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Outside in the bubble…
I tried, but every episode seemed to be Outside editors interviewing each other, or their close friends. They all share the same views and opinions, which just seemed really self centered and kinda selfish. Finally I had to give it up on the “vegan meat eater. She had to surrender her personal values because she loved running so much. She suffered such angst of eating living things. The solution? Make them taste good! Queue the friend who is also an editor and a chef, and things just get weird from there….
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Dream job?
To imagine a person could raise a family of 4 as a ski patroller is delusional. You make him sound like a victim. Poor guy, he has the best job in the world. Of course it doesn’t pay… if it did, one half of America would be patrollers, emt’s, cops, fire, ect.
america is over
Ditch outside
Outside - bringing dystopian capitalism to love of nature.
Fought a bear w/ pocketknife
Great episode. Thanks for re sharing! However, the voice of the outside voice over is driving me a bit nuts. Why does she lower her voice at the end of every sentence to a dramatic whisper mumble ? Just speak clearly and don’t lower your voice when there’s a question. Isn’t that radio voice 1:1?
Scorpion dies, Moron lives to share.
225 miles of dangerous white water, should have slept in her raft.
bullet report
Excellent podcast!
Really well done podcast and I love the variety of shows. I don’t get bored knowing every episode is a different variation of the last. I am really enjoying the summer readings of books, it’s fascinating to hear about others and their lives in the outdoors. I’m learning so much more about people and their experiences in the outdoors than I ever thought I would. Plus, I like they are not interviewing experts, which gets very boring.
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Interesting, but kind of podcasty
The host sounds like Ira Glass imitating Rod Serling.
Anthony Wilson
Creepy narrator
What is with the narrator’s voice? It’s so modulated and fake it’s downright creepy. And what’s with hiring “professional actors” to read parts? They’re even worse. More like listening to some cheesy Harlequin romance novel than stories about adventures in the outdoors. Come on Outside! You're blowing it!
Outdoors with obese Jewish women
Neurotic womyn from the Tri-State area discuss irrational fear of weather, gentiles and God’s creatures
I wanted to like it
I tried to listen to a few episodes but had to turn it off. The narration is unbearable. The writing made me cringe. The commercials… yuck.
Don’t mushroom hunt!
Everyone should listen to the episode about dying by mushroom poisoning. Brutal but so valuable! I attended a week long mycology seminar as a young college student. Not a biology student and this was a graduate seminar, so it went TOTALLY over my head. (Still had a great time.) But the ONE thing I did learn? Don’t hunt for wild mushrooms! All of the mycologists said the same thing, “NO way would I pick wild mushrooms for consumption. Too many look-alikes & unidentified species out there!” MAYBE one exception: Morels, because they’re unique & distinctive. But that’s it! Anyone who says otherwise is actually ignorant of the dangers. When the experts won’t do it, probably not a good idea for the layman! Not worth losing your liver and/or life over an amateur mistake!
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Tandem Bear
Love it!
I absolutely love the outdoors and this podcast makes me feel like i’m outside on an adventure when i’m really inside at home or in school, I love it!!
Team Shadow X
blockchain doesn’t belong in this space
hey y’all love your stories but am SO shocked and frankly disgusted that you’re hyping blockchain in your latest ep considering what an absolutely devastating environmental toll is involved with this tech. those of us who respect the earth and treasure nature must categorically reject new harmful capitalist tech ventures that come at the expense of our planet, not simply jump on the bandwagon to pursue ‘connection’ with a digital audience. upsetting.
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Amazing story of survival & teamwork!!
Swimming For Your Life in the Open Ocean was probably the most riveting episode yet! I mean, I knew they survived because they were relaying their experience but it was produced very well & their story captivated me, as it most likely did other listeners. So glad the outcome was positive!!
Love the first person accounts of survival
More science of survival!
Used to be great
Newer episodes all sound the same and the line between ad and show are way too blurred for comfort.
Kara Goucher
💗love the episode of Kara Goucher from 2020 talking about speaking up about Nike’s Oregon Project & Alberto Salazar,& also advocating for women being paid during pregnancy.💗love Kara she is so full of passion for running💗
What happened?
Used to be great. Looked forward to it on my runs. Now I can’t get through an episode. From the reviews I see I’m not the only one. Unfollowing.
The subject matter is interesting, delivery is not
Each episode seems like it’s an interesting topic, but the interviewers somehow find a way to make it really boring, going on and on about how touching or special the interview will be, how important the person or topic is, but they never get to the meat of the story. This review is for the last few episodes
Come back…
I miss the survival stories and epic story telling. More tips and advice on outdoor activities, would be neat. Haven’t downloaded any new episodes lately as they all have the same theme. :/ You got this Outdoor crew! Not giving up yet on you guys.
WOKE outdoors
Another outdoor company lost to the cult
Dave Rhodes 5282991
Outdoor Stories to Social/Political Agendas
Used to throughly enjoy listening to this podcast for its incredible storing telling (specifically the survival series was incredible), informative interviews with experts, and getting to hear about the latest in the “outdoor” scene. Lately, it’s mostly has become a platform to promote political stances and advocate certain social ideas. With most everything else becoming that way, I look forward to hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, etc where the people there are there to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. There is an immediate commonality shared amongst us regardless of what political tribe we may or may not ascribe. I love that about nature and no longer find that here.
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Not as good as it used to be
I used to love this podcast…had great content, interesting guests and introduced me to new sports and places. It’s honestly very boring now and has really gone down hill. Sad because I used to love it but will likely stop following.
Content has become less intriguing to me lately
This show use to captivate me nearly every episode with stories of survival, epic adventures, and fascinating people. Lately, it seems there are more “self discovery” and social cause episodes which I struggle to find interesting. Using a platform to bring awareness to social issues is fine and admirable, but this show has gone overboard and thus lost my interest. I don’t want to hear stories of minorities or drag queens going camping for the first time, I want to hear epic adventures and tales of survival.
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Podcast has lost focus
Outside used to be one of my absolute favorites. Compelling, well-constructed stories of adventure and achievement. However, in the last year, this podcast turned to mush. Stories are about social activism loosely related to the outdoors, not adventure and certainly not achievement. I’ve been passively standing by for months, waiting for better content to resurface, but the latest “Forces of Good” series sent me over the edge. There’s a place for this type of storytelling in the world, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not this podcast. Here’s to hoping they right the ship soon and I can update this review to reflect the previous nature of this show.
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Lost Focus
Too much social and feelings. I want more hard core outside adventure stories, techniques, and other interesting related topics. This podcast has lost their focus or at least is focusing on things not interesting to me. My friends have all felt the same.
As an outdoor person I find this podcast boring and uninspiring. Just like outsides magazine.
Changed my opinion
Only listened to two episodes so far and this podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. Edit: I used to really love the outside podcast but it has gone from incredible stories of people doing really interesting things, to “inspiring” stories of people gently dipping their toes in the outdoors. I don’t mind hearing a variety of voices, viewpoints, and experience levels, but scattered throughout (not beginners all the time). Seems to focus more on social stuff than the outdoors anymore.
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Worth a listen and occasional eye roll
Every 5th episode touches on adventure and interesting tales, the rest are corporate commercials spread through what seems to be virtue-signaling diary entries
5 star podcast but difficult to listen to
I love the content of this podcast but the host’s voice is difficult to hear unless I’m using headphones in a very quiet place. Or sometimes I just give up and accept that I can’t hear what he says. I end up listening to very one sided interviews that way, but it says a lot about the podcast that I continue to listen anyway.
Thanks for correcting the vocal fry
The vocal fry is back! Please make it stop! I had to stop listening to the episode! I found t handle it anymore!!! HELP!!!
“Artic”?! And other narration issues
I like the episode length and many of the general topics. However, the narration is very unprofessional. The highly self-conscious stylized handling of vowels, idiosyncratic pronunciations, l-o-n-g elongation of final syllables, and extreme vocal fry, do not bestow a sense of gravitas or maturity upon the narrators — quite the contrary. And, “Artic?” (9/21/21 episode, repeatedly; Stephanie, please learn how to pronounce this basic place name.) Hard to listen given all the Amateur Hour features; it could be so much more — more depth would be welcome as well, as the content often just skims the surface. Criticism aside, thanks for producing the podcast; I know it takes a lot of work.
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Content is great. Guests are great. But there is way too much editing. Just let us listen to the whole interview - raw! And the way the host puts on this weird fake TV game show host voice is really distracting. The forced inflection and pregnant pauses… Sounds like a 1990’s movie trailer. Does anyone talk like that in real life? Just be yourself, man!
Well done
I recently discovered this podcast. Great job and interesting interview.
I cannot listen anymore
the narration is awful. I just don’t enjoy this pod at all anymore.
I don’t intend to just jump on the bandwagon, but...
At the risk of a pile-on, the lowered pitch and slow pace at the end of the host’s every utterance is flat-out bizarre. I’m a licensed speech-language pathologist, and this is diagnosable
Could be great
Lose the vocal fry narrator and you’ll have a great podcast. It is painful!
The narration is almost annoying enough to prompt me to stop listening. Getting close.
Could be a good podcast but the language is rather juvenile, and there is no explicit language warning.
Too much greenwashing
I enjoy the podcast, and the stories told within, but I’ve had to unsubscribe because for months all the ads are from car companies and fossil fuel companies trying to greenwash their reputations through a podcast that is ostensibly about protecting and recreating outdoors. Do better than that Outside.
Poor audio
Wanted to love it but the interviewer is so much louder than the interviewee that we’re getting blasted by one and have to turn up the volume for the other. I want to devour the content but just can’t.
This narrator is god awful. It is painful to listen too.
Please talk in a normal voice
It’s such a good podcast but the commentary is so distracting with this over the top narrator tone! Please just talk in a normal voice.
The Twilight Zone
The host talks like he’s the host of the Twilight Zone - lowering his pitch at the end of every sentence - which is really annoying. Fast forward through his commentary and it’s a good show.
This Dude’s Voice is…Yikes
The stories are great - if they were told entirely by the guests who lived them, this would be an easy binge. But….the narrator talks. It’s not that he speaks too much or dominates the story-telling - it’s just that he talks…at all. Brutal, bizarre over-emphasis on certain vowels and just generally excessive enunciation. Everyone talks about Stephanie’s voice - it’s bad, but this is worse. Bummer.
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Her Voice
Love the content of the show but Stephanie’s voice is so distracting. How she ends her sentences … she elongates the sounds of some words, especially … again at the end of a sentence, and it’s driving me nuts — so much so that I can’t listen to the rest of the episode. Muting her while driving or skipping forward is a bit of hazard. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but can one of your producers do some voice coaching here …
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In Otter News
Vocal fry
The vocal fry in the narrator’s voice is way beyond anything a Valley Girl could pull off. She really needs to lose this annoying trait, I know it can be done. I can’t stop hearing it, it’s very prominent. The stories are great, but 3 stars because of that.
Fry Voice
Stephanie does great until her fry voice kicks in and then its unbearable. This is not a great voice for a narrator, its very annoying. I usually turn her off which is a shame because I like the stories.
Love it . . . At last!
As a longtime and huge fan of Outside magazine, I was excited a few years ago to find this podcast. Gotta admit, though, that back then it was a tad dry. I decided to try it out again a few weeks ago and was blown away by the improvements. Fantastic storytelling that mirrors the magazine perfectly. Love it!
Unsubscribed while listening to the “A Bold Plan To Make Pro Cycling Cool Again” episode. If you look up the words “diversity” and “inclusion” in the dictionary it doesn’t entail writing off and excluding an entire subset of humanity as banal and idealess based on skin tone. That’s just more racism.
Ethan Allen Hawley
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