Old Fashioned On Purpose
Old Fashioned On Purpose
Jill Winger
73. Why & How I Use Heirloom Seeds in my Garden
17 minutes Posted Jan 24, 2020 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes

 As a gardening fanatic, one of my favorite times of the year has arrived.  I don’t know about you, but when my seed catalogs arrive at the beginning of the year I find it hard to contain myself.  About seven years ago I started using heirloom seeds exclusively.  Why did I make the switch?  On today’s episodes I dive into many different reasons why I prefer heirloom seeds and the characteristics that make them different from traditional seeds.  I even provide my two favorite resources for heirloom seeds.  If you’ve ever been curious about heirlooms, this episode will give you everything that you need to know to get started on your journey.

• To begin this homesteading journey, head to http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/grow to access my full library of resources to guide you down the path.

My Two Favorite Sources For Heirloom Seeds:
True Leaf Market:  trueleafmarket.com
Rare Seeds:  rareseeds.com