Old Fashioned On Purpose
Old Fashioned On Purpose
Jill Winger
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I’ve been listening for awhile, have Jill’s book and follow her on Facebook. I love everything about all of it, but especially enjoyed hearing about Jill’s beginnings. She is so inspiring! I now go around saying things like “My friend Jill said this is .....”. It drives my children crazy and they constantly remind me they I’ve never met Jill! But I feel like I have through her podcasts and book. So fun and worth listening. Great information, great recipes!
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Love this!
So many things stick out and make me feel “normal” I love this podcast!
God Bless You
I’m SO glad I found you Jill! Your story is inspiring and I respond to it on a spiritual level. This last year has been difficult in so many ways. I cannot wait for your next season as I am going to garden and can more than ever this summer in WV. Keep on being you. I cannot wait to learn more from you.
A beautiful memor
I was really hoping this podcast would focus on homesteading and it turned into a nine episode series on her life which I understand some may benefit understanding that we all don’t start in the country but I firmly believe for a whole entire story could’ve been told by episode two.
Great insight & wisdom
I have enjoyed this last series on how you got started in business, the ups & downs, and middle time...such great insight and wisdom on realizing dreams and how to get there! Everyone’s story is different but I appreciated all the great principles you shared :)
jennifer p~
Humbly honest
I love how Jill presents truth to her audience in a most humble and encouraging way. The longer I listen to her podcast the more drawn in I become.
Relatable & Inspirational
Jill is practical and relatable (yet immensely inspirational) for homestead dreamers with an entrepreneurial spirit!
So inspiring.
I love this podcast because it is just what I need to hear to encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I have dreamed of since I was very little. Listening to Jill’s story make me feel like she is talking directly to me. Thanks for all you do.
Disappointed in the new season
I know a lot of people will appreciate the shift in focus this season, but I’m really bummed that Jill shifted from more specific homestead related content to what I would now essentially call a self-help podcast. All the life lessons she’s spelling out in this season are values she’d already spoken to previously but without being too preachy. I found her through other platforms looking for homesteading content and this is no longer it. I’m trying to stick with it to see what she does in the future and I’d love to see homesteading content come back!
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Thank you, Jill!
This is a really wonderful and empowering podcast. The new season is not at all what I was expecting, but it was exactly what I needed! I own an organic vegetable/ pasture raised pork farm, and somewhere along the way of running my business, I lost track of the thing that got me into this lifestyle in the first place- riding horses. Not only do I feel inspired again to grow my farm business, but I also am setting the goal of getting back in the saddle again as well! I recognize so much of myself in Jill, and I now realize that I have the infinite potential to create whatever I feel called to do. Thank you, Jill, for your story and all your hard work! You are appreciated!
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Thought provoking and for everyone!
If you want to listen to a podcast that is going to make you think and act, look no further. Jill gives great advice in every aspect from homesteading to personal growth. I have learn so much in just the little time I’ve been listening.
Love this podcast
Jill is truly an inspiration. I love that she addresses every walk of life and “homesteading” situation, whether you have vast acreage or a small city plot; she applies almost every podcast episode to real life. She offers amazing advice and ideas into bite sized portions for her listeners; creating inspiration and avoiding overwhelm. Can’t get enough, thanks Jill!
You are my jam😉
I love your new picture and music!! I look forward to mondays so that I can hear your new podcast. You are so real and simple thanks for sharing your God given gifts with us.
idaho ranch girl
Great show to learn something new
This is a great podcast to learn more about a homesteading life! Hill is articulate and has a great voice! Keep the episodes coming!
Love how real you are. Not afraid to tell it how it is and admit your not perfect! Love it! Actually my favorite by far podcast and website out there. A bonus your beautiful! You have a very lucky husband all around!
Awesome & practical
Very practical information based on experience of triumphs and failures. I really appreciate your transparency.
I’m liking this new Season format!
I resonated with your story, and I do enjoy the conversation style of this new episode themed season” format. Thanks for sharing your story- and for your journey. And for the pondering question at the end to encourage us to take a look at our lives/apply it. Keep it up! I’m glad your back and I’m enjoying this format better than before!
RC Farm
Who were you
This is more powerful than even you realize. This spoke right to my soul! All adults, especially those struggling with childhood issues and/or lack of direction in adult life, should listen to this!!! I appreciate you opening up as much as you did, but it will help so many people still searching! ❤️
Angie Tarrant
Yay for common sense!
Love your common sense approach to things.
Love this podcast!
I feel like I’m sitting in Jills living room having a conversation with her about her homestead every time I listen. I have learned so much from her this year and I am gaining the confidence I need to start growing and making my own food. I love it!
#150 Homeschooling
Such wise thoughts about homeschooling. I homeschooled my son and daughter a generation ago. It was the hardest, most exciting, scariest, lowest paid but most rewarding job ever. And as I look back, I can identify a great many rewards: My son was struggling with ADHD, but thrived with a 2:1 student:teacher ratio. I got to pile up with my kids on the sofa and read great books. My kids, as teenagers, respected me. Both returned to public school to graduate with honors and scholarships. Our good relationships today have been informed and enhanced by their homeschooling years. I’ve done a great many things in my life. But if I’m asked what best and most important, homeschooling my kids is at the top of the list.
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I saw you last year at the homesteader of American and heard a lot about you from Justin Rhoads. I really enjoy your content and so glad I found your podcast
4 H Farm
Very informative and inspiring
I love Jill’s personally and her podcast. I don’t even have a homestead (though I’d love to) and yet I learn so much. My favorite topics have been fermenting, canning, following your passions, and even salt. Thank you! Another homeschool mama
SO much goodness in one podcast!
My family recently moved onto 7 acres to turn into our dream homestead and this podcast is full of EVERYTHING on my to learn list! Jill is totally relatable and breaks various aspects of homesteading down into easy to swallow bites that feel completely realistic to accomplish! Every time I listen I’m inspired to dive into my next project. I had to scroll all the way back to start at the beginning to make sure I don’t miss any good advice or episodes and I’m unapologetically binging on Old Fashion On Purpose! The fact that Jill has three kids close in age to my three makes me feel like I have a chance for success haha Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Jill!
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Helen Don
Amazing Homesteading Podcast!
This podcast is a wonderful resource for any homesteader but especially beginners like myself! Each episode seems to cover a topic that interests me! Jill is so knowledgeable and fun and I truly enjoy each episode that comes out. As I discuss these topics with my husband (who is a butcher and raised farm kid who knows much more about all this than I do) he asks where I learned this information and I always say my BFF Jill 😉 Keep up the great work! I love that you’re taking a break right now and respecting the season. 🙏🏻 God bless!
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My go-to podcast!
My very favorite encouraging, Non-political, practical podcast. Our kids are the same age and we are definitely cut from a similar mold, Jill is a treasure and inspiration!
Perfect timing!
This was exactly what I needed-thank you! FB is an addiction I need to do without, and everything you said so resonated with me! Thank you for giving me the kick in the pants I needed to press delete. ❤️ (First episode I listened to, now I’m a subscriber!)
Down to earth, real life homesteader
I love listening to Jill’s podcast whenever I get the chance. I love her no fuss lifestyle. Her ability to share hers wins and failures and her encouragement has opened my eyes to what homesteading can be while keeping it real. I am encouraged to do what I can right now on my regular old neighborhood-sized yard and dreaming someday of the things I could do with more land and what is possible while homeschooling my children. We’ve expanded into the homesteading lifestyle in so many way already. Thanks Jill!
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Sac town02
Helpful, Informative, Easy listening!
Following my recent move to a small farm, my husband and I have really adopted the “homesteading” mindset and have begun to adapt our life. In my search for homesteading resources, I stumbled across Jill and The Prairie Homestead and it has been a game changer. I love being able to listen to her podcasts while I am on the go and get quick, actionable information to guide me on this journey. Jill seems so down to earth and she provides methods that are attainable by even the most beginner homesteader (me!). I find the podcast clear, concise, entertaining, informative and overall, something I can listen to and know that I am actively learning how to pursue the homestead life we crave. Fantastic resource and I can’t wait to keep listening!
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My favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast. Jill offers so much honest information. I look forward to every episode and share it with everyone I know. Whether you are a homesteader or someone looking to learn new skills, this is THE podcast for you. Subscribe, you won’t regret it.
Scrappy Hawaiian
There is some good info here, but the vast majority of her food information comes from a very privileged place and some of it goes against scientific advice. For example, in her episode about how to start homesteading, she tells her listeners to start purchasing organic foods. Organic foods have no nutritional difference from standard-grown foods and they are prohibitively expensive for many people. She suggests Thrive Market, which demands a membership fee. She also suggests swapping coconut oil in for other fats, which is ridiculous from a homesteading point of view. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat and it’s just a trend. This is homesteading for those who can afford it.
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My Go-To Podcast for Homestead Cred
Love it. Always learn something new, and the episodes aren’t 2 1/2 hours long of dull people humblebragging. Thanks, Jill!
Jaded Conservative
Absolutely love Jill! She’s an inspiration to me and I always look forward to her podcasts. I have ordered a planner and am biting my nails waiting for it to come! Congratulations Jill! You’re amazing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life and helping me with getting my groove back! With love and grand dreams! Allison Barry Rhode Island
Goosehollow Farm
If you live in a Northern zone Jill has some wonderful advice. Her episodes are full of everyday knowledge of gardening. If you have a large or small garden , if you love the old fashioned ways this is the podcast for you. Every episode puts a smile on my face and keeps me looking forward to the next episode!
Real World Advice
If you are looking for an entertaining, whimsical podcast that is both informative and helpful, then you are at the right place. Jill is your typical American country girl next door. Laugh with her regarding her homesteading mistakes, cry with her over lost baby goats, listen and learn about growing your own food and just as importantly, preserving it. Enjoy stories from her Wyoming homestead and come along as she (and her pallet hating husband) share with us their homesteading journey. After all, she’s homesteading in Wyoming, one of the toughest places on earth to grow just about anything! This is a great resource for learning if you are new to homesteading, but also an amusing and entertaining resource for those of us who claim to “know what we are doing”. This podcast covers everything from growing currants (yes, they are a thing) to homeschooling kids (yes, some of us are really that crazy). If you don’t learn something from this podcast, you probably aren’t listening. Hit that subscribe button and enjoy diving in with this genuine American homestead family. As Jill says in her intro...you have found your tribe! Great podcast. Well worth the listen. Five star reviews.
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My favorite
Whether you live on acres or in a city neighborhood- there is always something to learn and applicable to my daily life- so glad to have found this!!! Thank you and keep the episodes coming!
Your sourdough YouTube video hooked me , it was awesome! I now listen to your podcast as well and learn so much. We’ve got a homestead in the inter mountain west also and I just loved your podcast on fruit! Such good info. Thanks, Capri
Thank you for a great podcast!! (From a fellow homesteader 😁)
I am a homesteader in Minnesota and I found myself wondering if someone had a canning / gardening / homesteading podcast. This is PERFECT! I am always looking to learn and add to what we already do on our own farm. Thanks for some great, down to earth advice and information!
Valuable information
Jill is very informative on many topics. She presents relevant material in a humble way. I am not a homesteader, but I enjoy Jill’s gardening and cooking advice. I’ve picked up many tips. If Jill was my neighbor, I would invite her over to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of pound cake on my front porch. She is that warm and friendly. A glimpse into her life, running businesses, a homesteader, homeschool mom, and an active woman, is entertaining and educational.
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Fall Garden
I just listened to your episode on Fall gardening. It was so good! I promptly ordered the book from Eliot Coleman(especially since I had a credit from amazon I needed to use)! I cannot wait to finish reading it. I thoroughly enjoy your podcast.
zimms zoo
Thanks for your show
I am a new listener... will be checking out past broadcasts. I can’t wait to hear your broadcast on your green house! I have one but would really appreciate ideas to use it more. The things you talk about are very helpful to me and I identify with you in so many areas. A little tired right now but wish I had planted a few crops in July and August I am planning to plant a fall garden next year. Thanks again
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Sooooo much sanctimony
It would be funny if it wasn’t so painfully sanctimonious and obviously privileged. Don’t bother.
You are so inspiring
Love your podcasts! I have this thing where l don’t really like doing my hair but it must be done or l can’t function, (just a simple braid) so listening to your podcast l now look forward to doing my hair😊
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As Advertised
Jill does a great job! I love listening to her podcasts and watching her YouTube. I like to think of my family as a homestead family and I also love listening to business and self improvement podcasts like Brian Bafini and others. Jill helps me tie those two together and does it in a fun way! I learn all sorts of new ideas and get more fired up and knowledgeable about things Im already doing. I just finished her most recent podcast a day in the life of Jill . (Not the real title) Jill great ideas for breakfast! I’m gonna implement something of those for our days. Let me suggest poached eggs to you as a quick and fun breakfast. I start the pot of water boiling when I start coffee, I’ll crack as many eggs as we want in a bowl then walk away. After boiling starts whomever is closest dumps the eggs in, turns the heat off and starts a 4 minute timer and continues getting their day going. just takes 5 minutes to cook as many perfect eggs as you want, plus only requires one pot, no oil and cleans by pouring the water down the drain after it’s cooled! Keep up the good work Jill. We are loving and living it!
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Fellow Minded Encouragement
Jill dives deep in countless topics that you may have wondered about but never actually gone the full extent to research. I love the variety of topics including homesteading skills, homeschooling tips, business encouragement, and mindset practices.
Sincerity Steals My Heart
I deeply appreciate the sincerity Jill brings to her podcasts, and how kind she is when stating her opinion. Her “ask me anything” episode was of course no exception.—Jill, Thank you so much for saying what you did about your faith, it resonated with my own journey in many ways and I appreciate your taking the chance on your online community to answer such a personal question. Also, your advice about homeschooling is very thought provoking, and I hope that someday when my husband and I have a place of our own I will do the work and have an epic garden like yours!
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Episode 150 - “What If My Kids Fall Behind??”
The first episode I listened to was about homeschooling. I’m a male and don’t have kids, but I was highly encouraged by the articulation and wisdom that went into this episode. I don’t know why any parent wouldn’t home school after listening to this episode. It sounds like to me that Jill has found and continues to find much meaningful purpose in everything she does. I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes.
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This is your year for fall gardening
Very informative! She gets to the point !
If I could meet any “celebrity” it would be Jill. 🙌🏼
She inspires me
I have loved this pod cast I recently found it and have now binged all 151 episodes! I have been canning and gardening for years and our family is finally ready to take the next step towards being more self sufficient! Thanks Jill for giving great practical advice and support you helping me realize it’s ok to want a simple old fashioned life woven in with our modern times!
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