On The Ledge
On The Ledge
Jane Perrone
On The Ledge is a podcast all about indoor gardening - helping you to grow everything from Aloe vera to the ZZ plant.  Presenter Jane Perrone has been nuts about houseplants since she was knee high to a Swiss cheese plant. She quizzes the experts, helps you find cool new stuff to grow and figures out how to fix your plant problems. For more information, email ontheledgepodcast@gmail.com or visit janeperrone.com.
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Get ready to want every plant
I’m new to gardening and even newer to houseplants. This podcast is fantastic! It has great beginner tips but also more scientific information. The interviews are always interesting and the questions are helpful. Now I just have to resist going out and buying all the plants she talks about!
I keep hearing so much misinformation here, please don’t take her at her word! This is a cute podcast, but not very substantial. If you’re looking for solid plant advice, head to YouTube to do your own research from multiple sources.
Jane, I love your podcast so much! As a plant newbie, and also someone whose collection has grown dramatically this summer, I love learning more about plants in such an enjoyable way. You bring so much joy to every episode and create such a welcoming podcast. Thank you!!!!!!!
Hello from Ohio.
OTL was the first podcast I ever listened to and I’ve been hooked ever since. No one does it like Jane! There’s so much information and such an obvious love for nature that I can’t get enough!
D. Elizabeth K.
An enjoyable podcast for a busy traveler!
Jane I love listening to your podcast when on long drives and when I’m traveling for work! Sometimes I need to go back and revisit topics when I’m not driving, and make sure I’m making my plants as happy as possible. I really enjoy and appreciate all the hard work you have shared with all of us all over the world! Thank you and keep being your wonderful self!
Liz from PA
This is a terrible podcast! Bad Jane! I’ve been buying plants hither and yon (is that a phrase?). Recklessly adding to an already way to large plant cacophony. I’ve had to cast out into the wilderness old plants to make room for the new hip happening varieties (Oh, the humanity!!). It’s anarchy I tell you, pandemonium. Dogs living with cats, and plants plants plants. Love the show 😬
Holistic knowledge and just FUN
Fell into a plant habit during the 2020 pandemic. Living in the US (Minneapolis specifically) has been particularly bleak this year. I stumbled onto plants as a way to build a “new normal” with some new delights. This podcast has been a huge part of that. I love the variety of conversations; science to social history to art to basic care..... fantastic. Plants help me keep my sense engaged, and the podcast does the same for my brain. Keep it coming!!
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Simply Fantastic for Houseplant Enthusiasts
Thank you Jane!!! I recently found this podcast because I was desperately trying to thwart a fungus gnat infestation within my houseplant collection. After stumbling across episode 19, I started listening to this entire podcast chronological order. Jane and her expert guests have taught me SO MUCH about houseplants and their care. I love all the planty tips and tricks. Jane is a breath of fresh air in troubling times, and I find myself turning to this podcast to escape more than ever! This podcast is simply fantastic, and I love listening to this show.
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Relaxing and educational.
I like brushing my cats while I listen. Such a relaxing show filled with good vibes.
Superior Content
Jane’s plant advice and guest content is not only interesting, it is extremely enjoyable to listen to. I have learned an so much from her and the experts on the show in support of my plant parenthood journey. This plant podcast has something for all levels of plant care and growing interests as well as how to care for plants in a sustainable manner.
houseplants in the desert
Fantastic plant podcast!
On The Ledge is informative, charming and engrossing! Jane has a lovely personality and relaxing voice. The topics and interviews are perfect for all plant keepers, novice or experienced. Definitely my favorite weekly listen!
Best Houseplant Podcast!!!
This is by far the most valuable houseplant podcast available. Jane hosts the show with a pithy rhythm that is fun, fact packed, and just the perfect balance of expert and humble life long learner. Her pacing and production are top notch. Its simply a pleasure to listen to.
Jonathan Bykowski
My second and only podcast!
If you’re looking to keep yourself and your plants perky, look no further! Besides the great information and interviews, what I love most about Jane is her sense of humor and commitment to social environmental justice (overlooking the sausage rolls). If only she could drop in for lunch to discuss ecofeminism and chuckle about how we both laugh at our own jokes - usually before anyone else gets a chance to. I speak for myself and my plants when I say, “Jane, you light up our lives!”
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Honestly the very best.
There’s only 1 person in the world who can have me laughing out loud when I have to wake up at 5am.. and that’s Jane Perrone, chanting “2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate... it’s houseplants!” Her energy is so refreshing, I wish we could be friends in real life! I’ve learned so much from every episode, whether it’s her sharing her personal knowledge and experience or her diverse and knowledgable guests. In summary, if you don’t listen to this podcast, you’re a dummy. THANK YOU JANE!
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Love the host and I always learn something when I listen :)
Informative, fun
I learn from every episode. Both Jane Perrone and her guests are a wealth of knowledge. And it is always lively and fun. If your interests include growing houseplants, On the Ledge is a must.
Keeowee Key
Excellent Show!!
Thank you for the great information and the super calming voice!!!
Two (Green) Thumbs Up!
I love this podcast!I saved several plants in my collection from impending pest infestation within a few days of beginning my binge of this podcast. Jane is brilliant. This podcast is as entertaining as it is educational. Keep up the excellent work.
Excellent information. The episodes about Aspidistras, Hoyas and Clivias were particularly good.
On the Ledge
This is an excellent podcast for anyone who loves houseplants. I have learned a lot about how to be a good plant parent listening to this podcast.
Joyful Plant Mom
Jane is great
Love this podcast. Jane keeps it real, is very relatable and informative. I wish I could pop in at her house and get some plant cuttings 😊. Great job Jane!
If you wanna talk politics at least get it right
BLM is a front, an organization that funds white democrats, and uses black and minorities as its foot soldiers. Look deeper Perone
Newest Fan
This is the podcast plant parent dreams are made of! I’ve really enjoyed catching up on episodes and have found several to be immediately useful.
I’m in LOVE with this show!
Jane’s wonderful British humor paired with interesting plant information makes for a fabulous podcast. Definitely a great show to listen to! 🌿💜🌿💜🌿💜🌿💜🌿💜🌿
I stumbled across this podcast on my quest to become a better plant mom! I’ve found this podcast to be very helpful because it covers a range of houseplants and some common problems with them. I also love Jane’s voice! Haha I’m not sure if I have missed it because I haven’t listened to them all but I would like to see an episode about the snake plant (Sansevieria) because I have two and I’m nervous I will mess them up!
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Like a good friend
I’ve been listening (and re-listening) to Jane for about two years now and her dedication to her podcast and followers is amazing. In the midst of all of the craziness in the world, it’s so nice to be able to take a pause from the news and listen. Thank you Jane for being a wonderful planty person and for including us along the way.
Lovely time spend
Spend a little time relaxing by listening and learning about houseplants. Jane is so entertaining that even if a particular plant isn’t particularly to your taste you find yourself listening and then maybe doing some research to see if you must immediately find it to add to your home.
Newbie ferry
Fun way to learn about plants
I discovered this podcast while searching for ways to placate my finicky Fiddleleaf Fig. I learned so much - it even gave me the courage to lop off the top part of the plant (which turned out to be a great decision!). The host is quite interesting, but also mixes it up by bringing on a lot of great guests. The only disadvantage is that it’s feeding my desire for more (and more and more) plants!
Idyllic, Informative, Imaginative
I’ve been listening to On the Ledge for a few months and I’ve become ten times the plant parent in both skill and numbers. It’s relaxing to listen to when cleaning dishes, re-potting, and while working from home. In my short time listening Jane has already answered one of my emailed in question (Episode: Midweek Bonus 5: I Love My Plants). Her on online presence is casual, charming, and interactive. If you want a good example of what you’re getting into, listen to Episode 91. In the later part of the episode we go with Jane to plant some seeds where we encounter her dog, Wolfie, in his leopard print pj’s and hear Jane share frustration about seed instructions that say germination “can be erratic” because yes Jane instructions like that drives us all crazy.
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Kal So
New listener
Can’t wait to hear all the podcasts I missed!!!
All I could ever ask in a plant podcast and more. Jane is so enjoyable to listen to and the content is relatable to all houseplant growers, new and experienced. I tell all my friends (whether they’re interested or not) about what I’ve learned after a day of binging episodes. You feed my soul Jane!
A new way to relax and learn about something I like.
I’m very picky about my podcasts. It’s just hard for me to listen sometimes, but this particular podcast is a very relaxing and informative way for me to unwind during this crazy crazy time. I am very very glad that I found this and I highly recommend this to any house plant people or plant people in general!!!
Love it!
On the ledge has quickly become my favorite horticultural podcast. Jane is so knowledgeable, practical, not to mention hilarious. The way the segments and music is organized has a nice rhythm and style to it. It’s really a relaxing and fun horticultural podcast to listen to!
New plant Mom 🌿
I’ve only been collecting houseplants for about 4 months and it’s been so rewarding and therapeutic already . Jane is hilarious and I appreciate the content she works so hard to put out. I’ve learned so much since I started listening and I look forward to each new episode with excitement. It’s nice to have somewhere to go where others are just as passionate about plants as I am (for some reason I’ve just not found anyone that wants to obsessively discuss plants all day with me 🤷🏾‍♀️) Thank you, Jane!!!
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My new favorite
Just excellent. Informative, entertaining, interesting, and down to Earth. I’ve binged a ton of episodes this week; a true delight.
Alison Listens
A must listen too!
Informative and witty, Jane never disappoints!
blake homie
I ❤️ plant people
This is such a wonderful podcast. I love listening to the host get excited about plants. And I always learn something. Bravo!
Fertilizer for plant enthusiasts!
I have kept houseplants for years but still learn new things on Jane’s show! I love that her show forces me to study Latin names of plants so I can get to know them better. While walking, I listen to the show and imagine what she’s describing and then look at the show notes when I get back.
Lauraloo Illinois
Favorite Plant Podcast 🌱
By far my favorite plant podcast I’ve found. The guests are knowledgeable, and Jane always comes prepared with good questions. It’s a wonderful mix of professional and playful, never full of unrelated anecdotes, but never too dry either. I love the varied topics as well, and the conversations are accessible, but never patronizing. I hope Jane continues to make this podcast for a long time. (My favorite so far is the begonia episode!)
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Hannah Pendleton
Plant-astic podcast!
A wonderful podcast if you like houseplants! Good for those deep in their home jungles and newbies. Jane is knowledgeable, yet unpretentious. It’s entertaining, and covers a wide variety of indoor plants. Her show notes are very helpful, her guests are interesting, she will help bring joy to your life as you listen. Lastly, be prepared because you will buy more plants after listening!
Thank you Jane!!
First off, I love your podcast! Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom. I am lucky enough to be listening at work here in California, yet I am in the foothills of the Sierras and do not have perfect growing conditions like everyone thinks about Cali haha. I studied botany at Cal Poly near here but left when my mother passed away. House plants have just recently come back into my life again and I’m glad to have so much inspiration from this podcast! Well, I feel like I’m writing to an old family friend, having listened to about half of your podcasts now, so much so that I’ve been hearing some of my thoughts lately, and this review, with a British accent! Jane Perrone is easy to listen to and gets so many great interviewees for plant enthusiasts to enjoy. If you’ve just bought your first 25-30 houseplants in a whirl such as myself, or you have been growing for years, she has tips and tricks for young and old alike. Thank you Jane Perrone you’re a legend in my plant book :)
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Love! Love! Love!
As a new plant enthusiast, this podcast offers SO much amazing information that I devour daily. Jane’s show notes are wonderfully detailed, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I really think that new plant peeps and seasoned ones will find tons of enjoyment and a wealth of knowledge from Jane. 🤗🌵🌿
Top of the Crop
Jane Perone and On the Ledge are staples for anyone interested in houseplants. Her advice is invaluable and each episode is packed with horticulture goodness. Beware... your houseplant collection will grow as a result of obsessive listening. Long Live Jane Perone. I love this show!
Best House Plant Podcast
I caught the house plant bug about a year ago and fumbled around through months of many... many... beginner mistakes. I was a serial plant killer. Just at the point that I was planning to turn myself in to the authorities for my horticultural crimes, I found On the Ledge podcast and it’s been my salvation!! I adore Jane and her obvious passion for both her plants and her podcast. She artfully combines experience, education, and anecdotes in such a way that makes the podcast fun AND informative! Added bonus: the show notes. Jane’s website features additional information for every episode from transcripts to pictures and of course those dreaded Latin names! I can’t recommend this podcast enough, thank you Jane!
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Actual Houseplant podcast
Great podcast that is easy to listen to and entertaining. Episodes are stand alone. Content is intelligent while appealing to the masses. Jane guides her interviews to appeal to a span of gardeners from beginners to experts.
A gem of a show
This show is just the most lovely, wholesome, cheerful, soul-filling piece of culture I’ve had the pleasure of consuming in years. I love that I learn something new with every episode, but the information is accessible to the novice and expert alike, and refreshingly never delivered with even the tiniest hint of a ghost of condescension. Wondering at our natural world together with fellow listeners is one of the highlights of my week. Jane is a delight and this show, truly, is a gift. Thank you On the Ledge!
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Wonderful for a plant beginner and beyond!
I love listening to Jane and keeping up with her outings! Her Q&A is always very helpful and the jazzy music is always a plus ✨
For any plant nerd out there.
Found this show a few weeks ago. I love plants and finally found a show that I can enjoy and learn from. I’m currently listening to the air plant show while I’m watering and air drying my new tillandsias in my sunny kitchen window.
The perfect pinnacle and paramount of plant podcasts
On the Ledge is my favorite podcast, hands down. Jane really knows the best way to combine the nitty gritty details of plant parenthood with a calming and cheerful show that makes learning what she and her guests have to offer not only easy but very very fun. I have learned so much just from listening that I would say that my plant knowledge has more than quadrupled. Her guests are knowledgeable and great at giving specialized answers to specialized questions in laymen’s terms that work for the rest of us non-botanists. And Jane herself is simply addictive. Her true passion for houseplants really shines through on the show, and it is so obvious that she is an incredibly kind and generous person who created this show simply to spread that passion around. Not to mention she is endlessly funny and engaging. I look forward every week for each new episode and I will continue to be a dedicated listener until my green thumb falls off. Thank you for the lovely lovely show and always keep the aspidistra flying.
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Love it
I love how Jane stays specifically on the topic of houseplants. She keeps on subject, provides useful information, is professional and entertaining. I’ve tried listening to a few other podcasts, but they tend to go off on tangents about their lives or non-houseplant topics, and can be a bit longwinded...you know, talking a lot, but not really getting a lot of info or entertaining material out. Jane is succinct but not rushed at all. Overall, it’s an awesome show and I highly recommend it!
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