Oh My Darlyn
Oh My Darlyn
Darlyn Davis
Hey Y'all! This podcast explores the good the bad and the downright craziness of my life. From pageants to volleyball, Rock and Roll to geeking out over Star Wars, the sky is the limit for this life podcast.
Episode 4
Y'all. It has been a minute but this week is going to be a little intense. Lately I have noticed more and more of what is known to be "Cancel Culture," and so today after a couple week hiatus, I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on this topic. Georgia on My Mind is a little different this week as we honor Rep. John Lewis.  || FOLLOW || @ohmy.darlyn @darlynjdavis www.darlynjdavis.com
Jul 31
32 min
Episode 3
Hey Y'all!  On this episode I dive into the importance of mentoring. I discuss a few of the most famous mentor - mentee relationships, provide stats for the importance of mentoring and talk about some various ways I have been a mentor in my endeavors. We discuss yet another Disney drama following the online airing of Hamilton and talk about our first Georgia Natural Wonder during Georgia On My Mind- Amicalola Falls.  || FOLLOW ||  Insta - @ohmy.darlyn Personal @darlynjdavis Web - www.darlynjdavis.com
Jul 13
44 min
Episode Two
Hey Y'all! On this week's episode I have an honored guest... MY BROTHER! We discuss his military experience, deployment overseas and what it was like being called for riot patrol in Atlanta. We determine is Netflix's Original movie Eurovision, the story of Fire Saga, worth watching? Debate about the new changes coming soon to a Disney park staple piece and unveil my new segment, Georgia On My Mind.  || FOLLOW || Insta - @ohmy.darlyn Personal - @darlynjdavis Website - https://www.darlynjdavis.com/oh-my-darlyn
Jul 5
38 min
Episode One
Hey Y'all! In my first episode, I discuss COVID friendly activities for your July Fourth Celebration as well as answering the question, "Would our Founding Fathers be proud of America today?" || FOLLOW || Insta - @ohmy.darlyn Personal - @darlynjdavis Website - https://www.darlynjdavis.com/oh-my-darlyn
Jun 30
20 min