Offended: The Musical
Offended: The Musical
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From the whimsical, diverse minds of Rone and Francis comes "Offended: The Musical." Two comedians with musical backgrounds present an improvised podcast filled with songs, stories, and scenes delivered straight from their imagination. Unfiltered, unrehearsed, and unapologetically unpolished, Rone and Francis provide worldly insights through spontaneous melodies that would make the cast of Glee think, gee... we suck. You're welcome.
Episode #15 - Season Finale
(1:00) Mourning Sex is the best sex. Francis tells some jokes he wrote for other people. (24:25) We say goodbye until further notice. 
Sep 19, 2018
36 min
Episode #14 - LIVE from University of Delaware!
The Musical hits the road to check out the number one party school in America, LIVE from Downtown Delaware. Dean Spaghetti Tomorrow, Tomorrow 
Sep 14, 2018
36 min
Episode #13 - Featuring Danny Lopriore.
Feat. former Vine star Danny Lopriore. Having your birthday be 9/11 would suck, no one really has anything nice to say to you. (14:19) Relationships are complicated, make sure to communicate your needs! 
Sep 12, 2018
25 min
Episode 12 - The Meat Clever, Denzel Washington, and How a Nugget is Found
Rone says that British Horrorcore raps use the word clever a lot. Denzel Washington has so many movies. We reflect on what a great podcast this has become, according to us. 
Sep 7, 2018
35 min
Episode #11 - I Just Lie, Lie, Lie, and Thank You Tom
Sometimes you need to cook up a good backstory when your real life won't do. Francis' neighbor Tom wants him to send an email to management - but if he doesn't, it could cost Francis a shot at playing an elite golf course. 
Sep 5, 2018
35 min
Episode #9 - Everyone Still Remembers Monica Lewinsky, and The Sickle Cell Anthem
(1:00) Everyone still remembers Monica Lewinsky. (16:31) Sickle Cell Anemia gets a bad rap, and could really use some funding. 
Aug 29, 2018
24 min
John McCain's Funeral Song
Donald Trump is not invited to John McCain's funeral. This is his response. 
Aug 27, 2018
9 min
Episode #6 - Go Fuck Yourself, Whitesplaining, and Susan Wilde For Congress
You Should Go and Fuck Yourself (1:00)  Whitesplaining From The Boys (8:28) Rone receives an intentioned text meant for "Karolyn" to vote Susan Wilde For Congress. 
Aug 17, 2018
35 min
Episode #3 - The One That Got Away, Uncrustables, and Five For Fighting.
(3:08) Francis laments about "The One That Got Away." (18:05) Rone brings up "Uncrustables," creating a new theme song for the old snack brand. (31:11) We sing some Five For Fighting. 
Aug 8, 2018
33 min
Welcome to Offended: The Musical
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Jul 26, 2018
1 min