Paddle All The Things
Paddle All The Things
Exploring the world of water craft at a time....well....maybe two. Or three.
Episode 7: Talking Story with Joel Yang
Episode 7: Sitting around Joel Yang’s kitchen table talking about downwinding in the Columbia River Gorge on the eve of this year’s Gorge Downwind Championships. Joel is the owner of Stoke on the Water: Downwind Hood River and is chock a block full of insights on gliding on the Gorge.    Paddle All the Things is a Distressed Mullet production. Music:
Jul 17, 2019
59 min
Episode 6: Oregon Ho!
Episode 6: Greetings from Hood River!! Distressed Mullet’s Lisa Schell is in Hood River, after making a quick detour to pay homage to her favorite American author. So far she has gotten in two days of downwinding in light conditions in the Gorge, tried her first Unlimited board and has caught up with lots of paddle buds from all across the world! Paddle All the Things is produce by Distressed Mullet. Music:
Jul 16, 2019
13 min
Episode 5: Wyoming Kicked My Butt
Episode 5: Four days of driving 12-plus hours are starting to catch up with she pushes through the desolation that is Wyoming en route to the Gorge Downwind Championships in Hood River, OR. But spending time with old friends makes it all worthwhile! And she offers up a road trip pro-tip!   Paddle All the Things is a Distressed Mullet production. Music by Purple Planet Music:
Jul 13, 2019
10 min
Epidsode 4: Paranoia and Purple Mountain Majesty
Episode 4: Lisa wraps up the Midwestern portion of the road trip to the Gorge Downwind Championships and lands in Ft. Collins, CO. But the day is not without some fretting over the potential for car trouble.  She makes an executive decision not to detour to Car-henge but she does venture out to the highest point in the State of Nebraska! Paddle all the Things is a Distressed Mullet production.     Music by Purple Planet Music:
Jul 13, 2019
9 min
Episode 3: Raleigh to Missouri and the Best Laid Plans
Day One was amazing! Lisa recaps the first day of her cross country trip in the Adventure Toaster, which included a stop at Dinosaur World, and she offers up first impressions of the Dometic CFX 35 fridge.      Paddle All the Things is part of the Distressed Mullet family!   Music:
Jul 11, 2019
20 min
Episode 2: Kitting out the Honda Element
Road Trip Time!! In this edition of Paddle All The Things, Lisa walks us around her Adventure Toaster - a 2008 Honda Element - that will carry her across the country to the Gorge Downwind Championships in Hood River, OR.  She explains her roof rack set up, sleeping platform, storage, food prep, and power and lighting systems. Gear Links: Yakima Products: Core Bar Boat Loader Slim Shady Sup Dawg Highroad Ghost Slmr 6 Fifth Element Camping ENO Underbelly gear sling Snow Peak fire pit Lodge Cook-it-All Firebox Stove Solo Stove Enlightened Equipment Nemo Puffin Dometic CFX 35 Goal Zero Yeti 400 BougeRV Luci Luminaid SIC Maui SUP   Music:Purple Planet
Jul 9, 2019
14 min
Paddle All The Things: Trailer
Introduction  - Paddle All The Things is about to hit the road! Paddle All The Things focuses on the world of paddle sports, whether it's standup paddling, outrigger canoeing, surf ski paddling or sea kayaking. Host Lisa Schell paddles all the water craft and she is about to set off on a cross country journey to paddle in new places and meet new people. Destination is Hood River, Oregon and in this preview, Lisa outlines her plan for the journey of a lifetime.   Music:
Jul 8, 2019
7 min