Ologies with Alie Ward
Ologies with Alie Ward
Alie Ward
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I just love you so much! Such a fun podcast!
Loop bloop
Not enough stars in any way shape or form
They should’ve made more stars to rate podcasts, because this podcast needs them. (This podcast REALLY needs them!) 😻😺😸🤪🦄
podcast kid #1
Oh Haaaaaaaayyy
I only just stumbled upon Ologies within the past month or so and I have not been able to get it out of my ear holes since. I have become so obsessed that I end up spending a good chunk of my therapy sessions talking about what Ologies I listened to that week! My therapist thought the show sounded so interesting by the way I talked about it that she went home and started listening herself! I have not only learned so much from this podcast, but it has helped me focus on the bigger things outside myself that are truly awesome in this world and beyond. Thanks Internet Dad <3
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Opal Le Fey
Love it!!
I love this podcast! I’ve always listened to mystery and crime ones but they drove my terrible gut feelings crazy when I drive home at night, but then I found this one!! I learn so many new things and it doesn’t freak me out, it does the opposite :)
So happy I stumbled across this podcast! It gives you a chance to explore so many topics and allows you to delight in how wiggly and weird our world is. Thanks for making me laugh and keeping me entertained on long drives and on work days.
10 year old approved
As a family, we like to listen to Ologies together in the car as I drive the kids to and from school, but now we’re caught up and today I had to pick a cooking podcast to play. From the back seat I heard the ten year ask “MOM! Why is this podcast LIKE Ologies but BORING?!” Why indeed, sir? Alie Ward thank you for making us think big thoughts about bats, cloud formations, and volcanoes. You’re curiosity is like a big ‘ol Dad hug spurring us forward.
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Bev Rousch
me pumped
oh hey LOVE ologies and always get excited when Washington State is mentioned because that’s where I live listening to Ursinology this week and hearing Chris was from the PNW made me pumped
Finally found you again!
This was the second podcast I ever listened to when I first found the world of podcasting a couple of years ago. I somehow lost the show and I forgot about it for a long time, something reminded me of the podcast but I completely forgot the name. I typed science into my podcast search bar and saw the name and it all came flooding back to me! So happy to be a listener again. It’s so exciting to listen to passionate people talk about what they know. Love it
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Two favorite podcasts
I was ecstatic when I saw that Chris Morgan was going to be on and I can’t believe my two favorite podcasts collided !!!!!
Missing my backlog
I was late to the ologies party, but that meant I had a backlog of episodes to keep me company, especially through 2020. I finally finished listening to the last of the episodes and am officially caught up, which is exciting and devastating at the same time. I’d like more episodes always on my phone. I love learning obscure facts about subjects I never knew I was interested in (or sometimes subjects I never new existed) Also, I’d like to be Alie’s BFF. kthanksbye.
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Just a bad egg from a delicious dozen
Hi Alie, I really love the show and I enjoy the meandering way you pick their brain, but I’m really disappointed that you reaired the egg episode because there’s just so much food shaming that makes me cringe. If I could rate episodes individually, I would give that one a single star.
This is a high quality production podcast with commendable wit and rewarding subjects to learn about. However, I have found that it strays too far from the sciences. I’m trying to learn about deers and I’ve just heard 3 women babbling on about things totally irrelevant to deers for 25 minutes of my life. I was waiting for the conversation to turn into an academic conversation. How long must I wait? Why would I ever care about your useless babble unrelated to deers if I have decided to click on a podcast advertising itself as a discussion with deer experts? I hope someone else comes along with the same topics and gets down to it instead of dancing about so much. Yeah, you’re bangable, okay, but is this show for preteen girls?
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Saving lives one spider at a time
I love the pod. This morning when I was listening, I came across a spider in my house, which of course elicited a little shriek. Normally, I would’ve smushed it to death (I know, I know, so cruel) out of fear. But I knew Dad Ward would disapprove. So, I got a glass and cardboard and ceremoniously escorted the spider back to the wilderness. One small step to overcome my fear of creepy crawlies. This podcast saved that spider’s life.
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Objective: learn something new
Welcome to the Miss Frizzle of learning via podcasts. I strive to learn something new every day and this podcast went above and beyond all expectations. Alie Ward practically Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus encouraging me to expand my knowledge. When Alie conducts her interviews, it’s like I’m sitting down at a brunch talking with her and this awesome specialist casually discussing all these cool sciences and discoveries. My only request is to encourage the beautiful host to please interview Aaron Hess for community advocacy and rhetoric (pretty please). P.S.- if you’re going on a long car ride with your anxious cats, please play this podcast. Alie’s voices soothes them to be less anxious. Thanks, Alie. ❤️
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The only thing I want to listen to these days
This podcast brings me immense joy. Alie’s curiosity is contagious in a way that makes me want to boldly google anything I’ve ever wondered about. It’s such a joy to stroll through Central Park laughing to myself like a lunatic and feeling in awe of this world.
Give Alie ALL the World’s Best Dad mugs
Love this podcast!! Alie shares so many cool scientists and their awesome knowledge and their passions. I didn’t realize I could get excited about moss or gars but this podcast makes me wish I could get a PhD in all the ologies. But I can’t so it’s a good thing I can listen to this and not miss out. Also, so helpful to have fascinating episodes to distract my brain when the pandemic or my anxiety (or both!) are trying to take over. My podcast dad is here to protect me! Thanks Alie and team!
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Best podcast ever!
I just stumbled on this podcast last night, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I was up half the night, listening! It’s so educational, but so much fun, and super creative. I love it. Alie, you have me cracking up! I think you need to be my new best friend! 😂 Thank you!!!!!
The Love Child of Comedy and Information
I’ve been listing for about a year, and I still love this show as much as I did when I first listened to it! The more I learn from this show, the more I want to continue learning. Who knew that worms and pumpkins were so amazing? Everyone on the show is hilarious, and the best part of my week is getting to listen to a new episode.
Love this podcast
I love listening to this show while I’m working. I’ve always loved hearing random facts about random fields of science. Love the casual attitude of the host and guests. My favorite episode was the space archeology one. Might I recommend an episode about tardigrades?
The best podcast!
A couple of months ago, I discovered Ologies after searching for nature & science podcasts. Although a doctor of English literature in a past life, I’m fascinated by so many topics in nature and science—mushrooms, mosses, trees, astrophysics, neuroscience, and so forth. The back catalogue of Ologies held great promise, so I started the Volcanology episode and haven’t looked back. As of tonight, I’ve caught up on all the old episodes—leaving me both satisfied and disappointed that I’ll have to wait for new episodes. Ologies shares the work of so many cool people and interesting topics, while always being fun, engaging, accessible, and progressive. Thanks Allie and all the Ologists!
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Justin VK
Good podcast but some bothersome statements
Some uneven moments
Love love love!
I just stumbled across this podcast about a year ago, and I’ve been hooked since! Thanks ali👽
A great big THANK YOU!
Alie! I cannot believe it has taken me this long to find this podcast! I started listening a few weeks ago and I am absolutely addicted ❤️ Your excitement for every topic you cover is addictive. Who knew I’d develop such a fondness for sewer rats! I quickly developed an obsession for trees, jellies of the sea, locusts and literally every other topic I have listened to. I am 42 years old and I had no idea how much I LOVE Science! I share every bit of trivia I learn from you and your guests with my 8 year old, animal-loving nephew and he is thrilled! Today, I listened to your July 23, 2020 minisode where you were interviewed by your listeners. You said something that I can’t get out of my head. When talking about working through your anxiety disorder, you said something along the lines of getting caught up in the things you haven’t gotten done and that you forget that we are all just doing our best. That is good enough for you from others and that you are working on letting that be enough for you also. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. What an eye opener! This will be something I continue to remind myself of from now on. I’m so happy I found you! ❤️🐝 🦎 🌲 🐀 🐜 🕷 ❤️
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The road not traveled
I have been listening to Ologies for about three months and it has quickly become my favorite podcast. As an anthro major who married someone he met in fandom, I especially enjoyed the Fanthropology episode with Meredith Levine. My favorite assignment in college was an ethnography I wrote about the message board where I met my wife (ah, the early aughts: it was a simpler time). If I had known you could do that sort of thing for a living, my career might have turned out quite differently! Alas, I'll just have to live vicariously through Meredith Levine… Thank you, Alie, for finding such incredibly interesting folks and for interviewing them with such skill and delight!
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Where were you when
I was in junior high school? Ok, it was 50+ years ago, but still. You make science both interesting and fun and I think I’m even learning stuff. I’ve only recently found Ologies and have a lot to catch up on.
Couldn’t get more than 10 min through
Right out the gate 10 minutes into one episode and full of radical left wing SJW propaganda. Really unfortunate as topics seemed interesting.
Poor description
Phenomenal Podcast
Ologies is amazing! It’s fun, funny, quirky, and super informative/educational. Alie Ward is absolutely delightful and does a great job of choosing experts to interview. She covers the gamut in terms of topics so I’m confident there’s something here for everyone. Personally, I’ve loved most of the episodes I’ve listened to thus far, and I’m currently going to the very beginning and working my forward because I couldn’t get enough!
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Alie Ward, my hero, my Dad has me audibly shouting with excitement as she explores the ornithology collection at the Field Museum or investigates the fascinating world of the atlatl. Words can’t express how much joy this podcast brings me.
Thank you!
I have been meaning to review this podcast for way too long. After listening to the fanthropology episodes, i must say— I am a big time fan. Thank you ole dad ward for being a wonderful role model and asking smart people silly questions :) I cannot wait to be an ologist and pester you to chat with me mwahahahha
Just discovered this show in 2021
Part of me is going “I’m sad this show could have been in my life for the past several years if only I had known,” but mostly I feel like “Aaaaaaaggghhhh I get to binge over three years’ worth of brilliant people dishing on what they’re passionate about to the delightful Alie Ward.” My life is enriched.
Serious Starfish
Within 6 episodes my whole outlook on life is different
This podcast is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re random knowledge thirsty. However this woman takes every chance to relate these topics back to life in the most relatable ways. She really makes you reflect on how you live your life while in the same sentence teaching you that men should be proud to have small balls.
Love love love
This podcast was recommended to me in my virtual mom group. Allie, you have an entire group of nerdy moms with babies born into a pandemic that are listening to you to help us pass the time while we rock our babies in the midnight hours. I used this podcast as a little psychology trick on myself to look forward to getting up 100 times a night to go into the nursery because at least it meant I got to listen to more of this interesting and entertaining show.
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Firefly jar
My father science
As a hopeful future scientist ologies has been a weekly (and admittedly sometimes more often) dive into all the topics that interest me whether I knew they existed or not. I got my sister hooked on it by roping her in with an episode on butts, and now we both love to listen to our science dad while we craft and make art.
What a great show!
I was listening to Science Vs. and as a side note the host mentioned this show. I decided to check it out and now I’m hooked. I drive for a living so finding a great show with years of back catalog that you can still listen to after 2020 is a freaking gold mine. Can’t tell you how happy I am to have this show in my life.
Amazing and super interesting!!
My boyfriend and I have trouble agreeing on podcasts. I came across this one and put on the symbology (beer) episode. Him and I are huge craft beer lovers, and even brewed our own recently. We were both HOOKED! Aside from the topic being relative and of interest, Ali speaks in an easy to understand manner, with the perfect amount of humor and side comments, and she has a plethora of unique topics. I ended up listening to the oldest and a couple others that piqued my interest, and plan on listening to them all! Even the ones that don’t sound interesting end up being fascinating!!
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Thank you
This podcast makes me feel less lonely. Also, it is so satisfying. Some of the episodes have changed my life, like the one about sleep! I feel less terrified by my perceived inability to get good sleep! 😂
Ologies Upload Day Is Always A Good Day
Tuesday is known to me only as New-Ologies-Day. I have never listened to an episode that hasn’t thoroughly feed my nerd brain. Every week I look forward to what new topic I will spend the following days thinking I am an expert in. Expect fun times and dad jokes. The topics are super intriguing, and there is a love for learning present in every episode. The guests are always so passionate it’s inspiring. Remy the rat would give it a chef’s kiss I just know it! P.S. As a Flyers Fan (derogatory) my ears perked up immediately at hearing Alie mention the almighty Gritty in the most recent Fanthropology Pt. 2 episode #chaosreigns
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Titles are too much work
I have enjoyed this podcast since the first episode I heard and have been going through the whole catalogue. I’ve talked up a few episodes a bunch (hello whole books about moss!) and now I’m *finally writing a review - within the first 10 minutes of the “fanthropology” episode because I already know I need to share this info with *everybody*. Thank you to all who have made this podcast exist <3
Nerdy weird stuff
I found this podcast by accident and I love it. I am such a nerd about fun weird things and love to learn about anything. This podcast dives into nerdy weird stuff in the best way, with passionate experts explaining their favorite topics. Also the asides Alie does are amazingly funny. The passion of the ologists and Alie’s fascination makes my day. Afterwards I always feel like I have learned something.
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Molly White '95
Lactation listening
I spend hours a day attached to a baby. The baby is cute, but I find the time passes more quickly if I put Ologies in my ear holes while the baby nurses and also repeatedly punches me in the boob with her tiny fists. I cannot actually learn things from this podcast because my brain no longer functions, but I hope someday the baby will permit me to sleep and I may then use my head meat for understanding and remembering things. For now, I am merely an ambulatory dairy, letting delightful discussions of pelicans and cosmology and moss wash over me in a haze, subject to the whims of the tiny human I made. Alie is a comforting presence in the lonely night and I like to pretend we are friends and I still have interactions with adults.
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Lady Attorney
Omg thank you
Thank you for sharing your humor and letting us all learn along with you!!! You rank up there with the Click & Clack Brothers ( I know that’s not a podcast) but they ( like you) never ever made any one feel stupid with the question that people would phone in. Which was soooo refreshing!!! Cause we all have those questions....and we got to learn from their answers. I did learned a lot from those two guys. And now thank goodness there is Your awesome podcast!!! Woohoo!!!!
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She got em all!!
I started ologies literally the first week of lockdown and after a year I’ve finally caught up! I’m currently studying global health and climate change but I really believe that this podcast makes science accessible to everyone. I listen to ologies while cleaning, while in the car, before I go to sleep, when I’m cooking, all sorts of situations! Sharing episodes with friends and family has become my new love language, especially because there’s one for everyone. Space stuff? She got em. Computer stuff? She got em. Nature stuff? She got em. Hooman stuff? SHE. GOT. EM. I think everyone in high school/college especially should listen to this series as there’s lots of valuable advice from people who found their callings in unexpected ways and the series really highlights the variety of careers available in this world. I’m officially on the patreon now and I love how there’s a donation to a charity of the guest’s choosing and how there’s a genuine desire to build a community of ologites who are folks that want to more about the world.
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Favorite podcast!
This show is so great! Such a good idea. Alie is so dang charming and fun to listen to, and I always look forward to new episodes! So many times she’s released an episode- I have zero interest in the subject, and after the listen have a new love and respect I never thought I’d have!
Breaking News! Podcast Resurrects a Pepper Jellied-Brain
In December 2020, I gave birth to what looks like a wee human, smells like a pina colada, and sounds like either a horse or a tetradactyl (depending on her mood). It didn’t take long for my smarty pants brain to degrade into delicious pepper jelly atop a log of cream cheese...she was a Christmas baby after all! Then my very on-trend, in-the-know bestie (she’s 30 AND has a TikTok...I know, a total avant-garde millennial) told me about Ologies! This hilarious, educational podcast has resurrected my newly mothered brain from its waning, holiday jelly condition. I now willingly allow the slow erosion of my once luscious boobies with eagerness as I listen to and softly chuckle aloud to Alie and her ologists and just hope I can remember a few facts to share with my daughter one day...nahh who am I kidding?! Thank goodness for the kiddo-friendly bleeped episodes that we will be listening to together in the future!
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I can not get enough of this podcast.
I love this podcast so much. Everyday I learn something new!! I love how Alie interacts with her guests and keeps everything fun. I recommend this to everyone I know 🙂❤️
Learnologists Unite!
As a professional learnologist, I love the knowledge bomb that each episode drops. I just hope that my my teaching is half as engaging and enthusiastic as Ali’s interviewing.
Casual Cicada Coffee Chats
Thanks to ologies, I was able to have a casual conversation with a random person about periodical cicadas. Turns out, he witnessed Brood X the last time they emerged in 2004. I was able to distinguish between periodical and annual cicadas and talk about how cool they are!!! I never thought I’d be advocating for bugs, but thanks to ol’ dad Ward, I’m enjoying all sorts of stuff! I started listening because I’m a senior Biology student on the Pre-Med track, and I keep listening to hear about trees and bugs and fashion and stuff!! I love your show, keep it up!
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Caitlyn Roland
From the Jungle
This is my FAVORITE podcast. Recommended by my girlfriend and now I take it everywhere with me. I spend long periods in the wild, and so sometimes hearing human voices while doing work is crucial! But of all the podcasts I’ve tried, nothing has been so smile-inspiring, fascinating, and uplifting as this! Thank you Alie for such genuine, passionate, and simply fascinating work! *The only downside to this podcast is that I often have to pause it to pull out my journal and write down the things I don’t want to forget ;) and there’s lots!
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Paulo Amazonico
It’s fun to know stuff
Especially if I didn’t know before. Your show is great for my anxiety. When I drive the 400 mile round trip to pick up my stepsons every other week, it’s the only thing I can get my 15 year old to ignore his Snapchat for... over the 153k miles I’ve crossed the state for love of the kids, it’s grown into our thing to dive into the chaotic world of your mind together. I saw you tweet a picture and refer to yourself as Ms frizzle in real life, and it’s perfect because I feel like we’ve been on the bus with you... in space, in the human body, in the clouds, on glaciers... Ms frizzle was my spirit animal growing up and how I hope to inspire people in my life (I teach the grown ones), and I hope my kids will think of you that way in years to come. My son brings up the procrastination episode at least once a month when we’re hassling him about schoolwork, and I *allegedly* announced my desire to try taxidermy the minute I saw my husband after that episode. What I’m saying is, this podcast loads you up on the magic school bus, closes the doors to the outside noise and drives you directly to a destination that makes you wonder, while making you laugh and gasp (PLANARIANS!? BUTTERFLIES SMELL GOOD?!) And for me, it’s been the journey I choose to take instead of the expanse we have to overcome for my family to be together. After this year, I think everyone can relate to that. Frizzle forever. To the bus!
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Am I missing an episode?
I love this podcast! Easy to listen to & super informative on interesting topics, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until the episode with Laura Kojima! My only thing is the outro music mentions cryptozoology (my biggest niche interest) and I can’t find a cryptozoology episode! Is that an apple podcasts glitch? Writing this in the hopes that Alie will read it and help me. You’re the best, Alie!
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Kira, aspiring podcaster
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