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Continued support for Cain an indictment of Tea Party
A fourth woman has come forth with sexual harrassement allegations and this woman is willingly to tell her story about apparent serial sexual harrasser Herman Cain. Considering that the Tea Party has claimed Herman Cain as their mandespite his flip-flopping, despite his lies, despite his lack of foreign policy knowledge, the Tea Party continues to support a candidate with serious electability and ethics problems.   The Tea Party has seen its favorability among Americans decline in recent months according to a Gallup Poll, will their unwavering support for a increasingly unpopular Herman Cain help to reduce their influence in American politics.
Nov 7, 2011
29 min
Farrakhan calls Obama an assassin & "enemy within"
Min. Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam recently called Barack Obama an assassin. One Black Man breaks down excerpts of Min. Farrakhan recent comments about the Obama administration along with NATO's role in overthrowing the Libyan government under the guise of a humanitarian mission. Is the minister right? Is Obama a traitor within "our own house"?
Oct 31, 2011
35 min
Bachman spills beans on Obama Regime
Last week during The Western Republican Presidential Debate, Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) commenting on questions about the cost of America’s Foreign Policy, said that instead of looking to cut foreign aid to Israel the U.S. should charge the Iraqis and Libyans for their liberation. However, yesterday Bachman was not so sure about Libya being “liberated” and accused President Obama’s administration of regime change. Read more...
Oct 24, 2011
28 min
Obama kills US Citizens, Ron Paul Opposes Policy as Illegal
HQ PODCAST A Charlotte man was among two U.S. Citizens targeted and killed by the Obama administration. Samir Khan was a young man who lived in Charlotte, North Carolina with his parents and attended a local community college until he was chased out of town by media lynching. He was alleged to have been a webmaster and editor of sorts of a website producing propaganda against the United States and elements of its foreign policy.     Ron Paul, who is seeking the Republican nomination for President was critical of the policy and said "No one likes these kind of people, but I also like the rule of law and I like our Constitution, that you don’t just target people, assassinate them, someone who has not been charged and you have no proof of anything."   News Links:  In Charlotte, 'he was a quiet guy'Ron Paul, Civil Liberties Groups Decry Killing of American Militant Without a Trial
Oct 1, 2011
18 min
One Black Man is back! Troy Davis, it ain't over!
Brother Troy Davis has transitioned but his spirit and the fight against social injustice, racism and white supremacy remain. The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission which is the only panel of its kind in the United States, sets two men free who were wrongfully convicted of murder over tens years ago. NC taxpayers are on the hook for a fired crooks's attorney fees. Are we seeing the start of a new human rights movement in the U.S.?
Sep 24, 2011
18 min