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Well done
I recently discovered this podcast. Great job and interesting interview.
I cannot listen anymore
the narration is awful. I just don’t enjoy this pod at all anymore.
I don’t intend to just jump on the bandwagon, but...
At the risk of a pile-on, the lowered pitch and slow pace at the end of the host’s every utterance is flat-out bizarre. I’m a licensed speech-language pathologist, and this is diagnosable
Worth a listen and occasional eye roll
Some great listening, the survival series is entertaining and useful, yet hilarious in its over the top narration. Something about listening to dirtbag/grassroots stories mixed with commercials for $60k luxury cars tho…
Could be great
Lose the vocal fry narrator and you’ll have a great podcast. It is painful!
The narration is almost annoying enough to prompt me to stop listening. Getting close.
Could be a good podcast but the language is rather juvenile, and there is no explicit language warning.
Too much greenwashing
I enjoy the podcast, and the stories told within, but I’ve had to unsubscribe because for months all the ads are from car companies and fossil fuel companies trying to greenwash their reputations through a podcast that is ostensibly about protecting and recreating outdoors. Do better than that Outside.
Poor audio
Wanted to love it but the interviewer is so much louder than the interviewee that we’re getting blasted by one and have to turn up the volume for the other. I want to devour the content but just can’t.
This narrator is god awful. It is painful to listen too.
Please talk in a normal voice
It’s such a good podcast but the commentary is so distracting with this over the top narrator tone! Please just talk in a normal voice.
The Twilight Zone
The host talks like he’s the host of the Twilight Zone - lowering his pitch at the end of every sentence - which is really annoying. Fast forward through his commentary and it’s a good show.
This Dude’s Voice is…Yikes
The stories are great - if they were told entirely by the guests who lived them, this would be an easy binge. But….the narrator talks. It’s not that he speaks too much or dominates the story-telling - it’s just that he talks…at all. Brutal, bizarre over-emphasis on certain vowels and just generally excessive enunciation. Everyone talks about Stephanie’s voice - it’s bad, but this is worse. Bummer.
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Her Voice
Love the content of the show but Stephanie’s voice is so distracting. How she ends her sentences … she elongates the sounds of some words, especially … again at the end of a sentence, and it’s driving me nuts — so much so that I can’t listen to the rest of the episode. Muting her while driving or skipping forward is a bit of hazard. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but can one of your producers do some voice coaching here …
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In Otter News
Thanks for correcting the vocal fry
Awesome job on replacing the vocal fry with a nice, soothing radio/podcast voice!
Vocal fry
The vocal fry in the narrator’s voice is way beyond anything a Valley Girl could pull off. She really needs to lose this annoying trait, I know it can be done. I can’t stop hearing it, it’s very prominent. The stories are great, but 3 stars because of that.
Fry Voice
Stephanie does great until her fry voice kicks in and then its unbearable. This is not a great voice for a narrator, its very annoying. I usually turn her off which is a shame because I like the stories.
Love it . . . At last!
As a longtime and huge fan of Outside magazine, I was excited a few years ago to find this podcast. Gotta admit, though, that back then it was a tad dry. I decided to try it out again a few weeks ago and was blown away by the improvements. Fantastic storytelling that mirrors the magazine perfectly. Love it!
Unsubscribed while listening to the “A Bold Plan To Make Pro Cycling Cool Again” episode. If you look up the words “diversity” and “inclusion” in the dictionary it doesn’t entail writing off and excluding an entire subset of humanity as banal and idealess based on skin tone. That’s just more racism.
Ethan Allen Hawley
Stop advertising for gas guzzling vehicles.
Like the podcast but could really do without the five minute long self congratulatory Ford Bronco add at the beginning. Just goes to show that Outside is all about the money and if they have to bow down to Ford to get it then so be it. Very disappointing.
Hail me and my wife
Millennial vocal fry cringe
Great content but the vocal fry is distracting
Weird Narrator Accent
Not a fan of the affectation. It’s a dudebro accent. Also, Ford Bronco as a sponsor is the opposite of environmental consideration.
jfc kiki
I miss the OG host of this podcast
In reading a few of these reviews it sounds like almost have a hard time connecting with stories told from woman’s narration, I found that more annoying then anything else. However I will say I really miss the original host of this podcast. The transition was unannounced and I felt like he added so much authenticity to the podcast that is currently lacking..review from a long time listener
Love this podcast!
I aalways look forward to this podcast and love the hosts. I do miss Peter but am very happy with the new hosts. Great job Outside!
Susan little
Vocal Fry
I have loved this podcast but the recent female host’s vocal fry makes this unlistenable. I’m sorry.
let me play plz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😓
Great Podcast!
Content is great and love all of the hosts!
Female host’s voice ruining this for me
This has long been my favorite podcast. But I cannot listen to the female host’s voice any more. I can’t make it through a whole episode. It makes me miss Peter Frick-Wright more than ever. Peter please come back! Or someone move the female host to developing content only. I feel like a jerk writing this. But I don’t want to lose my favorite podcast to someone’s vocal stylings.
invisible biscuit
Great content, annoying host
The host needs to stop with the frequent pauses and over-pronunciation of words. It’s distracting, and sounds forced. I really want to like this podcast. I love podcasts. I enjoy outside themes. I like funny voices. I can’t stand this choppy way of speaking though. It doesn’t sound natural, and it’s just plain annoying. If I just hated the show overall I wouldn’t have written a review. But listen to this feedback, please.
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Host is terrible
Her voice and vocal fry is too much. Long time subscriber, but no more. I will not be listening or subscribing any more.
Polar fryyyyy...
Really? Coulda been an enjoyable Polar Bear story in the latest podcast if not for the hostess’s vocal fry at the end of every one of her sentences. I thought that trend had passed (self-corrected?).
Stephanie needs coaching
The way that Stephanie elongates the end of every sentence is beyond annoying. I have to skip all of her episodes. Please coach her or don’t let her narrate podcasts.
The vocal fry is terrible
This is a great podcast with excellent content, but the vocal fry of Stephanie Joyce is getting harder and harder to ignore. I’m not going to tell you how to produce your show, but this is clearly an issue among listeners. I’ve stopped listening to other great podcasts because the host’s voice distracted from the content of the show. I hope I don’t have to stop listening to this one too.
Life among the polar bears
I was really interested in this episode but so irritated by Stephanie’s vocal fry I had to turn it off. Seems like you have had a number of complaints about her voice, yet nothing has changed. I am unsubscribing at this point.
Same on vocal fry
I can’t listen to the stories. Female speaker’s voice sinks down into gravel on every sentence.
Vocalllllllll Fryyyyyyyyy
The content is great.The female narrators voice is supremely irritating due to her vocal fry
Terrible host voice
I feel bad writing a negative review of someone’s voice BUT the weird inflection and vocal fry of Stephanie May’s voice ruins this podcast for me. I’ve been listening to Outside since the beginning. Recently I found myself paying more attention to the annoying voice of the host than to the actual program. I wondered if it was just me so decided to check the reviews and was amazed to see how many others feel the same.
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I enjoy the content and stories
I have really enjoyed the stories in outside podcasts. There’s a lot to learn from them. Some of my favorites have been the survival stories and the performance athletics stories. Oddly enough the first one I listened to was about composting toilets and I learned a lot. I would like to asking Stephanie May Joyce to watch her inflection at the end of sentences. She draws our her voice in a lazy way and it’s annoying to listen to. Ask for a voice coach to help you and then you’ll do better.
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nope nooe nope
Please change female presenter
It is SO hard to listen to the female presenter. Is her voice naturally like that...? I just find it hard to believe that she would intentionally talk like that if she could help it. It might not be something she can change, but if people can’t listen to your voice...then you might not want to host a podcast.
Content great. Presentation not so much
I really enjoy the content but there is a women who did the last few episodes on avalanches and Carline Glecht and he constant vocal fry voice is awful. I actually turned off both episodes.
Annoying voice
Great podcast! Stephanie’s vocal fry is terrible. So obnoxious to listen to
Hard to listen to that voice
I’d rate the podcast much higher but I hate the female presenter’s voice. This shouldn’t sound like a Kardashian-type of show.
Vocal Fry
I do really like the podcast, great stories and thank you doing them. As I listened to recent episodes however, I really have tired of the female storyteller's vocal fry. I had no idea that others were commenting on it until reading a few reviews. My gosh, it is awful and so juvenile sounding. Just speak the English language correctly and it would sound great.
Great storytelling interviews
This has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while training on my stationary bike trainer, treadmill, or an outside walk. There is a broad range of topics covered so it doesn’t get overly repetitive like some other podcasts I listen to. I have no issues with the female journalist‘a voice. I’m sure she could adapt her style to appeal more to her critics. For me it’s no issue.
Great content, hard to listen to
I agree with a some of the other reviewers. Outside is one of my all-time favorite magazines, but the voice of the female journalist often makes me want to shut off the podcast. I 2x speed up the podcast when she speaks, but it’s difficult to keep going back and forth between her and her interviewees. I hate writing a review like this, but I want to add my voice to the others who have had similar critiques.
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“ it was a way to keep his spirit alive”
I love this podcast and this is a great episode but the vocal fry of the female host sounds like a parody... Why?
Kay El Bee
Voice fry + tone, I beg you please
To stop this. I like the subjects and the story telling is great! But lately I barely was able to listen. Stephanie’s voice style is like nail on a chalkboard for me. Regular tone and speed speaking I beg you please. 🙏🏻 My 15yo was in the car listening to the avalanche episode with me, he also couldn’t stop commenting on her voice 😑
Please God Remove the vocal fry and save this podcast
As others have said the podcast is solid with interesting topics but the vocal fry by the female interviewer/reporter is brutal. Nails on a chalkboard.
Vocal fry
The stories are great but the vocal fry from the interviewer is so annoying that I can’t listen. She stretches out of the end of wooooorrrrrddddssss with that vocal frrryyyyy and it’s not funnnnnnnn to hear.
Absolutely wonderful!
Love listening to the stories of adventure! Really well done. Thank you for this. Wish there were more outdoor podcasts this good! Edit: The newer host’s voice is a little annoying the way she trails off at the end of each sentence. So sloooooow and stretching the end of each sentence. Just keep speaking at the same speed.
Audio makes it difficult to listen
This is an amazing show, but the audio levels with the new host make listening very difficult. I find myself needing to rewind nearly every sentence spoken by the host because the beginning is inaudible and then fades out at the end. Turning the volume up is not an option because then the guest audio is much too loud. I’ve listened for years and it makes me sad and frustrated that the exceptional content is overshadowed by my desire to escape the audio. Five stars for older episodes! Please address the audio and I’ll gladly become a sustaining donor.
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