Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk
Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk
Air Traffic Talk
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RH and AG are two experienced air traffic controllers and pilots that host a weekly show answering listener questions, breaking down complex aviation topics, and relating their experiences to everyday occurrences in the national airspace system. The hosts and guests do not represent the FAA or NATCA and express their own views and opinions.
OB180: Uncleared as Filed
Can ATC help expedite IFR traffic from non-towered airports?  What tools are available to controllers to help inbounds avoid the dreaded hold or outbounds avoid lengthy departure delays?  Find out on this week’s episode!
Jun 7
1 hr 16 min
OB179: PIC Talk with Max Trescott
Special guest co-host Max Trescott joins us today! Pilot in command (PIC) skills development begins with primary training and never ends. What tips do AG, RH, and Max share to help pilots become better decision makers and safer aviators? Find out our thoughts and much more on this week's special episode.
May 30
1 hr 16 min
OB178: Radar Contracts
What does “Radar Contact” really mean? What responsibilities does air traffic assume when a pilot hears those magical words? How do controllers establish radar contact and how does the relationship end? All this and more on another jam packed episode you don’t want to miss!
May 24
1 hr 14 min
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday: Emergency Landing
Do you plan for an engine out on all your takeoffs? Do you brief a procedure for engine failures after takeoff? What elements of your flying routine can be changed to help ensure a safe and survivable outcome in case of an emergency? We got a chance to sit and talk with "Bravo Foxtrot" about a recent landing in a field after experiencing engine difficulties above the trees on takeoff. All pilots and instructors can learn something that may save their lives!
May 18
1 hr 2 min
OB177: Comfort Zone Combat
This week, we share graduate level tips and tricks that will help pilots and instructors get the most out of ATC services.  We discuss land and hold short chaos, pop up IFR clearances, VFR altitude changes, and practice approaches to closed runways.  This episode is jam packed and you don’t want to miss it!
May 17
1 hr 4 min
OB176: Artistically Denied Go Around
Can tower deny a go around? Why would a controller prevent the go around? What can instructors do to accomplish the lesson in a busy pattern and what information would have been helpful for the controller and the pilots? We also discuss a busy mountain airport's IFR flow, confusing clearances, and diversions.
May 10
1 hr 10 min
OB175: How to Plant a Plane
AG and RH discuss missed approaches to crossing runways and how controllers can mitigate the risks in simultaneous go arounds. We also discuss the typical shift at TRIAD Tower, tower traffic management techniques, and clearances below the MVA. Another fun episode you won’t want to miss.
May 3
1 hr 13 min
OB174: Lost in Frequency Land
Which air traffic instructions do we wish required mandatory readbacks? Are there any instructions that must be confirmed but are not found in the regulations? We also discuss a recent change at a towered airport which stopped allowing IFR departures off a runway that has been used safely for many years.
Apr 26
1 hr 16 min
OB173: Family Flights, Poisonous Bites
AG and RH give their opinions on how to bridge the gap between controllers and pilots on everyday flights. Don’t be shy. Tell the controllers what you want or need and you might be surprised at the results. We discuss incorrect assumptions and the use of plain English with ATC. We also share some timely advice from a listener about degraded pilot skills with the onset of Spring. Fly safe and enjoy this week's show!
Apr 19
1 hr 5 min
OB172: Astronaut Hats with Fix Proximity Awareness
Astronaut hat? This week we will address some of the pilot pet peeves.  What drives you crazy?  How can ATC limit the number of things that drive you crazy?  We also discuss ICAO codes, busy frequencies, and more of your awesome questions and feedback.
Apr 12
1 hr 4 min
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