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Good content - audio needs improvement
Like the stories and topics covered but frustrating that the host audio is quiet and the guests are loud, so you have to mange volume throughout.
Disappointing episode
I generally like this podcast. As this episode is about meat eater. Hunting eating animals I lasted 60 seconds. In our endangered world we need to stop supporting both of these practices. I don’t care how much this guy’s brand is growing it is irresponsible to support its continued growth. Deeply disappointed in outside.
Life lessons
Steve Rinella is not the person I would think Outside would be showcasing. Absolutely disgusting. And the trapping is just plain cruel and horrible! Kindness indeed matters in this world.
veggie rules
Who’s a big enough loser to listen to this?
I can’t believe there are actually people with any interest in anything this host or his amoral guests have to say. Specifically you, Tim Cook.
Health and Fitness
Mr. Cook, Grabs My Attention. Thank You Sir
See American National Parks
I’m so tired that I saw this image tile and said
“SCREW YOU BILL GATES LEAVE ME ALONE.” But Tim Cook, you’re free to bother me all you want in your native podcasting app. Sorry my tired eyes confused you with a global terrorist.
Great podcast!
This podcast consistently finds entertaining stories and fascinating people to interview. One of my regular listens.
Henry, Esq.
Lady Hunter Show
I really like the Outside podcast and this one is good in many ways but my god, when you are doing a show like this, please try not to use the word “like” in virtually every sentence. So tiresome! And it detracts from what you are trying to express.
Rachel - you and your lady hunters are amazing.
I love that you’re out there busting stereotypes. Just like me (an old white guy trying not to be an a-hole. You're right that there-is a natural connection b/w hunting culture and food culture. But also togeneral outdoor culture as well. When i first got into hiking, backpacking. And realized that hunters groups can be quite powerful but still generally shared my opinion about protecting wild lands and open space and keeping access available I’ve never been Hunting, but like you am intrigued to know if i could do it. I‘m embarrassed as a human that you felt vulnerable for even a moment when on your trip and
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Look forward to it!
This is one of the podcasts that I look forward to. They have very interesting topics and conversations. Keep it up!
Great guests and good questions
This is consistently one of the best put together podcasts to listen to. The guests are excellent and the interviewers ask relevant questions.
Again less white men!
Episode about the guys building a cabin - while popular subject matter I’m sure, was out of touch. Please, please, help make the outdoors more inclusive and less privileged. How about a series explaining the intersection of race and environmental pollution? Anything other than a story about another white dude.
The podcast exists in a parallel pre-2020 world
Outside magazine made a sharp pivot a couple years back in being less demeaning in their treatment of women. Really appreciated this. I’ve never seen the podcast entirely catch up. The complete tiptoeing around the pandemic and national unrest in this country is weird. Yes, I want to think about other things, but I also want what’s happening to be acknowledged! It has changed everything. More inclusive and diverse stories would be appreciated. The podcast still feels like a white bro echo chamber.
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Just started listinging to the podcast (long ago used to be a mag subscriber - until mag started to get more hypeish - to coin a word). Listened to the "Frozen Alive" episode, as I still remember reading the original in print, and wsa just as captivated. Listened to a couple other survival episodes with interest. but... I was dubiious of the "Burnout" episode when they talked of dynamiting houses. (did I miss the disclaimer?) - Strike 1 Then, the latest episode, "Wild Things" they went all mea culpa and metaphorical 'bout the dynamiting - Strike 2 - no justification for poetic license after they (rightly) discussed the greivance brought up by a professional. Then, let's talk about the "Wild Things" episode. Sasquatch? Really? That's 30 minutes (15 @2x speed) that I'll never get back. - Strike 3. And, as it's associated, I recently saw a video of climbing and circumnavigating Mt Hood, where they claimed typically 12 hours to climb from Timberline (nobody's that slow, praticularly with skis and/or even with the Mazamas), and 4 days circumnavigation (if you're on a very casual backpack), for what purpose, to show how burley the two particpants were compared to your average couch potato? - Big Strike 4 And- the host bringing up over again that he's a Portlander (or Oregonian) - eh, strike 5... Think it's time to unsubscribe. Update 8/5/2020: Just got suckered into the “Trapped Underwater” episode. 1. The ads. Oh, the ads… enough already. That’s another reason I no longer subscribe to the mag. 2. Anyone, and I mean anyone with any working knowledge would have been skeptical of an air pocket in a long submerged vessel. You don’t need to wait for the “expert” to clue that out. 3. Even if there were an air pocket. How many days? 4. A teapot with fresh water? Come on. If you bought that, you shouldn’t consider yourselves journalists (but then again, maybe you don’t). A shipwreck happens to have a teapot, (sitting where exactly), unspilled, untrusted, that retained fresh water? How exactly? It will be a long time before I get suckered again. Bye!
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j footprint
La dee da frikin’ da look what I found
This is the best 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😔🤩🤩😔😔😔😔😔😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍🏻👏👏👏👏🤝👏
Not about being outside, about fitness
If your an ultra competitive cyclist who’s middle aged, counts calories and takes life too seriously, this is the podcast for you! If you like exploring, hiking, and camping outside, you’ll find this podcast annoying and horrible!
production issues
the host often gets very quiet at the end of sentences & the balance between interview volume and host volume is off continuously. it’s distracting.
Florida’s lakes
I love this show but Wednesday’s episode’s ad states that Florida has over 30,000 lakes. Wisconsin and Minnesota combined have barely 30,000 lakes. Not sure how you got that number lol
I love this podcast! Stories are both interesting and informative, sweat science is amazing! Science of survival is super interesting and gives good tips for wilderness first aid! Also I think they do a good job representing women despite what another review said, much less ego based than a lot of other outdoor podcasts! Outside does a wonderful job!
Excellent material
I love this podcast. The science of survival episodes were great. I love that their isn’t one focus, the stories are interesting, thoughtful and diverse. I also love how they do ads, I typically skip ads, but they actually put some thought into how they advertise products, and I find the little micro stories they tell to be pretty interesting.
Jon R. P.
Blah blah blah
I heard about this podcast in a crossover episode with Dirtbag Diaries and it seemed interesting, so I handpicked a few episodes. I just listened to the Switch in Your Brain. What a bunch of garbage. Is this journalism or a place to peddle your new book? The guy is hallucinating bc he’s ready to pass out and you don’t talk medically at all about the negatives of this practice. He’s probably stuffing crystals up his nostrils while he does it, too. Isn’t this just an adult version of the pass out game 13 year olds were playing and dying from 5 years ago?
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Where are the women?
So many of your stories feature men. Please tell some women’s stories. We go outside and have adventures too.
Heads up please when animals are harmed
I wish there had been a heads up for the “Chased By A Jaguar” episode that there was a semi graphic description of animal death. Not the inspiring story I was hoping to hear this morning. I love the show so much and just want to throw that suggestion out there for future consideration. Stay wild & informative!
AMC goer
Love. Informative and great sound
This podcast is superior to most. Most other podcasts (variety of subjects) are difficult to listen to—speed talking, excitable, disorganized. Outside is outstanding for steady, calm voices and sound effects. I also have the opportunities to learn about a variety of topics. It’s my favorite podcast especially when winding down at the end of the day.
Jodi Que
Going down the tubes fast
There was a time when Outside's podcasts captivated me, especially the real life stories of what happens to people in the event of hypothermia,lightening strikes, etc. Recently, however, it's become utter crap, turning into an aural version of dumb, voyeuristic reality shows like "Naked & Afraid" and "Kings of Pain". Shameful.
This podcast is very interesting but I constantly have to adjust the sound. I let my son listen to one and he really enjoyed it now he listens to this podcast every night he also enjoys the cusses.
Sometimes interesting but giving a platform to a vaccine "skeptic" is too much. His views are more than "controversial", they are reckless and leading to new waves of previously eradicated illnesses.
Don’t Give a Platform to Anti-Vaxxers!
I was willing to overlook the nature-crunchy ads, but an entire episode interviewing a person spreading vaccine fear is way over the line. Labeling him “controversial” is not an excuse - Vaccine “skepticism” gets children killed. Outside should be ashamed.
Terrible sound quality
I’d really love to say I enjoyed listening to these but as much as I had to adjust the volume throughout the episodes, I can’t say it’s worth it.
doug phillips
Save the earth 🌏🌏🌎🌍 don’t wanna die early! Doubt you want to also!
Hmm very overrated, sounds to force, all the extra stuff sounds to staged for me
I listed to 3 episodes and I cannot understand why they when with the stage scenarios back ground, noise, music is okay just to be yourself and tell the story’s on a lay back mode, Barton line the way you guys narrated is a bit to much for what it is just my .02 I rather have the unabridged version, Raw if you will
Awesome podcast and magazine, but please avoid becoming too politically oriented, there’s enough of that out there already.
Love podcast and magazine - writing
Love this podcast and the magazine. I am also a paying subscriber to the magazine. The writing is very good and the outdoor experience education and survival stories are the best, educating on the environment conservation is great too. Please don’t get too carried away with the political agenda stuff, more outdoors - again the writing is the best out there I think.
Unbalanced Sound
My husband and I enjoy this podcast, but we often don’t listen because we’ve found that the sound is super unbalanced. Most of the time, the volume of the main storyteller/host is far louder than the volume of those offering commentary or being interviewed. Really wish this wasn’t the case. Doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal, but it tends to be a major problem when our toddler is asleep in the back seat. The volume is either way too loud or way too quiet. Would love for you all to master the sound more equally.
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Mom of napping toddler
Absolutely amazing podcast
This podcast is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. The way that they are able to evoke emotion, while also communicating important detail and fact, is second to none. I typically listen to their podcast while I’m onlong runs, and there have been numerous times where the emotion of the podcast has caused my eyes to well up a little bit. Specifically the episodes on snakebite venom and wildfires are very powerful. I recommend giving this podcast to try 100 times over if you have not yet listened.
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Sometimes good.
Some of the podcasts are good, giving you a topic or something new to learn or explore. Some episodes are not the case, including the recent with Doug Peacock. No actual science, or actual facts to back up his views left me wondering where the credibility is?
Good but not very scientific
That episode about water and hydration (drinking a gallon of water) was mostly anecdotal. Very disappointing. Her only problem was that she was drinking too much sugar. And as for that “hydration scientist” - his research is funded by the bottled water industry. So disappointed
Close, but no cigar
Your podcasts are intermittently fabulous, but somehow frequently lacking. Listen to Nat Geo’s podcasts, which are consistently perfect.
Thinking Podcast
This podcast is amazing for deep thinkers and those who strive to learn.
Brods the Squid
How is this possible??
I began listening to The Outside Podcast in the first season when every episode was Science of Survival. That series was engaging and interesting. When they began branching out into other content I was skeptical. How could anything be as riveting as the original SOS series? I was delightfully surprised. All of their series are produced at the highest level with content unrivaled by the majority of shows in the podcast realm. It’s beyond me why these guys are not mentioned at the top of “best of podcast lists”. My only qualm is the episode length. At 30-45mins and released every other week. I burn through these episodes like no ones business. I’ll let the release schedule fly since the quality superb. Thanks so much for the commitment and expertise required to produce this great show. 5 star show for sure.
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You guys
If you have any hesitation giving this podcast a try start by listening to the Science of Survival episodes. Seriously, one of the best things I've found in the podcast world.
Tosh Bosh
Always look forward to the next episode. Informative & entertaining at the same time.
It’s everything you’d expect from Outside Magazine.
Best Outdoor Podcast!
Please create more ‘Science of Survival’ episodes! This is the best podcast i’ve ever listened to; the stories are rich and detailed, and have a real purpose.
More survival stories!
Love this podcast!! My only request is that they need more science of survival episodes which describe the science behind the survival stories. Those are the best episodes and they haven’t had a new one in awhile! But overall love it!
I am obsessed with this podcast. The format is fascinating, the story telling fantastic and the editing premium. I have been binge listening ever since I found it!
Start with the older podcasts!
Outside magazine was the first podcast that I became completely wrapped up in. I worked through their catalog of back episodes while waiting anxiously for new ones. It’s not just the wide variety of adventures and outdoor related content, it’s the top notch production, and hosts consistently putting out engaging shows that make it so good. That being said, they seem to be looking for a new direction. Sustaining top notch content for years is tough. The shows now are all over the place, the hosts sometimes even sound discouraged. I will always love Outside Magazines podcast, but I would recommend new listeners go back a few years and look for shows that interest you. Don’t start with the news stuff!
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Sci of Survival
I love love love these!! I want only these!
Riveting and magnificent
This podcast has a recurring series called “science of survival.” Absolutely magnificent!
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