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Once essential listening
For years, I looked forward to listening to On the Media every weekend. The takes and topics were unexpected—not what I heard on every other podcast or saw on my Twitter feed. Brooke Gladstone’s wonkiness and Bob Garfield’s edgier humor bounced off one another to make the show essential, genuinely informative listening. It was the unusual WNYC production that spoke to (and cared about) listeners outside of Brooklyn. But since Garfield’s departure the show has become one-note and predictable, with its best recent segments being the ones on January 6 and the fate of electoral democracy that it reran from other podcasts. There is still some good original content—Micah Lowinger has done some excellent shoeleather reporting. But more often the show now comes across as belatedly chasing trends and trying way too hard to be hip, with stale segments on TikTok celebrities and on the Depp/Heard trial coming way too late in the day to be relevant and delivered with a deadly “Hello fellow kids” vibe. OTM used to reassure me that there was something bigger and more clearsighted, a perspective above the polarized and partisan fray everyone else was participating in. Lately instead of doing they’ve been dutifully and piously checking boxes in a misguided attempt to fit neatly in with the rest of the pack.
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The episode on Amber Heard was extremely biased and sexist. Amber told Johny Depp that the media would not believe that a man was abused by a woman after she abused him. This podcast shows she was right. If it were as blatantly obvious that a woman was abused there is no way any podcast would defend the abuser. Absolutely disgraceful journalism. List to New York Times the Daily if you want a non biased report of this case.
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My favorite Podcast
This used to be my #1 podcast favorite. But since they fired Bob Garfield, the show has - sadly - lost its edge. My new go-to is The Gist with Mike Pesca.
Down the drain
Always liked the research and information presented by every guest and hosts until the Amber Heard guest. Pledged vs Donated was just inaccurate. She stated in court several time and it is a record that she pledged and not donated the amount she pledged. This account by the guest and other accounts she stated were severely one sided. Other subject have been increasingly along the same path and I don’t really have time to state all of it. Disappointing. One sided. Feminist focused view on the case.
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OTM gets AH wrong
Are you kidding me? Where we watching the same trial? That woman was shown to be an abuser and a good digger. Johnny’s not perfect but he doesn’t deserve that. AH said he broke her nose twice and beat her and photos the following days prove she was lying constantly. Lying. No medical records. Lies. She recorded plenty, why no medical records of injuries? She has a criminal record as an abuser not Depp.
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The best produced show
The writing and the editing are top notch.
A Must
One of my go-to podcasts. But I do miss Bob Garfield.
Increasingly not “On the Media”
Unfortunately the show is increasingly featuring other WNYC programs. If you don’t have the content to publish twice weekly, don’t publish twice weekly.
Once great, now needs a new identity
OTM used to be a weekly must-listen, now some or all of the shows regularly recycle content from previous episodes, coincidentally starting around the same time the co-host left. They must not have the bandwidth or capacity to regularly produce original content, anymore. The show needs a new co-host or to change its format. Now it’s just re-runs.
No longer essential—barely worth a listen
Mostly repackaged content. I used to look forward to OTM. Now they just recycle content constantly, whether it’s pertinent or not. Part of me hopes they’ll get it together and start producing full shows every week, responding to the news of the moment the way they did for many years. But I’ve mostly decided to stop expecting the great ideas and insights and coverage they used to offer. So maybe the once-great program that was OTM is done. They had a good run. Now they’re asleep on the job and somehow expecting their listeners not to notice.
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Love this show!
Always informative and insightful.
A thoughtful look at the news
I love how On the Media looks not just at the week’s top stories but analyzes how they’re being reported and digs into what’s below the surface. One of my faves!
Journalists and intellectual lightweights talking about their most favorite thing… themselves.
Lost the track
I’ve been listening for 6 or 7 years at this point. I skip a lot of episodes after the first five minutes now because their best is now usually just basic reporting I have already heard in most other outlets/shows/brands.
One of the great podcasts
For writing, reporting, production values, etc., this is one of the very best podcasts available. Essential listening.
Get’s to the heart of the matter!
Informative and eye-opening, On the Media gets to the heart of the major topics that consume our news feeds. The varied perspectives and conversations allow me to cut through the noise and clickbait surrounding these topics and know what’s important.
I used to live this show! Sadly it has slid down the sewer of lefty finger wagging. I blame Brooke
Pablo Mojave
Often Smug, Poorly Reasoned
Often smug and poorly reasoned, but always informative about their own particular culture.
Newsflash: Nina Totenberg makes up stories
Die a slow death NPR and OTM. Used to be a fan. Want real news? Try Daily Wire.
Please analyze the media, not the news
I wish there was a show that analyzes and reflects On how the Media is covering the news, and how to be better at hearing bias.
Edgie V
Used to be good
More and more it is heavily biased, and worse, predictable.
What happened to this show??
It used to be about media. Now I’m not sure what it’s about. It lost its way after Bob Garfield left. I don’t enjoy listening anymore.
Witty, insightful, and timely
On the Media forms the nutritious center of my radio/podcast-listening diet! Offering intelligent, incisive, and in-depth analyses across multiple segments every hourlong show, Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield choose topics of concern to world citizens, and dissect and present those from the perspective of savvy media analysts. Not only the "what", but the "how" of reporting is covered, laying bare the mechanics of mass media … as well as of the corporate interests which often fuel it. As heavy as that sounds, the show is accessible and entertaining. Invariably, along with keeping listeners abreast of politics, journalism, mass entertainment and pop culture, each episode also elicits more than a chuckle or two. Without Brooke, Bob, and their correspondents, my world would be a poorer place indeed. HIGHLY recommended!!
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Ricky Tenderkiss
Lost its edge
This used to be an interesting program but it has become just a bunch of woke blather. Misinformation Is presented as fact rather than risk causing offense. Is a real shame. I don’t subscribe anymore.
Lost focus and identity
OTM used to have a clear focus (on media) and a strong identity, but now it has become indistinguishable from every other NPR show - they all sound the same and have the same kind of quirky human interest stories.
Leftist clap trap
They identify as media but would be better if they said they had a partisan point of view….
Brooke Gladstone is awful
“Wow, are you 107?” Brooke Gladstone interjects when interviewing an informative guest, based on his stating that he watches the nightly news in order to stay abreast of what the outlets report regarding economics. Brooke Gladstone is neither appropriate or funny, she only appears interested in hearing her own voice speak useless opinions in an increasingly condescending way. Never listening to OTM again.
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What happened to On the Media??
I used to love this podcast but lately it’s been either incredibly boring or…whatever the “Rift in the Gun World” episode was. That episode literally sounded like an advertisement for gun rights. “This isn’t some ordinary guy who hates the government, he’s a seasoned gun rights activist.” Well it like he’s both, but on this podcast, he’s introduced like a bona fide rock star. I’ve never heard a podcast frame a story about abortion rights activists or BLM activists like that, so why was that episode like that? I bet if Brooke had hosted it, it would have been a different story altogether. But as it is, it made me pretty sick listening to it. What a sad, disturbing mess.
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Seth Sam
The Colin Powell episode
I love this podcast! I learned several things listening to the podcast about the career of Colin Powell. Keep up the great journalism.
Soggy OR Fan
Pro Facebook
Coverage to convince us Mark Zuckerberg is a hero and people just be hostile sometimes
The Bad Art Friend Segment
I love ON THE MEDIA and Brooke Gladstone, and I enjoyed this discussion about the Times story, which I found as riveting as a slow-mo car crash. I agree both women are wrong, at fault, and are operating at cross purposes quite unnecessarily. That said, one rather crucial aspect of this story was not discussed by Ms. Gladstone or Michael Hobbs, but does appear in the Times story: the issue of white privilege as Sonia saw it. I’ve not read the short story, But I gather the organ donor is depicted as a caucasian Lady Bountiful presuming on her organ donation to a woman of color in order to virtue signal to one and all. If Sonia did indeed think this was the crux and meaning of her story, it might go a small way toward explaining why she didn’t work harder to disguise the origin of the idea. I gathered from the Times that Sonia evidently found Dawn’s broadcasting of her organ donation as a rather breath-taking example of the complacency of white privilege. Sonia’s complacency was of different sort: that of the respected writer who had contempt for the less talented source of the idea. Tom Phillips, NYC
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An Audit took place
Racism is real. An audit took place. Belief does not make it so. Bias is real. Facts matter.
pleaee be brave
Once Great But No Longer
I used to love this show! Key words there “used to”. Sadly the show lacks the effort it used to have. There seems to be very little new content. Every “new” show is just replays of old segments with very little actual new content. Since they kicked Bob off the show, it’s like they’re just phoning it in. I’m sure he was a pain in the back side to work with but without him the show appears to have completely lost its way. The replay segments they do play are not any of the segments with Bob. It’s almost like they need someone with a lot of fiery passion to make the show work. Very disappointing
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Dysfunctional Shopper
Has NPR given up on journalism?
Looong time ago, I was regular listener. It's NPR, but back then there was a bit of balance. In the last several years, though, it's like listening to a bizarro Fox news. Everything left is good; right is bad. So, I gave up on them but checked in every six months or so. Well, things have changed. It's as if a memo's been circulated saying our team (the extreme left) is more important than any objectivity. Maybe more accurately, their market is dwindled to the point where only the hard left is listening (and donating), so they're playing to that audience only. Their most recent episode on free speech is a weird example. Their disdain for free speech (and historical accuracy by the way) is so Stalinesque that even the ACLU must be embarassed. I'll check in with them in a year or two, but until adults are again in charge, doubt there'll be improvement.
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Unbalanced and lost it’s way. R.I.P. O.T.M.
Nyarl de la Thotep
Another brilliant episode
A 40 Acre Promise is another truly excellent episode, as we’ve come to expect from OTM. Smart, illuminating analysis told with such humanity. Brilliant. Thank you.
Kaia M, Oregon
Too ideological
Used to be good, but lost me after they became too ideological. By this, I do not mean that they are covering issues about race, gender, etc. but that they are covering them in a way that is predictable and follows one narrative. Their recent coverage of trans issues is pure propaganda, for example. They interview activists with one perspective, and so fail in their journalistic duty, to expose listeners to multiple perspectives. Gone are the days when Bob interviewed a pro-lifer! I don’t agree with that perspective, but at least it gives me insight into what those I disagree with believe. The show, as a result, has become predictable and stale.
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Missing Bob
Missing the edge provided by Bob. Though Ms. Gladstone is a great journalist, the editorial edge and fire by Bob is missing for me, and I find the show overall less compelling. With the narrow bandwidth I have for podcasts, I’m going to have to let you go, OTM. Thanks for the great work.
Readie Righteous
This rating is temporary i think
This rating is temporary and reactionary because I completely miss Bob Garfield and his grounding of the show- I’m a listener since 2005 so I know this is probably a lot of sentimentality and i just gotta get used to the show and accept the staff’s word on it. yet, still, if it’s somehow just about arguing, bring him back!
emily minerva
This show used to be one of my favorites. Bob Garfield is sorely missed. I’ve turned off many of the shows since he’s been gone. Whole shows about Swedish painters or Romanian nightclub fires? No thanks. RIP OTM
Bring back Bob.
Can’t believe you fired Bob over an argument. Used to be a HUGE fan of the show (and occasional monetary contributor) and it pains me to say I’ll never listen again. Shame on you, WNYC.
The irony
Brooke’s great. Bob Garfield is sorely missed. Maybe they should have had Bob on as a contributor to their series of reporting about “cancel culture.”
The Host is Dead, Long Live the Host
While I may miss Mr Garfield, This show has become bigger than any of its individual parts and I understand why he had to go. I am enjoying the more even tone of the Ms Gladstone only format and have seen no change in the standard of excellence from the team as a whole; Still one of my favorites, Still a weekly must hear.
This show has just gotten so much better
I always valued this show and enjoyed listening to it from time to time in the past, but now I really see it as part of my essential listening routine. From my perspective, the show is a lot sharper. It is raising tougher, more important questions, and bringing in really excellent guests —some that I have already come to appreciate through my familiarity with their journalism in other venues, and others that are new to me. Now that I have caught up on episodes missed before I noticed the change, I can see that this show has finally become what it always had the potential to be.
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I Miss Bob
Obviously can’t speak to how he was behind the scenes, but his voice and perspective is definitely missed on the show.
Bob had to go
Bob had to go. Nuff said.
Missing Bob...
No Bob. Too sad. Nuff said...
Could always be better
I was disappointed to hear Bob was such a jerk off the air. Still this remains the best show WNYC puts out. Brooke is a solid interviewer. Though there are definitely limits to the shows overall framing at times especially the what I hope is put-on ignorance and incredulity.
Bob lent it. Two heads are better... without him, it’s lost. The only show that put the world back on its axis on a weekly basis. What now? More time for reading.
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