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Voted one of the Top 10 Podcasts by Harpers Bazaar and as one to listen to by Stylist, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Vogue Italy, Outspoken Beauty is the UK's most honest, straight talking beauty podcast featuring interviews with an array of celebrities, experts and influencers in the beauty/wellbeing industry. Hosted by beauty expert and broadcaster Nicola Bonn. Expect fierce debate, candidness and the very best product recommendations.
Dr David Jack: The Lowdown on Collagen
In this episode I chat to the brilliant aesthetican Dr David Jack who specialises in and has an exrensive knowledge of skin health and pro-ageing. He gives some brilliant tips including a total demystification of collagen, what we can do to improve our own levels and whether collagen supplements can help our skin or not.Later I catch up with founder of Merumaya, the lovely Maleka Dattu. Maleka tells me about how she is hoping to raise loads of money for Beauty Banks and Beauty Backed and how we can get involved from 1st December. If you'd like to join the podcast community then follow this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477 to our brilliant, private Facebook Page for all things beauty and much more xx
Nov 28
32 min
Mica Paris: My Beauty Habits
In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know the brilliant singer, actress and presenter Mica Paris. Mica and I chat about how she embraced her health and wellbeing aged 48 and never looked back. She discusses her exercise routine, the home made concoction that she's been drinking for years and that she swears keeps her healthy and she also shares her skincare routine and the makeup that makes her feel fabulous.Mica also chats about her beautiful new album Gospel which sees her going back go her musical roots and we get to hear some of her amazing song Mamma Said.I loved Mica's energy, positivity and hints and tips and can't wait for you to get to know her.
Nov 24
34 min
Dr Karina Patel: Let's Improve Our Sleep
If sleep is a bit of a struggle at the moment then Dr Karina Patel is just the person to give you lots of the tools you need to improve the situation. Karina is the lead clinician of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of London which forms part of the London Sleep Centre and in this really enlightening episode she tells me her tips and tricks for getting good quality sleep.From nasal breathing to what we should be doing in the hours leading up to bedtime to diet to whether we should read before we sleep, Karina has lots to teach us and I hope you find her advice as helpful as I have._____________________If you'd like to join the Outspoken Trialling Panel and trial products for free in return for honest reviews, DM me on Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola and I'll send you a form. Another great way of joining the Outspoken Beauty Community is via our private Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477
Nov 21
33 min
Lynn Ruth Miller: My Beauty Habits
In this week's episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by the total inspiration that is Lynn Ruth Miller. 87 year old Lynn Ruth is an award winning comedian, burlesque dancer and author who not only has embraced her journey into older age but has made it her mission to grab every opportunity that she's been given or created.During this uplifting episode she talks about her life, her beauty influences and how even at 87, you can still put on some makeup, wear a fabulous dress and go after the man of your dreams.This episode is one of my favourites and I just know that it will make you smile during these crazy times.If you fancy reading Lynn's brilliant book, Getting The Last Laugh: The Inspirational True Story of The World's Oldest Comedienne (which I wholeheartedly recommend) then here's the link for you: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Getting-Last-Laugh-Inspirational-Performing/dp/1527262677/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
Nov 17
42 min
The Outspoken Ep 10:  Let's Talk About Bladder Weakness
The Outspoken Podcast is YOUR podcast and is the place where you can voice your opinions, thoughts and get your voice heard. I choose the topics based on what you tell me you'd like to hear and this week, due to popular demand we're talking about bladder weakess.During the episode I hear from Ferne McCann who is on a mission to open the bladder weakness conversation and show us how many of us suffer from it. She talks openly about her own bladder issues and how she is dealing with them.Then I hear from Annie who has suffered with bladder weakness all her life and recently had surgery to help. She voices the embarrassment she used to feel and how she hid it from even her family.If there's one thing I have taken from this episode it's how many of us suffer from this and that we should never be ashamed to open up and also seek help. It's so normal!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you'd like to be a part the conversation make sure you join me on Instagram @OutspokenBeautyNicola and our private Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/419953838690477/Also why not become a part of #TheOutspokenPanel and trial products for free in exchange for honest no-holes barred reviews. DM me or email nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk.
Nov 16
18 min
The Outspoken Vulva: Vulva 101 With Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence and Femfresh
* This episode is in partnership with Femfresh*I recently had a catch up with the team at Femfresh that made me very happy indeed. They are a huge brand that many women turn to and they're now putting a major focus on busting the taboos around feminine intimate health which by the very nature of their reach, will influence so many of us in a really positive way. As well as formulating products that are the right PH for our vulvas (4.5) Femfresh are making it their responsibility to educate us, empower us and get us talking openly about things that we are often too embarrassed or ashamed to even address with our best friends.In this episode I'm joined by the brilliant, straight-talking NHS Doctor Dr Frankie Jackson Spence who is also an ambassador for Femfresh. Frankie answers every question you can imagine about our vulvas from the way they look to when to get them checked to how they should smell. She also gives us her view on washing them and how if we choose to use a product we need to use one that respects the area.I learnt so much from Dr Frankie and know that you will too and I hope that you leave this episode feeling confident, empowered and far more knowledgable about your own intimate health.
Nov 14
40 min
Felicity Hayward: My Beauty Habits
In this episode of My Beauty Habits I'm joined by one of the UK's first ever plus size models, the fabulous Felicity Hayward.Felicity and I talk about her career, the body positivity message that she has been leading for years and how we can truly love ourselves. We then talk about the beauty products that mean the most to her and her obsession with crystals (I think she has me hooked now as well).If you want to join the Outspoken Panel and try products for free in return for honest reviews then please DM me on Insta @OutspokenBeautyNicola. Everyone's skin is different and we all deserve to be represented by the beauty industry so please get in touch whatever your age, ethnicity or skin type.
Nov 10
43 min
Amelia Freer: No Nonsense Nutrition
In this episode of Outspoken Beauty I'm joined by the one of the UK's top Nutritional Therapists, the lovely Amelia Freer.What I love about Amelia (who is the author of the excellent book Simply Good For You) is that she doesn't give hard to follow, fad driven advice but is just really sensible and encourages a balanced approach to eating that is realistic and helpful for someone like me who is never going to stick to eating nut cheese and slurping on celery juice. (I do not judge you if this is you, but I have the self control of a guinea pig....I have learnt that guinea pigs are totally led by their stomachs since getting two pet ones!)Anyway, this episode is a great reminder that healthy eating can be easy and more attainable than most of us might believe. Enjoy :0)
Nov 7
38 min
Mimi Missfit: My Beauty Habits
In this episode of My Beauty Habits I get to know presenter and blogger Mimi Missfit. Mimi is the host of a BBC series called Mimi on A Mission where she explores everything from sex to relationships to tech overload. I love her sense of humour and her willingness to chat openly about everything (she's a true Outspoken Beauty).After a catch up about how she got her job (it's a great story) and her new series, we get down to the nitty gritty of her favourite beauty products and habits.Mimi is fun, fabulous and full of personality...just the tonic in these strange times xx
Nov 3
30 min
#TheOutspoken Ep 9: Some Light Relief With Esther Coren
With another lockdown around the corner lots of you have been in touch to say you need cheering up so I got in touch with Esther Coren as she always makes me laugh and somehow makes things feel a bit better.Don't ask me exactly what we talked about but I know that it made my husband giggle while he edited it and that we definitely cover books, quiet time, being "more cat"and other ways to keep as happy as possible in our crazy world.Enjoy Outspokenbeauties xx
Nov 2
27 min
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