast Show Notes - Ep3Host, Stephen CarterWe review news reports on paranormal events including UFOs, Hauntings, Cryptozoology, and other strange events.Website: Email: Stories in this episode include:UFOs:Strange Cigar-shaped object seen during meteor shower over Wyoming. UFO returns as mystery object filmed over New York state - Daily Star. UFO Encounters Occurred During ‘Finite Period’. “Roswell Daily Record”. UFO Sightings? Mystery Flying Object Spotted in Amsterdam Tornado Sparks Bizarre Theory. “Express”. Places to Search for Aliens (Outside Area 51). “The Travel” website. Link: says it studied UFOs in secretive program weeks after Navy re-writes reporting guidelines.“Ghost Hunters” share what they hope will happen to Manson Murder House, message for non-believers. sergeant recalls encounter with an apparition on Travel Channel paranormal series - Chicago Tribune. Moms Society: Door Welded Shut in ‘Nottingham’s Most Haunted Building’ Opened for First time. ghost hunters are wanted to stay overnight in one of...
Aug 22, 2019
22 min
Secret Bases More Mysterious Than Area 51 and More
Show Notes: Paranormal News Podcast - Ep2 - 24 July 2019Time Stamp and Topic:00:20 - NASA Recording of “The Eagle Has Landed” with Neil Armstrong;00:42 - Apollo 11 50 Year Anniversary Celebration;UFO Sightings and Activity: 01:26: Retired Army Officer: NASA Covered Up Apollo;02:36 - First person testimony by Raw Voice / Blubrry Podcast Company’s CEO Todd Cochran of a UFO sighting up close and personal when he was 13 years old. The UFO was about a 100 yards away and easily visible as it flew over his family’s car. Find’s Todd’s podcast, “Geek News Central” and his website at;10:12 - Feds Warn UFO Enthusiasts Against Storming Area 51;11:20 - Storm Area 51 Event Spawns Rival Storm the Bermuda Triangle Event;12:48 - Classified! USA’s Most Secretive Bases are Even More Mysterious Than Area 51;18:14 - Here’s Metro Detroit’s Latest UFO Sightings;18:34 - Taiwanese Alien Researcher Spots Three UFOs in British Skies During Vacation Trip;19:18 - UFO Spotted Hovering Near the ISS in a NASA Footage;19:38 - Crashed ‘Star Wars-Like’ UFO Spaceship Found at Bottom of Baltic Sea;20:12 - Google Sky Map Captures Images of UFO Bases, Expert Claims;Hauntings:20:52 - Couple Who Bought Real-Life House That Inspired ‘The Conjuring’ Claims They’re Now Being Haunted;21:28 - This Historic Haunted Hotel in Texas is Now Accepting Brave and Adventurous Guests;23:35 - Looking Back at the Old Missouri Penitentiary In Jefferson City;23:26 - 10 of the Most Haunted Places to Visit in Japan;23:35 - 10 Haunted Highways That Will Make You Drive Faster;Near Death Experience:23:44 - Woman who ‘died’ for 27 minutes writes chilling note after she’s resuscitated.PDF Doc With Links to All Stories: and Contact | Email:
Jul 24, 2019
25 min
Senators Briefed on UFOs and More
Show Notes - Episode 1 - "Paranormal News Podcast".This is your host Stephen Carter, saying, “Thank you” for listening. This is the first full episode of the podcast.We’re dedicated to learning the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the thousands of paranormal events reported around the world.Topic and Time Stamps:Links to original Source reports available at and and Time Stamp:- Senators Get Classified Briefing on UFO Sightings: 01:00;- Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: 01:55;- States With Most UFO Sightings 2001 - 2015: 02:45; - Sightings as reported to MUFON for May, 2019: 05:55;- Cross Shaped Structure Seen on Moon According to UFO Researcher: 08:10;- Mysterious Object Seen Floating Above Area 51 in Video: 09:30;- Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists UFO Hunters: 10:30;- Man Returns to Sight of Alien Abduction in 1973, Gets Plaque: 10:50;- UFOs Remain Elusive - Article: 11:40;- Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Tracked Back to They’re Home Galaxy - Live Science Article: 12:30;- On Alien World Extraterrestrials Could be Spewing Toxic, Smelly Gas - That’s How We Could Find Them. Live Science Article: 13:40;-MUFON Symposium - Embracing the Future: 14:55;- TV News Coverage: The Results are In. What did Paranormal Cres Find at Augusta Haunted House. Channel 12; 15:50;- FOX42 Goes Paranormal: Lincoln Nebraska Apartment: 16:50;- Paranormal Ghost Tour August 4, 2019 in Weymore, Nebraska; 17:50;- Scientists Identify Exotic Birds Depicted in Peru’s Mysterious NAZCA Lines: 18:50;- Near Death Experiences are Felt by One in 10 People, Study Finds: 20:35;Key Words:Nazca Lines, UFOs, alien, alien abduction, extraterrestrial, paranormal, ghost, near death experience, NDE, MUFON, Area 51, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.More info about the, “Paranormal News Podcast” is available at
Jul 7, 2019
23 min
Intro Episode
This first episode introduces the, "Paranormal News Podcast". You'll discover how we curate and share news from reputable sources. In addition, you'll learn the type of experts we will interview in future episodes. We'll also hear from people who have personally experienced paranormal events. You'll learn how to share your story if you have experienced an "out of this world" happening. More details and free subscription links will be available at
Jun 27, 2019
1 min