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Ologies with Alie Ward
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Osteology (SKELETONS/BODY FARMS) with Daniel Wescott
1 hour 18 minutes Posted Oct 1, 2019 at 5:22 pm.
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Show notes

Let's dig right into Spooktober with ... BONES. You're a steak-covered skeleton and it's nothing to fear. The amazingly kind and committed osteologist Dr. Daniel J. Wescott of Texas State University's famed Forensic Anthropology Research Center sits down -- surrounded by skulls and femurs and ribs -- and chats about how bones are formed, how they break, why they might hurt when the weather changes, what CSI gets wrong, how long it takes a body to decompose, looking for isotopes in found remains, cast iron coffins, skeleton myths, body donation, and more. Will Alie freak out, or will this exposure to hundreds of skeletons under one roof chill her out?

Also, dickbones: are they for winners or losers?

A donation went to the Texas State Forensic Anthropology Research Center

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