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Alie Ward
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Too bubbly for my taste.
There are a great many science communicators out there that don’t say like incessantly. Seems juvenile, just my two cents.
just a ranch hand
My. Fav. Podcast.
I have always been skeptical of podcasts & still can hardly find ones I like, let alone can’t wait to listen to! My hour long commute to and from work is made specifically because of Ologies!! I love asking questions. I love learning. & I love sharing things I learn (especially the really weird stuff) with my coworkers, family, & friends. Thanks DadWard. 🐾 ps. I love hearing about Gremmie!
This is THE podcast. There are no others.
Alie, you... you are just amazing. This podcast is amazing. These Ologists are amazing. THIS IS JUST AMAZING! You have given me a reason through every episode to fall in love with science over and over again. Just when I thought “what else could I learn?” Here comes my good ole Dad Ward on her way to help me learn something new. If you have not listened to this podcast yet, I suggest you start now. Just start anywhere! Any episode. It doesn’t matter because every episode is everything you never would have thought a podcast could provide.
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Scientifically proven to give you brain cells
If I could award ol’ Dad Ward’s podcast a million stars I would. Alas, I don’t have the power to gift burning balls of gas, so five stars will have to do. Every episode is filled with interviews from brilliant experts in their field. I would testify under oath that Alie gave me renewed passion for science and a million more tiny trivia facts to annoy my friends and coworkers with. P.S. the secrets at the end of the episode are golden. Burbye!
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My Favorite Podcast
I love this podcast. I've been out of school a few years but I LOVE learning and this podcast really fulfills that. I enjoy hearing from knowledgeable scientists each week & now I know so many fun facts about a range of things! Being a guest on this show is my new career goal :)
Madiiii :)
my quarantine and running buddy/podcast
Started listening to this last year while working and then in quarantine! And then figured this was the closest I could get to having a running buddy at the moment, and it works for that too :) so thanks for keeping me company while running so I don’t get bored! I want to know ALL OF THE THINGS and love the topic variety and dad wards questions
I feel so smart 🥰
How did I honestly live this long without this podcast? I don’t know and neither will you. I’ve binge-listened to this for the past 2 weeks and all this knowledge just makes me so happy! Also, it makes me want a profession ending in ology just so I can come on your show. Dammit Alie, I should have been a scientist.
Sophie Dallas
This show is phenomenal, a top three podcast! I listen to this show when I run and am now addicted to running by association. Even if I don’t think I’ll be into the subject for the week I’ll give it a listen and be pleasantly surprised. The quality keeps flowing! Keep up the great work Uncle Alie!
Mike Dubbya
This is the podcast you need
I don’t think of myself as a particularly science-y person, but this show has changed that. Literally every episode is a gem &, even if I’m not terribly interested in the ology at first glance, I end up fascinated. I never thought I’d be so into cloacas, hagfish, aging, or handwriting, but Alie makes every single topic SO INTERESTING. This podcast has sent me down so many wikipedia rabbit holes, given me new hobbies, & serves as a weekly dose of happiness & motivation. This is so much more than a science podcast - Alie reminds you each week that life is fascinating, mysterious, hilarious & full of wonder. Thank you so much, Dad Ward, for making this podcast - the world is so much better with you & your infectious enthusiasm
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Spencer Philip
Love it!
I love this podcast! Alie Ward introduces me to science topics I would never have thought I would be interested in, while also providing hilarious commentary and breaking down terms and concepts into more easily understood average Joe lingo. Thank you for all the hard work you to do bring science to the everyday person.
My new dad
I recently found this podcast and am obsessed! I listen to it roughly 8hrs a day 5 days a week while I sticker things/ get specimens ready for the real scientists. Each episode is better than expected and I love how passionate each person is. I can’t stop recommending this to my friends. I’ve also found new books to read/ other podcasts to listen to through this one. If you’re a curious person who loves learning this podcast is for you.
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Pulled me away from true crime. Kind of.
My BFF has been recommending Ologies for months, but it’s hard to pull me away from learning about serial killers. Finally, she sent me Dendrology. Plants? A podcast episode about plants!? I was hooked. Or ringed? Anyway, Alie speaks with a cadence like Adam Brody, Kelly Doty, and a bit of Joan Cusack. She’s honest and kind and thoughtful and asks things that maybe the rest of us are not comfortable asking. Her excitement is contagious and keeps me engaged. I’m a person who wants to learn about EVERYTHING. I don’t need to be an expert on anything, but I want to know stuff. I keep considering going back to school, but I don’t really want to be a college student again. So I listen to Ologies to make my head sponge a little heavier. And I’m driving my husband NUTS with all the knowledge. Which is fun because he does the same to me with car stuff.
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Keeps me mentally + physically fit
I save this podcast for the gym and it’s literally the only thing motivating me to go every day! Thanks, Alie!
Re re re re re
This is everything
Sometimes, I break my life into Before Ologies and After Ologies. I just went back to check, and I’ve been listening to Ologies since 8/21/19. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this amazing podcast, but I have a hard time remembering life before it. I have learned so much since becoming a listener, including things I didn’t even know I needed to know! Alie Ward is a master of her craft with an immense amount of humility. I appreciate so deeply how she connects with each of her interviewees, and that opens up so many different worlds for me. I look FORWARD to my commute because of this podcast! ❤️
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Long time listener, first review! Sorry it took so long Allie!!
If you’re thinking about listening to this show. Just do it. Listen to every episode and then cry and laugh and re listen to them all again. It will change your life. It will make you love everything. Allie you are my hero and it was so cute how you were nervous about the blood fluke episode being wonky when it was literally so interesting and amazing. You da bomb
Love it!
Love Ologies! The topics are varied and (sometimes surprisingly) interesting. And even the most confusing topics become approachable with host Alie. Fun listen. I have learned a lot I never knew I wanted to know... The following are 2 terms I just heard. Ripperology? Personology?
Vulnerability like a warm hug
Oh, heyyy, it’s that one kid in class that always has a question to ask but never gets called on, coming at you with a word-vomit review for their favorite podcast of all time. First of all, long time listener, first time reviewer, been listening since the beginning of Ologies with episode 0. I began listening to this once-hidden gem back in 2017, when I was still new at a job where I did lots of physical labor and could have one earbud in throughout my shift. This was before Alie was Dad Ward and even before end-of-episode secrets and she was still just as genuinely curious and shamelessly vulnerable to the point you really feel like you’re sitting next to her recording asides in her closet, under the dirty clothes. I fell off of listening when my contract was up with this employer. Fast forward to 2019, dozens more episodes have been released, I'm once again doing work that allows me to binge podcasts, and I’m hooked all over again. For the past year and a half, binging Ologies has made monotonous days saturated with learning, hard days full of laughter, car rides a place to cry about the beauty of bees holding hands and impassioned ologists working tirelessly to pave the way for a brighter future. I didn’t think I’d be able to find joy in learning again after transferring schools/changing majors/switching life paths, but Alie Ward’s delivery of information could even interest your shower spider in science. Because of this podcast I’ve rediscovered my love for trying new things, asking questions, striving towards becoming a better ally to all people, fighting for much-needed change, advocating for awareness, and—like so many others—an ology I had since given up hopes of pursuing. I now plan on going back to school for my passion of psychology and hopefully one day becoming an ologist! Thanks Dad Ward for the puns, encouragement, and happy tears! I won’t stop referencing and gushing about Ologies to quite literally everyone I talk to. P.S. - Thanatology and Fearology are absolute game changers that I believe are deserving of way more love than they’re given. Okthxburbye!
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This podcast is so good that I’m now happily chatting away with a man who has yummy shoulders and shares a love of murdery robots from the Flirtology Singles group. Allie Ward, such a good host she might get you a date.
A queen
I love this podcast!! Thank you Allie for keeping me company through boring data work.
First Time Listener turned Dedicated Subscriber
This podcast was originally recommended to me by my girlfriend. The laidback and highly informative approach brought to you by Alie almost makes you forget you’re learning. This podcast is so much fun. It’s quickly become one of my favorites!
This podcast makes it super easy to understand seemingly complex (or obscure) concepts. The recent podcast on Vaccine Infodemiology was a really cool way to learn about a topic that isn’t super easy to understand.
Funny and Informative
Thank you Alie Ward for creating this wonderful podcast. Because of you and the guests you've had, I've become obsessed with entemology, arachnology, and even teuthology! I've already recommended it to many friends and will continue to do so!
My Ears are Doing the Waggle Dance!
This is one rootn’ tooth’ jubilee! Ok so my friend shared this podcast with me and I did not know I could be so comfortable and entertained by 60 minutes of someone explaining the female reproductive system! Every teacher needs to take notes, because Alie Ward makes learning fun. Oligies is more than just a science podcast. It is entertainment, connection, and more than just 70-year-old Issac Newton-type explaining textbook material in a nerdy tone on the air waves. She says she records it in a closet but this is top notch. And I love the sound affects/repeats of strange words/analogies she gives. I literally laugh out loud and probably have woken my dad up doing so. I am very curious what her amazing editor thinks too! What a fun job. Alie has inspired my podcast episodes as a high schooler seeking to pursue a career in the media industry. I’ve learned ways to help myself and others while being wildly entertained about jobs I didn’t even know existed so I can be the annoying fun fact-er at a gathering. Anyways, just wanted to say this is AWESOME and keep being you and teaching us about how fast squid decay! Peace love namaste yeehaw!
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Catherine Grady
First Date Discovery
I heard about Ologies from a first date. The date went HORRIBLY, but I’m so glad I learned about this podcast as a result of it. It’s extremely informative and entertaining. Highly recommend!!!
Parasitic nostalgia
Listened to the three year old baby podcast episode on blood flukes while making dinner. It brought back memories of randomly running into The Leech Lady when visiting my dad’s laboratory. It was always fun when we ended up in the elevator with a new doctor, and she would coo to her leeches and offer to let us play with them (not really, but I think she really liked freaking people out.) Sometimes we would visit the medical museum on site and look at the historic medical instruments, and see if we could make the leeches climb the wall of their glass jar. Who ever thought listening to stories about parasites could bring back childhood nostalgia.
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my nerdy heart is so full
I regret not starting his podcast earlier. I’m in love. I absolutely LOVE hearing smart people talking about the things that make them excited. Alie is an incredible host — congratulations on the engagement!
Radiolab is officially crushed
Jad and Robert, you’ve lost your science nerd crown to this closet creator. Alie brings on the best scientific experts and enables them to explain to us so much about the world we desperately need to know. All while adding fun, and brevity that helps the listener feel brave and welcome while they venture even farther into science. She’s also prettier than you guys.Sorry bout it.
Thank you New Yorker! Thank you Alie Ward!
I read the New Yorker article on Ologies and decided to give it a go. So glad! Alie Ward is wonderfully curios, with an infectious generosity of spirit, and just the right amount of cattiness sprinkled with self-depreciation. What’s not to love?!? Hilariously funny, too. And you get to feed your brain. These podcasts should be on every science classroom’s “must listen” list! Alie Ward: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Love this podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I always find myself fascinated by topics I never thought I would find interesting.
singing ologies recommendation from the rooftops
hey dad ward! they say I have the gift of the gab. either that or I’m just always in conversations with strangers. regardless, I was on the phone with my car insurance agent recently and we spoke about rocks for an extra 10 minutes on the phone. she said how she would have been an ologist if it weren’t for family’s push to business school. luckily for folks pushed away from our dreams at young ages we have ologies to continue to stoke the flame of our passions. yesterday I got an email from her and now she’s 15 episodes deep. thank you for your work. it really touches people in all the right ways. and my secret at the end of the review: My first episode was disasterology and that’s because Susan Miller explained how scorpios are just ever so slightly death obsessed. take care, Carmen
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Adrian Scott
What A Gift
Thank you Alie. On Christmas day a friend told me about Ologies while we were watching wildlife at a wetland restoration area. I had no idea this recommendation would become such a wonderful gift. I started with episode one and I’ve been listening ever since. You continuously make me stop and think about new wonders of the world, thank you. I appreciate the google search interjections, as you’ve saved me so much time. I notice you haven’t got to limnology yet, can’t wait. Thanks for your curiosity and humor.
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Waterfront Dreams
Thank you thank you thank you!
Love this podcast so much!! ❤️ As an artist who paints wildlife and wilderness, this podcast is aligned with the wild plants and animals I care about and love to study. I’ve never been so excited about science before. All the guests have brought curiosity and joy into my life, and remind me that I’m part of a community of likeminded creative, curious people. Alie Ward, you’re a delight! So grateful that you’ve created this podcast.
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Katharine Zoie
Great for non-scientists, too!
This podcast is for anyone who ever got obsessed with a thing — trucks, dinosaurs, scratch and sniff stickers, hinges on doors. The host’s natural, affectionate flow is endearing. When you listen, you will hear sentences like, “Rats have joy!” If you’re lucky, maybe later you’ll dream of hagfish or scorpions.
Incredible podcast!!
Been listening to Ologies for about 2 years now..absolutely fantastic podcast!! I love Alli Wards vibe and how she geeks out on all the subjects, and shows so much passion for all the experts..I have learned more about the world in listening to this podcast than high school , college and grad school combined.. peace, Allie Ward, and all you do.. love Brady Redman
Brady Redman
Best podcast ever, and thank you!!!
I would just like to say how much I absolutely love this podcast! I’ve always been a science nerd, and listening to the different episodes I have a smile on my face the entire time I listen! I’m a huge lover of insects, and quite honestly this podcast lit a fire under my butt enough to go back to school and pursue my masters in entomology (and dream of one day being an -ologist myself on the podcast). The anthropology entomophagy episode also had me ordering insect products and I’ve now convinced almost all of my coworkers to eat my cricket cookies!! Thank you, Ali Ward, for doing what you do and bringing all this incredible knowledge to us listeners 💕 all the love to you!
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Everyone needs DadWard in their life
Okay, you know how sometimes your inner monologue has a voice? Well, the other day I was falling into an anxiety spiral, when my inner monologue, in Alie Ward’s voice, interrupted to say, “Ooooh no there!” just like a dad, who heard you starting to hyperventilate and came over to wrap a fuzzy blanket around your shoulders and give you a mug of hot chocolate. Except, instead of hot chocolate, it’s a delightful podcast series that makes you excited and curious about the world around you in the form of funny, heartwarming interviews with a bunch of scientists that you very much want to hang out with. AND you learn super cool facts about things that you would most likely never ever hear about—who doesn’t love bonus knowledge?? Also, Alie, if you ever want to interview a gleukediologist*, hmu (@Elthescientist on Twitter) *Study of sugar intake! Since I just made up the -ology word—sucr- comes from the Greek gleukos: sweetness, and edi- comes from the (also) Greek edein: to eat/consume
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Alie you are so much fun!
Hi Alie, My daughter in law introduced me to you and your wonderful podcast! I was a podcast virgin and now I have listened to almost every episode and many twice! You have keep me smiling and giggling every evening when I tune in. You have expanded my universe and introduced me to new people in the science field whom I now follow as well! Thank you so much and keep up all your good work 😁 Traci from Walla Walla Washington 🍷🍷
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traci - wino
Alie Ward is the fantastic Ms. Frizzle
My sister introduced me to this podcast from her anthropology class. All I can say is that this podcast and Ali’s humor has changed my life. Her humor is contagious and has a great outlook on every topic (which there is never a boring one). Alie you are Ms. Fizzle in a podcast keeping all of our inquisitive child side alive.
nat the sous
Sarah Paulson Podcast
Ward has an amazing podcast, it has quickly become my new favorite as I am a giant science geek. When I first listened to the podcast, I thought Sarah Paulson was the speaker bc her voice sounds exactly like that (I still imagine that sometimes). Lowkey hoping she’ll do a podiatry/podiology(?) episode, not bc I like feet, but because I have medical problems with my feet like a giant neuroma and I wanna learn more about it. My ADHD brain finds focusing really hard, but this podcast is literally so enthralling that I feel like I can actually learn again. Thanks for all you do, Alie!
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Virology savior
So I love ologies in general but hearing about the covid vaccine from an educated woman was exactly what I needed in my life. I’m a pro science person but I’m human and was nervous about any side effects or wherever else my brain travels. You podcast gave me the confidence I needed and, surprisingly, the opportunity to get vaccinated arose and I took it! So thank you again to you and the oologist for giving me the push I needed to be a good citizen.
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Madison O'Barr
My favorite thing
This has become my absolute favorite podcast ever. As a chemist I love science to begin with but ologies has opened up so many more branches of science for me. This show is for everyone! So much love for Alie. She’s such a great speaker. Captivating and intriguing, she makes the smallest things sound amazing. I have learned so much from this podcast
Talk Nerdy to Me
Like I'm sure for so many (I'm not special), 2020 was a dark year for me. In the depths of my depression, I found the glimmering light that was this podcast. While it's always a pleasure to listen to people talk about the things they are passionate about, Alie's magnetic personality and intellectual curiosity really brings each episode to life. She's not afraid to ask questions, and she's an amazing science communicator. This drive to just learn new things was really encouraging for me to step out of my comfort zone and look into topics I didn't think I would be interested in. I won't be a creep and say I'm falling in love with the voice on the other end of the recording, but I would totally invite her to a drunk PowerPoint party and give a presentation on the sequential hermaphroditism of certain species of fish, even though Pixar will never make the movie where Marlon grows into her role as Nemo's new mom. You're amazing! I look forward to each new episode.
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A Jack of all trades and learning lots
As someone who bounces from interest to interest over the span of my life, this podcast is the perfect thing for scratching the itch between hyperfixations. A little nugget of so much information that you come out with trivia you can share with friends, family, or if you work retail like me, the person you’re ringing up who just wants to get on with their day. It gives me just enough to think about that my brain doesn’t become overloaded with information. If you are a trivia goblin like me, hoarding knowledge until you and add it into a tangentially related conversation, you NEED to listen to this podcast. Love ya, Dad!
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Ace Kaedwen
My favorite podcast with the best & most diverse topics
FIRST- This podcast is truly one of a kind. I have yet to find a series that presents information in such an interesting yet graspable way, while also making you laugh out loud in public while you’re listening. You’ll get some weird looks but it’s 100% worth it. SECOND- I literally squealed when I saw the Rodentology episode pop up. I’m a long-time rat fan, and it’s one of my unofficial life missions to convert everyone I know into appreciators of rats. I LOVE that Alie did a rodent episode and was able to get the rat master himself, Bobby Corrigan, on the show to talk about what makes rats so interesting and wonderful! Only halfway through the episode now, but going to get some crackers, slice up a fresh block of cheese, and sit with my pet rat pals Benny and Moe while we share some snacks and listen to the tales of their relatives.
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Goddamnit I love this podcast. Just listened to Urban Rodentology and it was yet another amazing episode. So great. Also, super happy for your engagement, Alie, congrats.
I've learned so much from this podcast - and so have my family and friends because I keep sharing fun facts about trains, bats, taxidermy... Alie is funny, empathetic, and so wonderful at getting her brilliant guests to share the best parts of their research. But, most importantly, I finally tried Fancy Nancy's trick to falling asleep, and it worked! Shoutout to the ornothology episode because at 4am I started with a bird that begins with A (arctic tern) and dropped off sometime after L (loon). Anyway, this podcast is amazing. It has all the best parts of class with none of the homework or stress, plus added life hacks from Dadward!
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epic listen!
as someone looking for an interesting career path Ologies podcast is like a delicious little buffet of passions. love love love !
You will not be disappointed!
This has instantly become my favorite podcast, I look forward to it every week. It has been my saving grace during these trying times. It’s nice to be able to hear about our amazing planet and the people who devote their lives to it in one way or another. Thank you for sharing and showcasing these people.
Great Topics
Such a great podcast. It really makes great areas of science accessible without ever dumbing things down. Excellent balance.
Alie Ward: somnologist?
Coraline, my 4yo, never sleeps. When she crawls into my bed for snuggles, she immediately requests Ologies! We ooh and aah over neat facts until she falls back asleep. I don’t think Coco has ever heard the end of an episode, but I can assure you, Listener, it’s quality all the way though! My fave episode is Mammalogy, Coraline’s is Cucurbitology (pumpkins!). Thanks for being part of our late night routine Ologies!
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