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Trebles Garcia
Our goal is to spread the truth and share knowledge to free minded individuals. From government to religion. From the stars to our hollow earth. We will use this platform to expose the simulation and challenge your reality. 1 episode at a time! Visit us at
Tiffany Gomas! W/ Talking Roosterz Podcast & Trebles
With the mug shot that has taken the world by storm we almost forget that there is many other stories of suicided victims. Disappeared and cloned look a likes, weird reappearances and shocking changes of attitude are key details were we draw our conspiracies from. However, it’s not paranoia when they are actually faking profiles and implementing the continuation of an agenda with funky look a likes. Today we speak hard cold facts and researched data with a special guest that has had an eye in this case since she first performed her number on a plane. “That mother fucker is NOT real” I’m telling you right now. That motherfucker is not real! Please give a warm welcome to personal friend, day one supporter and passionate host of his own show. yyzRICO from The Talking Roosterz Podcast! // Follow The Talking Roosterz Podcast here: And visit us at Leave a 5 star review on Apple podcast. Thanks ☂️
Aug 27
33 min
Dead Kens at SNSS! W/ Chef & Trebles
Broken fractures of mystery bullets and the suicided deaths of influential politicians are just filtered truths. Reality is that we are controlled by a relentless and perpetual government that only wants to globalize and hegemonize its peoples. Lead by esoteric knowledge, magnetic energies and satanic rituals we get manipulated to do their biting and make them richer. From JFK to 911. From Allister Crowley to simulation theory. Chef from Sunday Night Secret Society Podcast summons Trebles Garcia to obliterate the vail of lies and tyranny on a global scale. Enjoy this amazing special edition episode on your favorite podcast show. //Follow SNSS on IG @sundaynightsecretsocietypodcast Visit us at Drop a 5 star review on Apple podcast! Thank you ☂️
Aug 23
51 min
MAUI’! W/ Flash from Flashy_News1 & Trebles
24 billion fucking dollars. It only takes 37 billion to end world hunger for an entire year. World wide!! The US citizens have been back handed bitch slapped by a crooked, senile punk bitch BUSTER of a president that runs and hides and secretes himself ass backwards by the security blanket that demon crate have provided. The world is in shambles, Alaska is threatened, human made climate change is beyond the tipping point and Biden sits on a golden boner, eating popcorn watching Maui burn to the ground by direct energy weapons. The design, the blue prints to world domination is revealed and you are allowing it to unravel. YOU allow them to come for your children and you hand over your human rights like a thirsty slave. The government blocks donations to Maui and approves another set of 24 billion dollars worth of cocíane and cocaine accessories for Ukrainian Gaylords! Are you mental? Yea. But we ain’t! Please allow me to introduce a legend in the making, living proof of patriotism, a colleague, business owner, father and loyal collaborator, FLASH from Flashy_News1! // Follow Flash on IG @Flashy_News1 And visit our link tree ☂️ Leave a 5 Star Review on Apple podcast! Thanks
Aug 17
34 min
DEWs! W/ Chef from S.N.S.S & Trebles
Directed energy weapons needs to get into your vocabulary fast! The department of defense spends about 1billion dollars annually on direct energy weapons and about 59 cents a blast, the laser Helios and DEWS have been an active and developing weapon for the U.S. Navy since 2014. High power microwaves demonstrations of not only rail guns but laxer tech is showcased on our navy every 24 hours and influencing other world powers to research or purchase this same tech from the US military. Disrupting targets at the speed of light and at half the cost of conventional weapons, even Indias air chief marshal highlighted the need of DEWS in indias Air borne platforms. Not only hypersonic weapons like the electro magnetic charged rail gun but direct particle weapons like the ones showcased in the movie pixels, the LBM riots and 911 are a consequence of an over stimulated storm troop military budget. And thanks to the 2 slit experiment we all know how light particles can behave. Simultaneously simulating time is irrelevant. Welcome to DEWS! // Follow Chef on IG @SundayNightSecretSocietyPod Visit our Link Tree! Leave a 5 Star review on Apple pod! Thanks ☂️
Aug 16
39 min
United States Corps of America! W/ Tank & Trebles
We the people! The words of which we’ve learned to live free and impact the world. Summoning strength, law, order and wealth from source. Us! WE grant the government power, and only WE can take it away. It is not a coincidence that we haven’t met global climate or gun law reform. It’s a consequence of petro business and weapons manufacturers at a global scale contributing and lobbying for “SELECTED” officials to run our lives according to what makes them richer and makes you a slave. WATCH OUT if your last name is in capital letters cause it implies your a piece of property or corporate asset. From 1 slave master to the arms of another. But,, this episode won’t only break down the cruel truth of how our federal government is bought out by elite banks and share holders. It will also chisel into your dome the reality of the US going from a republic to a bank owned corporation after the civil war! Welcome to USCA! // Thank you JB for The Galactic Report! Follow JB @renegade_Family_of_Light on IG. Visit us at ☂️ Drop a 5 star review on Apple Podcast. Thank you 🙏
Aug 9
41 min
CRIME FAMILY! W/ Flash from Flashy_News1 & Trebles
SYNDICATE! Mafias and the mothafucking cartels ain’t never had so much influence and power like today. Opened borders, closed caskets, destroyed governments and corrupt bankers. Dirty money, hidden satanic rituals and exposed satanic rituals. Murders and mystics making sure our laws are so bent over that even WE can feel how hard they’re getting FUCKED! Over 19 public officials and entertainers “suicided” by these cannibals including their own chefs drowning in their own back yard because they refused to “BAKE MORE PIZZAS” Haaaaa no pun intended! These Biden and Clinton and Obama homo crime family syndicate are running scared. Because today we make sure to dishonor and destroy every fiber of false flag and midnight fantasy in an episode featuring our deep state correspondent. Bearer of truth and family man, business owner and fellow warrior. Flash from Flashy_News1!! Welcome to another flashy Friday dog!! // Follow Flash on Ig @Flashy_News1 Visit us at ☂️
Aug 3
32 min
JuDas! W/ Tank & Trebles
Single handedly top 5 conspiracies of all time. Next to the titanic, 911 and Hitlers death: These are just a few things that will make you realize the amount of pain and impact 1 kiss had upon us. For a very very long time the cross stood for rule and punishment and order and even globalization. And I’m not a religious man but the story of a fatal kiss followed by the culture that we live in today is a story we should all learn, dismantle and piece together again. Welcome to Judas! Visit us at ☂️ Drop a 5 star review in Apple podcast! Enjoy!
Aug 2
40 min
The K4V3 Returns! W/ The K4V3 Podcast & Trebles
Joreezy and Dani from The K4V3 Podcast return but this time they took us to their own domain. We confabulated and testified on Covid and the medical industry paradoxes. We spoke truth into existence and emitted light on the fine tuned propaganda machine of the west! Disney, Netflix and even Churchill got a rapid fire flame thrower to the face. Danny & Trebs go on an all out tit for tat on Trump & De Santis and finalized the episode on a reverent and high frequency conversation. Enjoy the show! // Visit The K4V3 Podcast at Or catch them on ☂️ Drop a 5 star review on Apple Podcast! Thank you 😊
Jul 26
1 hr 10 min
+ + +! W/ Flash from Flashy_News1
Every single person. Every man and woman. No matter the creed, the religion, no matter race or nationality. Every adult should be for the prosecution of pedophilia and those who practice it. I can give 2 fucks and roll fuck yous to any person that pardons that behavior. I don’t condone that shit. It is a rotting society, a nation with no borders and corrupt justice system. We’ve witness political leaders utilize the “free media” and justice systems to defeat their opponents and cover up their own losses. It’s a time of Non Compos Mentís and deranged influencers. A time where the only agendas met are ones with banks in their pockets and rainbow colored shit stains in their underwear. Today we break free. Today the sounds of freedom are amplified by man that has single handed woken up thousands of ppl and invested countless episodes to our humble show. Please give a warm welcome our deeps state correspondent, friend, father, business owner, New Yorker and freedom fighting warrior. Flash from Flashy_News1 // Follow Flash on Ig @Flashy_News1 And visit us at PARANOIRADIO.COM ☂️ Drop a 5 star review on Apple Podcast! Thank you ✅
Jul 20
31 min
SEX ALCHEMY! W/ Tank & Trebles
Once I come; I come to my senses. -lil Wayne. EXACTLY! Sex without orgasm in a living matrimony? Wait hold the fuck up! This is serious, only for those with a hard heart and not just a hard cokc would understand. The levels of spiritually to be met with such practices would help you break out of the matrix but even better, learn yourself. The goal is to find the gold, to ascend and dispatch emotion. Higher forms of health and well-being and even orgasms that connect to to a higher purpose. Esoteric knowledge warning….. Enjoy! Follow us at PARANOIRADIO.COM ☂️ Drop a 5 star review on Apple podcast!
Jul 19
52 min
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