Our Pets Health: with Dr Alex
Our Pets Health: with Dr Alex
Dr Alex Avery
It can be tough to know the best way to look after your dog or cat. Join veterinarian Dr. Alex for a weekly dose of pet health advice, news, and discussion. Want to give your pet the best care possible? Then you need to listen and subscribe!
Puppy Weaning Guide - do it right and keep your puppies healthy (#165)
Once the shock of a new litter of puppies arriving on the scene has passed (and it always takes some adjustment no matter how prepared you are!), chances are you’re going to start thinking about starting to wean the puppies. It is however vital not to wean your puppy too early, and instead have a clear step-by-step plan. After all, proper nutrition is vital for growth, immunity and all-round development. It couldn’t be more important in the first few months of a puppies life. Full show notes Free guide to keeping your pet as healthy as possible - get it now
Dec 1, 2019
8 min
Will CBD Oil Help Your Old Dog with Dementia? (#164)
While it’s much too early for anyone to answer this with any degree of certainty, there actually is some evidence that CBD oil may benefit dogs with dementia. CBD oil is getting huge publicity at the moment for the treatment of all manner of different diseases and ailments, both in people and in our pets. The scientific community is also interested, with more evidence becoming available to show that CBD oil can benefit dogs with certain conditions. That is not to say that CBD oil will be appropriate for every dog suffering from cognitive dysfunction. Nor should you ignore all of the other treatment options and management strategies that may benefit your dog. Check out the show notes for everything you need to know about dementia in dogs
Nov 24, 2019
6 min
Why is there Blood in My Cat’s Stool (#163)
It can be really concerning to see your cat pooping blood, blood in their stool, or in the litter tray. But is it really as serious as you might think? Blood in a cat’s stool is often accompanied by mucus, a little bit of clear jelly mixed in with the poop. This is a sign of colitis which is simply an inflammation lower down in the intestinal tract in the colon, rather than up high in the small intestine close to the stomach. The good news, if this is the case, is that colitis is pretty much always caused by a problem within the intestine itself rather than a disease in the rest of the body (such as kidney failure or liver disease). There are eight main reasons that your cat could be pooping blood, either mixed in or on the surface of their stool. Head over to the full show notes and check out my other podcast "Call the Vet".
Nov 17, 2019
8 min
Bleach Poisoning in Dogs - first aid + home treatment (#162)
Bleach is used in all kinds of products around the house. And with bleach poisoning in dogs, the emergency action and home treatment you give if your dog drinks bleach can make all the difference. Full show notes here
Nov 10, 2019
6 min
5 Steps to Keep Your Pet Happy, Health, and out of the Vet Clinic! (#161)
There is little worse than your dog or cat suffering from a disease or injury that could have easily been prevented, but unfortunately, as a veterinarian, I see cases like this every single day. Preventative health is so important, and only takes a little bit of thought and planning. This is why I produced my FREE 5 step guide that you can download for free here
Oct 31, 2019
5 min
Are You Firework Ready? How to help your dog and cat stay calm!
With firework season fast approaching, now is the time to come up with a management strategy that will help your dog or cat stay calm during fireworks and also keep them safe. It is really important to take action and come up with a clear plan for any pet (dog or cat) that suffers from any behavioral issue. Ignoring a noise phobia, or any other issue, is only going to make it harder to manage in the future and the problem is also likely to become worse. Further resources mentioned: my charity calendar! Helping dogs with a firework phobia Keeping cats calm during fireworks McCann Professional Dog Trainers Canine Arthritis Management
Oct 29, 2019
24 min
Is Having a Pet Really Good for Your Health? (#159)
For those of us for whom their pet is a vital family member, it is easy to see the benefits that our dog or cat (or any other pet for that matter) brings to our lives. The actual overall benefit, however, may be less clear-cut than you imagine. And, as a veterinarian, I can tell you from first-hand experience some of the stress that pets can cause which could impact your mental health. Let me explain… Full show notes here
Oct 18, 2019
9 min
How Much Vets Earn (and the debt of vet school!) - (#158)
It is a common perception that veterinarians earn a fortune and that they are able to fund really extravagant lifestyles. But just how much do vets make? How does this relate to the amount of debt that they graduate vet school with? And how does a veterinary salary compare to other professions? Full show notes
Oct 11, 2019
7 min
The Real Reason Why Cats Eat Grass (#157)
If your cat goes outside, the chances are that you have seen them eating grass. You may have even seen grass in their vomit. But cats aren't cows, so why do cats eat grass? Eating grass is a really common activity for cats. In fact, over 7 out of 10 cats are reported by their owners to regularly enjoy tucking into a meal of the green stuff. There’s a good chance then that your cat is also a grass muncher, whether you see them or not! Here's why...full show notes here
Oct 4, 2019
5 min
The Challenge of being a Vet - what I hate about my job! (#156)
Being a veterinarian is not just about cuddling puppies and kittens all day. There is a dark side to the profession. There are some really difficult, challenging, and at times upsetting parts to being a part of this profession. I think it is important that everyone is aware that being a vet is not all the sunshine and rainbows it’s portrayed to be on popular TV shows and glossy Instagram posts. Full show notes: the pros + cons of being a veterinarian
Sep 26, 2019
11 min
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